Before going through the Sapphire properties and meanings, let us first recapitulate some important facts about these beautiful gemstones. Sapphires belong to the group of four most precious stones in the world, where also we enumerate Diamond, Ruby, and Emerald.

Sapphire is a stone of protection and prophetic wisdom, a wondrous crystal that can watch over human destiny. It is believed to promote joy, faith, hope, and protection during long journeys. It brings light and peace and opens the mind toward beauty and intuitive understanding. Sapphire stones are thought to be able to maintain the hope needed in order for our deepest desires and dreams to be fulfilled one day. The color of sapphire can be blue, purple, green, yellow, even black and colorless, with characteristic silky glow.

sapphire rock

The most beautiful specimens of sapphire stones can be found in Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Thailand, India, Burma, Madagascar, Australia and Brazil. If the sapphires are coming from Burma, they are considered more costly than those from Ceylon or Madagascar. This is due to their glorious blue color. The sapphires from India are the rarest of all, which makes them the most expensive of all, as their deposits in this part of the world have been depleted a long time ago.

The chemistry of sapphire crystals

The chemical formula of sapphire is Al2O3, which means that this stone is practically aluminum oxide, i.e., alumina. Since I believe everybody has seen aluminum metal and knows how it looks, it is really amazing that aluminum oxide can be so magnificently different. The hardness of sapphire stones is amongst the largest in the mineral world, approaching 9 out of the possible 10 on the Mohs scale.

Sapphire is a variation of corundum, which makes its structure almost identical to the structure of Ruby. The difference is only in the minute amounts of additional atoms, so called impurities, which incorporate themselves in the corundum matrix and change many properties of sapphire vs. those of ruby. One of the properties is the color of course. The characteristic color of sapphire, the scientists believe, comes from iron and titanium impurities. In this particular case, one electron jumps from the Fe atom to the Ti atom. This electron then is able to absorb the energy of the red end of the spectrum, therefore effectively transmitting the frequencies from the blue - purple end of the light spectrum.

This is exactly what gives sapphire the characteristic, well known deep blue color. It is thought that what produces the other colors of sapphire has to with the combination of iron and chromium. In sapphire under magnification one is often able to see threads of rutile, unlike rutile quartz where the rutile needles are visible with naked eye.

The healing and metaphysical properties

Sapphire is able to focus healing energies towards whoever needs them, even without the conscious participation of the recipient, which is a type of manifestation resembling independent inner higher intelligence. According to the tradition, Moses was given the 10 Commandments list on a plate made out of Sapphire, which makes this gemstone one of the most sanctified of all semi precious and precious stones. Due to these obvious Divine characteristic sapphire represents a sort of Divine stone, most desirable by royalty and aristocracy, as well as by highpriests. The British crown is saturated with large blue sapphires, symbols of pure and wise rein. The 423c Logan Sapphire from Sri Lanka is one of the largest known faceted sapphires in the world.

In Vedic astrology blue sapphire is related to Saturn, whereas yellow sapphire has a connection to Jupiter. According to the teaching of this ancient knowledge, the best gemstones to be used for amplifying the beneficial properties of the planets are those which are as pure. transparent and flawless as possible. Indeed such sapphires are hard to find especially if you don't want to pay incredibly high amount of money.

Sapphires are often marked as stones of destiny. They bring mental clarity, and clear perception. It has been argued that they also bring financial independence and even abundance in this area. On the other hand, sapphire is a symbol of the joyful devotion to God. From the point of view of metaphysical science and practice, we should divide the blue sapphires into two categories. The light blue sapphires are those that can be successfully used to balance the fifth chakra Vishuddha. The dark blue sapphires open the sixth chakra Ajna. So if you plan to use them for meditation, mark this distinction.

Sapphire gemstones symbolize truth, faithfulness and honesty. They increase the ability to communicate, release depressive moods and bring calmness, mental clarity, clear vision and peace.

In the crystal healing therapy they reduce the throat related problems, calm fever, nose bleeding, help with tuberculosis, and heal burns. Sapphires are also known to regulate the functioning of the endocrine glands, and help with cardiovascular and blood related diseases.

Sapphire should be cleansed every 15 days together with rock crystal and amethyst. Excellent elixirs and baths.

Sapphire gemstones jewelry

When it comes to jewelry made from sapphire, blue sapphire rings and engagement rings are highly popular but also can be very costly. This is probably due to the above mentioned interest of the royal families in the past, and also to the relative rarity of the transparent blue sapphire stones. Most examples of blue sapphire rings are seen alongside with gold or platinum, and readily combined with diamonds. The blue sapphires come in many nuances of the blue color, ranging from very light almost sky like blue up to the deep rich shades. Too deep blue colors are not advisable as they might then easily turn into black, depending on the inter play of external light.

blue sapphire ring

The treatment of sapphires involves heating, which is the most common procedure to better the visual aspect of the gemstones, diffusion which includes chemical treatment and heating at the same time. By diffusion certain elements can be introduced into the sapphire, but this is a tricky procedure as there is no guarantee it will last long enough and that the effect will be homogeneously distributed throughout the sample.

The most widely used treatment is artificial production of sapphires. Corundum is relatively easy to synthesize in laboratory, and since what you would need is aluminum as a start material, the procedure is relatively inexpensive. If you come across a sapphire gem which is incredibly cheap, do not believe it. It is a good indication of synthetic stone. The gemologists and the prominent jewelry stores can detect such artificial samples with high certainty. Have in mind that nearly all sapphires that can be found on the markets are treated one or the other way. It is estimated that less than one percent of the natural sapphires needs no treatment. Those are the most expensive ones.

Sapphires can be very costly. The prices depend upon the treatment involved, and of course, one can imagine that the treated are less expensive. The treatment can involve change in color, saturation of color, clarity and cut. One carat of gemstone quality sapphire, can cost somewhere from several hundreds of dollars up to several thousand. Understandably, the non-gemstone quality sapphires can be purchased for much less, even you can buy a sizable but non transparent sapphire stone for the equivalent of 50 dollars.

Photo 2 (Faceted cushion-cut 2.38 carat Ceylon Sapphire) credit: gemteck1


Nancy Redman says:

Why does my dark blue almost black sapphire ring look like it has scratches all over it.

sunnyray says:

If you are talking about the gemstone itself, it is very difficult to scratch a sapphire. If we exclude diamond, there is no other stone that can scratch it, but of course, anything can happen. Stones and crystals possess internal strains within their structure, even if they are hard. In any case, I believe most lapidaries are able to remove the scratches and repair your jewel to its original look and feel.

