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How to Open the Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra - or Ajna in Sanskrit is one of the seven main energy centers. It is located within the head, in the geometric center of the cranium. It is also called brow chakra as its frontal projection is right at the spot between our eyebrows. Although the chakras are very important centers of energy, we should not forget that they are etheric in nature - very subtle and not visible. But, they have corresponding endocrine glands, as well as major nerve plexuses on the physical plane. The third eye chakra corresponds to the pineal gland. With most people this gland is dormant, and the Third eye is dormant too. All major seven chakras can be considered etheric equivalents of their corresponding endocrine glands (or the other way around).

The famous French philosopher, mathematician, and scientist René Descartes believed that the pineal gland (as well as the third eye) is that place in us where the soul is located, the place where our body, mind and emotions meet and work together.

This chakra is an important center - a seat of intuition and imagination. It is our spiritual eye through which we receive visions and psychic impressions. When fully aroused we even start to receive different psychic powers. That is why many people get so excited at the idea to open their third eye centers. So, how can we open the third eye and utilize all the benefits it can bring to us?

Let me tell you right at the beginning - there are no instant solutions. If you expect to go to a 2-day workshop and be able to harvest all the benefits of your opened third eye, this is not the way it will happen. If you expect to buy a book or a CD with some specially designed guided meditations, again, it will take years of practice and it will not happen instantly.

In fact, I would never suggest it to anybody to work deliberately on the opening or awaking of the chakras outside of a well defined system of personal and spiritual development and/or self-growth system. And never would I suggest taking a single chakra and working solely on its development. That’s not the proper way - the awakening of the chakras should happen simultaneously with all of them, very gradually, and only under the supervision of your inner Higher Self (and of course your spiritual teacher). Also, as I said, it should not be an aim in itself - your growth and self-development, your getting closer to your Higher Soul, getting closer to God, should be your primary aim. And the benefits of the awakened chakras will come anyhow, without even thinking of them.

It is a simple truth that the major part of mankind’s consciousness today is centered around their Second Sacral Chakra. The majority of our activities too are likely focused around this energy center. If we now wanted to skip the solar plexus chakra, heart and throat chakras, and go directly to and work with the brow center, that wouldn’t be the right way to do it, would it?

So, the only proper way is to gradually purify our etheric body, to master the different energies that need to be controlled within the area of the lower chakras, and after we have got rid of the various prejudices, increased our capacity of love, and developed a new attitude toward life, we will be able to awaken our third eye safely and without any side effects. In the areas of spiritual development, there are no shortcuts, there is no brute force.

I remember reading a book on Tibetan mysticism when I was pretty young. I did not know then whether that this book was purely a fiction or there was some truth in it, because the author suggested a way of opening this energy center by making a tiny hole in the skull. Latter I learned that apparently some ancient cultures used to bore a hole in the skull - a process called trepanation - in order to diminish the hold of the ego and release the powers of the third eye. This is certainly not the method you would want to go in any case.

There are special metaphysical systems designed toward awakening our chakras. For example, one of the aim of Kundalini Yoga is a direct stimulation, balancing and opening of the chakras. There are different mantras in the Vedic tradition dedicated to awaking this center. There are also some techniques of visualization, like tratak meditation, and some visualization methods are combined with rhythmic breathing. I will not go into details here, as I believe you need not follow these ancient teachings in order to ultimately open our third eye. Any spiritual development method you find appropriate for you inner development will work if you are dedicated and if you have determination. Gradually the energies of your microcosm will be purified, your chakras will start to communicate with each other (as they should in their normal operation), and your Third Eye will start to open, gradually and at the pace that is best suited to you.

Blocked Third Eye Chakra

If your third eye chakra (Ajna) is blocked, this may lead to mental confusion, insecurity, and scepticism. A closed Ajna prevents vibrant vital energies to enter your mental and emotional world. While the physical eyes see the duality and divisions of the world, the third eye sees everything as one undivided whole, the reality as it is. If it is open, it improves concentration, brings bliss, and promotes spiritual insight.

