Note: Crystals cannot be an alternative for medical attention nor can they be a substitute.

Rose Quartz is a symbol of gentle love and beauty. This stone is believed to have a distinct calming and soothing effect on the person that wears it. Rose quartz calms the emotions and eases emotional traumas. Just by holding a piece of Rose quartz you can help yourself in times of emotional turmoil. This stone also stimulates the imagination and intellect, opening your heart for inner peace, positive self-love and self-esteem. Rose quartz encourages forgiveness, love and friendship.

Physical Properties of Rose quartz

The chemical formula of Rose quartz is SiO2 (silica). This is no different than the formula of Rock crystal, Amethyst, Citrine or any other quartz-based stone. They all belong to the same class of materials. The hardness Rose quartz is the same as the hardness of Quartz - 7 on the Moch’s scale.

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rose quartz stone

The color of Rose quartz is quite unique in the mineral kingdom. There are crystals that have similar rose color, but never quite close to the gentle shades of Rose quartz. The origin of the pink color is still a mystery. Scientists used to believe that this color was a result of titanium, iron or manganese impurities in the silicate matrix. However, some recent investigations have provided evidences that the extremely fine, microscopic fibrous structure of some other minerals in quartz could be held responsible for the appearance of its pink color.

Rose quartz is very rarely found as macroscopic single crystal, and the color of the rare Rose quartz single crystals discovered is believed to originate from phosphates or aluminum in the structure. The most common form is the semi-transparent or opaque Rose quartz, whereas the clear, transparent specimens are extremely rare.

Notable occurrences are in the USA, Madagascar, South Africa, Brazil and India.

Lore and Metaphysical Meanings

rose quartz wand

The alternative names for Rose quartz are "pink quartz" and "Love Stone". It is considered to be a stone of Venus. Ancient Egyptians considered Rose quartz a stone capable of postponing ageing. Traditionally, it was given to newborn babies to ease the transition from the spiritual into the physical plane of existence. This transition is essential in the first few months of life of human infants in order to successfully adapt to the new conditions and integrate both worlds.

Pure quartz is one of the most universal and versatile stone - its white color contains the whole spectrum of colors. Amethyst - which is in essence quartz of purple color - is the stone of the spirit. Rose quartz - quartz of pink color - helps us reach for the precious gift of sincere love and self love.

Rose quartz awakens and strengthens our sense of beauty. We cannot possibly hope to be able to accept the love of other people if we do not love ourselves. Love is important for everybody, especially for those who are engaged in spiritual development and self growth. When we do not love ourselves entirely, it is a sign that we are hurt inside, and this wound will always work from inside until we have cured it. Rose quartz could be the means of healing of our troubled emotional body.

However, Rose quartz is not always a soft and gentle stone. It can go deep into our subconscious mind in search of stored blockages and pains that need to be cleansed. This stone can help us release the suppressed emotions, ease the emotional pain and soothe the sorrow and sadness.

Some people sleep with Rose quartz under the pillow, so that the past emotional pain can manifest itself in the dreams and therefore can be consciously addressed.

In any case, enjoy your Rose quartz stones, respect them and love them. Rose quartz is the perfect stone to be put in the love corner of your home. According to the doctrine of Feng-Shui, the place of your home on the far right provided that you are standing at the entrance is the love corner.

Rose quartz works very well in combination with Amethyst, and is capable of soothing the Amethyst’s energies. The benefits that Amethyst is bringing to the spirit, Rose quartz can deliver to the heart.

Crystal Healing with Rose Quartz

In crystal healing, Rose quartz can be utilized to treat the whole body, especially the heart and blood circulation. It is believed to prevent heart attack and thrombosis, strengthen the heart muscle, and open the door to the powers of the self-healing love.

rose quartz loose stones

In addition, Rose quartz is believed to help in cases of depression, insomnia, mental problems, and sexual dysfunction. It can also help improve fertility. It regenerates the skin and improves the skin complexion.


rose quartz stone As a symbol of love, Rose quartz can certainly help you restore the harmony and trust in your current relationships. It is a great stone of positive vibration, relatively inexpensive and easily accessible to be used as your personal use or as a decoration for your home. In form of jewelry, Rose quartz can be a token of love and devotion - a perfect gift for someone you care for.

Rose quartz should be cleansed every 15 days under lukewarm running water. It can be charged for several hours close to charged Amethyst or Rock crystal stones. Too prolonged exposure to intense sunlight should be avoided as its color might pale.


Sabrina says:

I have two Rose Quartz crystals and put in sun for 3 weeks. The Rose Quartz crystals have not changed colors and are still pink color. There was a few sticky spots and very little of the white powder on the pink stone came off. Now that I have removed the Rose Quartz from the sun, the stones are not as sticky. The Rose Quartz was sticky in a few places. The Rose Quartz should be fine to continue to use.

Kim says:

I searched internet and rose quartz caught my eye. I ordered rose quartz crystals and kept it with me all the time. I am married women( for past 10 years) with kids. I was hoping to find passion and love between me and my husband. As I started keeping these crystals under my pillows. I developed feelings for someone else who is also having similar feelings for me. I communicate with my crystals every night. I feel the communication in may heart. I ask them to show me the right path and I always end up having this guy in my dreams. I am a spiritual women and I am little scared of the situation. Please help.

sunnyray says:

Dear Kim,
Rose quartz is a stone that supports love. You should not associate it with your feelings for someone else. After 10 years of marriage there usually comes a time of crisis, which you surely, with some good will and patience, will be able to overcome. With Love and Light!

Tomekia says:

Is there a specific meaning to the way these stones (or any stone) are shaped? I see a lot of these with the crystal point; and some that are shaped like a ball or left in an "un-cut" or natural state. Also, I was told that we woman should bathe with the stones in the tub to promote femine healing, cleansing and sensuality. Is there any truth to this? Could you recommend the best place to purchase rose quartz?

sunnyray says:

Dear Tomekia,
Yes, the shape of the stones can affect their performance in the sense of metaphysical use and practical application. For example the crystal points are very useful to direct energy from or to the body, etc. The answer to your second question is also affirmative. Bathing with crystal can bring great joy and a lot of additional benefits. As for purchasing Rose quartz, the best way is to try to find a local crystal store and purchase your crystals in person. That way, chances are you will be attracted to the right crystals for your energy field. Internet should be used only as a last resort, in case you can't or won't go there in person.

avishek says:

Can I wear citrine and pale pink rose quartz as a pendant??

sunnyray says:

Dear avishek,
If you are drawn to this combination of stones, you certainly can. We all have our unique energy fields and letting our intuition guide us in selecting the right stones for us is always a good idea.

abigail says:

I've been in a very bad relationship for about 4 years, and my friends telling to let go. From the start of the relation they already told me to let go. It's too painful for me that I can even physically hurt myself and plan to commit suicide, but rather I hold on tight and never let go, even if it hurts so much. Until I beg to myself to stop crying and be strong, I asked GOD for strength to let go. And if this man is not for me, pls. help me to find courage to forget him and move on.

I can't remember how I found out about this rose quartz and try to search where I can buy one. I personally went to one feng shui shop and found this egg rose quartz very attractive in my eyes and amethyst tumbled stone. They "charged" it with the use of singing bowl. I'm charging my stones by burying to the ground for long hours and as I whisper my words to the stones, I light up a candle, visualizing my words and let the candle burn out... and as I continue doing this... I found my self feel better and I gradually gain self-love and self-respect. And our relationship becomes more peaceful than before. I can say that this rose quartz is GOD's way for what I ask for him... gradually, slowly little by little I know i will be ok. I thank GOD.

sunnyray says:

Dear abigail
Thank you so much for your input and for your invaluable comments on how to work with rose quartz crystal to increase one's self-love and self-respect. I send you my love and support and I am impressed with your faith in God. God bless and keep you!

Love&light says:

I bought a rose quartz bracelet in the hope of amending things with a 2 year relationship gone bad. My partner left me after two years as he felt differently and I've been having feelings of anger, resentment and at the same time my love for him has not ceased. Ever since I've been wearing the rose quartz bracelet, I feel a heightened sense of my emotions. I've become very empathetic and feel a sense of pain when others are suffering - sometimes to the point of crying and praying for them. Is this normal? It's only been two days since I've bought the bracelet. I hope this will help me love myself again as I have lost self worth since the break up (3 months ago) and hope to bring my partner back into my life. I don't know if I should leave a rose quartz stone with him.

sunnyray says:

Empathy is good up to a degree. It is important to have compassion and to feel the sufferings of others, but without too intense involvement of our emotional body. Many blessings!

javier says:

I recently bought a Rose quartz pendant and an Amethyst pendant. My question is: does the amethyst amplify the rose quartz energy in terms of attracting romantic love, or does it reduce this effect?

sunnyray says:

Hi javier,
Thanks for the interesting question. What I can say for certain is that the two crystals really complement each other: rose quartz being a crystal of the heart and amethyst a crystal of the mind. I would say that their particular, practical effects are primarily dependend on your own programming skills and intentions.