Rebecca Brown says:

I got a red-orange color sapphire ring and was wanting more info about the color. Didn't know they came in that color.

sunnyray says:

As a general rule, every type of Corundum based gem that doesn't possess the deep red color of Ruby is called Sapphire. So you see why sapphire can also have other colors, not just blue.

Tina says:

I bought a sapphire stone oval and it is 3.75 Ct. I bought it for 200.00. Now the problem is the stone looks black but when up to light you can see the blue. I was told by jeweller that my stone is worthless. I find this hard to beleive. It is not a synthetic. Can he be lying to me. told me not worth 35.00 apprasil. your help is appreciated. Tina

sunnyray says:

Tina, it does not matter if it appears black - as I said in the previous comment your stone is still sapphire. As for the price, I just found these genuine black sapphire earring studs, roughly the same carat weight as yours, approximately the same price as yours. So, I would say, no need to worry too much.

black sapphire studs

Ziporah says:

How do I care for my sapphires? I purchased a necklace, earrings and bracelet with silver settings. What is a good method of cleaning (handcreams, etc.) them?

sunnyray says:

Ziporah, thanks for your question. Sapphires do not require any special care. As second hardest stones in the mineral world, they are very durable. If you insist on cleaning loose sapphire stones, you can use mild soap and water, or fine jewelry cleaner. However, since your sapphires are embedded in silver, the silvery part will certainly need cleaning. There is a nice tip for cleaning silver - just use small amounts of toothpaste and a small toothbrush. Then rinse thoroughly with water - this procedure will also clean the embedded sapphires. Two times a year should be enough.

Prince says:

sir ! i have purple sapphire and now i have small sparking on the covering side of ring. is there is problem relating scratch or damaged of sapphire...plz help me about this........heartly thanks for this

Shahzad says:

I am living in Pakistan and I got a 5ct Sapphire from a local dealer here. He showed me a test to verify the purity of this stone. He got some kind of analog-meter (just like an analog Volt Meter) and when he connected the pins with stone, the needle stopped on Sapphire word written on meter. Is it possible to judge the purity of stones from these kind of meters.

Secondly! you mentioned that Sapphire is the second hardest stone after diamond. But my stone got some small scratches (very small and not the deep ones) and I doubt these scratches are the result of that Meter Test, when shopkeeper pressed the needles of meter on stone. And my second doubt is that stone was plucked out from another ring and got these little scratches when someone tried to release it from the ring. I am little worried as I have spent Rs. 7000 for this stone and may be it's not original.

Would you please tell me if this kind of little scratches may come on this stone?

sunnyray says:

Hi Shahzad,
I am not a gemologist, so I cannot really comment on the methods that can be used to test the quality of sapphires or any other type of precious stones. However, what you describe above definitely does not look like a proper way to test the stone. Maybe some of the visitors of my site will be able to help you with their expertise on testing sapphires.

In regards to the scratches, sapphire is indeed the second hardest stone. This means, at least in theory, that only diamond should be able to scratch a sapphire stone. In reality, however, anything can happen. Some internals strains in the crystal structure could probably also lead to the appearance of cracks.

All in all, the best piece of advice I can provide is to seek professional help of a skilled gemologist. There is really no other way to tell whether a stone is original or not.

Best regards and many blessings,

anonyap says:

i want to get my love back so please tell me that sapphire stone will help me or rashi is virgo and please tell me that can i wear a platinum ring with blue sapphire gemstone or any other combination.

sunny says:

I don't quite understand your question. Crystals and stones can help us balance our auric field, improve our health and/or some aspects of our life and character, but what you ask is something only you can do. It depends solely on what you eventually did to that person and whether she/he is willing to forgive you.

petesqh says:

can silver cleaner light the color of a sapphire? i got some Hagerty silver polish spray(which is the best silver cleaner in the world)on my dark navy blue stone. Now i can see through the stone. is it possible that the silver cleaner lightened the color of my stone?

sunny says:

Once again, I am not a gemologist and this is only my personal opinion. There is always risk involved in cleaning gemstone silver jewelry with some chemical substances. Most of the gemstones sold today are enhanced and treated in one or the other way, introducing additional parameters in the equation. However, one of the best silver cleaners, as you say, - the Hagerty silver polish - should be quite inert and should leave no oily residue. That is to say, I believe it is not likely to alter the appearance of natural sapphires. Are you sure your dark blue stone was sapphire in the first place?

abby says:

my boyfriend bought me a black sapphire ring silver from thailand factory,,,,,the girl said there this is a lucky stone. what kind of lucky bout black sapphire? i saw the c76 in the bootom of sapphire ring,,,what is the meaning of this?

sunny says:

The black sapphire is actually a very dark blue sapphire. It is a splendid gemstone that in many regards resembles black diamond. As for the meaning of black sapphire, it is considered that it retains all the meanings of sapphire with the addition of its color. Black is a grounding and protective color; it brings confidence, and self-discipline, strength and self-assurance. As for the c76 mark, it is a question for the jewelry producer. My guess is that it has to do with the type of metal band of your ring, but I cannot say for sure.

matt says:

Hi I want to purchase a black sapphire cut stone can you tell me approx how much a carrot i should expect to pay and is it the bigger the stone the more per carrot also is the black colour from to much titanium or iron or both thanks matt

matt says:

Refering to my eariler question the size of the black sapphire cut stone I wish to purchase I want in approx 20 Ct I am finding it very difficult to find one thanks Matt

sunny says:

Hi Matt,
Concerning the color of black sapphire, it is due to both iron and titanium impurities in the corundum matrix. If you want to purchase loose sapphires, seems to be offering some nice specimens, including black star sapphires of similar ct weight. The price of black sapphires is not as much carat dependant as, for example, is the case with diamonds.

Raunak says:

Hi, wish to congratulate authors and people on having such an authentic and highly informative source. Next is my query, I have put on 5ct. Medium blue, transparent sapphire 3 weeks back. Though calm is there but i keep getting a sense as if thinking abilities of mind are being controlled. Can you please advice if this is normal expected behaviour or its asking for it is expecting any change from me? Regards.

sunny says:

Raunak, could it be that you are experiencing only increased awareness when you put your sapphire ring on?

