Turquoise is a stone of honesty. This stone encourages setting some time aside to be honest with yourself. If you can see yourself the way you really are, you can get numerous benefits just from that single insight. Turquoise is also a stone of protection and purification. It gives the psyche the much needed strength and security.

Turquoise is a great stone for withdrawn and timid personalities. It attracts money, love, health, and beauty. It is a stone of good luck.

The color of Turquoise is a greenish hue of cyan. It is an opaque stone that can be polished to a waxy shine.

Notable occurrences are in Myanmar, Tibet, China, Russia, Mexico, Egypt, Peru, and Italy.

Numerous civilizations have considered Turquoise a bridge between heaven and earth. They believed that wearing this stone promotes self-realization and unity with the universe.

loose turquoise stone

Turquoise is a stone of mental clarity and clear communication. It makes us figure out what we really want, and how to clearly communicate our wishes to other people around us. It also promotes better understanding of our own ideas and emotions. The energy of Turquoise is calming and stabilizing at the same time.


Formula: CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)84H2O

Hardness: 5–6

In the past, Turquoise was used to protect riders from being hurt during a fall. However, it was believed that the beneficial properties of Turquoise could be activated only if this stone was received as a gift. Native Americans considered it a sacred stone, whereas Tibetans considered it a stone of luck, health, and protection against the evil eye. The ancient Egyptians used to give little scarabs made out of their specific type of Turquoise as tokens of good luck.

Turquoise aligns the chakras. Its metaphysical action is enhanced if combined with silver. The energy of Turquoise is most suitable for the throat chakra, where it enhances communication and cleanses the aura.

As a grounding stone, Turquoise absorbs all sorts of negative energies and helps develop one’s inherent powers. This stone will open your inner world and awaken your creativity and artistic expression, so that you may give and receive without fear.

Some people naturally have a lot of energy, but they avoid possessing grounding stones out of fear that such stones may limit their expression. Turquoise is a stone that leaves all energy channels open, in parallel with the gentle type of grounding it brings.

The healing properties of Turquoise were known to the peoples of the past. This stone prevents panic attacks, provides strength, prevents destructive behavior, cures psychological traumas, and relieves fears.

Turquoise helps with anorexia, headaches, immunity problems, and impotence. It cures problems with the eyes, throat, and lungs, and helps with asthma. It can help fight infections and inflammations. This stone is also believed to help in tissue regeneration. It can be used to reduce the increased acidity in the body and strengthen the blood, endocrine system, and nerves.

Egyptian Turquoise is especially good for rheumatism and gout.

Tibetan Turquoise is greener when compared to the other types of Turquoise. It is great for removing blockages of the throat chakra.

Sardinian Turquoise is beneficial to the eyes.

various turquoise stones

Turquoise should be cleansed once a month, but without using water. Use smaller pieces of cleansed Hematite for that. If your Turquoise changes color, that might be a sign that it needs cleansing and discharging. It is very fond of copper, so you can charge it beside copper or Rock crystals. Exposure to sunlight should be avoided.

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sophia says:

is Tibetan Turquoise good for protection?

sunnyray says:

Tibetan Turquoise has somewhat different energy than the more bluish, ordinary Turquoise. It has been related to protective uses, especially when it comes to fidelity and marital protection. In Tibet, it is often given as a gift, as a token of love and good fortune.

Malcolm says:

I was just in Ladakh and many of them wore turquoise rings on both hands on the ring finger...
Is that recommended? And some wore it on the index finger right hand....
So what is your take ? Which hand (right or left ) and which finger?:)

sunnyray says:

Please read this post. That's about the best one can guess on the subject of gemstones versus fingers.

david says:

I need to now which fingers to wear turquoise ring me am Aquarius born 4/2/1970

sunnyray says:

You may want to check the above link as well. There's no direct reference to the exact finger, but you can find other useful tips.

David says:

I need to now turquoise for people born 4/2/1970 and which finger to wear turquoisw

medy says:

Hi,my turquoise stone is cracked..i repolish but it still in there...how to disguise it

sunnyray says:

Turquoise is known for that. I don't think there's much you can do about it. If it is really valuable to you, like it has sentimental value, then I would give it to a gemologist. Otherwise, luckily, Turquoise is not expensive, so you can easily replace it.

Geanna Schmidt says:

Hi there, I have a crack in one stone of my turquoise Naja, on my newly acquired squash blossom necklace. It appears to have been repaired/ patched and the patch has take. On a look of the same matrix as other stones. However, one area has flakes/chipped off, I'd like to touch it up with a glue or epoxy. Could I clean it up with acetone, and use the epoxy300 to rematch exposed area? Thank you so much!

Tracy says:

Hi would you still receive th3 benefits of my turquoise ring if I wear it on my right hand middle finger or would it be better on my little finger

Tracy says:

Hi would you still receive the benefits of my turquoise ring if I wear it on my right hand middle finger or would it be better on my little finger also on the same right hand. Does it really make a big difference on which hand?

sunnyray says:

No it doesn't. We are talking about subtleties.

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