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Introduction to Emerald

Note: Crystals cannot be an alternative for medical attention nor can they be a substitute.

In this article we are going to consider one of the most beautiful stones out there. Alongside with prasiolite - the astonishing green amethyst, this is one of the most attractive semi-precious or precious stone of green color. Emerald is known as the stone of the heart. Here we mean that Emerald is related to the qualities of universal love and mercy, and not so much to the kind of love often seen in personal relationships. Emerald is a gemstone of the Chinese goddess Quin Yin, representing universal love and inner beauty that is not tangible. This is a very powerful crystal, symbol of wisdom, and abundance.

Emerald Color and Structure

beutiful emerald ring with ornaments

The characteristic live green color of this stone originates from chromium impurities built-in within its crystal structure at the positions of aluminum. In a similar way, cromium substitutes for aluminum in another gem — Ruby, where it is held responsible for the distinctive red color.

Emerald is beryllium aluminum silicate, whereas Ruby is aluminum oxide and belongs to the corundum family. Both structures are similar, but the environment around the chromium atom is much more open in Emerald (due to the presence of Si and Be atoms) versus the environment in Ruby. This change in local structure shifts the energy levels of the impurity, enabling for slightly different transmission and absorption properties. In Emerald, the bluish-green color is the only color transmitted, while the red color is still partly emitted. This, in result, gives extra quality to the color of emerald, unless some additional imperfections, like iron, are present in the crystal lattice.

The hardness of Emerald is between 7.5 and 8, which is somewhat high, comparing to the other silicate materials.

As already pointed out, emerald belongs to the beryl family. One can think of this family as constituting of quartz mixed with corundum and some extra Be added to them. In jewelry, emerald is can be very precious, especially if flawless and faceted. Usually it is faceted in 57 or 58 facets.

Emerald Gemstone Metaphysical Properties

The properties of emerald stones are numerous. To this crystal people sometimes ascribe as many healing abilities as to all the other stones together. It is considered to be a type of aphrodisiac. During the 3rd century ad. people believed that emerald stone can regulate eye pressure and therefore many jewelry producers used to keep it at their working desks. Different cultures used to give it different healing powers, starting from digestive problems, up to super natural protection against demonic influences. Others used to think that is protects against poisonous creatures, that it enhances super sensible powers, psychic abilities, wisdom, ability to predict the future, etc. Especially valued used to be light green specimens which were connected to all things spiritual.

But indeed, emerald stones are exceptional due to their features which promote emotional and spiritual balance. It increases the energy level in all the bodily organs. Today, this is the most distinguished characteristic of this precious gem. It is naturally connected to the heart - anahata chakra, which alongside other functions, balances the energy flow between the upper and lower three chakras. Emerald placed on the heart area brings emotional balance. Meditation with emerald stone and rose quartz, or morganite is also very efficient and can provide excellent results.

The darker emerald crystals can be used in crystal therapy and self-healing. They help with multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. In these cases, use them worn around the neck. Some say, emerald can help also with Parkinson's disease, paranoia, depression, or similar conditions. It is also believed that this gemstone can cure malignant conditions, protect the heart, regulate blood pressure, prevent infections, reduce inflammations, and alleviate many other problems.

Elixir made from emerald can be used also with back problems, spine problems and problems with the bones and muscles. Gold is believed to be able to amplify the strength of emerald.

Emerald as a Birthstone and its Relation to the Horoscope

Emerald is associated with the constellation of Taurus, the bull. This shiny green stone is a symbol of true goodness and good luck for the bull individuals. The meaning of this stone, others say, can be seen in its being a Zodiac stone for the constellation of Cancer too. As birthstone, it corresponds to May. So, emerald stone is the May birthstone. Interestingly, it is also considered to be a stone of Mercury, especially in Vedic astrology. The bluish specimens of emerald are considered to be linked with Venus.

Once a month put your emerald stone under running water for a couple of minutes. Since it is a very strong stone, it should be enough to hold it near ruby or quartz stones for some time to revitalize and gain new strength.