The physical equivalent of the third eye is the pineal gland. Today's life style including nutrition is detrimental to the optimal health of this gland. Diet rich in calcium, additives, and hormones, surrounding yourself with too much radiation and EMF devices, as well as using fluoridated water and toothpaste with added fluoride leads to calcification of the pineal gland. Thinks about these negative influences if you plan to work on your third eye.

Symptoms of Awakened Third Eye Chakra

The question is how do you know if your Third eye is opened in the first place? Well, there are some tell tale symptoms that you should be aware of. They will indicate that your third eye is functioning and that your pineal gland has started working as it should.

One of the first signs is headache, pressure in the forehead, or even migraine. They could be followed by regular rhythmical pulsations and tingling sensations in the forehead. The feelings can be intense, and you may even hear sounds and see light within your head.

Powers Gained by Opening the Third Eye Chakra

As indicated, there are some psychic powers associated with the opened third eye. They include some or all of the following abilities:

  • Improved learning and memory
  • Strengthened intuition
  • Increased ability of visualizing objects with the eye of your mind
  • Improved creativity
  • Ability to sense the quality of or even observe human energy fields
  • Clairvoyance and clairaudience


Actually the best advice I have seen somewhere with regards to opening the third eye chakra is developing unconditional love. If you can make it your habit to spread unconditional love around to everybody and everything, then your whole microcosm will start pulsating and purifying and your third eye will open on its own.

That said, if you still insist on a specific method, here is one described (in fact, not one but actually two). Proceed at your own risk. Namaste!


Renate says:

I just broke up with my lover of 7 months, I am 62, when suddenly my third eye started to pulsate so strongly, that I had to put my finger on it. What does that mean, was my decision right or wrong?
It is still pulsating.
Never had it that strong before.

sunny says:

Hi Renate,
Thanks for sharing your experience. It is hard to tell, based on your comment only, what the reason for the pulsations in the third chakra area might be. Deep down in your heart, though, only you can tell whether or not you have given up on love, due to pride, hurt feelings, or whatever the reason might be.
With love and light,

Luvi says:

Hello Sunny, I have been hearing very loud sound of violins and birds.. in the middle of the night, that loud that suddenly awaken me up, because it is sooo loud.. and makes me feel scared, when I am totally alert after 2 or 3 mins the sounds vanishes.. can you guide what can be??

sunny says:

Hi Luvi,
One possiblity could be that you enter the lower astral planes during your sleep and then it should only be a temporary phase. If that’s the case, you may try to relax your whole body before going to bed and/or perform rhythmical breathing exercises. Of course, relaxation prior to going to bed is always a good idea. For example, some exercise similar to the progressive muscle relaxation technique might be able to help.

Danielle says:

I always used to have dreams that came true and could feel what people around me could feel but I always tried to push this kind of thing away because I thought it was crazy. A few days ago I started to get a HORRID headache in the middle of my forehead and in the back of my head yet I had such beautiful colors when I closed my eyes. The next day I felt the best I had ever felt in my entire life. I felt weird in central spots of my body, spots that I can only describe as my chakras? After reading this I feel like it all makes sense now. It did feel like every chakra was awakened or stimulated in some way? I now feel super energized still, days later. I still get some headaches and would kinda like to know when those will go away?

sunny says:

Hi Danielle,
Thanks for sharing your experiences. If there is no physical cause for your headaches, which you should check out just to be sure, they should gradually diminish as time goes by.