Raunak says:

Thanks Sunny for the response. Well I am not sure how to characterise awareness but I used to feel clogged and restricted thinking, though from readings it was expected to be higher concentration and clear thinking. Not sure about the source or the reason if you could please enlighten

sunny says:

Raunak, another possibility could be that your medium blue sapphire is provoking some throat chakra issues, instead of affecting the ajna chakra area, which would manifest itself as higher concentration and clearer thinking. The darker blue tones of sapphire better work on the Ajna, whereas the lighter tones are more suitable for cleansing the Vishuddha chakra.

Fredo says:

I'm looking to purchase a James Avery Adoree Sterling silver Ring with a Blue Sapphire, I wanted to check that it is of fine quality. Any information would be grateful.

sunny says:

This sapphire ring looks really lovely. However, there’s one thing that makes me wonder. The stone seems to be an oval faceted lab blue sapphire. It is not clear whether it is a lab-enhanced genuine sapphire stone, or a lab-produced artificial sapphire. I would try to clear this concern first. If it is a lab enhanced stone, then, well, I guess, almost all sapphires today are improved that way. If it’s a lab created sapphire, then, it is a man-made sapphire and you should be aware of that fact prior to purchasing.

ahmad says:

Sapphire men ring most suitable to wear which arm?

Marge says:

What a wonderful site you have created! Thank you. Can you tell me what differences there are metaphysically with white sapphire?

sunny says:

Thanks Marge, I really appreciate it. White Sapphires are perfectly transparent stones. All the colored Sapphire variations get their color from various impurities present in their crystal structure. In this sense, it is not surprising that white sapphire activates the topmost crown chakra. This energy center connects us with the most pure Divine planes of existence.


I've purchased a dark blue sapphire (3.76C) which is opaque on light.I want to know whether it can be used as ring for astrological purpose. I've been recommended to wear neelam for saturn. Plz advice.

sunny says:

Why wouldn't you use it for astrological purposes, Sunandit? Sure, it is always better to have transparent stones, as they are thought to be more potent, but your sapphire can equally well do the job.

Ali says:

first I would like to thank you, I'm one of those interested in gemstones due to religion and some other things, anyways, I wanted to ask about some good books I can read about gems, and if possible some good sites that sells and sends gemstones to other countries, and I want to ask about the difference between a blue sapphire and a black one, I do own a black sapphire so I would like to know the difference, in each and every area if possible, thanks again...

sunny says:

Hello Ali, thanks for your comment. There are many good books on gems and crystals, but I would not like to favor any of them. Actually, we are currently preparing a comprehensive guide (ebook) into using crystals for healing and meditation, so stay tuned for any new developments. As for purchasing crystals and stones, Amazon is always a good option, but on the other hand, they indeed have a limited list of countries where they ship their products.

pride says:

I love sapphire - its my birthstone, they are so awesome.

DM says:

I have a 5 1/2 carat medium dark sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds. I have had it 3 weeks. The stone seems to be getting darker and darker until now, it is not transparent. I am cleaning it all the time with ultrasonic and /or soap and water. Any suggestions to lighten it back to how it was, and why that would happen?

vos says:

the more the transparent and clear the higher the price

Harold says:

They say that sapphire stones are made by a high temperature of heat is this true?

sunny says:

In Nature, sapphires are formed deep inside Earth's crust, where high temperatures and high pressures are present. It takes time for the sapphire to crystallize from its initial molten conditions. The purest and most perfect sapphires (and rubies) are created by recrystallization during the metamorphic processes of igneous rocks.

georgia says:

The red orange sapphire the lady has is a paradachea sapphire. I have one too they are beautiful and the name means lotus flower. It is not the orange sapphire variety because in the red deep inside you will see the orange paradachea has two colours in the one stone.

suhas sharma says:

Sir, I was given a blue sapphire, 5.25 ct, and I got it made in a silver ring. But then I noticed that there are cracks in the stone, now I'm afraid if I wear it with scratched it might not be favorable as far as the results of wearing a blue sapphire is. Please advise

sunny says:

The issue about the extent to which the metaphysical properties of any stone, not just sapphire, are affected by cracks and scratches has been frequently debated in the metaphysical community. There are evidences (e.g., Kirlian photography) that the auric field of the stone is reduced at and around the damaged area, but still, the overall properties of the crystal are there.

Gen says:

I live near the sea side and my sapphire-embedded silver ring tends discolour more frequently. Out of sheer ignorance I have been cleaning it with silver polish more often than I would probably need to. Now I'm worried that I may have damaged the sapphire on my ring. Please tell me that my fears are unfounded

sunnyray says:

No point worrying about what you might have done with it in the past. Just make sure you don't use that silver polish on your sapphire stone any more.

namrata says:

I have purchased blue sapphire of 2.6c worth 9100 and its dark blue in colour want to know whether lightest shade of blue sapphire has anything to do with the effect of the stone? Should i go for a lighter shade i.e. transparent blue for the purpose of better effect?

sunnyray says:

Hi namrata,
It is generally accepted (if we consider the color only) that the brighter blue shades correspond to the 5th energy center - Vishuddha, while the darker blue shades are more suitable to activate the 6th energy center - Ajna. The sapphires, if possible, should be transparent regardless of the actual shade. The more clear and flawless the better.

Subhash says:

Hi Sunny, Its a great site you have created here. I just have 1 simple question, I have a yellow sapphire stone in a silver ring. I noticed at the bottom part of the stone, there were some dirts around it. So i picked up a pin and started scratching on the silver and also on the stone, but not very hard. Do you think this might impact the stone? or will this impact the transition of the energy in the stone? TQ

sunny says:

Hi Subhash, I don't think you can impact the energies of your stone just by using a pin. If you are in doubt, you can alway cleanse and re-program your sapphire. Sapphires are very hard stones, that is to say, they are scratch resistant, but don't push them too far with any type of mechanical pressure.

Raunak says:

Hi Sunny, would you recommend wearing light and dark sapphires on ring at the same time to impact respective characteristics?

sunny says:

Yes, that combination of stones is very much compatible and will impact the higher energy centers (chakras).