Gemology of Emerald

Step by step guide into Emerald cutting and faceting, starting from the rough mineral, via doping to polishing the finished gem:


suraj kakkar says:

I would like to buy this stone in a ring

sunnyray says:

Hi Suraj,
Actually, as stones (not gemstones), emeralds need not be unaffordable. Probably they won't be too attractive, nor will they be transparent. But even when they are of gem quality, they can be found for a reasonable price. Look at this photo. Here is a couple of beautiful emeralds purchased for almost nothing.

transparent emeralds

Now, if we are talking about emerald jewelry, of course, the things get complicated (more costly!). Here is a link to a emerald ring from

hitesh says:

dear concern, i want to know the things to be noticed while purchasing the emerald kindly do the needful asap............

sunnyray says:

Hi Hitesh,
You are probably concerned that the Emerald gem you are about to purchase might not be genuine. Sometimes other crystals and stones, like, for example, Verdelite - green Tourmaline can be mixed up with Emerald. The best advice I can give you is to always purchase your gemstones from a reliable source.

Angela says:

Hi I have been told to buy an Emerald for my young Daughter who has Epilepsy.Where is the best place to buy genuine gemstones from a reliable source. Thank you.

sunny says:

Hi Angela,
Amazon is the first place that comes to my mind. Whereever you buy them, search for genuine Emerald stones. Very often I see simulated-emeralds, that is, green colored cubic-zirconia stones, so make sure you avoid them when selecting your jewelry. A nice selection of Emeralds can be found at, but I have no experience with them when it comes to purchasing gemstones.

Ron says:

You mentioned that Emerald is the stone for the month of May...Taurus and Cancer, Being born on the cusp of Taurus into Gemini (May 24)my Birth Stone is Emerald.

sunny says:

Hi Ron,
Yes, the modern interpretation of birthstones says that Emerald is your Birthstone. However, there are many more different classifications and associations of gemstones with Zodiac Signs. Therefore, this should be taken only as a very general indication. You alone can try and see if the vibrations of your individual auric field are compatible with the particular Emerald you are about to acquire.

HariRam says:

Thanks to everyone on this site for sharing these valuable informati on on the gem emerald. I was born in July, / Cancer. I was sugested to wear emerald. I worry and emotional extensively with constant punishment from evil in the job area. Ok, I am trying to buy an emerald stone in the Toronto area. Please if anyone knows where I can find a genuine emerald stone in the Toronto, Canada area pleasw fill me in. I would be very gratefull. Thanks again

sunny says:

Thanks for your comment, HariRam. Hopefully someone from Toronto will know the answer to your question.

Obaid Khan says:

Those who want to purchase Emerald, i would like to suggest them" Pakistani Emerald is the world's best emerald. Buy the emerald with color tone medium to dark green that looks best.

sunny says:

Thanks, Obaid, for this information.

Mayukh says:

I want to know whether emerald can fight depression, sleep disorders and anxiety. And what should be the prescribed size and weight of that emaerald.

sunny says:

Hi Mayukh,
Your emerald can certainly help you alleviate some of the symptoms, provided that it is properly programmed and if you put forth your conscious efforts in the process. People usually want to take a pill and forget about their troubles, but crystals would not work that way, or at least not in their full capacity.

joe says:

I really like your site! This is really useful info! THX

sunny says:

Hi Joe, thanks for the comment, we appreciate it.

Sam says:

Hi, am a born of dec 24 and recently an astrologer asked me to wear emerald. Being capricorn as sign will this stone suit me???

sunny says:

Emerald is a stone that will suit every horoscope sign. Your astrologer must have had a specific reason for suggesting you to wear it, and that is OK. In our mystical birthstones chart, however, the birthstone of capricorn is onyx.

dhirendra says:


I have recently purchased an Emerald (Brazilian) of 4.17 carat. On inspection from a gemological expert, there has been found a micro fracture of (2.3).

Please advise if I wear this stone, will it give the optimum results.

Thanks in advance.


sunny says:

Hi Dhirendra
Do not worry. It should work just fine. I know that some experts maintain that only the flawless gemstones should be used for optimum results, but our experience tells us otherwise.

yatin says:

Good article.

a wilk says:

We have an emerald eternity ring which we purchased about a month ago. One of the stones fell out of the channel. The jewler says that the stone is very soft and we probably cracked it and we should not wear the ring all the tme. Is this correct?

sunnyray says:

Emerald is not that soft. It is actually somewhat harder than quartz, although not as hard as ruby or diamond. I would probably seek a second opinion.

