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Crystal Healing and Therapeutic Jewelry

When we talk about jewelry item that can heal and serve as protection for its wearer, one should know that this is not a novel idea, nor is it an invention of the followers of the recent new age movement. Crystal healing jewelry has been used for centuries, and by practically all ancient civilizations. The only difference being that healing jewelry has usually been cast in form of amulets and talismans. The very fact that the members of a lot of ancient societies were clairvoyant and capable of experiencing the effects of the crystal therapy first hand, speaks in favor of this rediscovery of the powers of stones, crystals and jewels.

On the more intuitive level, we know (feel) when our body is not balanced. Our subconscious mind can feel the subtle energies of certain minerals and gemstones needed in order to balance the aurich field and energy centers. So, in fact, many people are attracted towards certain therapeutic jewelry even without being consciously aware of the fact.

This healing aspect of stones and jewelry goes hand in hand with the more symbolic representations, as memorial jewelry. Such is, for example, the practice of wearing wedding and engagement rings as a token of love, dedication, loyalty, and eternal happiness.

When using crystal and gemstone jewelry for healing and energy balancing, it is always best to diagnose the problem prior to selecting the jewelry. Certain crystals correspond to specific energy centers - chakras, certain areas of the body, and certain conditions. Here, however, we have selected for you several more or less universal healing jewelry pieces, suitable for general energy balancing, soothing and calming. Such is for instance, rock crystal, which is an universal healer, or the 7 chakras sets that can help balance the energy of the whole body.

Please note that simply possessing a certain jewelry item might not be enough. The gemstones (and jewelry in general) should be cleansed, charged and programmed for increased efficiency and prolonged effect. Also, each human being is an individual, and reacts differently to different energy sources, that is different crystals and different sets of crystals. Learning about the proper usage of you crystal healing jewelry, and working on your own self growth and spiritual development is essential and should go hand in hand with selecting therapeutic jewelry.

Topaz Healing Jewelry Pendants

Here are a couple of nice topaz stones that can serve both as jewelry and as healing tools. The first example of topaz healing jewelry is a pendant made out of untreated, natural imperial topaz crystal, with superior healing energy. If you prefer also a modern style and a piece of faceted blue topaz pendant that you can put on when you want to go out, then the second example may be best suited for you.

Imperial Topaz Healing Stone

imperial topaz

Very special and relatively rare pieces of Imperial Topaz are produced in shape of point pendants. Single terminated, they are set into Sterling Sterling Silver caps. Not treated in any way and naturally terminated, this pendant is capable of focusing the natural energy of Imperial Topaz.

You can click here to purchase the topaz shown in the photo below or a similar healing pendants.

Blue Topaz Healing Necklace

blue topaz

This is a unique piece of blue topaz jewelry. You can buy it if you click here. It can be cleansed using known techniques of purification and charging to improve the healing and metaphysical power of the stone involved. For best results, one should wear this jewelry for at least ten days. This special piece of jewelry can bring a bit of happiness and light into your everyday world and will amplify the power inside you to express whatever you desire and make it real.

Crystal Healing Chakra Kit

Chakra balancing can be performed in several way. One of them is using a set of chakra crystals specially designed to balance the seven main chakras of our body. This way, we can improve our energy field, our health, our general mental and emotional condition, and ultimately our career and other aspects of our life.

  • The Chakra Kit we present here consists of 21 tumbled stones.
  • The stones are reiki charged and Feng Shui oriented.
  • the dimension of the stones is 3/4"to 1 1/4" size.
  • Included with the stones there are 7 Velvet Pouches. In addition there are seven free Chakra Symbols laminated cards.
  • There is also a Free Chakra Energy Plan Booklet.
chakra set

The stones are combined in sets of three for every chakra (3x7 equals 21).

What combinations of stones are intended for balancing the seven chakras?

Actually one can choose many combinations of stones that can be used for balancing the chakras. One can even desing specific crystal layouts based on one's own prefferences and subtle details and needs. This chakra set contains carefully chosen minerals for achieving good overal results without going into too much detail.

Seventh Chakra: Crown Area - It corresponds to universal identity.

Orientation: self-knowledge.

Stones for the crown chakra: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Lepidolite

Sixth Chakra: Third Eye - It corresponds to Light, and archetypal identity.

Orientation: self-reflection.

Stones for the third eye chakra: Sodalite, Durmortierite, Obsidian.

Fifth Chakra: Throat Area

It corresponds to Sound, and Creative identity.

Orientation toward self-expression.

Stones for the Throat Chakra are: Blue Lace Agate, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Calcite.

Fourth Chakra: Heart Area

It corresponds to the air element and social identity.

Orientation toward self-acceptance.

Stones for this energy center are: Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Prehnite.

Third Chakra: Solar Plexus Area

It corresponds to the Fire element and Ego identity.

Oriented to self-definition.

Stones capable of balancing this chakra are: Serpentine, Bronzite, Gold Tiger's Eye.

Second Chakra: Sacral Area - It correponds to the Water Element and Emotional identity.

Orientation is towards self-gratification.

Stones suitable for working with this chakra are Carnelian, Bloodstone, Moonstone.

Chakra One: Root Center - It corresponds to the Earth element and Physical identity.

Oriented to self-preservation.

Stones for this center are Red Jasper, Zebra Jasper, Green Sardonyx.

What else is included?

It is important to properly keep your stones when not being used. This chakra kit includes seven carrying pouches (one for each set, dif. colors).

There are seven free Chakra Symbols in form of laminated cards.

There is also a free Chakra Energy Plan Booklet with detail instructions and information about the properties of each stone. The instructions are given from Certified Feng Shui Consultant and Crystals Experts about how to take care of the stones, and how to charge and program the chakra stones.

Hopefully using this chakra set will help improve your relationships, prosperity, career, family, and help you achieve Feng Shui harmony.

Are there any additional reviews?

Probably the best way to get some extra information is from people who have purchased and used these chakra stones who have purchased and used this chakra kit here.


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