Kyanite stimulates intuition and higher psychic development. It helps the spiritual energy to manifest verbally and in our thoughts. It is known as a fairly grounding stone, especially suitable to ground your spiritual energies. Kyanite can promote healing dreams and connect you with your spiritual guides.

The name Kyanite is derived from the Greek word that means "blue". No surprise, as we are talking here about a partially blue stone. It can be transparent, or opaque, with silky and, occasionally, mother-of-pearl shine. The best and most attractive specimens are fully transparent.

The chemical formula is Al2SiO5. This basically makes this stone an aluminum silicate. It is usually less hard than quartz, with hardness of 5-7 on the Moch scale. Notable occurrences are in Brazil, India, Australia, Africa and Italy.

You can use this semi precious stone in your daily routine of cleansing and balancing your subtle energy body, seven chakras and meridians (nadis). It makes the subtle energy flow easily, without distraction. In addition, kyanite is an excellent stone to dissolve psychic barriers, eliminate fears, and stimulate the function of the higher mind.

kyanite loose stone

As a light blue colored stone, kyanite corresponds to the fifth, throat chakra. It can help you open and purify this energy center. The benefits are seen in the improved communication and better reasoning. A lot of people have problems with this chakra, and it can prove to be a real bottleneck in the normal spiritual development of the spiritual seekers.

Kyanite Healing Bracelet

Kyanite is a great stone for spiritual and healing jewelry. Here is a nice combination of kyanite and two other stones - labradorite and iolite - that promotes balance, prosperity, and healing. The bracelet is made in sterling silver, and it consists of seven natural, untreated, round gemstones.

Healing Properties of Kyanite

The art of crystal healing is today being discovered anew. What used to be a purely intuitive practice, today becomes more and more a knowledge of how to use crystals and stones to strengthen our bodily system. Still many facets of crystal therapy are presently not known and we can only guess what the exact mechanism of their interaction with our energy system is.

Kyanite is believed to be able to remove stress, alleviate anger and help your soul open toward the spiritual values and truths. Dark blue kyanite, especially useful in self-healing seances, has a more powerful action that the light blue variation. It is thought to bring back the physical strength, calm the nerves, increase concentration, and help with the throat. It is effective for brain problems, infections, and conditions appearing due to lack of oxygen.

Kyanit can also lower blood pressure, and help lose weight. It is of help also to mentally disabled persons.

When set against the throat area, it will spread its healing vibration to the fifth chakra and bring light to the soul. It will improve the power of speech, along with strengthening the motoric nervous system.

Kyanite is believed to be one of the small group of stones and crystals that won't keep the received negative vibrations. It should be charged once a month, for up to 8 hours together with rock crystal. Alternatively, you can use the sun light for this purpose.


Proverbial Sun says:

I’ve used this stone several times during my chakra clearing meditation. I usually place it over my heart. On 3 separate occasions, I chest tightly constricted within 20 mins. On one particular incident, the pressure was so intense that I thought I was having a heart attack. I’ve ruled out everything else, The only common denominator in each instance is this stone and it’s placement. Have you ever heard of this stone adversely affecting someone’s body? I'd love to know.

sunnyray says:

Hi there,

No, actually I haven’t heard of any incidents regarding Kyanite. Have you tried using it on the throat chakra? I believe it is much more compatible with that energy center.

goddess says:

When you feel out of balance emotionally or physically, wear kyanite. In my experienced, kyanite is like a 'compass'. A pointer for direction when u feel lost. Really powerful energy and must haves gemstones.

Aly says:


That is happening because it is clearing out all the blockages you have in your chest. If you wait it out, when all the blockages are out, it will become clear and everything will suddenly look more beautiful!
I have had a similar experience during Vipassana meditation. I focused on clearing my heart chakra and felt 1 hour of sensations (ranging from feeling upside down, to very tight, basically all the feelings of a broken heart) but at the end it cleared up! I felt much more clear and everything had a very beautiful glow.
Hope you have had much success with the kyanite since then :)

tara says:

I experienced a very negative reaction using black kyanite. My cat and my pony both ran from me also when I was holding it.

sunnyray says:

Dear tara,
Thanks for sharing with us your experiences related to black kyanite.

billy says:

Thanks for the great info. With respect to Tara's comment, I don't think such behavior has anything to do with kyanite as such. It could be the stone picked up some negative energy and should be cleansed.

Menedi Magwaza says:

I have black kyanite and the blue.

With the Black I have a great relationship with it. My energy is always normal even if I do things that will make me tired but I just rest for a few min. Then I'm normal again. No more physical pain even when I go to the gym. No more after gym pains. Also I think I'm having a bad communication with many people who are at the low energy frequencies.

This stone makes me sleep. Every time I keep it with me it either I'll sleep or feel like I'm going to astral projection. Also sometimes I don't feel its energies around me.

candy says:

i have noticed that in some website like the crystalpecdia that kynaite could bring side effects if you have the lower frequency that doesnt match the higher frequency that it carries. a lot of websites only says what a gemstone possibly done good but didnt mention some stones are not for everyone then the subtle ones. i have a kynaite does bring me a heart broken tightness and also induced fear from it. It could be trying to help but not the way i wanted so i think best i gave him a sun bath, leave it in the box and when i am ready i might try it again. I dont see all stones might work out for everyone.

sunnyray says:

You are right. do everything you can to cleanse and charge it, and then, if it still doesn't work for you, leave it be for some time.

vandana says:

I felt my head was drained of energy. I stopped keeping kynite.

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