I have been wearing yellow sapphire 3.12 carat in silver ring, but now I find a very tiny scratch on the back side of the stone. Will this effect the power of the sapphire or is harmful? Please give suggestions as i have spent rs 11,000 on the stone.

sunny says:

Nothing to be worried about, Vani. No stone is absolutely perfect, so the tiny scratches on the back of your yellow sapphire won't affect its powers too much.

ANUJA says:

which finger is good for sapphire 2.07carat gem stone?

sunny says:

There is no great difference. The stone will perform its metaphysical influence no matter where you put it. If I had to choose, I would select the index finger of the left hand.

Amrit says:

I am wearing one blue saphire which is opaque to light. Just wanted to know is it really necessary for the blue saphire to be transparent for being effective.

sunny says:

Hi Amrit,
No, it does not have to be transparent in order to be effective. However, it should be emphasized that the best and most potent sapphires are perfectly transparent and flawless.

tyler says:

Just got back from Bali. I bought a silver ring, the stone when I bought it was a mix of green and black; no one seemed to know what it was... In the 2 weeks that I wore it, it changed colour to really dark (black), to a much greener with black patches and swirls. The odd thing I thought it wasn't just light or dirt - it changed throughout the day... I met a Balinese man at a temple. He was interested in my ring and especially the stone. He said they called it KRESNA DANA and thought it was very interesting that I purchased this stone.... And asked a lot of questions about my life... I tried loooking it up, but with no results - the only result this blog attaching it to a black sapphire is this write?????

sunny says:

It is a very interesting story, Tyler. Thanks for sharing it. I have never heard of KRESNA DANA, though. Maybe some of our readers will be able to share their knowledge about this, apparently mysterious stone. In any case, it is never a coincidence when a stone comes to our life.

Jacqueline says:

Great site, thank you for the great advice. My birthstone is blue sapphire and now i'm wondering if all my sapphires are manmade... :/ Probably. Hopefully still resonates a bit... I'd like to know how to cleanse and reprogram my gems?

sunny says:

Hi Jacqueline,
It does not necessarily mean that your blue sapphire is man made. Probably just color enhanced. There is a big difference between the two. As for the cleansing of your stone check here. The process of programming (or reprogramming after purification) is described here.

Ava says:

I'm curious about a red sapphire. I received dome ring filled with tiny red sapphires. Are they rare? What can you tell me about a red sapphire. Thank-you. Is this stone heated to make it red like for instance a papadasch?

sunny says:

It is really a thin line between Ruby and Red Sapphire. Some jewelers are capable of telling the difference, which is in the depth of the red color. The chromium is the main chemical element responsible for the red color of Rubies. If that's not the case, we have a red sapphire, blue sapphire or any other shade of sapphire.

charisma says:

Hi, I would like to know if I purchase a blue sapphire, beside the excellent positive effect, does it also bring negativity for some?

sunny says:

Hi, charisma
No, no negative effects at all. Just make sure you cleanse it properly.

Cynthia says:

I was just told by a jeweler that my deep blue natural sapphire ring is approx 5 cts. It has 16 round diamonds in 18ct gold. There is a cloudy swirl in the sapphire. Will this lessen the quality and value of the ring? I was told by another jeweler that the ring is worth at least $1500, if real, a lot more.

sunny says:

Hi Cynthia,
The very fact that your ring is made of quality gold and that it has no less than 16 diamonds is an indication that your Sapphire stone is genuine. Usually the manufacturer does not surround fake stones with diamonds and gold. Regarding the cloudy swirl, as a rule, impurities diminishe the value of any jewel when compared with the perfectly transparent samples. Yet, exceptions to this rule are always possible.

AS says:

I am considering buying a blue sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds for my wife. Its a deep blue sapphire and I'm not sure if buying this ring will adversely affect us. The jeweller from whom we usually buy, is very reliable and has a good reputation in the market as well. Can you please advise in general if its safe to buy a 0.40cts Sapphire surrounded by diamonds.

sunny says:

Hi AS,
Why do you think a blue sapphire ring could in any way adversely affect your life? I really don't see any danger there, especially if you buy this ring out of love and affection.

Kiran says:

Hi, I purchased a dark blue sapphire and diamond jewelry set two days back. This look almost black, but if I keep it near or in light, it looks blue. This set is mix of Diamond and sapphire. It has many small sapphires and diamond. I was not aware of sapphire effect in life. One of my friend said that sapphire can cause bad luck in life. It should only be worn if your rashi (birth date and time) supports it. Can you please let me know how much it effects in our life and if this statement is correct that we should not keep it. I liked your answers in previous questions in this site, so just curious to know if what I have heard is correct or not. If it does, is there any way to neutral it.

sunnyray says:

Hi Kiran,
I believe that stones and crystals are neither inherently negative nor do they bring bad luck as such. It is true that some jewels from some royal and aristocratic families of the past were considered stones of bad luck, but this is only due to the negatively charged thoughts, emotions and intentions embedded within the stone's structure by people of negative behavior and attitude. You should cleanse your sapphire ring and afterward you could always charge the gemstone with thoughts and intentions of love and prosperity, and it will irradiate these positive energies back to you.

Kiran says:

Thanks for your reply Sunny. It was helpful for me to decide on if I should keep this or not, and I have decided to keep it. Thanks a lot again.

sunnyray says:

You are most welcome, Kiran. All the best to you.

Daniel H says:

Why does my sapphire have dark spots on the bottom of it?

sunnyray says:

Most likely, the black spots are impurities of some kind. Nothing unusual and nothing to worry about too much.

deepa says:

Hello Sunny,

It is heartening to see that you answer every question and that too with equal interest. Now to my query. I have been advised by most astrologers to use a 4 -6 ct. Yellow Sapphire. I have been considering buying this. But now another astrologer suggests white sapphire. Going by the metaphysical properties, can you advise which one is better? Also I have heard time and again that wearing a blue sapphire while it does not suit you (as per horoscope), can be dangeruous. Do yellow or white sapphires also share this property? Thanks.

sunnyray says:

Hi Deepa,

Given their metaphysical properties, both Yellow and White Sapphire should be pretty equal. The rationale behind the potential troubles with Blue Sapphire is probably the fact that Vedic astrology assigns it to Saturn, while Yellow Sapphire is believed to be more attuned to the energies of Jupiter. Anyhow, the final decision is up to you. My suggestion is to let your intuition and your inner self guide you when buying your ring.