Thyagi says:

OM Shanthi,
My name is Thyagi residing in Chennai, India. I am spiritual guru in awakening the seven chakras. Already I had given this dhiksha to my known people. Now they aer all experiencing the day to day changes in their life style. When I have gone through your website, I was really impressed. It is really good with information I am really satisfied. Great Job, sunny, keep doing this please in order to create an awareness to as many people you can. I am also doing this in India. For any help please mail me or you can call on my mobile.
Thank You Om Shanthi

shayan says:

Hi sunny! I have a problem! whenever I try to open my root chakra by meditation I feel a horrible pain in my third eye. What's the reason and what does that mean?

sunny says:

Hi shayan
Could you please share with us what exactly your method of opening the root chakra is? The problem you are experiencing might be connected with that.

Monk Mutunga says:

Hi Sunny,

This article makes a lot of sense. I have been pushing my third eye to open through meditation but I guess I would rather work on my ego because I think its better to open one's third eye when one has attained total empathy and high vibrations. I would hate to be visiting the lower astral planes. Thank you

sunny says:

Good points there, Monk, about avoiding the lower astral planes and working on the ego first. Many blessings, sunny.

Shiva says:

Hi Sunny ,

I had strange experience in 2008 when I visited to mah Aunts house. After entering in, I felt weird like someone pushing me or something striking at me and I told to my mumma about this. She ignored it but soon she realized that. Another experience in 2011 when a construction work was going on my Uncle's new house and he took me there with him and when I just entered in a room I experienced same thing But this time I didn't tell anybody. But I never saw any thing in my whole life like spiritual beings whenever I visited haunted places. All I have is just feelings of pushings me striking at me but never get harm all I want to know that what is this thing? Secondly, I want to open my all chakras so does it me to open my chakras if yes then guide me how????

sunny says:

Thanks for sharing with us your experiences. I would say that the opening of the chakras should be done gradually and in a natural manner, within your chosen system of self-improvement and spiritual development.

Scott Duthie says:

Hi sunny, how are you? Just recently my mum passed away and strange things started happening like for instance as I looked at pictures they would fall off the walls, when I went back to work it was as though I had a bad flu, but my forehead was pounding and I felt like I was on a boat. I seemed to be so much smarter too, I came home from work and as I woke in the morning and went outside I saw this eye in the sky made out of one single cloud in the sky. To tell you the truth it's as though I'm going crazy. I've read up on things but it still isn't too clear what I must do or where I am going. Can you help in any way please, Kind regads scott

sunny says:

Hi Scott,
I am sorry to hear about your mother. It is hard to give advice without knowing the specifics of your current situation. However, what I can say is that the passing away of your mother must have triggered some stirring in your energy field (aura) and in your energy centers (that's why you might be getting pounding in the area of your third eye chakra situated in the forehead). What I would suggest is to try to stabilize your aura and calm your entire energy, for example, by doing yoga, relaxation, meditation or prayer, depending on your personal beliefs and affinities. Thanks for sharing with us your experiences. Many blessings!

Sanya says:

Hi SUNY, I am a hard working person trying so hard all my life but not getting anywhere. I am sick of looking after 5 kids but still don't have any money left to buy all the things I need. If I open my third eye chakra will I get any better in life money-wise. Will I get any harm by it. I am a Muslim and I pray all the time but not getting anything from it, please help me. Thanks

sunny says:

I am sure that your faith in God is strong and sincere, but with even stronger and more sincere faith, positive thoughts and feelings, pure heart and Soul, with your being open toward the almighty Cosmos, and with your selfless desire for abundance you will be able to attain what you want. You have been given five children, five angels, and you are responsible for them before God. Surely, it wouldn't be like that, if you weren't able to take care of them. Many blessings.

Alemar says:

Hi Sunny!

