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Sacral chakra - Spleen Energy Center

Within the eastern spiritual tradition, the second energy center is known as Swadhisthana. It is located close to the spleen area. One of the main tasks of this center is to distribute the vital force received from the Sun. This force is divided into 6 horizontal streams, with an additional seventh energy stream going directly into the middle part of this center. The sacral energy center has 6 lotus petals (vibrational fields), each of them being differently colored and with a specific irradiation. The dominant colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. The vital energies of the sacral center can manifest themselves as sexual desire, gluttony, fear, crookedness, sorrow, envy or hatred. It is very important to purify the etheric double by working on our negative character traits before engaging into a more intense spiritual practice.

The second chakra is orange in color. The orange color brings a very active energy. It is the color of joy, activity, and hope. Swadhisthana chaka is the place where our karma is activated, which means that here we have the opportunity to purify it, control our negative basic instincts, transform the negative energy into positive, and make a step toward higher consciousness. These basic instincts spring up from the subconscious mind, and the subconsciousness is the main field of action of this chakra.

sacral chakra, spleen energy center

The sexual energy is creative energy. It makes everything seem magical. When this energy center is blocked, then the first energy center is also blocked, which may lead to health problems and problems with the functioning of the higher bodies. In women, the energies of Swadhisthana are often blocked. We need to make sure that the spleen center is open and fluid. When our sexual energy is blocked, the energy of Divine love is also impaired. One cannot separate love from the exciting creative energy. The sacral center controls our feminine and masculine side, helping us represent our sexuality. However, we should be devoted to transforming the unrefined sexual energy into finer more refined energies by reducing our sexual activity.

The Symbols of Swadhisthana are

  • shape - waxing Moon
  • sensory organ - tongue
  • action organ - penis and clitoris
  • quality - taste
  • sound formula - VAM
  • animal - crocodile and alligator
  • food - salted
  • element - water
  • characteristic function - contraction
  • body area - from knee to navel
  • level of consciousness - plant kingdom
  • celestial body - Mercury
  • breathing - through the lower part of the nostrils
  • archetypal image - crocodile (Moon, water - river or sea, the dreamer is being devoured by a giant fish, but they are unafraid)
  • bodily equivalent - growth
  • consciousness type - animal

The spleen energy center is in charge of distributing the vital energy throughout the body. At its surface there is a small chakra sealed by an equilateral cross. According to tradition, this small energy center is the seat of the "wicked man". This chakra will dissolve in time if we start raising our energy toward the higher energy centers, improve our personality traits and reduce our sex life to the necessary minimum. Check here for additional info on this chakra.


brian says:

What is the sacral chakra meaning?

sunny says:

The sacral chakra, as you might have read in the text above, has a lot of different meanings, some of which are more material, while the others more spiritual. But, if we had to single out one, most dominant meaning it would be the importance of this energy center for a normal functioning of the body's sexual, that is, creative energy. It is worth mentioning that the majority of people today function mostly and primarily from this chakra.

nikos says:

I've seen you recommend using stones can cleanse the chakras. My question is this ... what else can I use other than stones?

sunnyray says:

Let me be clear on that. You don't need any external tool to work on your microcosm and improve the condition of your subtle bodies, including the chakras. You yourself are perfectly equipped to do that, for example, while practicing meditation, visualization, or using other techniques of personal development.

no1 says:

how to balance the sacrum chakra?

sunnyray says:

You can use many different things. For example, as orange is this chakra's dominant color, you can visualize it. Close your eyes and imagine a soft and pleasant orange healing color inside of your abdomen. Or you can dance when alone in your room. Follow the rhythm of your body at that particular moment, just they way it feels good. You can do that even without music.

Lather says:

I am 45 years old and was born without a spleen. Does this mean I don't have a Sacral Chakra? If not, how would it affect the rest of my Chakras and me?

sunnyray says:

Hi Lather. Nothing to worry about, you still have a sacral chakra and you can still use it for meditation and self growth along with the other chakras of your subtle body. Thanks for the comment.

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