Rahul Pathrabe says:

HI ,
I want to buy a white sapphire, recommended by astrology to be 5 Carats. Please give me an idea as to what will be its cost if I buy a natural sapphire.

sunnyray says:

Hi Rahul Pathrabe,
This is really a dificult question to answer. The price range can vary a lot, depending on the sapphire stone itself (clarity, color, cut, ...).

Warren O'Sullivan says:

I need help figuring out what type of gem I have. I found it on the road and the metal around it was smashed but the gem didn't have a scratch. It changes colors purple and blue. It about 8 carats. Can you help?

sunnyray says:

If you sent us some photos, we could try, but it is a tricky business. Sometimes it is impossible to tell even with the best quality photos.

Angie says:

Hello, my husband bought me a beautiful sapphire ring with diamonds and it wasn’t dark at all. It was a bright blue. As soon as I put it on it became dark, very dark almost black. I couldn’t explain it so I just went with it. Then while ring shopping again I tried on another sapphire that was light and beautiful but I turned that one dark too. Can you explain why that is that I turned both dark?

sunnyray says:

Help me understand the problem here, Angie. The sapphire became black after you had put it on, but what happens when you take it off, does it go blue again?

Angie says:


No my sapphire remained very very dark almost black. If you put it up to light you can see the blue in it but it's never gone back to its original color. Unfortunately neither did the ring I tried on in the jewelry store. So by chance do you know why this happened? Thanks!

sunnyray says:


This is a really strange, I would say almost mystical behavior. I know that many sapphires are artificially enhanced by either heat treatment or diffusion in order to be able to change their natural dark-blue color into a brighter shade. Both methods, however, are capable of producing gemstones with stable color, which will not turn dark again so easily. I am sorry I cannot provide more insight, but hopefully some of the people reading this page will be able to help us understand exactly what’s happened with your sapphire ring.

Vickie says:

What country produces the most black sapphires?

sunnyray says:

Hi Vickie

The countries that are well known for sapphires in general - that is - Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Afghanistan, Australia, Tanzania, Brazil and Pakistan. The best quality sapphires come from Sri Lanka.

Isabella says:

Hello!I bought a yellow sapphire stone through an Indian friend , a numerologist,3 carats for $450.00, is the price right? It came from India, it's in a gold pendant. He told me that I have to wear this for my health, wealth, and positive energy. What else are the benefits of wearing this stone?Thank you so much!

sunnyray says:

Hi Isabella,

The price of your Sapphire depends on a number of variables, for instance, on the stone cut, clarity, intensity of color, etc. So the only way to say for sure is to have a gemologist inspect the stone. As for the additional benefits they include prosperity, comfort, optimism and spiritual motivation.

enya says:

I am about a receive a light blue sapphire. I picked it myself from a selection offered by a relative who is a jeweller. I do not think it is very expensive but i felt quite drawn to it. After 2 hours of looking through a box of sapphires i kept returning to it. Is there a specific meaning for this stone? It looks, lilac, pink, white in sunlight but i am told it contains a lot of quartz. Are there specific properties that the quartz gives it?

sunnyray says:

Hi enya,

You can find more about the metaphysical properties of quartz (rock crystal) here.

Vhir says:

Hello, recently i came to know about Yellow-Blue Sapphires. I saw its really combined bio color like 50% yellow & 50% blue. It is strange but is it really a Sapphire? What is benefits & what purpose astrologer recommend such rare stone & how much costly such 5 carat stone?

sunnyray says:

I am afraid such rare combinations of yellow-blue sapphires (yes they exist) are quite expensive, especially if we are talking about clear, transparent stones. Here, we should expect a blend of the metaphysical properties of yellow sapphire with that of blue sapphire.

Cheesie says:

Hi Sunny,
Recently I bought a white sapphire ring surrounded by small diamonds. I am curious about the color because I have seen it looked light grey, white and light baby blue on different days. And to different friends, some of them see my sapphire as very light lavender whereas some of them see it as light blue. Do you happen to have any idea why does my sapphire "change" color? thanks! :)

sunnyray says:

I am afraid I cannot be of much help here, Cheesie. Other than it having something to do with the different environmental light conditions which reflect on how you perceive the stone’s color, I have no idea what the reason could be.

Angie says:

I bought a ring with a black sapphire stone and gave it to my husband; does black sapphire bring bad luck to our marriage?

sunnyray says:

Angie, I don’t believe that there are such stones capable of bringing bad luck to anybody per se. It is the human negative thoughts and emotions embedded into some of the more famous gemstones and amplified by the stones themselves which are responsible for the bad reputation of those gemstones throughout history.

Bukharashah says:

Hi. Is the purple star sapphire good luck and status?

sunnyray says:

You may say so, Bukharashah. Originally, however, it was used to deflect negative external influences.

Raz says:

Hi Sunny, by reading all of question answer i think i learnt a lot about the blue sapphire but i have more question and would be truely greatful if you answer. I am already wearing 2.99 carat dark navy blue sapphire which suits me well and therefore i have decided to buy another stone for 6ct but in light blue color for fhe same finger do you think would that be ok to wear from the astro point of view ? It would cost me for 820.00 and it is srilankan stone.

sunnyray says:

Yes, it would be Okay. It looks like a nice stone your are buying. I would like if I could take a look at it, as I feel very enthusiastic about sapphires myself.

manzoor says:

I have bought black saphire 2 years ago. And it is in silver ring. Some people say the stone should touch the body skin and only then the effects will be there. If it is not touching to the bodky skin or finger, then the effect will not be there. Please clarify. Regards manzoor

sunnyray says:

Hi manzoor,
Thanks for the interesting question. Today we believe that the effect of the stones and crystals, sapphire included, is primarily at the level of human's subtle auric bodies. Therefore, no physical contact is required. It should be enough for the stones to reside within your auric field in order to experience their metaphysical action.

nathmal jain says:


I have bought a sapphire just two days back. I just want to know which finger should be preferred to wear it and I also want to know if we can open the ring as many times as we want? Will it effect its productivity any how? Lyk in zym or swimming pool or while playing?

sunnyray says:

In order to get the maximum "productivity" as you call it from your ring, you should learn how to program it. Take a look at this web page.


Hi, I have some small pieces of blue sapphire stones. Can they help me with all the above mentioned benefits if I just keep them on my wallet?

sunnyray says:

Yes they can. You should also spend some time with them during the day trying to establish a sort of direct relationship with them. In addition, you should cleanse them, charge them and program them. While they are in your wallet, keep them separate from the other items there.

