Jade gemstone is one of the healing stones that has been used extensively in the past, especially in the ancient Eastern civilizations. This stone is therefore equally an ancient decorative mineral as it is a modern therapeutic tool. Jades are stones of peace and calm and can be extraordinary helpers and silent companions which are able to delicately promote their beneficial energies to help advance human consciousness to higher levels. Due to their excellent general effectiveness, jade stones stand side by side with diamonds which are known as the most efficient gemstones of all. Owing to the widespread beliefs identifying jade as incarnation of the universal cosmic principles, jade has been treated as royal stone in many different cultures.

beautiful jade pendant Jade is one of the few crystal healing crystals that are unable to hurt you in any respect if you wear it or use it regularly. We own this to the amazing ability of this stone not to absorb any negative vibration from the surrounding space. Instead, jade stones are known to be able to protect you from all the negative vibrations that could possibly find their way to your biological energy field. These stones will constantly irradiate their calming and cleansing vibration strengthening your auric energy. Jade is capable of establishing strong bonds between the different layers of your mental body and thus enhancing your intellectual potential. The Eastern civilizations of the more or less distant past have been conscious of its attributes, but unfortunately quite a few important facts and information regarding crystal healing using jade was lost with the arrival of our materialistic money oriented society.

Chinese Qing Jade Figural Sculpture
Image from estatesales.net

Meaning, metaphysical, and healing with jade

Jade responds to the subtle vibrations of planet Neptune. Therefore many souls born in the water signs of the horoscope are especially strongly attracted to this gemstone. Jade stone affects the feelings and emotions indirectly, but the resulting effect is nevertheless pretty strong since the penetrating ability of this wondrous green stone is persistent and long-lasting even though it is slow.

In principle, jade is a stone composed of two different minerals from the same mineral family--- jadeite and nephrite --- that can be found together in the same gemstone but need not to. In terms of crystal healing they both have similar interactions but with subtle differences.

If you want to purchase jade for use in crystal therapy, a few words of caution should be said. Very often different types of stones and crystals are offered as jade, being neither jadeite nor nephrite. Almost as a rule many green stones are promoted as jade; for more information look here. Make sure you purchase either jadeite or nephrite no matter what the marketing

The best jades lean toward transparency, and such specimens can have fantastic beauty and strength. Remember that like with all the metaphysical healing stones, the strength of the crystals depends great deal on its purity, in other words, transparency. The colors of jade can vary considerably, starting from the pale cream white or yellow of nephrite, via the various shades of deep or light green, up to red or even pink. This is one of the crystals suitable for all the signs in the horoscope, and every individual can choose the color of its liking and preference.

Cleansing and Jade Meditation

In China many statues of goddess Quan Yin are made of jade. Quan Yin is goddess of mercy and compassion. She as the protector of children and motherhood, is very much adored by the women of Asia. Her jade statues are believed to repel negative energies, especially after heavy domestic fights, disputes and misunderstandings. Recently, a huge Buddha statue was made from a large, gem-quality Jade stone. In any case, jade is considered one of the most precious stones in Chinese mythology, as valuable as gold in our society.

Jade belongs to the group of few rare stones and crystals that need not cleansing from the influence of other people's energy fields. It always remains clean and calm, spreading its beneficial vibrations all around the space. Still, from time to time purification, either with water, or using other stones is advisable.

Jade is a perfect gemstone for inner peace meditation. Inner calmness is necessary if we want to be able to listen to other people's communications. If we are restless within, if we have a constant inner dialog, we will not be able to properly understand what it is that other humans want to convey to us.

In order to practice this meditation, take a peace of jade in your hands. Listen to what this mineral has to tell us. Just be there and listen to it. Do not try to extract anything from it. We need to learn how to listen by carefully holding the stone and letting it reveal its secrets to us. That is the way you should approach other people as well.


Abhishek says:

hi i just bought a 7cr jade stone i don't like rings so can u advice me how should i use this stone to get proper energies from it thanks abhishek

sunnyray says:

Although jade is believed not to store negative vibrations, I would suggest that you follow the normal procedure of crystal cleansing and charging. If you still don't like your jade ring after the purification, your energy field is likely not compatible with jade's energy at present. Just put it away for some time and wait until you feel attracted to it anew.

star says:

I Love Jade Stone. Im Taurus. I prefer it rather than green quartz. or Emeralds

stone says:

hi i m born in 04/12/86(sagi) i was asked to wear emerald(mercury). do jade have any effect for a ring and pendant?

rayslab says:

Hi Sunny...I would appreciate if you could advice whether this method of crystal cleansing and charging works the same for Jade?


sunnyray says:

Jade, at least in principle, is one of the stones that requires no special cleansing. If you insist on cleansing it, you can rinse it in water for a couple of minutes. You can charge it with active or passive energy, or any other particular type of energy that best suits your intentions. Sorry for being so vague, but it really comes to using your own ideas, thoughts, feelings and intentions when working with your metaphysical crystals.

Dilee says:

Hi sunny,

I just went to see a feng shui master today and he told me that the reason my luck has been so bad was because I have an evil spirit following me for some time. He did a cleansing for me and ask me to not wear my jade bracelet again because it attracts and traps evil energy and that's is also the cause of all my body aches. Could that be true? I've been wearing it for about 13 years and I've only heard that it wards off evil, can it have a different effect in different situations? I'm really confuse now!

sunny says:

Hi Dilee,
If in doubt, you can cleanse your jade bracelet by rinsing it under running water and by smudging it with incense or smoke from sage sticks. Alternatively, you can use the cleansing powers of the fire and earth element. Then you should charge your bracelet in the sunlight and project your best thoughts and wishes into it. Jade, by itself, neither attracts nor traps evil energy, so there is no reason why you shouldn't wear it. However it is always possible that people, consciously or unconsciously, project negative energies into some crystals or stones.