Suchitra says:

Hi, Can you tell me what shape of Rose Quartz should I wear for Love marriage? Pencil shaped, heart shaped or bracelet?

sunnyray says:

Dear Suchitra
It is not so much the shape of your Rose Quartz that is important. Your intentions along with your positive emotions should be sort of implanted into your Rose quartz, which is a process called crystal programming. The shape itself is of secondary importance.

Sugandha C Shashank says:

Hi sunny

I am a tarot reader and a fengshui consultant and work regularly with these crystals... I&rsqou;d take this opportunity to compliment you and thank you for the precise information from which all of us benefit alike, be it a professional like me or someone looking for benefits. I&rsqou;d also like to ask; I absolutely love tigers eye, rose quartz and amethyst... Can I wear all three of them together in a chain as I wear a red coral and topaz and don't want to wear any more rings... Will the combination be fine... as I use them but have never worn them together... I currently wear an amethyst locket which I won't like to part with.

sunnyray says:

Dear Sugandha

Thanks for the kind words, and yes, you can wear tigers eye, rose quartz and amethyst together. They will match just fine.

keeping it simple says:

Can anyone tell me which quartz is best to wear against the evil eye, ppl are always talking about my hair, now it seems like my hair has been falling out. Someone pls help.. Thanks

sunnyray says:

Wearing Tiger's Eye is belived to help protect against the evil eye. However, in addition to using stones for protection, you might want to check with your physician whether or not there is some other reason for the falling out of your hair besides the possible otside influence. Thanks for sharing and God bless!

Ankit JJ says:

GOD bless you all. This month I am going to become 28, still single, can you please tell which gemstone or crystal can help me to get my life partner?

sunnyray says:

Rose quartz is one of them. You may also wanna try Lapis Lazuli.

Livehappy says:

I recently had a misfortune in my marriage. My husband cheated on me. Nothing has been filed yet and I'm in the process of healing. I came across Rose Quartz upon reading Fenshui Book. I bought them Online and I placed them in every corner of my house (in pairs), one in my pocket, wear one inside my bra. :-)and two in in my pillow. Do I have to place them in pairs or one crystal is sufficient? Please advise.

sunnyray says:

Hi Livehappy
I am sorry to hear about your current situation. Rose quartz is generally thought to be the stone for dealing with different types of emotional problems. There is no need, however, to go to such extremes with it. What is more important is to understand is that crystals and stones are auxiliary tools — the main focus should be on your own consciousness, your own inner being, your own intentions and your faith in yourself and in God. That's why you Rose quartz stones should be programmed to support your main goals and highest aspiration of your soul.

Lover of Life says:

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the way in which you explain so logically and with precise clarity the metaphysical, healing, practical and basic benefits of single stones and the combination of various stones together!

For approximately a year and a half I have been collecting a multitude of quartz and stones, such as amethyst, fluorite, citrine, hematite, rose quartz, crystal quartz, paraiba apatite, fushsite, jaspers, sapphire, emerald, turquoise, tiger's eye, anahi ametrine and many, many more varieties primarily for their absolute beauty.

I have also read up on the various benefits of the stones and their particular chakras. However, I do not place them in specific places or spiritually cleanse them. If they are pieces of quartz or stones I simply put them around my apartment for adornment. If they are jewellery I wear several mixed chip and single stone necklaces, bracelets or multi and single stone rings.

My question is can there be any negative repercussions from wearing or placing my vast collection anywhere I can see their beauty, without actually placing them as specified, wearing several at one time as they are so beautiful, or not cleansing them in a spiritual manner, (I do love shining them and savour their sparkle and mesmerizing colours)?

I do not want to disrespect or seem as though I am dishonouring any of nature's magical and magnificent work by not following proper rituals or traditions.

With sincere respect and appreciation,

Lover of Life
PS. I am so honoured and blessed to have found your site and become transfixed in your wisdom and vast knowledge. Namaste

sunnyray says:

Thanks, for sharing your experiences with us. Everything you do is fine, as I can see from the tone of your comment that you treat your crystals with love and appreciation. Love is the only ritual we need and the most powerful force in the Universe. Or to put it in an another way, without love any ritual is meaningless. Thanks and I wish you a lot of nice moments with your crystals. God bless!

Jessa says:

So I was randomly searching about rose quartz, and stumbled upon this page. I love it! But anyways, my husband and I have peacefully decided to split just a few days ago. We are both really young, and haven't even been married for a year yet. (We married for our son, Siris) but my question is (I don't know if you'll know this, but it's worth a shot) : Do crystals appear in ones life when needed? My interest in crystals have peeked over the past few weeks, I've been purchasing some tumbled stones and what not, but my hubby and I decided to go thrifting (a fun hobby of ours) and I happened to come across a beautiful chunk of raw rose quartz with a hole carved in the top for a candle. I can't help but think this stone came into my life because somehow the universe knows I need it. I still need to cleanse it , but I am just so amazed how this stone came into my life at this time. Any input you have would be greatly appreciated, for I am just a curious human being, lol. Light & love ! -Jessa

sunnyray says:

Hi Jessa,

Thanks a lot for your comment, I really appreciate it. Many people believe that crystals come into our life when needed. I also tend to believe that nothing happens just by chance. Everything has a meaning. Sometimes we understand that meaning and other times not. Nevertheless, I believe you have been attracted to Rose quartz for a reason. Even if that reason is not obvious at the moment, it doesn't matter. Enjoy in Rose quartz's gentle energies and its company. God bless!

Hope says:

Do you think Rose Quartz can bring love to you, and potentially make an ex see you in a different light, possibly wanting you back?

sunnyray says:

Hi Hope,
Thanks for the comment. I believe that Rose Quartz brings love in general, or one could say love as metaphysical quality and spiritual energy. I know that this answer doesn't really address your question, but that's all I can say about it.

Reiki Master says:

That's a nice piece of article with most of the quality info. I have also written one about rose quartz meaning and benefits which can help you explore more. Here the link -

Ana says:

Hi Sunnyray,

I went to the mall for shopping and when I went inside the fitting room and I found a rose quartz that has a heart design. My question is what is the meaning when you found a Rose quartz unintentionally?

sunnyray says:

Hi Ana. Thanks for the comment, but your question is really a tough one. In general, I wouldn't recommend working with such stones or even picking them up in the first place, but then on the other hand, stones and crystals often have their own ways of coming into our lives. In any case, first and foremost, cleanse the rose quartz stone very, very well, and I mean not only the physical dust but cleanse it from the energy of the previous owner(s). Many blessings.

Heather says:

I was recently diagnosed with afib. I would like to wear a stone against my skin that will support the healing of my heart function, Is pink quartz best?

sunnyray says:

Hi Heather. I would definitely go with Pink Quartz. Only if you see that there is no improvement, you should try to find an alternative stone. My first choice would be Rose Quartz. Make sure you have cleansed it and charged it. You can even programmed it with your positive, healing intentions.

Sheri says:

I am 42 and trying for a baby. I have PCOS and that makes the whole process quite tricky. I've heard that Rose Quartz can help with fertility - how should I use my crystals to the maximum effect? (I am also very drawn to clear Quartz, green Fluorite and blue Calcite).

sunnyray says:

Hi Sheri
Here is an excerpt from Olga Rezo's forthcoming book "The magical world of crystals":

"If you are trying to get pregnant, a necklace of Moonstone, Rose Quartz and Rock crystal can keep your mind focused and your body properly balanced. This bracelet should be properly prepared: cleansed under running water for 5 minutes, charged in sunlight, and programmed with your intention.

Rose quartz promotes love and fertility. It protects the mother and the fetus during pregnancy.

Moonstone stabilizes the energies in the body, helps ease menstrual cramps, helps the process of conception, and facilitates child birth.

Rock crystal can enhance the energy of both Rose quartz and Moonstone.

Some source suggest that number of beads on the necklace should match the number of pre-fertile, fertile and post-ovulation days in the following pattern: seven Moonstone beads should mark the number of pre-fertile days, 12 Rose quartz beads should mark the number of post-ovulation days, and 9 Rock crystal beads should mark the number of fertile days. Regularly meditate with this bracelet in hand until you reach the desired outcome."

I hope this helps. I wish you all the best, and may God bless your intentions!

seema says:

Hi, I have been wearing a rose quartz pendant for some time now and feel greatly attached to it. I keep a moonstone under my pillow but of late I had an urge to wear it. I would like to know if I can wear both the rose quartz and the moonstone together as I don't want to part with my rose quartz.

sunnyray says:

Hi seema. No need to part with your Rose Quartz. Actually, Moonstone and Rose Quartz complement each other and can be worn together without any problem. Thanks for the comment and enjoy your crystals.