April Adams says:

Hello, Lately I have been DRAWN to Stones, so I have been studying and purchasing several different Gemstone bracelets! Love them, change colors depending on the day! I want to buy a 3 carat black sapphire in silver Ring, it is on a promotional site to raise money for Autism --Autism smiles store! 2twin boys with Autism and let me say this:These children are teaching us a new way!! Anyway this ring is 59.00 How do I know if this is real? What questions do I ask? And if it's not , does it still have any Healing properties? Please reply, thank you. April

sunnyray says:

Hi April,
That is a very nice gesture from your side to help raise money for a good cause. The price of the ring seems about right, however, there is hardly anything you can do to ensure that the stone is real, apart maybe from making sure that the dealer is reputable and authentic. If the stone is not natural, then the healing properties are virtually nonexistent.

Aurora says:

Hi. I recently bought a yellow sapphire ring. Today when I wore it, I could see a dark/black line, kinda thing inside the sapphire. Also I found a black dot behind the gem. Is this bad or unusual? I never realised this before.

sunnyray says:

Hi Aurora,
This is neither bad nor unusual - all natural stones and crystals contain such imperfections to some extent.

MOON says:

Hi there,
I have recently bought a blue star sapphire from the internet, it was customized and from an estate sale. The stone is 10mm and there is a tiny chip on the side of the stone, you can hardly see - as well there is a couple of chip diamonds. When I received this ring I had to bring it in to the jewelry as the person who made the ring didn't measure the depth and the diamond keeps scratching me. So today I got the ring and I noticed right away that my throat became dry and I got a headache, after I put the ring on. My sign is Leo do you think that it is the stone that's causing these headaches and dryness in my throat? Thanks.

sunnyray says:

Hi Moon,
I don't think the stone has anything to do with it. However, you should properly cleanse the ring in order to make sure that you have removed any negative energy it might have picked up in the meantime.

jayant says:

Recently I purchased online a blue sapphire with lab certificate. It has transparent luster and good colour. Everything is fine but near the bottom of stone there is very small cut on the cutting lines of gem which looks unusual. Pls guide..... two nights I have tested this gem and I am wearing it from this last Saturday...

sunnyray says:

There is not much I can help you with, Jayant. If the cut is small and near the bottom it obviously won't affect the look of the sapphire, nor will it significantly affect its metaphysical powers. So be at peace.

bibi says:

Hi. Great website and very informative. I have a question. Can I wear blue sapphire on one hand and yellow sapphire on the other? Also can I wear them everyday or shall I alternate them? I need some clarification on this issue please.

Uma says:

Hi, thank you for this information. Since you mainly write about Blue Sapphires, I'm wondering how much of what is shared here also relates to White Sapphire? Thank you!

sunnyray says:

Hi Uma and thanks for your comment. To briefly answer your question, a great deal of the metaphysical meanings and properties of this stone are shared among the whole family of Sapphires. This seems to be the case also for some other stones that have color variations.

Becky says:

I like the website, although it's my first time visitng... I used it when trying to recreate a Grecian ritual for my humanities class. I'm only 21 years old but I am a bit knowledgeable in this area strangely... From what I've experienced and from the best of my "book" knowledge, stones will vary in their effects based on the individual... A good measure to see how a stone will affect someone is by their natal chart I think metaphysically that all sapphires share the most basic traits of Saturn, Jupiter,and Venus with their overall qualities being of Saturn (ref: Heinrich Cornelius - three books of occult philosophy)...

I've found that lighter colors seem to make people a bit more "jovial" in both personality and thought but they are still grounded (and this can be due to their preference as well). I personally have only used dark blue sapphires in my meditations and in jewelry because I really don't care for the lighter colors.

I like the grounding and stabilizing effect of sapphire and its ability to impart logic and wisdom. There is more than one chakra affected by this stone as well - the 2nd,3rd,6th, and 7th chakra. This is a stone that improves the spiritual health of individual who has the correct astrological sign for the stone. This stone will be of no use to those whose planetary ruler is not Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus, or Neptune. This has been taught in both Vedic and Western mysticism...

My planets are centralized in Aquarius Capricorn with my moon sign being on the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer. Also check ancient rulers of the planets. Those who are born under an Earth or Air sign can use this stone but it gives its full benefits to those who have the planets in the correct place. Think where Saturn an airy~earth planet would want to be in? What house is it in? And what planet rules over that house? The above is one way that I determine what stones to buy and wear and even what metals I have them set in to maximize their qualities.

sunnyray says:

Thanks Becky for sharing your insights on Sappire's metaphysical and astrological properties.

simmis says:

Hi Sunny

I was wondering about Tundra Sapphires. Are these synthetic? Where do they come from or how were they made? What is their worth?


sunnyray says:

Hi Simmis
Tunduru(or Tundra) is a place in Africa where real Sapphires are produced. It is hard to say, however, whether or not a sapphire is a Tundra sapphire. They are usually of great quality, blue, red, violet or yellow in color, and cost quite a bit of money.

Kerry says:

Hi Sunny

I have 5 different sapphire pieces of jewelery that have been given to me as gifts over the years. I have decided to wear all of them, as it was such a waste to have them all stored away in a jewelery box! My Birth-Date is Sept. 14th. Will these beautiful gems help with peace in my life?


sunnyray says:

Hi Kerry,

Regardless of your birth date, I am sure your sapphires can help you acquire peace in your life. However, just wearing them may not be enough. Peace is a quality that requires conscious effort and wakefulness on your part too. You can charge and program your sapphires for peace, but you too should be actively involved in maintaining peace in your life. Maintaining peace is a life-long process that we all have to be engaged in. Thanks for sharing.

Tommy says:

Hi there

I was just curious as to what the carat to purity is, such as is the higher the carat the higher the purity of the stone? Also what carat does blue sapphire go up to?