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christopher says:

Dilee, I m no expert but maybe its possible you have a piece of jade, that has the spirit of its previous owner attatched to it? Maybe they were a negative person. If it is indeed not a newly created piece.

christopher says:

Are there any reliable sources on the internet with information on the different colors of jade, what they represent in terms of energy, healing and chakras? And anywhere online I can find great deals on jadeite and nephrite? I do not have much money :(

thank you sunny for sharing your knowledge.


sunny says:

Hi Christopher,
thanks for your comments. I am not aware of any such informational sources. Maybe someone reading this page will be able to answer you questions.

christopher says:

And any reputable sources online when buying jadeite and nephrite?

sunny says:

Hi Christopher,
I would have said Amazon.com, but even there one should be really careful when purchasing jadeite and nephrite. Today, there is too much fake jade being marketed as genuine jade, and especially so on the internet.

anonymous says:

jademine.com seems to have real nephrite. i got a ring from there and i like it alot

sunny says:

That's a good resource Anon. Thanks for sharing.

gina says:

I want to know the effects of kwan yin pendant.

Jade says:

Hi my name is jade but I have been advised to wear rubies, does jade have more of an effect than birthstones?

cali says:

Hi hi,

I am wondering if it is okay to wear the jade and use other crystals during meditation.


sunnyray says:

Cali, jade is actually one of the best crystals for meditation. You can also combine it with many other stones and crystals.

Larry says:

My wife has owned two jade necklaces (worn against her skin). With both necklaces the jade broke and fell off. Why did the jade seem to explode?

sunnyray says:

Other than some mistake in the manufacturing of the necklaces, there is nothing inherent to jade that would cause this behaviour.

JadeChakra says:

I have two jade stones; one as a bracelet and the other as a Buddha necklace. Now, I read that gemstones have chakra from which they derive energy from certain parts of the body. I read that it can aid in the healing of heart and disgestive problems. IS THIS TRUE?

sunnyray says:

Hi JadeChakra,
Jade is usually associated with the fourth, hearth chakra. The list of stones that belong to this chakra can be found here. Now, when it comes to healing, people have always used stones to heal various conditions, but please be aware that this is not an exact science. The action of the stones is metaphysical, which means that we are dealing with our subtle energy fields and auras. Furthermore, the usage of stones requires your conscious cooperation, for example in order to focus these subtle energies through the stone matrix to the various energy streams and subtle aura. Thus, more often than not, just wearing various crystals and stones will not be enough to get any result from them.

lilly says:

Hi, um I want to buy a piece of jade, but I dont know what size to buy. Does the size of the crystal affect the energy of it?

sunnyray says:

Dear lilly,
It's not so much the size that matters, as it is the quality of the Jade stone. There are many fake Jades out there. I would make sure first and foremost that I am purchasing real, genuine Jade.

Zainselle says:

Hi Sunnyray,
I don't have any JADE jewelries yet, but I would love to get one soon. However, I just need your advise as to what Jade jewelry I should get (earrings, pendant, bracelet, or ring). Thank you and more power to you!

sunnyray says:

Dear Zainselle
It doesn't really matter what Jade jewelry you wear, as long as it is genuine. Also, if I have the choice, whenever I purchase pendants I choose stones that are without holes. With love and light, sunny.

Ryan J says:

We get asked the same questions about jade over and over so put together this handy FAQ for people looking at jade: http://www.mountainjade.co.nz/blog/greenstone-necklace-designs-questions-customers-ask-us/

Let us know what you think.

Zainselle says:

Hi Sunny, Thanks so much for the info. I have a Tiger Eye bracelet, Turquoise ring, and Citrine drop earrings and I happen to wear them everyday. Would wearing all of these stones at once contradict each of their healing properties? Because I am looking forward to purchasing a JADE pendant and my main concern with wearing all of these stones at once, is if they would contradict each others' powers. Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

sunny says:

As far as my personal experience with those stones goes, they all go along just fine. Blessings, sunny.

Zainselle says:

Hi Sunny, Thanks so much for your answer. Your website is wonderful! I have a Tiger Eye bracelet, Turquoise ring, and Citrine drop earrings and I happen to wear them everyday. Would wearing all of these stones at once contradict each of their healing properties? Because I am looking forward to purchasing a JADE pendant, and my main concern with wearing all of these stones at once is if they would contradict each other's powers. I am also a Pisces. Thank you in advance. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Gerald Pauley says:

Hi, I don't know where you obtained your information about Australian Jade. Australia has one of the largest deposits of Nephrite Jade in the world and it certainly is not serpentine.

sunny says:

Hi Gerald,
Thanks for the comment. You are right of course. That info was never intended to say that Australia has no genuine jade, just to point out some of the tricks that unscrupulous salesperson sometimes use. I will correct the statement above, as it indeed may lead to misunderstanding and provide a link to the source of information.