Dina says:

I've heard that Emeralds are considered delicate stones in the world of precious stones, that they can break. So is it possible for them to be damaged if used for healing purposes. For example I have an emerald ring with a cabochon cut (dome shaped) and would like to program it to bring something into my life and also bring me peace and serenity (basically) fulfill its healing properties and protect me. Could all of those functions be so burdensome on the stone that it could cause it to change color (like certain quartz) or even worse break? (I'm asking about the breaking because a friend told me that one of her crystals suddenly broke, perhaps due to too many negative vibrations).

sunnyray says:

Yes, it is possible. However, it is not so straightforward to tell if it is the physical or the metaphysical domain to be held responsible. Some precious stones, although relatively hard, have internal strains in their structure that can lead to breaking or other sorts of damage. In the end, it is entirely up to you to decide whether to use your Emerald for healing and protection or not.

deeone says:

Before processing, what is the colour of emerald?

sunnyray says:

Emerald comes in all various shades of green.

ruby says:

Hi, I'm born on April 4th 1975 would the Emerald be suitable for me?

sunnyray says:

Dear ruby
If you feel attracted to Emerald I would suggest that that’s the right stone for you. Otherwise, according to our mystical birthones chart, the best spiritual stone for your Zodiac sign is Carnelian. You can read more about this association in the Mystical birthstones ebook.

shipra says:

My birthdate is 6 june 1973.... Will emerald suit me or will it have adverse effect on me if I wear it in a ring or a locket?

sunnyray says:

As one of the birthstones of Gemini, Emerald could be a good stone for you.

Shehab Parvez Rahman says:

Dear Sunny,
I like this site. It is very much helpful for us. My date of birth is 25th of March 1975. Which stone is best for me? I have a problem that I can't reach in my destination. Each and every time I face problem & problem. Can you help me?

sunnyray says:

Dear Shehab,
According to our mystical birthstone chart we would suggest using Rock crystal as your personal stone. Hope you will manage to get your life on the right track. God bless!

ahmad says:

My birth date is 03rd of December 1963. Which is the best stone for me because I face a lot of problem especially money. Please advice me the right stone.

sunnyray says:

It is hard to tell anything concrete, because we are all very complex beings. As for your mystical birthstone, it is chalcedony.

ARIK says:

Hi, I have a 13 ct Emeral. And it's very cloudy. And looks like Jade. Does it have any astro effect?

sunnyray says:

Most sizable Emerald specimens that an average individual can afford are cloudy and opaque. A gem quality Emerald of that size would cost top dollar. Even if the Emerald stone wasn't of gem quality, it would still have some astro effect, as you put it.

sushi says:

Hi Sunny,

Love the website! Can you please tell me the various ways in which I can cleanse and charge my emerald ring (it has diamonds too)? Also, I plan on wearing a Rose quartz pendant soon. Can you tell me if its okay to wear both emerald and rose quartz together, and also which is the most optimal way to wear both crystals?

Much love and light

sunnyray says:

Hi sushi,

You can get our free report on cleansing crystals here. As for wearing Rose quartz and Emerald together, I see no problems with that.

salmah says:

Can cabochon emerald be worn for astrological purpose or only the clear one?


sunnyray says:

Hi Salmah,
Check the forum for your answer. Thanks.

urvashi says:

I have been wearing an emerald for a long time but it broke I think when I was about to drown.

Ramiza Drezgovic says:

Emerald is the best gemstone. It can help if you really believe in gemstones. The best is Columbian emerald. I believe in gemstones.

smileyJ says:

I am a Gemini, & found myself drawn to Emerald, Tiger's Eye, & Rose Quartz recently. I am wondering if wearing all 3 together as a necklace close to my heart..will it cause any issues? Will it change the energy of them? Or should I limit it to one at a time?

sunnyray says:

Hi smiley,
I have never had any problems wearing gemstone combinations like yours. Each of the stones in the combination brings its own special energy to the mix. Still, you might want to monitor your energy during the day to determine the overall effect of your selected gemstone combination.

rabiya says:

Hi My date of birth is 17 of may 1985 I am wearing tiger eye and now I have emerald too can I wear both rings in each hand

sunnyray says:

Hi! I don't see why you can't wear them both.

afsheen says:

Hi, I bought emerald, few months ago, I placed it in silver locket, but its cracked in two, is it ok to wear the crack emerald, some says it is not good, it is very expensive I can not afford another one.