Aafaq says:

Hi There,

I just want to confirm that I could wear Fuchsite, as I was born on 07th Aug so people have advised me to wear this stone but some says that I shouldn't wear. Now i have bought it & bough it very expensive, it's a 7 cts stone & I bough it for INR 35,000. Is this stone worth INR 35,000. & should I wear it if not then what stone should I wear. Thanks

su says:

Hi Sunny,

I was told to wear a yellow sapphire of about 6 carats by a jotshi that my mother knows I got it made in gold. whats the best way of knowing if the stone is right? it has fuzzyness and a black line going across (with visible ) eyes. Plz tell me where to get it checked? thanks


Elise says:

Hi, I was just wondering as I can't find it anywhere on the web about my sark green sapphire ring. It's oval shape, on real gold, it's black but when it's against light it's actually dark green. Is this a fake gem? I purchased it from a ring store a few years ago & want to now sell it, if you could possibly give me a price as to how much it's maybe worth that would be very helpful too. Thanks.

Maidah says:

Hey. My mom has a ring which we I believe has a peridot stone, it's so old she isn't even sure. So I wore the ring for a couple of days and the stone got really light green like pale green. She told me it was in the middle before she started wearing it and another ring which has kinda pomegranate colored lil stones and she says they were light pink when she started wearing them. She even takes em off at night. Is there a specific reason the stones get darker when she wears em? N lighter when I do?

sunnyray says:

Hi Maidah
We keep hearing about this and similar color-related phenomena, but it is difficult to say anything specific about them. The reason remains in the domain of the metaphysics. Of course, there are stones that are known to change color according to the specific light conditions of their environment, but peridot and sapphire are not among them.

Sandy says:

Hi, Thanks for the information about Sapphire stone! I've recently purchased a white Sapphire. It seems to be a used stone and it also has some crack lines inside; however, it doesn't have any cracks outside as I can feel the smoothness. My concern is that should I wear used and white Sapphire with crack lines.

Sumrin says:

Hi Sunnyray,
I recently purchased a white gold ring wit 1.37 cts blue sapphire and diamonds. Since the day I started wearing I have been noticing that I am facing some minor hurdles in daily life, like I misplaced some documents, got car tire flat twice in just two days.. I don't know if its just my feeling or does the ring have something to do with it. My d-o-b is 21-05-1979.. your response is well appreciated as I really love the ring and spent quite a handsome amount for it. Is it capable of bringing troubles ??

sunnyray says:

It is hard to say. There are no rules - everything about the stones is individual. All I can say is make sure that your sapphire is properly cleansed, by which I don't mean just cleaning the dust off of it.

haydar says:

I am willing to sell these stones:
1- green sapphire / 32 gt / cabochon cut / Burma stone / transparent
2- yellow sapphire / 112 gt / old cut / transparent
I can send for you the photos and certificate gems.
Best regards

sunnyray says:

Hi haydar
You are welcome to send the photos. We can put them online in case somebody is interested.

Rohan says:

My astrologer told me to wear blue sapphire ring in white gold. Is it neccesary to wear the ring in white gold or I can get it made in silver too. Please advice.

sunnyray says:

Just because Sapphire is such a quality precious stone and without going into astrology reasons, it asks for a quality setting. That means, either gold, white gold or platinum.

Michelle says:

Hi Sunny,

I have a special love for sapphires as they symbolize the gemological equivalent of my "spiritual armor"--revealed to me in a dream many years ago. I have now a beautiful blue sapphire ring made from a loose sapphire bequeathed to me by my husband's beloved grandmother when she died. It serves as my "engagement ring" even though we got it set ten years later. It is set in what has now become a popular "halo" setting--though at the time, it wasn't yet the the craze.

Anyway, the reason for writing now, is because I have the opportunity to purchase another gem for another special occasion and I am actually choosing between two very different sapphires, very different in style, and very different "emotionally" and I would like to seek you advice. One is an an orange asscher cut sapphire not paparadacha and the other is an untreated pear-shaped ruby. We have limited funds. We can only choose a simple setting. It is very interesting. It has been a very tough year for me. Both gems speak to me in different ways. They are both "battle ready" But the orange sapphire (orange has been my favorite color since I was a child) is like a wielding a shield of joy. The ruby, with it very pointed sharp edge, is quite fierce, the color is tinged with a lovely hint of fiery pink which I ADORE- BUT IT HAS A CERTAIN FRAILTY ABOUT IT, like if I am not precise, it could just break. And I do not know If I would like to send that message or that energy. What do you think of the orange---not paradacha sapphire in general and its properties? The stone I have in mind is not particularly clear, but it has depth, and it is speaking to has a combination of toughness and joy that I love. Also, there are mountings where sometimes you have the opportunity to stick in a tiny gem under the main stone, as an accent, and I figured, perhaps I can stick a tiny ruby or hot-pink sapphire, so that I can have both properties in one ring. What do you think? Many thanks.

Michelle says:

Hi Sunny,

I would still love to know what you think of orange sapphires and am grateful to see my post here. Thank you. Here is an update. I have chosen the orange sapphire, as I felt the ruby, while exceedingly beautiful needed "armament"--diamonds etc. and would not suit a plain setting that was all that we could afford. Also, as I said, there was a frailty about the stone, a pointedness a dagger-like quality that was both alluring, but not joyous. I felt after a tough year, joy was better. I cannot however choose a setting where a ruby is underneath the orange sapphire. However, I can choose side stones. Much will depend on aesthetic too, but in your opinion, do different color sapphires interact differently with one another? would blue sapphires interact differently with orange as opposed to yellow? would green tourmaline add anything to the the meaning/energy of a ring whose main stone is the orange sapphire? Thank you for your time.

sunnyray says:

Hi Michelle
Thanks for your post and for sharing with us your thoughts on these wondrous gemstone combinations. It all comes down to personal preferences. Just like you indicated in your previous comments, orange sapphire is the choice I would go with. It combines very nicely with both blue and yellow sapphires. But if I had to choose, green tourmaline in combination with orange sapphire would be my first choice. Have a lot of joy and fun with your new companions!

Mou says:

Hi, I wear a blue sapphire in a silver ring and I was told that it has to be in a gold ring. My question is if so then will my sapphire work on me or not!! Thanks.

sunnyray says:

Dear Mou,
The setting is not so significant here. It is the metaphysical influence of Sapphire we are talking about. Of course, silver and gold have their own subtle energies, but their effect is of secondary importance.