I've been seeing ghosts before and also seen some strange shadows crossing my path when I drive. I've also experience dreaming where I was travelling a very dark place trying to go to a very small white light. Sometimes these dreams of mine, I only see colors, many different colors. My question is, is this the signs that I already awakened my third eye? Or if not what should I do to activate it? Thank you

sunny says:

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have awakened your third eye. However, if the qualities of your inner being are close to God's qualities, then it could mean that you are on the right track.

yanga says:

Hai sunny I'm a black south African male 22 years of age and I've been having dreams of things which are going to happen and which have happened and I can sense negativity and bad forces sometimes I can read up a persons mind and see what he or she is thinking about me. One lazy night I was laying on my bed my room was so dark and lovely which I felt relaxed all of a sudden I felt my chakras vibrating so hard and fast and I felt thin air in my face and ears, I felt as if I'm not alone in the room as if someone was watching me I quickly turned on the lights and I'm pretty something or someone was there. Could you give me an insight view of what might be happening with me.

sunny says:

Hi yanga,
Thanks for the comment. You are obviously very sensitive, in therms of having your extrasensory abilities developed to a higher degree. The same sensitivity enables you tapping into the negative energies around you as well. So you need some means of protection. While there are numerous magical and/or psychic method of protection that may instruct you how to lock your aura against external negative forces, I wouldn't recommend those. There is no better protection than being filled with love, Divine love, just like Jesus Christ was during His life on earth. We all need to develop more love and to strengthen our faith in God, and everything is going be just fine. I hope this helps. Many blessings!

Bluebirdsoul says:

Hi there, My pineal gland opened through illness, an electric blue orb

(Bluebird)landed in my right hand flew up and around my arm down around my torso up to my neck around and around neck and jaw then it felt like it flew away. It was pure bliss feeling I thought I had a NDE but it seems to fit spontaneous kundalini. The next morning I felt pressure in my head for about two weeks light and hearing very sensitive like jumping out of my skin. Then one night while watching tv sitting next to my husband a strange pressure in my head and I heard a pop and a cracking sound literally after that WOW. I can see firefly sparkles in my home and took a picture and they are orbs all over the place solid whitish with rainbow edges some have faces. Some have animals. I feel touching at night hear talking here my name called. I felt I was pulled into astral travel by my ankles and it was a tall 8'10 being blue color no face. Then I looked at my arm and I was blue also but normal size. Of course I woke up when. I close my eye at night used to see electric blue and violet flames shrinking to a rounded ring of blueish goldish greenish opening of dark sky with stars. I sometimes see beautiful violet pinkish static with goldish light spheres. Once one of the spheres was talking to me? My experiences are going fast exciting and scary at the same time. I don't have a guru. I don't do yoga but I do meditate now once in morning and once at night to keep the colors strong. I hope someone here can tell me by experience what is going on and what to expect. I would greatly appreciate it....

sunny says:

Thanks Bluebirdsoul for sharing with us your astonishing experience. All I can say is that since it all happened because of illness and, it seems from your comment all of a sudden, you should try to stabilize your experience somehow. There is nothing better than strengthening your faith in God, in addition to your everyday meditations. And if you can find a qualified spiritual teacher close to where you live, it may also be of great help. With love and light, sunny.

michelle says:

hi there,sometimes I feel like an electric current passing through my fingers and feel sensations running through my body. What is it exactly? tnx

sunny says:

Hi Michelle. It's not so easy to tell. It can be any number of things. However, if those sensations accompany your meditation practice, they can be related to the flow of pranic energy through the body. In that case, you have nothing to worry about.

klara says:

Here is another article with similar point of view to the one presented here, so be careful what you wish for: http://in5d.com/awakening-the-third-eye-be-careful-what-you-wish-for/. Regards, klara.

klara says:

I have a short vision, well a very short vision, its could take a 3 to 4 sec. I saw a oldie background its like I'm taking back in the past something like that I didn't think but its always pop up in my mind and one day I saw a boy well I don't know if its a boy or girl but may child but this child is black as shadow I tried to ignore them but they always showed up on me when I'm starting to be alone is it I'm in state of danger or is there something to tell what to do and one lasting one night AUGUST 1st 12:00 I have dream I was sitting in the world biggest tree and I saw a DARK LONG HAIRED GIRL but her face is gone she is a girl without face I feel creepy since every end of month she always showing up can you explain what's happening to me?