Karen says:

I am fascinated by the rose quartz. I would like to wear a bracelet rather than a necklace. Even not on my heart chakra, will it still be effective. And a heart one under my pillow and by my front door Thanks


sunnyray says:

Hi Karen

Thanks for the comment. I can understand your fascination with Rose Quartz. It is such a great stone. And yes, you can wear (or place) it anywhere you like, and it will still be as effective. With love and light, sunny.

Andrea says:

Hey, I have a pendant rose quartz that I love. I did the cleansing one day ago and today I was cleaning it while it slipped from my hand and broke up in 5 pieces. I am really sad because I wanted to wear it. Ok, shit happens! I was not careful but the strange thing is that while I was thinking to wear it, it just fell. These last days I really didn't feel well, the truth is.. I didn't feel being love by anybody. I almost broke up with my boyfriend and it really affected me and now I have doubt about his love for me. On this sad day, my quartz was with me so I squeezed it into my hand and asked it to help me - to give me strength, patience, love, to think straight and to make us to be still together. So all these bad feelings came after my almost break up, even so we are still together I still have these feelings, so now I don't know if I asked too much from my crystal or that my negative feelings broke it up. I really hope that you can help me to find an answer about the true meaning of my rose quartz broke up?

sunnyray says:

Dear Andrea,
You are the only one that can decipher the true meaning of your recent experience with rose quartz. Sometimes, a stone can even take a hit for its owner. Just a thought for you to consider. And partly, you answered your question on your own. All I can say in addition is that, no matter what, we should project positive, happy feelings and pure thoughts in the crystals we own. I wish you to restore your positive emotions of love and peace as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing. With love and light, sunny.

nikita says:


Please tell me how can I use the rose quartz crystal to attract my soul mate? I recently bought a pink rose quartz crystal but I don't know it's proper use to magnetize love in love or recover from emotional wounds. I just hold it tightly inside my palm while sleeping at night or when I do meditation. Is there anything else I should do? Please help. Thanks a lot.

sunnyray says:

Hi nikita

Thanks for the comment. You are doing it quite right. Actually, one of the best ways to recover from emotional wounds is to meditate on universal love. That is also a great way to attract your soul mate. If in your meditation with Rose quartz you can awaken and send off love, and I mean universal and unconditional love, the kind that is not oriented toward achieving some self-serving goal, you are doing it right. The result will simply follow naturally. Many blessings!

huma syed says:

Can I wear green agate, moonstone, and amethyst together. Also it has little topaz... Plz reply.... Also which stone is good to improve complexion and peaceful sleep.

sunnyray says:

Hi huma syed. Please check our forum for the reply.

Lala2329 Dizon says:

Hallow closed friend bought me as a gift, a rose quartz stone!! With a ruby stone is it a good combination!! Thanks.

sunnyray says:

Rose Quartz and Ruby, not the best combination, but then again, Rose Quartz may be used to step down the strong energy of Ruby.

Zel says:

Hi I recently bought a Rose Quartz bracelet with the stone shaped sheep and I'm not sure but it looks like a flower. Its color is green. Every night I put my bracelet under my pillow and one night it fell on the floor. The next morning when I wake up I go to the cr and I faint because I'm anemic. I was just thankful because nothing serious happened. That evening I remembered my bracelet and try to get it under my bed and when I saw it, the flower like stone is broken. I don't know what does it mean but I think my bracelet save me.

sunnyray says:

Hi Zel. Thanks for sharing.

J says:

Hi can you tell me how to properly program a rose quartz? I'm pretty new at this, so I just want to learn the proper way. Thank you.

sunnyray says:

Hi J. Check this link. Also make sure you have subscribed to our newsletter below, so that you can get our future free promotions or ebooks with extra info on using crystals.

Ganeshan says:

Very interesting feedback about the use of Rose quartz and other crystals. What is the best way to clean Rose quartz ring, pendant and bracelet?

sunnyray says:

Hi there. With jewelry you might want to avoid water and try, for example, smudging sage. Thanks for the comment.

Gemma123 says:

I feel attracted to crystals to help with calmness and healing in my life. I bought a rose quartz crystal online and it has some black bits trapped in it (these form a small black line across a small part of the crystal not far from the surface of it). Would this affect my crystal's healing power at all?

sunnyray says:

Impurities in crystals are very common. Naturally, they affect the energy of the crystal to some extent, but you should not be concerned too much. Feel free to use your rose quartz as you would otherwise.

Corannhena says:

I bought a rose quartz bracelet online and while I couldn't wear it right away as it was too large (I have since resized it), even holding it I could still feel its energy. After resizing it and being able to wear it I can pretty much feel it constantly now, and the other night I decided to wear it to bed, and something happened that I didn't expect (described here): A few follow-up entries: and I'm also going to make a rose quartz pendant (using one of those spiral gemstone holder thingys), as well, so I can have a piece near my heart chakra all the time.

Annabelle says:

Hi Sunny,

What a wonderful website full of valuable information on crystals. Thanks a million.

I have some beautiful rose quartz and citrine. I place them together. Is this a good combination?

Secondly, I also have a citrine necklace. Is it necessary to wear around my neck or could I place it on my study table.

Thank you for kindness.


sunnyray says:

Hi Annabelle,
Thanks for the kind words. Your citrine necklace will have an effect even if it is positioned on your study table, not touching your skin directly. As for combining citrine with rose quartz, I don't think that's the best choice. Rose quartz is better combined with Hematite, for example.

Love&Hope says:


My husband has left me for 1 month now but I still want to get united with him and still love him a lot. But he doesn't understands my love and wants to get separated.I have bought 2 pyramid rose crystals and doing meditation daily keeping in my palms as directed since 2 days. And also keeping it in SW corner of my bedroom. Pls advice me if these crystals will help me in bringing back my husbands love for me and will he ever take me back.

sunnyray says:

I'm really sorry to hear about your husband leaving you. As much as I am sorry to hear that, I have to say that crystals are not supposed to be used that way. Sure, you can use Roze quartz to attract true love, but true love in general, not the love of a specific person. Otherwise you are performing a sort of magic, which, in my opinion, never ends up well. Be positive, be optimistic, use your crystals to expand your own love toward God and toward all life around you, and you will attract true love. If not the love of some particular person, than the love of someone more deserving. That's for sure.

3 says:

It helped me too.

Bianca says:

Can a love stone keep you in a hurtful relationship? It has never been me to do so but I'm questioning this rose quartz stone I have. My mother gave it to me and prior I was single for 3 years and 2 months. Later I end up in a relationship and I loved him more than I ever loved anyone. I stayed even when I knew he didn't love me just loving him more and more. He even cheated on me in my house and I forgave him and deep in my mind I kept telling myself this relationship is toxic but kept forgiving him over and over. Now that we aren't together any more I have nightmares and haven't ate lost tons of weight. I put this stone to the test and the moment I took it out my room the nightmares stopped. I put it in the kitchen and noticed whatever room I was in, I would start to think of him and have feeling of pain but any other room I would be fine so then I moved it outside and I feel fine suddenly in my house. Could it be the stone? I thought it was supposed to help or is all the negative energy from this relationship in the stone? How do I purify it if so? Sorry for the long message.

sunnyray says:

Hi Bianca
Thanks for the comment. I'm sorry to hear about all that trouble you went through in your relationship. Rose quartz is indeed supposed to help us in our love relationships. First thing that came to my mind when I read your comment was the possibility that you never cleansed, charged, and/or programmed your Rose quartz properly. You should do that with every new crystal you acquire. Sometimes, our stones contain negative programs, that we ourselves (unconsciously) or other people put in them. The problem is never with the crystals themselves, but with the energy they receive from outside and multiply back to us. For the proper way of cleansing and programming your crystal I suggest that you get the free chapter from Olga's encyclopedia of crystals "The Magical World of Crystals" by opting in to our newsletter here. God bless!

Desiree hack says:

I have a large bowl with an angel in and crystals mixed. Will it still work or should they be separate, I am looking for a companion and need to find out what to do Please help.

joanne says:

I bought a rose quartz bracelet on a whim, never having any particular interest in this kind of thing before. However, and by absolute chance, the following day I met someone who I now identify as my soul mate (some one I didn't truly believe existed, let alone was searching for). I'm somewhat reluctant to attribute this entirely to the properties of rose quartz, but I often think the link between the two events is a remarkable coincidence and whether the quartz helped to bring about a chain of events.

sunnyray says:

Hi joanne
Thanks for the comment. All I can say for sure is there are no coincidences. With love and light, sunnyray.

