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Lepidolite - powerful antidepressant among the stones

If you are new player in the arena of crystals, semi precious and precious stones, either as collector, beginner in gemology, or member of the new age community interested in energy healing, chakra balancing or similar areas, chances are you have never heard of Lepidolite. This is a shame really, since Lepidolite possesses a range of physical and metaphysical properties everyone can benefit from.

When I bought my first lepidolite tumbled stone, I had no idea what wondrous properties dwell hidden in this very special gem. Its external beauty was pretty much obvious --- its most frequent color is delicate and cunning pale rose to rose, and some have reported even white specimens. The vibrational power of this mineral were equally not so difficult to sense (even if one is not really open toward the spiritual side of stones), but what could convince even the greatest skeptics is the fact that this stone belongs to the group of lithium rich minerals (more about the other healing and therapeutic properties of Li stones you can find here ). It contains from 3 to 5 percent of lithium, and all we need to say is to recall how important Li is in treating some mental disorders. Therefore we might say that in the metaphysical sense it has some antidepressant qualities.

The physical properties of lepidolite

This stone can be transparent or opaque, but mostly you will be able to find solid specimens without transparency. Therefore, it is not a gemstone material. It belongs to the phyllosilicate group of micas. Muscovite is another popular mineral from the mica group. These silicates arrange their silica tetrahedra in cyclic manner, building separate planes. These planar structures are the reason why these materials come in sheets that can be easily separated from the whole. Notable occurrences are in Colorado, Brazil and Madagascar.

Lepidolite's formula is K(Li,Al)3(Si,Al)4O10(F,OH)2. Basically we see that besides lithium, which lepidolite is a secondary source of, there are also potassium, and fluorine present in the structure. What is not contained in the above expression is that in this mineral there are also some quantities of rubidium and cesium, elements that are not so common in the silicates.

The meanings, healing, and metaphysical

lepidolite mica

This stone encourages independence and protects from any number of external influences when it comes to setting and following your priorities. It is of great help to relieve the consequences of everyday stress. Placed near the pillow, it promotes peaceful sleep without bad dreams and nightmares. In combination with rose quartz, lepidolite becomes stone of renewed love.

On the level of physical health, it can help with joint related problems, enhances blood circulation and protects the heart muscle. It reduces depression, relieves insomnia, and strengthens the nervous system. This is one of the best love stones. It can help us to accept others as well as our own being.

Lepidolite is able to dissolve many blockages from the past that manifest in our present life. In addition, this stone is able to induce deep relaxed states of mind, peace and serenity. Some crystal therapy healers use it as a tool for diagnostic purposes during the crystal healing seances. Placed on the affected area of the body, it can be put into gentle vibrations, effectively directing our attention toward the possible problem.


Virginia says:

The research I did indicated that Li+ in Lepidolite and other stones containing lithium are not bioavailable (as are other Lithium compounds such as salts, orotate and aspartate that are compounded pharmaceutically). So how can we receive the lithium benefits, especially through skin? I would love to have this explained and find that there is bioavailability. Thank you. - Virginia

sunnyray says:

Hi Virginia
You are right, Lepidolite does not contain any bioavailable lithium. The point is that in this case the action of lithium is purely metaphysical - it cannot be proved by the methods of conventional science. The same way you cannot prove homeopathy in a conventional way.

rakholiya hitesh says:

Can lepidolite stone be beneficial for depression, head problem, weakness in the body, less energy, weak concentration, negative thoughts, etc. I'm well graduate but I'm sitting home the last 3 years. What can I do plz?

sunnyray says:

Lepidolite, along with some other crystals, is a great stone to have by and certainly can be beneficial for some of the problems you describe, but please do not expect that it will solve all of your problems without your conscious intention and effort. The way the metaphysical stones work is via a conscious programming and embedding of your positive, clear and noble thoughts and intentions into them.

Jessica says:

If Lepidolite does not contain any bioavailable lithium, and can not be proven to help with things such as bipolar disorder, then why is it marketed in such a way? I really was hoping this could help me.

sunnyray says:

Hi Jessica,
Lepidolite, being in a crystalline form, does contain lithium, but of course, that lithium is not bioavailable. Lithium-based drugs contain bioavailable lithium. In crystal-therapy, we just keep the stones and crystals close to the body — we never ingest them. Now the question is, how they could be expected to work that way? As I said earlier, the action is not physical, but metaphysical. If your condition is not severe, the only way to tell if they are going to help is try them. People report improvements for certain conditions just by having selected crystals and stones near by.

Layla says:

Can lepidolite heal bipolar disorder?

lanett says:

Can Lepidolite and Rose quartz be used together, and if so, what effect would it have?

Cynthia says:

I use a slab of lepidolite with mica to calm Essential Tremors in my head. I don't expect a cure but by placing on my forehead and breathing it calms my shaking head. Your article on this wonderful stone is so informative. Thank you.

sunnyray says:

Thanks Cynthia for sharing your experiences and for the kind words. God bless.

Johnny says:

As it understand it. It is the energy or vibration of the stone that gives it power. The effects of the stone does not have to be bioavilable in order to be effective. So-called conventional science cannot explain everything that occurs in the physical universe. Metaphysics is a science within itself.

sunnyray says:

Thanks Johnny. I tend to think very much along the lines you indicated in your comment.

Carole says:

I have been using this stone for one week now and so far, I have had wonderful dreams. I feel some deep emotional healing happening in dream time. When I awake in the morning, I feel joy and subtle excitement instead of dread and apprehension. These states of being are new for me as I have been slightly depressed all of my life. I have never taken antidepressants nor lithium, my mother was bi-polar and my sister has been diagnosed borderline. I am very grateful for Lepidolite, thanks for your helpful comments.


sunnyray says:

Carole, thanks so much for your comment. May Lepidolite bring you great dreams and a complete emotional healing. God bless.

erik says:

Love Lepidolite use it often. It feels like it has great power coming from the ability to refract light. Some pieces are just stunning. Others are more grounding. Love having it around and using it for Orgonite Pyramids

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the 2 cents erik. Great crystal indeed. Enjoy it.

Vaishnavi says:

Lepidolite has angelic properties. From personal experience, i can affirm that this is a stone that send out boundless love to a sensitive and vulnerable heart, providing it calm, peace and security. It has helped me during my phases of clinical depression. I was out of depression, after I got my Lepidolite angel, within a week! I now use it on my son to calm his adolescent mood swings. He simply adores it. Lepidolite has been a guardian angel to my family!

sunnyray says:

Great comment Vaishnavi. Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate it.

shannan says:

I have severe anxiety and panic attacks. This is stopping me from becoming a fitness instructor and giving speeches. Where shall I wear this stone and does the size matter? Thank you for your time and many blessings to you.

sunnyray says:

Yes you can definitely try Lepidolite. Don't forget to charge and program it with your intention, though. I would also suggest meditating with it. I wish you a lot of success in overcoming all limitations you feel currently, and many blessings to you too.

Mix lepidolite says:

Mix lepidolite, moon stone, rose quartz you will have good sleep.

Kemombears says:

How do you charge lepidolite

sunnyray says:

By using sunlight or moonlight, for example. Any natural energy source is fine.

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