jossy joseph udoanwan says:

I need a suitable daily spiritual development meditational procedure to guide me through third eye realization. Jossy Joseph

Ababio Oscar says:

Guru Thyagi from India and master sunny. Thanks be unto God and Jesus and life be unto you too we are the agents of heaven and must let the truth out to the world. My third eye is a talent as i grew up to get prophetic dreams and read peoples mind. The quality of this gift is the lovingkindness and humanitarian attitude. We fear to sin coz we are light.am 25 years but i am spiritually 2500 years.

sunny says:

Hi! Many greetings and blessings to you too. Thanks for contributing your comment to the sunnyray.org community. With love and light. sunny

PRASAD says:

Hi I am 42 yrs, please tell me how to open my third eye spiritually

sunny says:

Don't try to open your third eye. Instead, try to advance further on the path of spiritual development and self-realization. Try to make a deeper connection with God. Then, when the time is right, your third eye will open naturally and effortlessly.

Carl says:

Why I didn't open my third eye even I performed meditation???

sunny says:

That would really be a huge thing if one could open the third eye at will in any meditation practice. It takes a lot of time and effort, as well as Divine mercy to be able to do so.

Darko says:

Hey Sunny! Wow what a nice website!

I was wondering if i could open my third eye.. as a muslim
Please answer if you will. thanks!
Will it harm me?

sunny says:

Hi Darko
Thanks for the comment and for the kind words. As for opening the third eye, let me say it this way: everyone, every person from every spiritual tradition and every religion, could potentially open their third eye. However, I never suggest using aggressive techniques for that. It is much better, and much safer, if one just follows one's spiritual path and leaves it to God to decide when the right time has come for opening one's third eye. I believe, we have to be spiritually mature and ready for that. Otherwise, as you said it yourself, it could be harmful.

anon says:

I donnow, who I am and what life has decided for me. I feel that Shiva is sitting on my forhead. I always see a dream that I am on the way to Vaishno devi. When ever I close my eyes I see blue colour and Shiva image in black. What should I do?

sunny says:

Have faith in God, meditate, and do your daily spiritual routine. Accept what's coming your way with an open heart and know that things are always happening in our life as they should.

Darko says:

Sunny i am really scared!
i want to open my third eye.. but i dont want to see shiva/Antichrist "Lord". because i dont love shiva.. and i am a muslim and i believe in allah...

I dont want to turn into a man who sees shiva whenever he closes his eyes and feels like shiva is sitting on his forehead..

I love god and i dont want to go to hell...

the reason i am opening my third eye is because i want to do telekinesis.. and feel if someone is lying..

Will i start seeing shiva the anti christ? (thats what i believe.. because i dont think he is a lord) please answer..

This is maybe going to be the last question since i am talking alot :/

Also Sunny umm if i open my third eye.. will it awaken my kundalini power? I hope not because i will start seeing animals and feel drunk and do jerking motions which are really really creepy...

I dont want kundalini to change my life or personality only third eye.. thanks.

sunny says:

Hi Darko
I honestly don't know how to answer your question(s). And I wouldn't want this post to turn into disrespecting other faiths and other people's religious Deities. I can only say that as long as you are scared (from anything that might happen to you, no matter what) you shouldn't attempt any complicated method or exercise, especially not opening the third eye. Fear is the opposite of love, and we all know that the essence of God is love. So instead of opening your third eye, work on developing love and connecting with God. Your third eye will open without your effort, naturally, once you've developed enough love and positive energy inside your own microcosm. As for being able to tell if someone is lying, it also comes with spiritual maturity. The more honest we are, and I mean being honest to ourselves, the more we will be able to tell what's true and what's phoney around us.

Kuldeep says:

Hi Summy,

Such a good post.
I have been into meditation and third eye awakening from past i would say 1 month and seek guidance on my progress as getting into confusing state, of seems like my patience test by Lord.