Aana says:

I have recently been very drawn to the crystal stones. I did some research and I found out that Rose Quartz and an Red carnelian is what I need. I have never had the luck in love or any luck in general. I feel like the universe is against me when I want to do something. I see people around me succeeding but I don't get the motivation even if others motivate me. I have never been able to get the person I like and they have always been going away from me. Will the two stones help me or should I go in for another combination of stones. I am in desperate need of luck at least in one part of my life like my career if not everything.

sunnyray says:

I can assure you that the universe is not against you. You have to change precisely that thought and start being more positive toward yourself and everything around you. Like attracts like. In order to attract love, you have to awaken love in your heart. Love toward yourself first and foremost, and in that area your combination of stone, particularly Rose Quartz, can help. Take care and God bless.

anonymous says:

Hi, just if the rose aura crack from inside the crystal, can I still wear it. I heard from friends mention not to wear it if the crystal cracks.

sunnyray says:

There are different opinions. I would say that, if cracked, its metaphysical action is somewhat reduced. If you can replace it, do it, but if you are attached to it from some reason, you can still wear it. Also, listen to what your intuition tells you, or how you feel while wearing. Hope this helps. Take care.

KayM says:

Hello.i am in a distance relationship with a guy who uses and believe in using stone. He gave me love stone 10months ago when i went abroad for studies.well i kept them and had no knowledge about using them.this were bumby during the last time.he came over to the uk and we worked things out..well he believes ma love for him Grow very fast and it makes his a bit invalid even though he does.he mentioned at some point when we were arguing that he thinks i deserve smb who will treat me better but i told him i love him with his he stressed a point that i need to use the stone of love but i had second thoughts about that maybe he wants me to me attracted to someone i don't want to use the stone even though he has positive explanation that the stone involves general love as well..advise me on where to try using it or not...just that i want to use them for the right purpose and conciousness..thank you God bless you

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the interesting question, KayM. I think you should listen to what your gut feeling is telling you. If it is not to use the stone, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You are right when you say that it should be for the right purpose and for the development of consciousness. You see, whenever I use a stone, it is for the purpose of improving my own self. It never involves other people. Ever. If it is a piece of Rose quartz, I use it to expand my own love toward my Higher self and the entire God's creation. Other stones may help me bring peace, expand consciousness, bring inner clarity, sensitivity, compassion, etc... Thanks again and God bless you too.

Reva says:

My moonstone earring disappeared in the house of the guy I'm interested in dating. I searched a lot but couldn't find it.I have its pair. What could have hpnd?

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the comment, Reva. It is hard to tell from outside though. That's a question for you to answer. Is it a sort of message from the stone or just your subconscious desire that made you lose the earring right there in his house? Whichever is true, I believe there are no coincidences. Best regards, sunny.

Blueskyz says:

Dear all,

I am new to gems and crystals, can I know if I can combine Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Blue Lace Agate in a necklace?

Weston says:


I am particularly looking for a rose quartz crystal mala of 10 crystals. Where can I find it??

sunnyray says:

Hi Weston. Check this out. There seem to be more than 10 crystal beads, but you can always shorten the string.

parastoo says:

Ii, I wanna know if I can use moonstone and rose quartz together, is this combination is strong to bring love in my life? and I wanna know, can rose quartz attract my guy's mind and heart to me? sorry for my bad English, plz answer me.

sunnyray says:

Hi parastoo. We get this type of question a lot. To my humble opinion, that's the wrong way to look at love. Love asks for free will by definition. So, you should use that combination of stones, or just rose quartz to extend your own universal and unconditional love. That's it. Unconditionally. Without any specific person in mind. Otherwise, you are doing magic. That's not the way to go. Hope this helps. God bless.

maria angelica says:

I have a heart shape rose quartz how can I use rose quartz to attract my soulmate? And is it ok to carry my rose quartz in my purse or pocket ?

sunnyray says:

Yes, you definitely can. Just focus on awakening love in your heart as an universal quality. When we send perfect love to the universe, we receive perfect love. It is as simple as that. And if you can, I would suggest using your rose quartz closer to the heart area, as it naturally resonates to the heart chakra. Thanks for the comment, and many crystal blessings!

Sun says:

Hello, I got a rose quartz pendant yesterday, and i wore it for the first time, two times it fell off my necklace but I still put it on and as the day progressed, I felt really exhausted, and I had this intense headache and nausea, I tried to sleep it off, but I couldn't sleep. So I decided to take it off and instantly I felt the headache residing and I fell asleep. I don't understand why I don't get along with my rose quartz.

sunnyray says:

Hi Sun
Thanks for the comment. Have you tried to cleanse your pendant before wearing? You never know what the history of your newly acquired stones is. Because of that, you should cleanse them to get rid of any negative energies potentially accumulated in the stones.

emma says:

Hi wondered if you can wear more that one. I wear black obsidian, rose quartz, peridot, tigers eye and fire agate. Is it ok to wear all these. I feel great in myself.I have a Chaka bracelet which I would like to wear too. Any advice would much appreciated thank you.

sunnyray says:

Hi emma,
As long as you feel great, you can wear as many stones as you like. The only real guideline here is how your body reacts to the stones. Thanks for the comment and God bless.

jasmine says:

i just bought an oval shape rose quartz, how can i use it to bring more love and closeness between my guy and me. i saw one rose quartz that was heart but didn't get but now i see on the net that it being in a earth shape is good and brings more double the love.

cally says:

One the last day of a single's retreat in June 2015, I was given by the facilitator/organizer a rose quartz. For the past few months, I noticed lines on the crystal and somehow felt it meant the love lines of my twin soul, myself and a soul mate. I feel the love lines for my soul mate and I are converging but twin soul is somehow parallel to my love line. Is it possible to have such meanings on the lines on the rose quartz or am I just overthinking

sunnyray says:

Hi cally
Why not. I've never thought of the Rose quartz's fine structure that way, but it could be possible.

bea says:

hi! is it true that you can't wear rose quartz with 2 mandarin ducks bracelet with an onyx bracelet ? they say onyx hinders you to find love, exception of its positive effects.. and is it okay that i always whisper my rose quartz to bring back my ex or to give me the man of my dreams?

sunnyray says:

Hi bea. I don't know about the combination of onyx and rose quartz. I've never tried it. It may be true for some people, but whether that's a general thing, I doubt. AS for the second question, please check the comments above, for example, the discussion with parastoo. Thanks for the comment and God bless!

Lisa says:

I feel like recently I am losing the love of my life. We've been together for 7 years. I don't know what to do...I want him back. Is there anything or any type of crystal that can help me? I would greatly appreciate any help.

sunnyray says:

Hi Lisa. Whenever we lose something old, the Universe has something new and better prepared for us. We should always help those who want to leave us, by building them a bridge so that they can leave us more easily. The future will certainly bring you love that will be mutual.

Rinakhan says:

Hi can.I wear chipped rose quartz necklace with one chipped tiger eye stone mix with it to be slim quickly.

sunnyray says:

Hi Rinakhan
You can certainly use crystals to support your intention to lose weight, or at least to change your eating habits, but I don't think you can do that just by wearing them. The change has to come from within you, and your crystals are just auxiliary means.

Grace says:

I just got a rose quartz gemstone pendant today and I'm now wearing it round my neck hoping to have a loved one back in my arms soon again. How do i know the stone is working? Do i need to cleanse it first?

sunnyray says:

Hi Grace,
Thanks for contributing with your comment to our online community. Please note, that's not the way crystals are supposed to be used. Please read the comments above, and especially my answer to Lisa.

dipti says:

hi Dear,
I want to place 8 different stones in crystal bowl in living room.
Stones are rose quartz,amethyst,citrine etc
IS it fine to place 8 different crystals together.

sunnyray says:

People have different opinions about the compatibility of different stones. There are too many variables to be able to tell for sure. I suggest that you use your own intuition when combining certain stones. That's by far the best way. If you feel inclined to put 8 different crystals together, by all means do so. And then observe their joint energy and how it affects your surroundings as well as your personal energy field. That way you will know the answer to your questions.

amrita says:

I have brought a Ganesh statue made of rose quartz. please guide me how to cleanse and use it as it is a God's statue not a pendent or ring.

Sharon says:

Hi there. I was wondering if you could help me to understand something. I purchased a rose quartz crystal a while ago and did some research on it online. It is said to heal your heart after going through a break up. It is also said to bring love into my life and bring me my soulmate. I wear it as a pendant around my neck and also sleep with it under my pillow. Since breaking up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago I have been having dreams about him almost every night whilst the rose quartz is under my pillow! Could he potentially be my soulmate? I'm so confused because I've broken up with him but I've dreamt about him almost every night. How can he be my soulmate if I had to break up with him?

