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Svadhisthana chakra - very fundamental facts

Svadhisthana is the sacral energy center. Since it is a dual chakra we can find a doublet - image of Svadhisthana at the back side of the body near the basis of the spine. From the front side it is situated at the level of the lower abdomen. It is a center of reasoning and intellect. Educated people express themselves through this center of logic and analysis. All the really great mind of the humanity had mastered this center of logic and analysis. Svadhisthana is reddish orange in color, its vehicle is the crocodile, it has 6 petals, its element is water, Svadhisthana's organs of movement are the sexual organs, the connected metal is tin, its planet is Venus, its sense organ is taste, and its formula is VAM.

In its negative aspect it is the focus of malice, hatred, anger, and every moderate form of dislike. In its positive aspect Svadhisthana chakra carries with it the power of Invocation. The Light Ray in charge of this Chakra is the Seventh Ray of the Violet Flame . The Second chakra is most directly connected to the energy flow, which on the material plane manifests itself as blood circulation. It is related to creativity and sexuality. It is also very deeply connected with the five physical senses. When this chakra is not blocked, the expression is dynamical and spontaneous.

In Sanskrit Svadhisthana means own place of abode. It is the seat of kundalini. Actually, before the Fall of the human microcosm happened, this center had been the seat of kundalini. It is connected to the sex glands and to the urinary system. Vegetarian diet makes it easier for Svadhisthana to be awoken. Svadhisthana keeps locked various data on our former incarnations. It is a storehouse of unconscious mental contents. To awake it means to face the not-so-pleasant records that bring plenty of emotions that need to be assimilated - a rather painful process. Svadhisthana's awaking also brings the quality of desirelessness, i.e., the consciousness the not even 1000 lives would be enough for us to fulfill all our desires. This is the center where the consciousness of ourselves and others awakes. Take a look here for additional information about this energy center.

Crystals and Svadhisthana

Crystals connected to this chakra are orange in their color, they stimulate life's energy, and regulate the normal functioning of the sex organs. Those crystals are: carnelian, which is connected to the creativity and decision making, orange calcite which helps bring calcium into the body and strengthens the bones, fire opal which encourages spiritual growth, orange agate, which is the stone of balance, orange topaz, sun stone, and orange chalcedony which symbolizes the healing earth energy.

Rare stones:Serandite | Pink Amethyst | Nuummite | Shungite | Sugilite | Ametrine | Boji stones

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