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Vishuddha Chakra Explained

The Throat energy center – Vishuddha – is located at the throat. To the supersensible sight, this chakra has 16 petals of largely smoky-purple color. The petals are shiny and resemble moon’s reflections in water.

Positive and Negative Aspects

The 16 subtle energies associated with this energy center can be both selfish and selfless. For example, certain feelings excessive pride, affection, disappointment, remorse, arrogance, thoughtfulness, respect, adoration, serenity, satisfaction, courage and determination are rooted in this cener. With unawakened individuals, Vishuddha can also be the seat of parsimony and envy.

The symbols of Vishuddha Chakra

The symbols of Vishuddha are:

symbol, mandala, representing Vishuddha chakra
  • number of petals - 16
  • shape – circle
  • sensory organ – ears
  • action organ – tongue
  • quality – sound
  • sound formula – HAM, (hum)
  • animal – elephant
  • food – pungent
  • element – Akasha
  • characteristic function – spatiality
  • body area – from the throat to the eyebrows
  • level of consciousness – superhuman kingdom (the people of the future)
  • celestial body – Mars
  • breathing – rotational
  • archetypal image – at first dark and then white birds (for instance, crow, eagle, dove, swan, parrot)
  • bodily equvalent – the skin crystals and stonescheck here

What Does it Mean to Master the Vishuddha Center?

The freedom from the sexual drive, when realized in this center, is relatively permanent. It is much more easier to resist a temptation of that kind after mastering the throat energy center because the throat center is a place of true creative expression. Our sexual energy, when refined and lifted up, is in fact creative energy. In general, all accomplishments realized in the energy centers below the fifth energy center are not of permanent nature.

The largest portion of prana absorbed in this center comes from the food we eat – therefore it is of prime importance to become fully aware of the process of consuming food. This means, in addition to the other beneficial food-related additives, keeping the food in the mouth long enough, as opposed to voracious eating.

Vishuddha controls the speech and bodily expression. This is the spot where the energy of love is transformed into bliss. If the energy goes only up to the Anahata chakra, we cannot speak of love in the fullest sense. It has to go up, at least to this energy center, in order for it to be called love and to be endowed with blissful joy.


figg says:

Hi. I see here that you mention pungent foods, without specifying the exact types. Some sources say that tart fruits, bitter fruits and beverages, as well as some spices, like salt and lemon grass are good foods for working with the fifth chakra and for balancing its function. What do you think about that?

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