Catie says:

My husband lost his brother to suicide a year ago. I want to give him a stone that will promote healing, and can symbolize love and life for him. Would rose quartz be the right stone for this?

sunnyray says:

Hi Catie,
I agree with your choice. Rose quartz is always a great stone to express your love and support for someone.

Suriya Prabha says:

I would like to buy rose quartz for all purpose, I am learning Pranic Healing. I would like to settle in my personal life. Sir how can I buy the rose quartz from India

sunnyray says:

As always you should try to find it in your local store dedicated to selling crystals and minerals and buy it in person. If that's not possible, you can consider buying it online. is a good place for that.

marcia says:

I want to give my boyfriend a rose quarts with amethyst, we are in a long distance relationship and he is not that caring towards me, is this the best one that i will give him? I want our relationship to be full of love and happy. We are 5yrs away from each other now. Thank you in advance and God bless you.

sunnyray says:

Rose quartz is a great love stone, that's for sure. I wish you best of luck in your relationship. God bless you too, marcia.

Dr.Ketki says:

I wore a locket in afternoon. Late night my throat turned red. Tremendous noise chok up, cold, fever even after removing that Locket.

Lots of good effects only mentioned here. But I think ppl who got harm should also mention.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for mentioning the possible side effects, Dr. Ketki. Personally, I've never experienced any side effects with rose quartz. As you point out, however, some people could be especially sensitive to it.

Jash says:

I have been seeking love throughout my life. I have always fallen in one side attraction or infatuations and never received attention from person I like and want to spend my life with.
I'm now afraid to spend time with women and think that what if again I get hurt.

I wan't to find my love, but don't want develop attraction to people not meant for me.

Is Rose quartz gemstone right for me?

sunnyray says:

Yes, Rose quartz is the ultimate love stone. Just want to add one thing: fear and love, they don't belong in the same sentence. They are mutually exclusive. Love knows no fear, so don't even think about fear when looking for love, ever.

Jess says:

I just broke up with my boyfriend of two and a half years a few days ago. I was sad because I kept remembering the good times. We were happy a lot but he kept breaking promises and lying to me, and in the end, he stopped fighting for me so I gave up on him.
Mum came home with two bracelets made from moonstone and rose quartz.
Despite the fact that it has only been two or three days, I feel like I've healed significantly. The power of positive thinking is amazing.

sunnyray says:

Yes, indeed it is. I wish you to use your rosequartz and moonstone to heal completely as well as to attract true and faithful love that everyone of us deserves.

Cherubin says:

Hi! I bought rose quartz bracelet 3yrs ago. I want to wear it again so i have to buy a new string for it because it was torn already. I cleaned it thru running water and now im charging it under the moonlight. My question, I bought this from a Chinese stall (they are selling different stones. Wind chimes, fengshui stuffs and other stuffs) in a mall. This bracelet rose quartz is quite lighter than the rose quartz earring I have bought from other place. Is there an effect if it is lighter or the kind of store where i bought it? I have seen a heart shaped rose quartz and i love how it looks like. Its so gentle, calming, soothing, and lovely. However, i preferred to buy a rose quartz earring so can wear it. It looks so simple, and youthful to me . Cleansing thru singing bowl was done and programmed it before wearing it. I feel quite better now though i have only use it for couple of weeks. Can I wear that pink rose quartz earring and a lighter rose quartz at the same time? Ive bought it from a Chinese store and the salesladt said it is a rose quartz. How can i be sure since it is lighter?

My bf gave me amethyst bracelet. What is the meaning of it?
His mom gave me same design like that of my bf gave me but the color is green to blue green. I searched in internet to find out what kind of crystal it is. I think it is emerald coz i based also to the date of birth of his mom which is May. Maybe she owned it and gave me the first time we met each other because my bf and i is in LDR. What is the meaning of this? A coincident? Or a purpose?

I am very amaze and interested with everything that i have read here. I have a follow up questions. My curiosity goes on and on


sunnyray says:

Thanks for the comment, Cherubin. I see you have a lot of questions. Just go slowly, step by step and you will find the answers on your own. It is hard to tell whether your Rose quartz is genuine without seeing it, but some Rose Quartz specimens can indeed be rather pale. As for amethyst, you can read about some of its meanings here. And, no I don't believe in coincidences. Everything in our lives has a purpose and meaning. With love and light, sunny.

Jenn says:

I recently just purchased a Rose Quartz pendant with a Moonstone attached to it yesterday at my local Metaphysical store. I haven't worn the pendant yet or cleansed it. I left it sitting in my bedroom on the floor next to my bed while I slept & I had the most intense dream last night that this lady revealed my soul mate to me. She told me his first & last name. Does this have to do with the Stone cause I remember reading somewhere that this stone can possibly do that? I'm new to this stone, so any info would be helpful. Thanks you!

Jas0688 says:


I like someone a lot and want to marry her so this valentine I am thinking to gift her Rose Quartz Pendant or Ring. My question to you is this stone will be good for creating love and feelings for myself into her heart soo that we can get into legal marriage relation??

Thanks in Advance

sunnyray says:

Yes, Perfect gift for strengthening love and relationships.

silver says:

Can I combine rose quartz with Ruby? What's the effect?

Aniket says:

Whether rose quartz is beneficial for healing psoriasis,since the disease is emotional in origin

srini from india says:

hello ms sunnyray..thank you for all the lovely information...pleaser could you guide me here.............

i see that there are different ways to clean crystals on the internet,,,i have black tourmaline and rose quartz....can i clean them in salt water and if so how long should i immerse them...and how much rock salt do i need to rose quartz is a polished sphere the size of a ping pong ball and the tourmaline is a rough hewn block that fits comfortably within my hand

F says:

Not sure thou if the one i purchased in the mall is not the real rose quartz bracelet cos of the price , its not pricey tgan the usual price.

My question, do we really have to get the real rose quartz to feel all the love on self etc?

Resh says:

Hi , I am wearing an emerald ring already and I want to wear a rose quartz bracelet aswell. Is this combination good to wear?

Jo says:

I have a rose quartz crystal tree. Have placed it in my bedroom. I also wear rose quartz earrings. Will this help me heal old wounds and attract new energy?

saidatta says:

i am wearing a rose quartz ring for the past one week. yesterday in dreams, i saw the girl whom i loved. she asked sorry, as she broke-down the relationship for no reason. I also saw an angel gifting me a golden ring with a white gemstone of eye shape. please explain.

Loretta says:

Namaste.. am saddened today....

for the past few days, I had placed my citrine crystal under my pillow and had a few amazing dreams.

Last night, I placed a rose quartz under my pillow and to my went missing...

Not sure if missing the rose quartz had something to do with my recent spiritual awakening.

I just found my twin flame a few mths ago....he had professed his love and at that time I do not know the meaning of twin flame....

When I started to was too late...he became the runner and now, I am the chaser...

I regretted not accepting his love as I was not ready...we met only 4 times whilst I was holidaying in Bali....everything happened for a reason...

I miss him and wonder if the disappearance of the rose quartz has meaning to this ....


sunnyray says:

Hi Loretta
Don't be saddened at all. If he is truly your twin flame, there is not a force on Earth that can separate you. You will eventually be together. By the power of love, not by force or chasing. Twin flames are like two halves of one whole, joined by God, so don't worry, if he is really your twin flame. Take care and God bless.


I had a card reading as a man I was with recently broke things off... When he broke things off, although distraught and so on, i got the sense that it wasn't over 100%, that somehow we would speak again, or something would happen between us. During the reading, the Twin Flame and Ace of Cups came up...and the lady said we are soul-mates but he hasn't realised it and needs to alone. She recommended I wear the Rose Quartz crystal around my neck, as well as placing some in my bedroom. But I've never used anything like this, I'm worried about getting my hopes up, waiting for the 3-6 months that she recommended before he'd contact...and that never coming, and feeling like this again in 3-6 months; heartbroken. I guess I'm asking for guidance or some positive feedback from you all...will these crystals really help me? I'll try anything right now.


Yes, Rose quartz may help you to attract love, but love in general, or let's say, love as a Divine quality. Don't use it to attract a specific person. That's a kind of magic I wouldn't recommend to anyone.