Stella says:

For the people who wanted to know the meanings and uses of various colors of jade, you'll find that and a lot of other information here: http://www.crystalvaults.com/crystal-encyclopedia/jade

Jade is very commonly treated with harsh chemicals, polymers and dyes. It can be difficult to detect when the piece is new, but treated jade doesn't hold up well. Additionally, some of it can actually be harmful. It's best to purchase jade from someone who offers a 100% money back guarantee that their jade is untreated - I get mine here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/UltimateJadeite?ref=l2-shopheader-name

And I've never heard of jade attracting harmful spirits or bad luck. If someone told me that, I'd consult another feng shui master for a second opinion. ;)

Stella says:

Larry - re: your wife's necklaces, jade can develop internal cracks from hitting against things, and from overheating. You might not notice them but they grow and the piece will break in time, seemingly for "no reason". Jade is hard and durable, but it's best to be a little careful of it, try not to hit it, don't bake it in the sun. Jade likes to be hydrated, too - if it starts looking dull, leave it in a glass of spring water overnight or just make a habit of keeping it on when you bathe.

The lore is that jade will "take a hit" for its owner. So by that logic, when her pieces broke, they were protecting her from something.

sunny says:

Thanks Stella. That was incredibly useful.

Miguel says:

Hey Sunny, I have a jade beaded necklace that I love the calming energy but sometimes it feels irritating on the back of my neck when I wear it even after cleansing it and I'm thinking it of turning it into a couple of bracelets.Do you think it's more beneficial to wear on the neck or wrist? left or right wrist? thanks.

sunny says:

Hi MIguel
Thanks for the comment. If after some time your Jade necklace starts to feel irritating, you should stop wearing it. It often happens that the energy of the stones we would like to wear constantly becomes too overwhelming after some time. It doesn't matter too much where exactly the stone is positioned. It will work even without touching the skin if within your aura. Many blessings sunny.

Rafath says:


I would like to clarify which stone is best for me to wear. I was born on 23 June 1995. at noon around 1pm

sunny says:

Hi Rafath

I would suggest Aventurine, as your mystical and spiritual birthstone.

Chelsea says:


I was randomly looking in my box of jewelry and came across a bracelet with 6 small jade pieces woven into it. I put it on and felt the urge to leave it on. Three days later... It's odd but I feel like I need to wear it! Is it possible for the energy to have sought me out in a way, knowing I would benefit from it? Also- what's the best stone for a Pisces? Because I am a Pisces, jade is ok to wear all the time, correct? Thank you!

sunny says:

Dear Chelsea

It is quite possible. We may be attracted to some energies on a deeper, subconscious level. As for the best stone for Pisces, Amethyst could be one of the best spiritual stone. And yes, the energy of Jade is so subtle, that it is OK to wear it for as long as you feel comfortable and fine with it. Thanks for the comment and many blessings.

Frances says:

I was born on Oct 10 '70 at 6.15 am.
My boy was born Mar 16 '12 at 9.11 am.
Which stones are best for us to wear?
Many thanks.

sunny says:

Hi Frances. Why don't you visit a mineral shop and see for yourself what stones you are attracted to? That is by far the best way. Other than that, I would suggest Tourmaline for Libra (Oct 10) and Amethyst for Pisces (March 16).


Hi. I wanted to know if what is the myth about jade pendant (heart shape). Here's my story. The pendant broke in half 2 or 3 days before the operation of the one who gave me the pendant. He has undergone heart surgery and he got healed. Is there any meaning on this?? Or just coincidence?

sunny says:

Hi LIONFISH. Thanks for sharing. I strongly believe that there is not even a single thing that happens in our lives without a deeper meaning. There are no coincidences. That said, it is not so easy to understand the meaning of what is happening to us, especially from outside. You are the one who should interpret the meaning. Did it do any beneficial work for you by cracking in half? Could it be that the jade accumulated your worries and concerns regarding the upcoming surgery?

ching canlas says:

Hi Sunny, i'm wearing 3pcs lucky charm bracelets which I personally made. A tigers eye mantra beads, a 21eye and 5bats dzi with citrine gemstone in one bracelet and an all in one bracelet with pi yao, buddha, Ingot, 8, wu lou, I ching coin with some semi precious stone in it. Somebody told me that I should not be wearing a tigers eye because I'm under the fire goat sign. It might eat my luck. Is it true? Am I wearing the right bracelet? Thanks.

sunny says:

Hi ching canlas
Thanks for the comment. I tend to use my personal experience, without too much concern about classical astrology compatibility. So, the main question is how you feel while wearing your charm bracelet. It shouldn't be too hard to determine if it is working for you or not.

Cres says:

Hi there!!
Can you advice me what type of pendant I'm going to wear as lucky charm gem stone. I was born april 1964. I'm considering this key pendant with citrine and diamonds, Would it be good.? Please let me know. Thank you.

jia says:

Hi SUNNY please help ....

Okay this part is very important in regards to my problem with stones please help... " I bought a pair of heels in pakistan TWO years ago...I lost them when I moved back here...I looked online and was told that style was old season. I gave up and just started looking else where for another nice pair.

Now this is what happened I was at "green earth" a well known store and looking at various stones in the shapes of necklaces and bracelets and each one varied with a unique description from good luck to prosperity.

I didn't buy any BUT was attracted to a few and touched them ... I walked out thinking of checking out shoes at a store and I glanced over and found the same pair of heels that I had lost! Same colour, texture, design EVERYTHING! I had a strong feeling it was strong good luck ...

I wasn't sure which stone helped my luck so I went back after a few days and looked over the same stones I was looking that day, I thought maybe if I bought a necklace of one and bracelet of another it would definitely work for good luck...I bought "lucky jade" in necklace and "moon stone" for bracelet...

I sat out side the store and put on Moon stone and was about to wear the Lucky Jade but the Lucky Jade bracelet BROKE...I walked back to the store and as I went in the cashier who was playing with a stone necklace BROKE it and the stone came flying towards my feet...also when she was trying to print my receipt it kept jamming in her.....

