The popular name of Nuummite is Sorcerer's Stone. Some refer to it as Magician's Stone, with similar meaning. Not without a reason. It is believed to enhance intuition and clairvoyance, and provide a means of piercing through the layers of our psyche. You can use it as an aid in meditation to help you on the journey of self discovery.

That's what true sorcerers do. They don't cast spells, nor do they try to affect other people's will. They use the energies of the elements to improve their intuition and clairvoyance for the purpose of their own spiritual growth and development.

Therefore, whenever you want to use this stone, make sure your intentions are pure and you have the proper attitude toward it, which is always respect and Divine gratitude.

Nuummite is a masculine stone, a great stone to have with you if you are father, for example, or if you just want to strengthen the masculine side of your personality.

In the task of spiritual development and contacting your Higher self, Nuummite can help you with the following:

  • its grounding powers attuned to the earth element.
  • This stone is believed to help bring to the surface of your conscious mind the deeply buried energies of the subconscious mind.
  • Nuummite brings energy into your energy field.
  • It helps align the auras, and strengthen them against external influences.

Why is Nuummite so important a stone?

It is believed one of the oldest stones on earth. It is of volcanic origin.

What makes Nuummite unique, is its composition. It is composed of Anthophyllite and Gedrite (both are rare minerals), closely packed into a single intergrown stone with black or grayish color. Both Anthophyllite and Gedrite belong to the group of inosilicates called "Amphiboles".

Here and there on the surface we may encounter flashes of gold color.

However, Nuummite is similar to Labradorite in some respect, as it shows beautiful flashes of labradorescence. Which means that you may see other colors in addition to gold, like green, orange, silver, or blue.

Nuummite has a chemical formula (Mg2)(Mg5)Si8O22 (OH) 2 meaning that it is a silicate material of magnesium.

nuummite tumbled stone

* * *

On the Mohs scale it has a hardness of 5.5 to 6, which is not that high. If you have Nuummite in your collection, or if you have it embedded in jewelry, you should be careful not to scratch your stone while wearing it.

The name Nuummite is given by the mountain region of Greenland called Nuuk where it was first discovered some 30 years ago. You can imagine how difficult it might be to mine this stone. Although later discovered in other parts of the world, gem quality Nuummite is coming from Greenland only.

Nuummite can be shaped into spheres or wands. If you want to use it in healing, to draw negative energies out of the body, the Nuummite wands are the right tools for that.

With regard to physical healing, Nuummite is believed to help reduce stress, induce healing sleep, relieve pain, and purify the blood. In crystal therapy, it has been used to help restore proper blood sugar levels, heal the eyes and throat. Some sources suggest using it as a booster of the mental activity.

On the emotional plane, Nuummite can explore the deep layers of our psyche, searching for hidden emotional traumas and past hurts. We all have them, regrettably, and we all need to cleanse our psyche from them. And we cannot do that, unless we become aware of them. Nuummite can help us find and release these hurts, guilt, fears, and shames of our past.

Once we do that, we can devote our attention to recognize our true potential, our true values, and God given talents.

The colors of Nuummite can help us relate its energies to the energies of the energy centers, chakras.

Its black color indicates its connection to the root chakra, Muladhara. This chakra is a foundation of our entire material existence, it controls our physical energy, movement, and connection to the earth.

You can use Nuummite to balance the root chakra, to regain your grounding, stamina, and a feeling of material security. It helps lose fears related to material and existential problems.

The golden color, however, relates Nuummite to the higher spheres of existence, as well as to the Ether element. After all, what other element would be appropriate for the Stone of the Sorcerers?


Mario siriban jr says:

Hi,i was curious about the stone found inside the cave somewhere here in the Philippines,it looks like nuummite but as what I've read can only be found in Greenland. Can you please help me to identify it?

I have also crystal don't know the name but as i was trying to research on it, it seems like quartz

I have read some articles that this two stones/gems are good combination. Is it true? Please help

I will send you the pics so that you can identify it.

Please let me know where to send you.manny thanks!

Sree says:

Hi Madam,
what is the minimum weight requirement for Greenland Nuummite in healing.

writeously says:

Most Highest Divine Spiritual blessings of highest greatest good intentions, eternally, NOW!

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