I have started focusing on third eye when suddenly one day it started throbbing and pulsing with initial symptoms of pressure and almost all symptoms you mentioned, i have felt rising of kundalini too towards up and circle around till neck vertebra but don't go further up, i also feel tingling and circling of energy on my top of head as if someone is running fingers, started seeing indigo and purple colors could feel pressure, right now even while writing to you,. I am doing yoga too en kriya to support it. Kindly help , what is stopping me to reach to the seat of soul. This is the first time i m sharing these , not really sure i should be or not. Kindly help how to proceed further to reach to enlightenment before i lost myself.

sunnyray says:

Hi Kuldeep
Thanks for the comment. I could only suggest not to force anything. There is absolutely no need to force anything. Desire for enlightenment is a good thing of course. But the very enlightenment is coming as a Divine gift, a gift from the Lord to us when the time is right. So patience, faith, and devoted spiritual work together with you spiritual teacher is the only thing that should concern you. The results are entirely in the hands of God. Thanks again and I wish you a lot of Light and Love.


I am practising chakra Meditaion, after practising few days after, if concentrate any chakra my body is shaking, I consulted some guru, they says nothing to worry, your energy is going up, what is your opinion inform me and oblige

sunnyray says:

I think they have given you a good advice. Any sort of concentration on the chakra areas provokes some kind of energy response, expansion, contraction, tingling, or shaking as in your case. Thanks for the comment, and I wish you a peaceful and filled with love meditation.

Poonam says:

How can I open my kundalini and third eye. Does someone has to initiate it ?

sunnyray says:

Better if you are initiated by a qualified teacher. Need not to be initiated though. For some people rising of kundalini and opening the third eye can happen naturally. After all, that's our natural ability, long forgotten and buried deep down in us. That said, once again the best way is to go slowly and gradually under the guidance of your spiritual teacher.

Naman says:

Hi sunny,
I want some info about unconscious mind because of some incidents that happened in my life I was about to die 3 times but every time something happend and I survive. I will tell you one of those incident , once I was riding a motorcycle on a bridge and my friend was sitting on the back seat, he was talking on his phone I thought that he is saying something to me I turned my head back to ask what he is saying because I was riding at 150 km/hr and I was not able to listen him properly then he told me that was talking on his phone and when I turned my head on front suddenly I saw a bus 100m away from me coming toward me in high speed I was blank don't what to do and then handle of my bike suddenly turned by itself there was no option if I had applied brakes I would met with an accident and death was sure because of high speed but I don't know who did the hadle turned in such perfect angle so that I passed the bus by the the distance of some inches. It happened thrice in my life is any symptoms of having awaked third eye what I should do to have full control on it.

KL NG says:

Hi Sunny,

I recently lost my 5y year old child when the bone marrow transplant was not successful. After his passing, I started normal meditation. Later I read an article about the third eye, and decided to try and activate my third eye. 2 weeks down the road, I've encountered sharp high pitch tone occasionally but only for a few seconds. Then suddenly, the high pitch tone just came and its hasn't gone away for 3 days now. Hope to have your advise on this matter. Thank you.

sunnyray says:

Hi. I'm really sorry for your loss. I would go back to normal meditation. The opening of the third eye will come on its own, when the time is right. No need for more or less forceful techniques to do that. Many blessing!

Dipesh says:

Hello sunny.

I see a very vibrant rectangular shaped object which is always in my vision during meditation. i also see 2 beautiful birds flying left and right. What does this mean? I am seeing flashes of purple and blue lights I have been doing concentrated sessions for over a year for my third eye.

sunnyray says:

Honestly, I don't think you should pay any attention to what you see in meditation. Just continue with it, whatever your meditation type is.

ali says:

anyone interested in opening the third Eye I would recommend this online course full information is available at the website https://roohanionlinespiritualhelp.co.uk

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