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Blue lace agate is a light blue stone with delicate bands in a wavy pattern or lacelike arrangement. The delicacy of its color can hardly be described using words. Even using pictures (like this one on the left) is not the best way to convey the adoration some people feel if found in the vicinity of this stone. If you have been especially attracted to blue lace agate, that is an indication that its subtle but powerful energies are the most needed balancing tool for your auric field.

Agate blue lace tumbled stone This stunning gem is an excellent metaphysical stone that can help in inducing higher states of consciousness. It can be successfully used in some forms of light meditation. As part of the huge family of agate crystals and stones, blue lace inherits some of the distinguished properties of agate.

The metaphysics

In the past, people possessed substantial knowledge about the four elements of Nature (earth, fire, ear, and water) or five elements of Nature if we include ether, since they were conceived as powerful forces of the Universe capable of directing one's life and destiny. Agates have always been connected to the earth element. More than any other silica stone agates are under the influence of our Earth's energy field. Blue lace agate has therefore a strong unparalleled relation to our physical body, and it works from there upwards, gradually affecting the more sublte manifestations of our being in rising sequence.

When considering agates for metaphysical practice, crystal healing or chakra balancing, have in mind that several factors should be taken into account. First of all you should consider the color of the stones: the blue color of blue lace agate is excellent for dealing with your throat chakra issues, or communication issues in general. This stone can easily be linked to hope, unity, optimism, and positive thoughts. Indeed the feeling it provokes in you is nothing less than positive mood and optimistic outlook.

Applications in healing and advices for buying

Blue lace agate is able to work beneficially on the smooth circulation of pranic energy in your energy body. It can neutralize anger, and help deal with emotive traumas in your inner emotional world. As a very powerful healer, this stone can help in healing your throat and neck problems, it deals with respiratory issues, and it purifies the lymphatic system. The Crystal Elixir made from blue lace stones is believed to be able to treat imbalance in fluid circulation in the organism.

Agates are excellent stones when there is a difficult battle ahead, either in your personal life or in your professional life. Whenever you have to be open and truthful with yourself, you should prefer agate over any other stone. If you want to have some extra strength, for example, in order to hang onto some task you simply need to accomplish, agate is also your stone.

When purchasing blue lace agate take care that the stone is properly polished and its shape and form matches your intention. When purchasing agates, these factors can be important since they are non-transparent stones and their quality cannot be measured by the criteria other quality crystals satisfy. The best agate gems are those of surpassing artistic characteristics, with the proper symbolics.

While direct contact with your skin is not always necessary when considering the healing properties of stones, in this case I would recommend buying either loose stones or jewelry wherein such contact is possible, for instance like it is the case with this Blue Lace Agate Gemstone Bracelet.

If you choose your blue lace agate considering the adequate symbolic meaning of the stones, or alternatively if you feel inner attraction to some stones, this will ensure you get the best tool to enhance your force fields. Then, not only will your esthetic desire be satisfied, but you will have an energy balancing item in your possession you can "make friends with" and eventually get your energy deficit corrected.


jenna lokey says:

As a jewelry designer, I want to create pieces with meaning to its wearer. Thank you for the wonderful information. ~jenna

sunnyray says:

Thanks for reading Jenna. Glad you like the info.

Amy Jo says:

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for this wonderful in-depth, insight into the use of all these crystals.

sunny says:

Thanks to you, Amy Jo, for the kind words and support.

carol says:

Thank you for your in depth information on blue lace agate; my husband gave me a blue lace agate necklace for my birthday. It was a great purchase it's what i needed. Carol

sunny says:

Many thanks to you Carol, and we wish you a lot of fun and unforgettable moments with your necklace.

Amy says:

I have a rough year coming up ahead at work with many good and bad changes and I'm starting to feel the stress already. I purchased a Blue Lace Agate. I cleared it and I won't leave home without it. It's definitely what I needed and the information provided here is spot on. Thank you for sharing this information.

Cami says:

I got blue lace agate yesterday. I am a huge collecter of stones and have always wanted to research their healing capabilities. This is the best information so far! Thank you for supplying these priceless facts.

Olga says:

Thanks Cami. I always try to give my best.

cecily says:

Can blue agate be worn in the ocean? I live in south Florida and want to make a blue agate necklace for a friend who wants to wear it 24/7, which includes wearing it swimming in the ocean? Will this affect the polished finish?

sunnyray says:

Hi cecily,
Since one of the standard methods of cleansing/purifying agate is using salt water, I don't think wearing it while swimming in the ocean will affect the polish in a negative way. Thanks for the comment and enjoy your agates.

kiky damayanti says:

I have this one. Always bring it wherever I go. When I go to sleep I put it under pillow sometimes I put it on the sixth chakra.

Rhoda Gelman says:

Hello Jena: I want to thank you for your insightful knowledge and spiritual insight on this agate. It is extremely meaningful for all of us. I was not aware of the deep and powerful energies to the chakra - which is most significant for me and in turn for my clients. I have a passion for agates and have been collecting for many years.

Tiago says:


I'm willing to wear a 24/7 blue agate (or maybe aquamarine) ring in the index finger.

Am I doing it right?

Does the index finger is related to the vishuddha chakra?

sunnyray says:

Yes, you are right. The index finger is related to the air element and Throat chakra (Vishuddha).

Edache Ela says:

I have a read stone on silver and gold coated. I can bath,copulate and do other things while wearing it and must be charged for it to work. Thanks a lot for your assistance to humanity.

sunnyray says:

Thanks Edache Ela, and many blessings.

lizie says:

Can i wear Blue lace agate in the bath x

sunnyray says:

Hi lizie
Sure you can. It is one of the best stones to be used in your bathtub. Thanks for the comment.

cubi says:

What is the planetary energy of Blue lace agate.

sunnyray says:

Hi cubi. It should be Neptune, which implies connection with the energy of the water element. In addition the corresponding zodiac sign is Pisces.

Bab says:

Can wear both Aquamarine and Blue lace agate gemstone

sunnyray says:

Sure you can.

anna says:

Hi! Its me anna and my star sign is taurus .plz tell me how we can clean brown agate. Can i wear a turquoise and brown agate bracelets together in right hand.

sunnyray says:

Sure you wear them both. You can cleanse brown agate, for example, under running water.

Heather says:

I was a crystal lady's house trying to help her with a friend and was fascinated by her collection. I picked up several pieces and one of them was randomly a turtle in its shell looking one. She called it Chaldyron blue agate. She held it and gave it back to me. When she put it back in my hand it felt like the turtle was moving inside the stone. Is this possible and what does it mean?

sunnyray says:

Hi Heather
It could be instant compatibility between your energy and the energy of the blue agate. It is not unusual and people often speak of similar sensations upon touching a stone.

Aspen says:



Great site with lots of interesting gemological content. Thanks.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for reading, Michael. Glad you like the content.

Ricky says:

I m capricorn born 13 jan ,can i wear blue lace as a ring My dad told me it helps ur communication skills

Gauri says:

I want to know what stone is good to make spouse faithful to each-Other and will improve everlasting love between husband and wife more than ever ? (Me and my husband both are March born)

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