Deepak says:

''i want to purchase emerald for my ring

Prerna says:

Emerald goes best with which metal and can it be sharp to result in positive outcomes

iftikhar says:

dear this stone found n Pakistan and n the area of swat which is situated n north. any other country have no emerald and if that will be fake r low quality coz all over the world pakistani emerald but give the name of other countries.

Alioth says:

Hi, I've read that the emerald should not be worn for long, as it can activate negative emotions. What is your opinion about this?

sunny karma 555 says:

emerald stone is the stone gives you to balance your heart chakra, spicily when you are carrying lots of emotional in you from where your heart stop listing to your inner call, so to make a listing to your heart intuition please wear emerald stone to open your self to let come new energy from universe, sunny karma 555.(0)9610047555

Dian says:

I was born April 20, 1966 what is my zodiac sign and birthstone?

sunnyray says:

You are Taurus. Choose one of the following: Diamond, Emerald, Agate, or Rose Quartz.

maystone says:

I would like to know if wearing the gemstone ring affects ones loved ones. I had an experience where my friend who is close to me lost the job when i first wore it. And he was offered a job with better salary on the day I removed the ring. Has it got anything to do with the gem stone emerald or is it psychological.

sunnyray says:

I would say it is rather far-fetched, but, on the other hand, experience teaches us that anything is possible.

Anamica says:

Hi Sunny
My Dob is October 11 1981 at 10:05 pm in Calcutta West Bengal India. I am advised to wear an emerald (3 carats)in my right hand middle finger. Please can you advice if this correct. Thanks

sunny says:

Hi Anamica
I'm no expert is Vedic astrology, so I can't say, sorry. Try to see what your gut feeling is telling you, if it's right or not.

anon says:

Am glad my name is Emerald.....well done parent for giving me this name; it works for me like hell yes!!!

Hi I'm Tee says:

I just bought an inexpensive emerald ring and I wear it on my left index finger is that good and does it really bring manifestation of financial abundance into your life and you suffer no more lack?

Naseema pathan says:

Hello my date of birth is 10-06-1991 can u tell me suitable stone and which finger I can wear and I am facing financial problem pls suggest me for my problem

navin says:

hi sir i like to buy a emerald stone 11 ct where i can buy it pls

Harminder Singh says:

Hi my Date of Birth is October 05, 1992. I'm wearing emerald ring right hand pinky, rose quartz pendent and zircon ring on middle finger of right hand. Is everything right??

Merci says:

Hello! I'm a May born and I know that emerald is my birthstone but can I wear prasiolite (green amethyst) instead? Will it be good or bad? Please help!

Saawan says:

Hello everyone .. I am trader of emerald .. please contact me for any concern

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the info, Saawan, but it would be useful if you gave the interested person a way to contact you.

mukesh narain says:

hi i born on 29 .05.1975 i have a ring both emerald and ruby i want to know it be suitable for my middle long finger plz tell me

Syeda nazrat rahim Bokhari says:

I born on 19.5.1981.plz tell me the right stone, can I wear emerald

Usuf says:

My dob is 6 may, which gemstone suits me and when I should wear and in which finger.
And please also advise how I write my name.


Stephanie says:

I was wearing a diamond ring exclusively for a while with ok results. But when I added an emerald ring I've noticed BIG effects. Been wearing for 1 week so far. I think its my astrologically beneficial gemstone. Immediately & continually I've been experiencing a lot more positive attention in the form of more respect, admiration, love, get unsolicited favours etc. Mostly relationship benefits. Not sure but I think it is also improving my eyesight. Supposedly it will enable one to win a Jackpot. Maybe that will take longer to happen. It's a fabulous gemstone!

Chris says:

Thank you for this beautiful site and information! Many blessings to you.

sunnyray says:

Thanks, Chris. Really appreciate your feedback. Many blessings to you too.

Lara says:

Someone earlier mentioned they were told to buy emerald for their daughter's epilepsy. At 1st when I read this, I thought it ridiculous. But I've noticed since wearing emerald my own muscle pains have lessened. Maybe there's something to it.

Marie says:

I love your website. Emerald seems to calm down my breathing a lot. Which really helps as I have been dealing with a lot of anxiety lately. This is a great gemstone.

Marie says:

Hi, I forgot to ask. Is it OK to wear a peach aventurine with my emerald earrings? Thanks.

sunnyray says:

Hi Marie. Yes, it's OK. Regards, sunnyray.

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