My question is ...was it the bad luck of the New moon necklace I was wearing when I tried to wear the Lucky Jade bracelet or was the Lucky Jade cause of the bad luck breaking itself ..... I want that good luck I got the first day!!! Please help.

sunny says:

Hi jia
It is hard to tell anything definite just from the sequence of events you described. There are so many different influences in our lives, and I think what matters most is how you feel about the events that are taking place in your life. I, personally, always try to find what is positive in every situation, no matter how odd or difficult it is. Thanks for the comment. Take care and God bless.

hj says:

hi mr. sunny.. im wearing jade bracelet in my left hand and citrine bracelet in my right hand. would that be okay? i was born july 2,1986

sunny says:

Hi hj

The most important question here is how you feel while wearing them. Do you have more energy, are you more productive, and so on... If that's OK, the combination works, if not, try to change it for something more efficient.

DC says:

Hi Sunny, I was born on 1st September 1973. What would be a good stone for me to wear for good luck. Lost my job 6 months ago and not much luck in securing a new one.

Kiran says:

Hi I want a jade ring and locket in heart shape.

sunny says:

Hi DC. Your spiritual birthstone is Citrine. I wish you a lot of luck finding a new job. With Love and Light, sunny.

hj says:

hello mr. sunny..

yah! so far i feel great. but id to ask what specific stone best fit for me? my birth date is july 2,1986. female. thanks ahead!

sunny says:

Have you ever tried Aventurine?

Fernanda says:

Hi sunny! First and foremost, I would like to congratulate you on your website, since everything is so well explained and easy to understand. My question is that two days ago, my boyfriend bought me a necklace with a jade pendant that I have come to love dearly. Something about the stone just captivated me and spoke to me. Then yesterday, he came to my house with another gift: a rose quartz pendant similar to the one I had when we first met four years ago. I lost it after we met and when I bought another one, I didn't really feel a connection to the crystal and stopped wearing it. Anyway, he asked me which one I liked best and I answered him that I felt a greater connection with the jade crystal. Then he told me that he also thought the jade crystal suited me more than the rose quartz and told me we could save that pendant as a gift to give to our 3 month old daughter when she gets a little older... Now my question is which of the stones is better for our little girl? I read above that jade is the stone of motherhood and family and I read somewhere else that it protects infants, so like any good mother, I would give the jade pendant to my daughter if it will protect her...

sunny says:

Hi Fernanda

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on Jade with us. You are right, Jade is great as a stone of motherhood. But on the other hand, Rose quartz is also great as a stone of the heart. So I think both will suit your intention very well. Take care and God bless!

hj says:

aventurine? i havent tried it yet, what aventurine brings? oh by the way was that reply is for me?

sunny says:

Hi hj,

Yes, I was suggesting Aventurine as a mystical birthstone of your Zodiac sign.

a_student says:

Hi Sunnyray,
this is a great website, I never knew there were so many things to learn from gems and stones, thanks for maintaining this site!

In summer 2010, in a trip to China, I bought a small dragon-shaped jade pendant and strung it on a necklace. (I didn't buy it from a reputable buyer, more like at a kiosk in a shopping mall. But the jade doesn't scratch, it's transparent with a flashlight, cold to the touch, so I think it's genuine) When I bought it, I was going through a really rough patch in my life. I put it away after for safe-keeping, but after reading more about jade, I took it back out a few months ago. However I didn't feel "lucky" or "protected" with it on. In fact, in November, I wore it for an exam, and it was one of the toughest exams I ever took. So I took it off. I want to wear it, but I feel a lot of fear around it. Now after reading this, and your clean/charge articles, I've decided to run it under warm water for a few minutes, and keep it in the sun tomorrow morning. How long should it be out in the sun?

Is there anything else you think I should do? I don't wanna think too much into my jade necklace, but I also didn't like the doubts I had in my head whenever I wore it (but gotta say, I'm quite anxious all the time anyway) Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

sunny says:

Hi there
Thanks for taking the time to comment. A couple of hours in the sun is enough to charge your stone. If you like, the next step after charging should be programming. You can read more about crystal programming here. I have a couple of crystals that I have with me most of the time, and they are all programmed with a special purpose.

Martin says:

Hi Sunny.... need clarification. Does Jade or any other crystal must in contact with the skin, body or finger to gain the "Power"? Eg. A jade or crystal ring has a gap and not really touches the finger. Thanks for sharing...

sunny says:

No skin contact is necessary to harvest the metaphysical powers of your stones. Just keep it nearby. Thanks for commenting.

Ambreen says:

Hi Sunny,
I bought a Jade ring from NYC Chinatown.
I live in Dallas-Texas & wore it for few days on my right hand & one night it just disappeared from my hand while I was deep asleep.
I looked for it everywhere but it's gone!
What could be behind this mystery?

Lydia Excell says:

I gave my husband a jade pendant that he wears all the time. I also gave him a jade ring from chinese shop. I ma not really sure if it is genuine jade. After 3 months wearing my husband felt a pain on his left foot and we thought it is a sprain . It is hurting him as he walks and he is limping a bit. I kind of worried. Would it be the effect of this jade that he wears on his left little finger? Or am I just being paranoid? Please enlighten me.

sunny says:

I seriously doubt the Jade ring has anything to do with it. As an aside, there are many fake jades out there, but even a fake jade shouldn't be the cause of pain in his foot.