Cee says:


Accidentally stumbled here while I was researching Rose Quartz. Love the advice you give to all. Its purely the truth. I am not sure how someone like me who is the epitome of love( and I have only believed in true love n being rescued by my prince/ soul mate since a child), I am still soul mate "less" n all alone. There is a strange pattern. All display n have deep intense love and then suddenly out of nowhere they back off and disappear. I have embraced Rose Quartz stones, n a pendant n bracelet n mandarin ducks as I am hopelessly lost, broken n stunned with this unexplained phenomena (people taking off abruptly) in my life. I believe the person I met n lost this year is my soul mate. Is there anything you would want to guide me with please as I am lost and just looking for a resurrection. Thank you for the love n light

sunnyray says:

Hi Cee
Thanks for taking the time to write your comment. It is difficult to give advices in general, and even more so without knowing the full situation of a person. Moreover, people usually don't follow them. So this is not an advice. Just a suggestion. Focus on the positive, regardless of what other people do. Don't be caught into thinking about what could or couldn't have happened. Believe in true love and its great power, no matter what, here and now. Cultivate love in your heart as a general quality, and let it grow in the present moment, not in the past or future. And, be patient.

yoursuchababe says:

So i have this pink rose quartz and when i put it on the necklace unravels and i tried yree diffrent necklaces and they all unravel ... Especially when i talk about possible partners

James Whatley says:

Where can I get Rose Quartz ? I would like to have a necklace for my girlfriend and myself. Thank You.

Cee says:

Greetings Ma'am,

Thank you for your love and wisdom.I understand why you guide the way you do and shall apply this doubly with love.
Thank you for understanding and taking the time out for me. love

Janai says:

I'm not sure if it was fate or something else. I have been wearing a rose quartz necklace that had been cleansed, by what I think was a very negative opinionated woman, for about a year. I had hoped that the stone was working, but after a while it didn't seem like it. Somehow I lost it in a parking lot and could not find it anywhere.

I went to a guru of sorts, told him my story, and he laid out all the rose quartz items he had, and found a rose quartz bracelet. When I saw it, it was like a clicking sounding went of in my head. I chose the bracelet and he cleansed it for me.

I've been feeling so much better lately! For the first time I actually feel positive in my life and I have so much hope, it feels so real now! I hope it was fate!

Sehrish says:

Hi Sunnyray!

I have Rose Quartz Stone and I was looking for a necklace. In my search, I asked my colleagues, looked online because I really wanted it. I was at work the few weeks following my search and I saw a Rose Quartz necklace. It belonged to colleague and she didn't want it. She told me to keep it. I was so excited because I really wanted one and I was so surprised! I've put it in Sea Salt to cleanse it. Is it okay if I wear it for myself, how do I program it and cleanse it after putting it in sea salt?

Krystal says:

I have never used crystals or anything before. Today, I suddenly began to research them, and I don't know why. I have tried to trace back my thoughts but could not get to the reasons why I started researching. Anyhow, the rose quartz caught my attention, and I am wondering what would happen if I were to buy one, and then one day stop using it. Will there be any negative effect if I stopped using it?

Katie says:

Hi there, I have been in an emotionally exhausting relationship for 9 months. Now we are doing it long distance, but have had a lot of trust issues.
Last night whilst going to sleep, my rose quartz crystal cut my ring finger, causing it to bleed.
It does have a small sharp point on it - but I didn't think it would cut me.
Is there any symbolic meaning of this to happen?
At the time it hurt.

sunnyray says:

Sorry to hear about your problems. It definitely has a symbolic meaning, as does everything that happens in our lives. There are no coincidences. But the meanings of various things that happen in our lives is up to us to discover, which we always can if we turn our focus inside. I wish you a lot of love and light, sunnyray.

heybebeads says:


I want to give my boyfriend a necklace of rose quartz, but I am worried that this may attract new love to him or him to new love. I think that if it is a gift from me it should strengthen our love, but is there any support to my concern?


Hex says:

Hi Sunny,

I'm fairly new to working with crystals but I've been very much drawn to them for a long time. A friend of mine and I are planning on making crystal bracelets and jewellery for our friends and family - however the only pieces of Rose Quartz we can get are large 1 inch pieces, and we would like something smaller.

My question is, do you think it's okay to break apart the pieces into smaller chunks?

sunny says:

Fear and love are mutually exclusive, so it is difficult to answer you question.
Yes, if you can do that properly, I would say there's no reason for concern. I suppose you are going to make rose quartz chip bracelets.

Cee says:

Greetings Ma'am,

Hope all is well. Have been meaning to write again since a while as I feel connected to your soulful wisdom and your words resonate with me.

It has been more than a month now since I started carrying Rose Quartz stones and have also surrounded myself with them in my living space. Took to them to heal myself and also for a new path to be shown. Unlike others who have found what they want, I am still hurting with no road in front of me to go. Would I really attract a soulmate with my precious Rose Quart stones and Mandrain Ducks ? Do I need to do something in specific with the Rose Quartz to help me better. I still have been following the advice you gave me last and I repeat your words in my head everytime I fall.

Thank you for the Love ,

sunnyray says:

Hi Cee
Nice to hear from you again. Rather than putting all your faith in your Rose Quartz stones, believe in Divine providence and have faith in God. We all have here on this planet some purpose, even if it doesn't always seem so. And we all have been born with the right to be happy, to love and to share our love. Your Rose quartz stones are auxiliary tools. You should draw your main source of strength from your connection with God and from your own soul.

Amy says:

hey can you compel someone to like you using the rose quartz

sunnyray says:

Amy, don't do that, ever. It's called magic (black) and it never ends well.

Cee says:

Greetings Ma'am,

Heartfelt thanks for your phenomenal words of love n guidance. From the bottom of my heart ----THANK YOU. You are so true n right Ma'am.

You always get me back on track.

Immense Love ,

Navraj says:

alli see is women comment.....can men use a red quartz heart shape crytal to wear

Sunshine girl says:

Can rose quartz help me get over a guy I have liked for the past 4 years? It is definitely unrequited.

Arjuara Guja says:

Hello i am wearing an amethyst ring in my ring finger and Gomed in middle finger of my right hand but i am not getting any positive vibe instead my all works were facing problem and not going smoothly . Please tell me the right day and right finger to wear the two rings. Thank you

Katrisse says:

Hi, Inbadly need you help. My boyfriend broke up with me a few months ago but I haven't given up on my love for him. I wanted to know if by wearing a rose quartz pendat can help me bring him back into my life? I've been praying so hard to God for a second chance. Is rose quartz the right semi precious stone for open communication too? Really appreciate your answer/s on this.

sunnyray says:

I feel for you, Katrisse, I really do. However, please note that this is not the right way to proceed. We cannot possibly force anyone to love us, and that is also not what God wants us to do. Using stones to influence other people is not the right way. Please read the related comments above. I encourage you to pray to God for love in general, and you will certainly get your second chance. Whether it will be a new or old love, it may not be your decision, but it will be love, I'm certain of that.

srija says:

i n my husband r jst living like strangers in a house. he has no love on me. if we both wear this bracelet will our lives change

sunnyray says:

I'm very sorry to hear that srija. Please read the above comments for more insight on the proper use of Rose quartz. May God grant you a lot of happiness and love in the future.

Disha says:

Really appreciate the way you've been answering everyone's queries. I've got one for you too.I've been wearing a beautiful bracelets made of rose quartz crystal along with evil eye stone on it. It's been three years now, that I've been married n have been enjoying the benefits of it. Although recently somebody warned me against wearing the bracelet, saying that rose quartz and evil eye together invites unwanted attention or attractions. Being happily married she says I shouldn't wear them together, Is that true, pls guide.. Thanks

sunnyray says:

I don't think that's true. You just feel it when something is wrong.

Sim says:

I am 39 plus unmarried and unemployed from seven years. Nothing good is happening in my life. Last week I ordered a rose quartz bracelet. But nothing good happened infact situations are getting worse whether its relations job peace happiness. I have no knowledge of any crystals or feng shui items. Please tell me what should I do. And where to find rose quartz and feng shui items which can give me some positive results.

Thanks Hoping For a Reply

sunnyray says:

Hi Sim
Thanks for the comment, and I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. I have to say it's not the stones as such that will bring you positive results regardless of your energy. They are just auxiliary objects. You have to work actively with them, for example, program your best intention and implant your brightest ideas and images in them. Many blessings.

Ankita says:

i was in a very happy relationship, and my partner recently broke up saying , he doesn't believe in love anymore. i want him to come back , how do i use rose quartz ?

sunnyray says:

Hi Ankita
I'm sorry to hear that, but using rose quartz in such a situation is not something I would recommend. Please check some of the comments above where we've already discussed similar problems.

Ash says:

You give some great advice here Sunny Ray. I agree 100% with everything I've read. Stones are truly powerful things. At the same time, they're power depends on our own state of mind. If we're drowning in our emotions, desperate to get back an ex, or we're trying to change our love, we're in a frame of mind that renders the stones useless. However, if our intention is to create a happier situation that serves the best interests of all and we're willing to open our minds and our hearts in pursuit of the answer we desire -- Now we can get somewhere.

A friend of mine once told me that I should feel stones rather than buy them based on qualities or looks. This was some amazing advice, because I became aware of a stone's energy and how it attracted or repelled me. Now I go into a shop and I buy what calls to me, or I go in with an intention and I get what feels right. When I later check the stone's description of qualities, it's always spot on with where I'm at or what I'm pursuing.

