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Crystals and Zodiac

Before addressing the subject of this article, for all of you interested in the spiritual background of the Zodiac we highly recommand reading the following article.

The Spiritual Basis of the Zodiac

Due to wrong conceptions and excessive exploitation of this subject by some astrologists, people are really sometimes confused as well as limited in their understanding of the zodiac.

We know today that when considering the zodiac crystals, that is, the crystal or stone most suitable for a certain zodiac sign, there is no strict definition. The table below is only a guideline and by no means it can be taken as exact. Each individual is unique in terms of his/her energy field, physical and spiritual development, as well as in terms of the degree of enfoldment of the inner subtle bodies. All this can also change during the years. Therefore, some crystals can be more suitable and most needed to balance some deficit now, and not in the past nor tomorrow. One should have this in mind when trying to associate certain crystal to a certain zodiac sign, since we repeat there can be no definite assignment.


rock crystal, carnelian, diamond, amethyst


rose quartz, emerald, topaz, aquamarine, boji stones, amethyst


agate, tiger's eye, dendritic agate, agate - blue lace, apophyllite, phenakite, tourmaline, amethyst


aventurine, moonstone, pearl, amber, amethyst


sunstone, rock crystal, bronzite, boji stones, larimar, amethyst


jasper, citrine, peridote, amazonite, garnet, amethyst


howlite, tourmaline, sapphire, ametrine, jade, amethyst


hematite, topaz, malachite, boji stones, variscite, amethyst


tiger's eye, chalcedony, topaz, sodalite, sugilite, amethyst


obsidian, onyx, jet, labradorite, magnetite, amethyst


falcon's eye, blue celestine, blue obsidian, moonstone, amethyst


amethyst, calcite, turquoise, smithsonite

The Spiritual Basis of the Zodiac

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