Katie says:

Hi Sunnyray

I have anxiety I was wondering what stone or crystal could help with that? I currently have a green jade choker, 2 rock quartz as necklaces and an amethyst ring. When I wear all these I get a head rush.

sunny says:

Hi Katie
Pick just one to start working with. Your stones are fine, but if I may suggest, I would recommend using either Aquamarine, Blue lace agate, or Moonstone. And then, cleanse, charge, and program your selected stone. Programming is especially important to help you with your problem. Thanks for the comment, and God bless.

Nemelyn says:

Hi would like to know what stone or crystal should I wear, I was born May 25,1976, 9am

Wella says:

hi sunny,
we have a broken rutile ,quartz, and others ..If its broke is it mean energy gone? if we fixed it does it remain the energy? thank you..more power...

sunny says:

Not quite. You can still use their metaphysical power.

Rinakhan says:

Hi sunny. Today I walk into a crystal shop hoping to buy a crystal to bless me to be a mother. My crystal salesgirl whom I always buy crystal from advice me to buy quan to green Jade pendant . is it OK for me to wear it . I am born on 8 July 1977.

sunny says:

Yes, why not, especially if you feel attracted to.

Rinakhan says:

Hi. Sunny it's me Rina. How are you?. I would like to know if blue lace agAte that I bought is suitable for m or not. I am born on 8 July 1977. I usually get disturbed if my routine pattern every day life not being folloee
Wed. I will get angry and irratitable. Plus I give tuition also. Will this blue lace agate help me to soothe down. Coz I have tried other cyrstal. They helped me in different way but not my. Frustration and anger .

Luz says:

I can't seem to find the answer but what happens if you loose a Jade. I accidentlu lose my Jade rock. There's a lot of it saying that Jade protects you and it takes the fall for you but what if you loose it ? What does that mean?

Chrissy says:

I bought a "blue jadeite" bangle and then heard that real jade doesn't come in blue. Is that true? It's a teal color.

sunny says:

@Luz, What does it means to you? It's all about your answering that question for yourself. It could be that you no longer need protection. It could be that you've lost protection. It could be that the stone is no more compatible with your aura. It could be any other thing, but it's for you to find out.

@Chrissy, Nope, it is not true. The Jadeite form of Jade can be bluish as well.

Celia says:

Hi sunny. Awesome website. Very helpful
I have a light green jade. I absolutely love it. I normally cleanse my jade on a full moon every month ? Is that correct ? Is there another way to cleanse the jade and the Spririte together ? I like to say my own little prayer as I cleanse.

Thank you

sunny says:

Glad you like the site and thanks a lot for the support. The way you cleanse your jade is almost perfect, because this stone responds to the energy of the moon very well. Also, you prayer is no less important.

Lovely Rose says:

I was born September 10 1978 at 10:30 am what stone would be best for me to wear? Thanks

Edache says:

What happens if one side of eight sided white star is broken. Does it still retain energy. Thank you.

sunny says:

Yes, sure, cracked crystals still retain their energy, even though it might be slightly altered.

Subba Rao says:

I bought a Jade crab weighing 3.5 kgs which is over 112 years old from an a friend who is antique dealer in Colombo. This was brought by a Chinese traveller who sold this to my friend.This is a masterpiece with all the tentacles and eyes moving.
My wife is a Cancerian and i wanted to gift her.
For last 6 years she was reluctant and I have kept it away at a friends place.
Now she feels that I should bring it back home.
We have had several bout of bad patches and also good times. Things are looking up and should I bring back and keep it in the house either for positive effect or keep it at least as a show piece in the house.
What are the procedures to be followed to get the best positive effect.
Please advise by mail.

sunnyray says:

I would make sure it is thoroughly cleansed. Check out this post.

BigSmile says:

I have bought Jade heart shaped pendant from this website http://www.orientaljadejewelry.com/product/jp-9/
After few months,small piece chipped and broke,because it fell on tile floor. It happened today,and I have read a lot of information,but didn't find anywhere information what to do know, how and where respectfully leave this jade pendant,and afterwards buy new one is right thing to do or not,because I'm thankful to this jade for protecting me, but now small peace witch chipped off lays near pendant but not touching,and I don't wanna glue or gold, just say goodbye, and leave it somewhere, what is the best place do do that? Thank you in advance for your answer,I really hoping you can help me :))

sunnyray says:

There's no right or wrong here. Do what your heart tells you to do, what you feel is the best course of action.

Rhonnie says:

Thank you for your website! Your response to others address informative I bought a jade bracelet in 2008 and its no longer shiny but instead dull. It's such a beautiful white and lavender/green color. Is there a way to bring back its luster? I have to admit that I was going through so much during that time and now I'm wondering if I should put it back on again. Or buy a new one. Also, Do you know which stone would be best for me? Birthday is 4/8/1973. I'm new to understanding stones and crystals and want to make sure I have the right ones for me. Please help me.

sunnyray says:

I don't think you can restore the luster on your own. I would leave this to a good jeweller or gemologist. Check out this post for a suitable birthstone for your zodiac sign.

Subba Rao says:

Thanks for the reply to my last mail and very impressive.
Now we have decided to bring back the 3.5 kg Jade Crab back home and follow the necessary procedure recommended by you.
We had left the Jade crab in my friends place for the last 5 years and two of the tentacles gave slightly damaged.
Is it OK to keep a refined, repaired Jade at home.
Please advise.

sunnyray says:

Yes, absolutely. Having such a "massive" Jade can only be a blessing.