Blessings to everyone. Enjoy your gem adventures.

sunnyray says:

So many good tips in your comment Ash. Thanks a million. I'm sure the audience of this website will appreciate them as much as we do. Crystal blessings to you too!

Nooi says:

I am just wondering who is buying pink, rose crystals and at what price?

Ash says:

Hello! I have a question. Does it matter where you buy your rose quartz. I recently purchased a preowned rose quartz authentic ring at a reasonable price on ebay. Should I cleanse it in water before I wear it or what advice would you give me on owning pre-owned items.

Please let me know
Take care


Hi Ash
You are completely right. One should always cleanse preowned stones and crystals. Even if they are not preowned, for example if you buy them in a store, you can only guess how many hands must have touched them in the past. So, they should be thoroughly cleansed too. Thanks for the questions, and many blessings!


We fought n seperated. After a gap of almost 3 yrs we have reunited after considerable gentle coaxing n compromises by me. However, all's still not perfect n well between us. though he is cordial n romantic on phone n says that he wants to meet me his actions say otherwise.he seems to be skeptical about meeting me in person n keeps cancelling date at the last minute citing reasons. I feel he gets jittery. I cannot live without him n want him back at any cost. How do i win his trust n bring harmony in our relationship with rose quartz? My heart is paining. Cannot handle so much of pain. Want to meet him. Please advise


Hi Sera
Sorry to hear about your pain. I hope you find the true love you deserve. Please check the previous comments for proper use of rose quartz in your situations. Many crystal blessings.


Hello. bought a rose quartz necklace 2 weeks ago,i never puttet in the sun light and yesterday it lost all the color. can you please tell me what happened and what should i do to bring it back?

Kaitlyn says:

Yesterday at work one of my workmates randomly gave me a rose quartz crystal, one of hers because she collects a lot of crystals and I never knew anything about them or their effects before, she told me to google about the rose quartz.
I've had it on me ever since and yeah it's amazing how calm and peaceful I feel, I'm just wondering since she owned it, how do you cleanse it? She said go to a river but I don't live near one, am I suppose to cleanse off the previous owners energies right?

sunnyray says:

Right. And you can use tap water instead. Cheers!

Cee says:

Greetings Ma'am,

Hope all is well.

Having been praying, adopting a positive happy approach and have embraced rose quartz stones and have two lovely rose quartz mandarin ducks in my bedroom--- all of to attract my soul mate. Have been practicing this since May 2016. In spite of treating love like a prayer and the most beautiful gift from god, I am still single at the age of 39.

A prospective love interest that I believe would have been a wonderful association ( and was God Sent) too is not going anywhere and has reached the end of the road.

I really thought my approach to life and my beautiful rose quartz Mandarin Ducks would have helped in having this relationship bloom.

Please guide me as you always with your blessed insight , show me the way. I am really hurt as I have done everything in my being to make the "love area" of my life take shape but everything fails.

I pray thee for your wisdom and insight.

Thank you Ma"am, Cee


Hi, I picked up a rose quartz necklace at the thrift store. I took it apart to wash it and the pink color went away. I soaked it in a mild detergent overnight. The water turned pink and now the stones are a very pale pinkish White. Do you think it was really rose quartz?


Hard to say. Probably not. Water alone should never be a problem with Rose quartz. It could only be the long exposure to the detergent, but I'm not sure. I have no experience with it. Maybe someone else could help. All I can say is that even mild detergents and soaps should be avoided when working with crystals and stones. Thanks for taking the time to comment and many blessings.


Hi thank you for all the info you have shared. I have been feeling little stuck both in my career studies relationships with family and my finances. i was drawn to a citrine crystal and was planning to wear it as a pendant.. i would like to know what crystal will complement with citrine to help heal my relationships? Thank you for your time


Maybe Rose quartz? I see that you've thought of it yourself. Give it a try. Thanks.

Bali_Balu84 says:

In 2015 I had 3 miscarriages. 2016 I married the love of my life. We are now trying to conceive and hopefully have a successful pregnancy with a healthy bundle of joy. Upon speaking with my mum who frequents clairvoyants has advised I get rose quartz and place them on my beside table. I have got a set up of different crystals on my husbands side and myside of the bed each with rose quartz and amethyst. I am yet to find out the names of the others. I also keep a small sized rose quartz in my bra most days. My question is how am I supposed to set them up on the bedside tables? Also I had put them all on the window sill for last nights full moon. Am I allowed to touch my husbands crystals? The man we purchased them off would find one give it to my husband and tell him to give it to me. Then he would do the same with me. What does this mean? Appreciate your help.

sunnyray says:

Hi Kim
As far as stones are concerned, please, check out my answer to Sheri above. You also have to consider other aspects of your life, for example, nutrition.

Lia says:

I have a carved rose quartz bangle that I wear most of the time, not only because i love it, it's slightly too small, I can take it off with some soap but I like to wear it always...

I try to be careful and sometimes I knock it into something, could this damage it?

It's always had lines and some white patches but I fear it might be getting more lines from being knocked and one day crack? Or is this unlikely without a big impact?

Is it bad that it's difficult to remove?
Please let me know what you think?

Thank you ^_^

sunnyray says:

Hi Lia
You should definitely be careful not to knock it into something. Otherwise, anything is possible. Rose quartz is relatively hard against scratching, but not against knocks.

Rinky Sarahsays:

Hello. My name is Rinky Sarah. I am extremely upset ,disappointed coz My Love Sumit have suddenly become indifferent due to one circumstance which was my fault I even apologised to him asked him to forgive me but nothing working he is still talking to me but like a stranger with loads of hesitation I cry day and night I just came to this site to ask will I get back My Sumit's love if I buy Rose Quartz please help me please tell me what to do that My old Loving Caring Sumit comes back to me completely please please please help please

sunnyray says:

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Please read the above comments about the proper use of Roze quartz.

rinty says:

Hello Sunnyray,

Thank you for all the information and good advice, I sincerely appreciate your site.

I purchased from eBay 2 donut crystals to wear as a necklace: a black tourmaline (30mm diameter) and a rose quartz (15mm diameter).

I would like to ask you if it's ok to wear them together, to let them touch each other while hanging on the same rope - is this a good combination? Also, does the size matters in order to experience an effect - is the 15mm rose quartz donut too small?

Thank you in advance - couldn't find on the internet a clear answer to these specific questions. My best regards.

sunnyray says:

Hi rinty, and thank you for reading. I see non problem in your combination of stones, especially if you are attracted to it. I guess in time you will see how it affects you. Probably what's going to happen is the black tourmaline will ground the energies of love of the rose quartz, which by itself is a good thing. Peace and love.

Cynthia says:

Hi I adore rose quartz so much it is a very calm stone... I have tried many stones but always come back to Rose quartz

sunnyray says:

Hi Cynthia
Yes it is one of the finest and calmest stones there are. Thanks for coming by and God bless.

Prat sri says:

I bought one heart shaped rose quartz pendant online..a week back...thought it might help me getting out of the awkward situation that my love is not committing me..I was wearing the pendant in my gold chain...but to my surprise when i was pouring water on my body while taking bath today the rose quartz pendant broke into two pieces for no reason...iam so it bad omen...what does it mean??


Don't be. It can mean any number of different things. Just go on and buy another one.

Ruchi says:

I have come into contact with crystals just recently and Rose quartz specially caught my eye. Just by looking at it, I sensed a feeling of peace and got it for myself. I started keeping it with me in my bra and there are a couple of things that I noticed. The first one or two days, it made me very emotional. I was teary eyed whole time and cried occasionally too. After that, I started feeling love and care for everyone. I noticed I became kinder and more empathic than I was. But from last 2 days, I feel that it is making me angry. Although I realize these must be some pent up emotions which need a release, I'm not sure about the the cause of this anger. How can I know about the root cause of this anger and release it from within me? Please help.

sunnyray says:

Hi Ruchi. It could be something suppressed deep down from your past. It could really be anything. It may be that your rose quartz has brought it to the surface of your consciousness. Rose quartz is known as a stone for emotional release. Good and positive emotions are sometimes also followed by negative emotions. There's nothing wrong with that. Just by being aware of your anger, but without reacting to it, is enough to release it (or you can use a grounding stone along with your rose quartz). I don't think you should explore the cause of the anger, unless it comes to you by itself.

luwi says:

My name is Luwi from Tanzania, East Africa and i have ventured into the mining business for this stone and its sister stones such as the Amethyst, Moonstone, Citrine, Topaz, Red garnet and a few others that aren't on the list above or maybe just have other names.
I have managed to acquire a few kilos and i am looking to conduct some business through this opportunity. I don't mean to come off wrong in any way but i am genuinely just looking for advice or some direction to how and where one may benefit from this.
Thank you.
p.s my email is incase anyone may want to contact me directly or have further information for me.

