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Vishuddha chakra - very fundamental facts

Vishuddha means to purify. In this center everything is being purified and refined. 16 nadis flow into this chakra. This center is connected to a smaller psychic center (lalana center) where the poison that leaks out of the "bindu" area is collected. The lucky ones that have awakened this energy center, always feel well. They are able to equally accept pleasant and unpleasant things, because they are able to let them happen, unite the opposites, and have no prejudices. By developing this chakra we are able to attain knowledge about the past, present, and future, and become free and non-perishable. If the sixth chakra ajna is not awakened, the nectar from the lalana goes to the manipura chakra. If manipura is equally not awakened, the nectar is burnt out. This is the reason why nowadays people have significantly shorter life-spans as compared to biblical times.

Vishuddha is the fifth energy center - chakra of the throat — situated in the base of the neck. It is a center of the powers of Divine love. This is where the limitless love originates from. This is the place where the vision of all people as brothers and sisters originates. From the perspective of Vishuddha we can see all things as sacred . This is the plane where selfless souls, extraordinary artists and mystical poets abide. Vishuddha's meaning is purity, its color is smoky purple-blue, it has 16 petals, its vehicle is peacock, its element is ether, organ of motion is mouth, the corresponding metal is mercury, its planet is Saturn, its sense is hearing, and its formula is HAM.

In its negative aspect, here we can often find firmly anchored qualities of envy and desire for personal power. Vishuddha's positive activity is in its ability to create perfection by doing God's Will. Vishuddha corresponds to the First Light Ray of Faith and Protection.

Vishuddha is connected to the throat, vocal cord, ears and hearing. Vishuddha is a center of vibration and mantra meditation. It is linked to a dormant center in the right brain hemisphere. By stimulating this center we become purified, wise, and longevous. Had all people on Earth awaken their Vishuddha chakras, no longer there would be wars, since nobody would have the desire of possessing somebody else's property, in agreement the 10th God's Commandment.

The nectar that originates in bindu is neutral, neither poison nor elixir. If Vishuddha chakra is awaken the potential nectar-poison transmutes into elixir of youth. Vishuddha controls the metabolic processes, communication, and mental creativity. If balanced, we can communicate easily and effectively with others, either in written or spoken form. This includes the power of constructive expression of all emotions. If blocked, our communication is slow, difficult, or impossible, and people with such problems are prone to think that they simply are not creative.

Crystals and Vishuddha

The flow of energy through the Vishuddha chakra is provoked by light-blue and turquoise-blue crystals. Blue is the color of faith and protection. Crystals that are connected to this center are: angelite which helps with communication with angels and higher intelligences, aquamarine which increases the ability of peaceful self-expression, blue topaz which dissolves the fears of communication and stimulates the creativity, chrysocolla which helps with the personal self-esteem, larimar which enables communication with people that are deeply buried in our hearts and souls, tibetan turquoise which helps in getting help from other people while manifesting our desires, lapis lazuli, blue agate (lace agate), blue chalcedony, and blue sapphire which cleanses the thoughts and emotions.

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