Subba Rao says:

Thanks for your encouraging reply.
I have repaired and restored the broken claws to its original look. The jade crab is looking very nice.
Now my request to you is to advise placing it in any specific area of the house and facing any direction.

sunnyray says:

As for the placement, we should turn to the ancient art of feng shui. Any area that is governed by the earth element is considered good for a jade symbol, for example, the center of a room (Health and Family bague area).

kerry says:

My niece was in hospital and I put my jade Buddha necklace on her neck the next day she was telling me y is it hot I felt it and it was hot still tough able but I have NEVER felt jade that hot .does anyone know y ?

Yuli says:

Hi Sunnyray,
I recently purchased a purple jade ring. Felt great wearing it. Unfortunately I dropped it and it broke in half. My two questions are: should I take it as an indication that I shouldn't wear purple jade, or was it the case of jade "taking a hit" for the owner? And what to do with the pieces? Is it ok to keep damaged crystals in one's home?

sunnyray says:

That's the dilemma many people have when they try to explain what had happened. Indeed, it could be that it took a hit or that you shouldn't wear it. You have to find out for yourself. I wouldn't try to repair the stone or anything. Keeping it in your home is fine, but I wouldn't use the same specimen any more.

Veeeta says:

I had a Kwan yin pendant. But is it okay to shower and go to sleep with it? Or must I hang it facing my front door every night before bed ?

sunnyray says:

Veeeta, I don't see anything wrong with it.

sunny kumar says:

Hi may i ask which finger and which hand should i wear a jade ring in?also i like to know,i am a aries born on march 24,1961 is jade ok for me?and what is the other stones i can wear.i tried ruby,lapis lazzuri,yellow sapphire,blue sapphire,yellow topaz,garnet.nothing gives energy or luck financially.I lots my job 10yrs ago.i am now 56.cant get a job in my country cos they say i am over age,and many young proffesionals around they can hire.thanks.

austin lamb says:

No one likes peopole that like jaedstone.

Chris says:

Hi sunny
Im just curious if my jade green pendant If i wear it and put inside in my body and i hold it even if my body is cold the jade is hot but when im hot its was cold..why it was like that?

sunnyray says:

Hi Chris
Jade, in principle, should always feel cold to the touch. That said, people do report similar phenomena, not only with Jade, but with other stones too. I can only say that, if we eliminate physical reasons, it has to do with the metaphysical exchange of energy that sometimes happen between our subtle body and the crystal.

Farsh says:

I've previously purchased a genuine jade bracelet at the pawn shop, but somehow when I wear it I feel weak, I usually wear it on my left arm, i always feel discomfort to my left side of my body.I feel confused, or in a fog..is it bringing me bad luck? Should I return it back to the pawn shop?

sunnyray says:

Have you made sure to thoroughly cleanse the bracelet, for example to clear it from the previous owner's energy?

Jinkee says:

Hi there! i came across your page as I was searching if it's ok to mix aventurine with jade in a bracelet since it's my hobby to make bracelets. I am looking for a crystal that is for good health ( most esp for healthy lungs) and wealth if it's possible
I am a female and was born July 17, 1972.but celebrate it July 18 as it was on my birth certificate. Thank you in advance for your reply.

sunnyray says:

It is a great combo. By the way, aventurine is your spiritual birthstone. You just need to program it with the proper intention of having good health and abundance.

Denise says:

a beautiful friend of mine gave me two Jade braclets, as they wouldn't go over her hand anymore..I was so grateful as I love Jade but don't have any (or didn't) I wondered if they were genuine as they are very light green, as I presumed Jade was dark green... yet after reading here they sound like the real thing. The strange thing has been that I haven't taken them off, even showering and sleeping with them on. Could you please tell me if this is overkill? My birthday is 13th July 65.
Thanks and sorry for the essay!!

sunnyray says:

There are different colors of jade, even white or purple. The only way to be sure is to have it checked by an expert. As for wearing it all the time, that's perfectly OK, as long as it feels good. Thanks for the comment, really a appreciate taking the time!

Pat says:

Hello Sunny,
I am an Aries and I am particularly attracted to green stones. Would there be a metaphysical or spiritual reason for this? I have several other stones as well, but the green ones always seem to find me. Most recently a spotted jade frog.

Thank you. This is a wonderful site.


sunnyray says:

Thanks Pat for your kind words. I would say there are always spiritual and metaphysical reasons behind all our choices. Because we are spiritual beings first, and material beings only on the periphery of our existence. But there can be many reasons why exactly you are attracted to green stones. For example, it could be that you have a special affinity toward the Green ray. Many blessings!

Loh says:

Hi Mr Sunny, I recently bought a citrine + jade bracelet. When I first bought it, the jades are green. However after a week, the sides of the jade that are beside the citrine are turning brownish / yellowish.

Is it advisable to mix citrine and jade together in a bracelet? And since the citrine's colour is leeching to the jade, is it safe to say that the crystals are fake?

Thank you very much for your time.

sunnyray says:

Hard to say without seeing both crystals in person, but it could very well be. Rather than genuine Jade, other cheaper crystals are sold in its place. Citrine is also very often dyed in laboratory.

Judy says:

Good morning.. I resently had an emotional break down due to the stress on my job. Thats when I decided to evaluate my life, friends and energy around me. My first step was to purchase a jade bangle ( apple green, and white with a hint of yellow) plus i wear a jade elephant pendant. I also started to feng shui my home along with my thoughts and body. In a matter of four days I feel so much calmer and balanced. I know I may have a few bumps here and there since I'm still at the baby stage of my feng shui and healing jade. Anyway my question are ... is it okay to wear a jade elephant since I haven't heard a lot of people mentioning it ? Sorry for the long story and thanks in advice ????????????