Mohit says:

very nice. Good and positive emotions are sometimes also followed by negative emotions. This type of products are very helpful for creating positivity in surroundings.

Karing says:

I purchased this rose quartz stone at a store because and was originally going to give to a friend, but we had a falling out so I ended up keeping it. I've given it salt water baths, smudged at least every two weeks. I was recently charging it under the super moon, was having a tough time with all these thoughts in my mind and was looking fir some clarity- I was more drawn to pick up my rose quartz but when I did I got cut, a piece of it pierced my finger, almost like a splinter, and I bled. Wondering your interpretations on this? Is this stone nothing but glass and not rose quartz? Another possible meaning? Your insight would be much appreciated thank you in advance ?????????????????

sunnyray says:

Sorry to hear about that. Hard to tell but to me it looks more like glass, I cannot imagine that rose quartz would do that.

anon says:

hello sunnyray we recently moved to a new house I keep on finding rose quartz stones in the back garden every time I go out I find more have now got more than 50 in a glass vase in far right corner of my room I washed them under running water as they were dirty since reading your notes I keep one in my bra being divorced needed peace in my life after 43 years with a verbally abusive man whom I do not want back I have been feeling better lately how often must they be cleansed and put in the sun

sunnyray says:

Not too often, don't go overboard with cleansing and charging. When you feel their energy has changed or they become cloudy, that's the right time.

Nicky says:

hello I have a moonstone necklace and a rose quartz one, I was just wondering if it's okay to wear them at the same time. thank you!

Ashish says:

I have an Rose quartz pendent bought from Amazon. I would like to know that can i charge my rose quartz in rose water?

sunnyray says:

Yes you can. It sounds like a good idea, but I have never done that personally. Thanks for the comment.

Jillian says:

Hi is it possible to attract an ex back not just by using rose quartz but by praying manifesting i understand everyone has free will but is it possible?

sunnyray says:

All sorts of things are possible, but it doesn't mean you should be doing them. What you suggest (manipulating other people's will) is especially bad, and specifically are the consequences devastating for the person who does it.

Muneca says:

Rose Quartz keeps "coming" to me this month. It's weird. First, my boyfriend brought be a necklace with a rose quartz as the main piece as a gift. Then, I brought a pendulum. Not knowing what the stone would be.. it was a beautiful rose quartz. Then, I brought 10 chime candles, and the company were short 2 candles, and for compensation, they gave me a rather large.. guess what? rose quartz for compensation!!! What's this mean??? I did just have 3 friends losses, 2 falling outs, 1really short friendship, not even friendship..false friendship..just terrible horrible false friendship along with being cliqued up on, Ill will, judgement upon me by her, and talked about behind my back and made to feel uncomfortable, but justice there will be served. GOD IS JUST, and if someone truly deserves judgement for wrong doings, it's justified.. people seem to forget that.. it was a nasty argument driven falling out. It still resonates with me, and makes me sick. then, a long, years and years long friendship with a sad, long and bad, unfortunate falling out happened, that makes me sad till this day happened, and finally my best friend, who I loose again and again to drug addiction is happening again.. these rose quartz popping up.. do you think they mean something? Should I do something with them? One was a gifted necklace, one, a compensation from a company, then, the pendulum not knowing this stone would be so heavily coming toward me. I know it can't be bad.. but what is a good thing to do?

Rituparna dutta says:

Hello Sunnyray,
I am new to this idea of using crystals.I just wanted to know can I manifest a specific person using using Rose Quartz??If yes, then may I know how?

sunnyray says:

No, you never manifest another person, nor do you manifest anything about other people. We have no right to do so, especially if our own interest is involved. Moreover, we generally don't even know what's good and beneficial for us, let alone for another human being. You can manifest for yourself only, in general terms, like unconditional love, abundance, happiness, spiritual accomplishment, and similar things.

Nor says:

Hi, I have insomnia since menopause last year. I've tried herbal drink, massage, even medication but have not been able to achieve deep restful sleep. I only manage maximum 4 hours of sleep at night, that also intermittent sleep. I wonder if rose quartz can help me achieve deep restful sleep. I have a rose quartz pendant which I bought many years ago. Please advise on the proper cleansing, charging of the stone to achieve deep restful sleep. Thank you.

sunnyray says:

You can find instructions in the menu on the left. After cleansing and charging, you should also program it. As an alternative to Rose Quartz, I would also try Amethyst.

SPT says:

Hello. I am in a relationship with this person. Everything was going smooth when one day he suddenly started to drift away. He stopped calling me and taking my calls. There was no problem at all. Can any stone solve this? If yes then what stone. How many ct? Which finger? And which metal?

kay says:

Hi, can rose quartz help me get my ex back?

sunnyray says:

You may, for example, give him a nice piece of Rose quartz as a gift. Cleanse it and project your love and best wishes into it. That's all you can do. The rest is up to him and his free will.

Stephanie says:

Firstly. What a fabulous site, I just discovered it tonight while trying to Google.. can rose quartz cause me pain. I am still confused but I believe I am in the right page to ask. Please bear in mind, yes I do cleanse my crystals etc.

On my RIGHT wrist I wear 3 bracelets and have done for a month with no issues.

Prehnite, watermelon quartz and red tigers eye (in that order)

today I wore them on my left wrist. On my right wrist I wore a rose quartz bead bracelet with a druze(?) Centre peice.

After a few hours at work I had a terrible pain in my stomach, ribs, front and back of my shoulder and a deep ache down my arm. I was hot, tired, felt really I'll.

When I got to my car to come home i took the rose quartz off completely and put the prehnite, watermelon quartz and red tigers eye back on my right wrist. Drove 8minutes to home. Sat in the car for 5 minutes then came inside. Within 10minutes of being home ALL pains were gone.

Did the rose quartz cause this? If so, do you know why?

I love the look and feel of rose quartz but today is the first day wearing it.

Thank you for any help

sunnyray says:

Hi Stephanie and thanks for the comment. I doubt Rose quartz can be the cause of your pain, for it is such a gentle stone. But, everything is possible, e.g., some interaction with your own energy field, temporary incompatibility, etc. I suggest taking it off for a while if you suspect it may be the cause. Take care and many blessings.

Sunita says:

Married for 35 years and still looking forward to husband's pure and honest love (though he is very caring)no romance ,no heart to heart talk
How rose quartz can help me to attract my husband's attention
Should I keep it in bedroom or at some other place in our house?
Will it help to wear it or keep it in bra?

Kingshook says:

A girl proposed to me 3 years back. I didn't turn down her proposal but I asked her for some time as I was focussed on my studies and career. Today when I have completed my graduation, and I want her back into my life then she is saying that she got over me and doesn't have any feelings for me. I googled love stones and I was recommended to use either of these stones- inca rose, rose quartz and moonstone. Please let me know which of these stones can be effective and efficient in bringing her back into my life?

sunnyray says:

Please carefully read the comments above. Everything you need to know is already discussed.

Darren says:

Hi Sunnyray, i have heard that rose quartz can be used to diminish unsightly scars. Look forward to your advice how can it be done. Many thanks.

sunnyray says:

Hi Darren. I have no idea how one should do that. What's the source of that rose quartz use?

Josephine says:

Nauture's wonders!

Ruhtab says:

Hey!! I just wanted to know if anyone can wear rose quartz. I mean it is said that it is the birthstone for May. Can leo's wear this crystal as a pendent? There will be no side effects or any negative influence in my life right?

sunnyray says:

Anyone can wear it. No negative influences that I know of.

Es says:

If i would like to purchase the heart rose quartz, is it necessary i have more than one?
If I would like to gift the one i love a heart rose quartz and keep another one with me, is it a good idea?

anne says:

hi sunny
i just bought a rose quartz necklace but it has a streak of rusty color. the owner of the store said it is an iron pyrite combined with rose quartz. is this combination ok?

sunnyray says:

Yes, no worries. No crystal is absolutely pure. A number of times you won't even notice the impurities.

anonymous says:

Thanks it's helpful

June says:

Hi I have just got a rose quartz bracelet and wanted to know if I should take it of before bed or keep it on

Thank you

sunnyray says:

Hi June. In principle, there is no reason why you shouldn't sleep with it. But, as always, try it out. If for any reason it doesn't feel good, take it off. Thanks for commenting and take care.

Royal says:

Hi I recently got gifted a rose quartz by someone special to me, and ive consistently kept it close on my person. However, today i have misplaced the crystal and have searched every corner of my house to find it but to no avail sadly. What does that mean and is there a way or method to locate my missing quartz? Thanks.

Vidhya says:

Can I wear rose quartz and ruby braceleys together in same hand

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