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the comment Judy. It is really quite okay to wear it. Feng shuing your home and using crystals is a great idea to regain balance. I wish you a lot of success with it.

snow says:

Hi Sunny, i recently had a surgery on my kidney. after that, someone happened to introduce me to buy a jade bracelet for good health. After wearing it on the 5th day, i feel my back area, kidney area very warm and heated for just a day. is it possible that the jade is healing me with its energy? Have you heard of such stories before? Thanks.

sunnyray says:

I have heard similar stories, yes. I believe stones can be used as an auxiliary means to facilitate healing and recovery. Glad you are getting better and wish you a full recovery. Thanks for commenting.

unersattlic says:

i am wondering can i wear jade on both hands since i have two of them recently and wanted to wear it daily

sunnyray says:

Sure you can. I can see no problem with that. Thanks.

Gerline says:

Hi Sunny, recently I got a jade bangle. I' m born in May 25, 1976. Is jade suitable for me? And i wish to have another gemstone which attracts good luck. Could you please advice which is suitable and matches my birthday. Thank you

Aarti04 says:

Hi Sunny. I absolutely love your website!! im an Aries and want to know which finger and hand should I wear a jade ring for luck in money and career please? I'm female dominant hand is my left hand. Thank you so much.

Patricia says:

Can we keep about 20 jade bangle in our pockets plus wear about three jade bangles each in right hand and another 3 in the left hand is it good does it fetch more luck. I.have so many problems. Your advice

Meriluz says:

Hi sunny i found this jade smiling budha pendant with a case of 18k gold at the pawnshop.it is for auction sale . I wonder if the jade is authentic since the case pendant is made of gold.. Color is light milk green Buddha.

sunnyray says:

The 18k gold could indeed be an indication of the authenticity of the jade. I'm afraid, however, that's not a proof, and it is hard to judge on your own about that. Expert gemologist, or a reputable seller could give you additional confirmation. Best regards.

MIthi says:

Hello Sunny,

I am born on Dec 30th 1992. On which hand and finger should I wear my jade ring? Please let me know.

Thank you

sunnyray says:

Which Finger You Should Wear Your Gemstone Ring On

nadia says:

hello sunny,

since young i have tried wearing jade necklace. however, the string always break at about less then a year. is this a sign that i should not wear jade necklace?

sunnyray says:

Hard to tell. It could be what you say it is. In general, there is no universal meaning, you would have to decipher this on your own.

Anna says:

Hey Sunny! Thank you for all the information! Where would you recommend buying from to get genuine jade? Also are jade rings good or do they effect the integrity of the jade? Thank youth so much!:)

Alina says:

Hi Sunny,

All this amazing reviews.

Personally I love green gemstones I have always used an emerald and tried exploring Jade.However, I noticed few things when I used Jade within 7 days.

Bad observations

1. Spots around my neck started appearing.
2.Dreams become more lucid and lots of nightmares
3. Chest feels more heavier sometimes like someone pushing on it.

Good 1. Glow in my skin sometimes only ..aura looks different

What do you recommend I should do ?

sunnyray says:

Hi Alina. The stones are supposed to feel good and provide benefits, without any drawbacks. Take them off if that's not the case, and try other ones.

Naje says:

Hi Sunny,

I was wearing jade pendant for the first tiem. One day when i woke up i found out the jade oendant disappear in my necklace and found it in my bed. However my concerned was how the pendant was removed in the necklace whilts necklace still intact in my neck. From that on i was scared to wear the jade pendant. After months i already been sick with body pain and migraine. Does it coincide only?

Lee says:


I recently purchase a jade ring online internationally. It is beautiful but does not touch the finger. I would like to know if the gem stone has to touch the skin of the wearer in order to get the benefits of it?

sunnyray says:

It need not touch the skin to get the benefits. Don't worry. Thanks for the comment and God bless.

Franklin says:

I have a Jade statue I believe is from China. But it broke and I'm wondering if I can sell the broke pieces of Jade to a jeweler or broker Etc.. Its not very polished etc, looks to be in a Raw state still. Thank You

Lisa Strickland says:

i just received a jade heart. Its a very dark green. Is this a common jade color? I was really wanting a jade piece but i'm afraid this is not true jade. Thank You

sunnyray says:

Hi Lisa. With jade you are never 100 percent sure. It can be found in all different shades and nuances, so the color alone is not a reliable indicator of authenticity.

suzanne newnham says:

Hi Sunnyray, thank you for the detailed information on all the crystals. I have many pieces of jade jewellery - pendants, brooches, necklaces, bracelets and rings. The jade in the bracelets broke, the jade from pendants have fallen out, broaches have fallen off clothes. This has only happened with jade, (from all different countries, some new pieces others heirlooms from family and a friend), all my other crystal based jewellery is fine. Any ideas why my energy would seem to reject the jade? I have just been given a blue jadeite pendant which is very calming to wear.

Macie says:

Hello! I wear several different crystals. I've always been attracted to them and the metaphysical properties of them, but have really started buying and wearing, cleansing and charging them the last couple yrs.y Sweet Asian friend was ordering jade bracelets and told me my birthday date by their beliefs, Recommended that I wear a green stone. She recommended Jade. I do not know what it is about this bracelet, but I am so drawn to it! I have had it now for about six months and still continuously stare and play with it. It is the most beautiful stone that I've laid my eyes on and I have a lot of stones. The Stone came from Asia and from what I've researched it's definitely real there's lots of white yellowish greenish beads to the darker solid green stone beads. I absolutely adore it! I have considered putting all my other stones away just to wear Jade. I wear tons of stones and I think people are starting to wonder if I'm not into some kind of a colt. Ha ha Ha I even wear obsidian. Is there some reason that I'm so attracted to the stone or is this just me loving the pretty green and whitish stones? Right now I've been wearing cat's-eye, citrine, obsidian, moonstone, smoky crystal quartz, crystal clear quartz and my wedding ring my diamond. I know that sounds like an incredible amount but most of them are just bracelets that I adore and a couple rings. Sometimes I wear my lapis lazuli. My birth sign is in July and cancer and I think that's a water sign? Maybe this has something to do with my admiration with the Jade Stone. Ty and wonderful website! God bless!

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the comment, Macie. Jade is a fantastic stone. No wonder you are attracted to it. As long as it feels good, there is no reason not to wear and enjoy it. Best of luck and many blessings.

Tom says:

Hi! Every one out there !! Jade is great stone ! I have tested different Jade Stones ! And I think Jade likes me A lot !

Recently ! It protect me from some Ivel forces ! That water to enter my body ! But because I was wearing Jade ! It could not! Enter !

I have tested black Jade, White Jade, and I will test Green Jade ! What I can tell you is that you need to charge the jade ! In order to work better !
I put my in a river hidden underneath of stones ! For all the time that you want ! Mind I will let be there for 3 days !
Not one will find it,!
I made sure ! No one was watching me ! And I left it there !in the running water of the river to charge !

Let see! What happened now !

People say! Is the most powful Jade and will attract luck and knowledge !.
Take care !!

Chrissy F. says:

Can you recommend a stone for me? My birthday is August 13, 1996 and I've always had a hard life since childhood.

Many people think I carry badluck, because wherever I go, I seem to have extreme bad luck that even other people notice. I don't even mention it but somehow the weirdest things happen when I'm around. I thought my mother was just mocking me when I was young for calling me a badluck bringer. I am lucky on the career field. I seem to always pass any interviews even the hardest companies. But in aspects of FAMILT, LOVE RELATIONSHIP and MONEY. I just have so much bad luck that I'm already used to it. I'm so tired of reading stuff telling me it's on the mindset and all. I've always been a jolly and happy person. I'm optimistic by nature. I just don't understand why something always goes wrong when it comes to those three things: MONEY, LOVE RELATIONSHIPS and FAMILY. It's like there's a force surrounding me, following me and just doesn't stop no matter what. An example of it would be, say, AFTER I finally paid off all my debts, and when I finally started saving money, something bad will happen like my brother will be sent to the hospital and I would suddenly have a sudden outstanding bill. My brother doesn't even have any pre-existing illnesses and he is perfectly healthy. He ate something that day that caused complications so he needed to be sent to the hospital and undergo operation. The last time I was able to pay off all of our debts AGAIN, someone destroyed my electric meter and I was fined a huge sum of money, because of that. I don't have enemies. And I don't remember offending anyone. There are a lot of people who envies me though, because of my career success. But that's just about all it. I'm not rich even if I have a good job. Just enough to buy my family what we need and to keep up with bills. All the bad things I told you happening are just something I couldn't control. There are lots of these kinds of events in my life that when I finally save up money, something bad just happens and it will bring me back to square one like I am cursed. It keeps repeating that I am starting to believe that I am really carrying bad luck. I don't want to believe bad luck is real.

Sorry for blabbering. I just couldn't think of any ways to stop this bad luck. It's really not funny anymore. I just ignored this for the past few years and I just want to get rid of it now or lessen it. Thanks in advance!

sunnyray says:

Hi Chrissy
Thanks for the comment and for sharing your experiences with us. I think you've landed on the right page. Jade gemstone is considered one of the stones that bring good luck. You can try wearing it. As for your attitude toward luck, why don't you turn the table around. Some of the most spiritual persons in this world are actually happy when something bad happen to them, because they believe that they are burning bad karma from some distant past of theirs. I'm not telling you to accept that belief, but more often than not, something that seems bad is not bad at all, and something that appears to be good is actually very bad for us in the long run. Here is a story that illustrates that point of view. Thank you.

svkeo94 says:

Hi Sunny,

I was born on June 21, 1994 at 11:10 am. What stone would you recommend for me to wear so that I can attract love and keep it? I've always been unlucky in romantic relationships and I would like for that to change. Any help is much appreciated.

sunnyray says:

You may want to try with rose quartz, but most of all for attracting true love you would need patience.

VV says:

As a jade lover I just wanted to post some tips for anyone else who scrolled down this far:

Jade should be cleansed in a glass of clean water under full moonlight, to dispel any bad energies clinging to it from previous owners. If it's wrapped in metal jewelry you don't want to get wet, you can seal it in a plastic baggie and put an amethyst cluster in the water with it; the amethyst will purify it through the plastic.

Nephrite jade benefits from oil soaks, while jadeite jade benefits from both water & oil. Water soaks will strengthen dry, brittle jadeite and olive or mineral oil will increase shine & luster.

Jade mines are cool, dark & damp and jade flourishes best in such conditions. Avoid unnecessary heat and sunlight. Rainstorms are good for cleansing jade too, due to the negative ions.

If your jade is dirty, you can clean it with warm water & a bit of dawn dishsoap, using a soft toothbrush to scrub it. Rinse clean and rub some mineral oil on it and it'll shine like new.

Lastly, if you just got a new piece of jade and haven't cleansed/put it in water yet, you can stick it in the freezer for 5-10 minutes (no more than 10 minutes to be safe). This will help shock & neutralize anything the stone has come in contact with in the past. It can be cleansed as normal afterwards.

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