Rameez says:

Hi, I had purchased a Sapphire ring which was little small and I gave it to the jeweller to set the stone in a bigger ring, today when I got back I see reddish lines inside the stone which look likes cracks. Can it be due to heat that it cracked when they extracted the stone out, and is it still okay to wear it??? Regards

sunnyray says:

Hi Rameez,
I am not a gemologist, and your question should really be directed to an experts in gemology. As far as I can tell, yes, it can be due to heat. The other possibility is that the cracks were already there, even before the jeweller's intervention, but not that pronounced in the old settings. That said, from metaphysical standpoint it is quite OK to wear it. Many blessings, sunny.

khameraj says:

My wife just bought a blue sapphire and just want to know if scorpio can wear it.

sunnyray says:

Dear khameraj,
Blue Sapphire is certainly not restricted to any single Zodiac sign. All signs can wear it if they find themselves attracted to this beautiful stone. With Love and Light, sunny

al says:

Hi Sunnyray

I hope you can clarify something for me. I got a gold ring with diamond with a flat small translucent somewhat dark brownish, greenish coloured shappire oval stone (less than one cm in the long end of oval shape) but you can see various lines in them. Are these real stones or could be manufactured ? If they are real, are lines desirable ?

Or could this be not shappire ? just a mistake in identification ?

sunnyray says:

Hi al, it is really hard to tell just from the description.

aishi says:

Why my yellow sapphire is turning black?

DSam says:

Dear Sunnyray

Recently I bought a silver ring with blue sapphire (2.8 crt). Please could you advice if I can wear the ring with the stone facing inside the palm?

Thank you

priya says:

Hi, sunnyray, Thanks for sharing this precious knowledge about Blue Sapphire. Because many time people scared to wear Blue Sapphire because of Shani Swami and sometimes because of some myths about its effects. But I got very good results after wearing this Blue sapphire ring according to my rashi. I have one question please, that Can I wear Sapphire Jewelry like earrings and neckless along with my ring?

Charlie says:

Dear Sunny Ray, I just purchased a 2.02c blue or dark blue sapphire ring set with 22k yellow gold blue. Would it be alright if I can send the pics of it for you to assess if it's really an original sapphire stone. It's my birthstone actually. Thanks.

sunnyray says:

Dear Charlie
It is quite alright for you to send the pictures. In fact, I can publish them here if you want, however, please note that it is virtually impossible to assess your sapphire just based on its photos, or to assess any other stone that way.

Sarah says:

Hi Sunny
This is a terrific site - your answers provide balanced and sensible information and your articles on chakras, cleaning and programming crystals have been seriously enlightening. Thank you for that!

Onto my question: I'm about to buy a medium blue sapphire and was planning to have it set in a ring. I was wondering if it's okay to have other stones in the ring as well or should I just go with a sapphire on its own? More than aesthetics, my goal here is to have a stone that helps me heal emotionally. So it's not a priority for me to make the ring 'prettier', so to speak, if it interferes/clashes with the sapphire energy.

Would appreciate your thoughts on this matter.

Thank you!

sunnyray says:

Dear Sarah
Thanks for the kind words. I believe it is quite okay to have other stones besides sapphire. In fact I'm not aware of any stones that would interfere with your blue sapphire.

Priyanka Sharma says:

I have a bright gray colour sapphire stone and scratches are there. I asked the shopkeeper and he said scratches and a slight crack are the prof of a real stone. Can you tell me what should I do now?

sunnyray says:

In a way, that's true. All real stones have imperfections. There is no point worrying about that. Enjoy in your stone just the way it is.

Lingam says:

Hi Sunny, I found most of the answers help to address the doubt of the wearer. Please help me also. I'm wearing a blue sapphire. I wore it for almost 1 year. Recently I went to a shop to get my damaged ring changed, and the guy told me the sapphire is glowing inside and ask me how long I'm wearing it. I told him that it's about 10 months and I ask if there is anything wrong. And he told me he just asked. Is there anything wrong with that? And does the stone structure or color change upon wearing?

ishita says:

I am wearing a sapphire which looks like black in colour with a silver ring. It's on the middle finger of right hand. Can I wear another light blue sapphire ring on my left hand as well??

sunnyray says:

@ Lingam:
I read a lot about people complaining their gemstone's color gets changed upon wearing. The structure itself shouldn't be able to change, but the color ... who knows. The most obvious physical reason I can think of could be the introduction of body heat. As for the metaphysical reasons, they should not be excluded as well, but here it is difficult to pinpoint any obvious ones.

@ ishita:
I really don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t wear two sapphire rings at the same time.

Bhagwan chellaney says:

It's a good site for correct knowledge. Please clarify it to me because my wife does not want to wear blue sapphire in silver, she wants gold or white gold. Are both options acceptable as per astrology. Myself, can I wear white sapphire and emerald in gold or white gold. Thanks.

sunnyray says:

Dear Bhagwan,
I am no expert in Vedic astrology, so I wouldn’t know about it. However, I am sure sapphires and emeralds deserve to be set in gold or white gold and I cannot possibly think of any adverse effects. Thanks for your comment.

Sanjay says:

I bought a white sapphire but its certificate from gemology says it contains slight blue tint... It is good sapphire...

Shakti says:


I as advised to wear a white sapphire however due to non availability, I ordered for yellow sapphire.

Would it still serve the purpose of prosperity and balance or not wearing a white but yellow bring opposites effect. I am Gemini (DOB 2 June 1981).

sunny says:

I think they should be very similar, but please note, I am no expert in Vedic astrology.

Syrinx says:


First: Is the difference between a midnight blue and a black the amount of impurities in the making of the sapphire?

Second: Could the "Scratches" these people are seeing in their sapphires actually be light reflecting off of the inclusions in the stone?

Thank you!

sunny says:

Dear Syrinx,
Thanks for the interesting questions. Indeed, the color of sapphire has to do with impurities. Pure sapphire without impurities (that is, with impurities below a certain threshold) is colorless. In particular, blue sapphire is related to titanium and iron impurities. As little as 0.01 percent of these impurities are needed for the blue color to show (source). As for the possible relation between scratches and inclusions, I am not sure, that question should in fact be directed to a gemologist.

Neha says:

Hi sunny, my boyfriend has bought me a 5 carat blue sapphire, which is very expensive and beautiful. I did a lot of research before wearing it and even he went to quite a few astrologer to find out if the stone will suit me. I never had a trial for that since I wanted to wear it on my birthday and he immediately gave it to the jeweller for making a ring. I wear it simply without any procedure and sometimes also forgets to chant the shani mantra. I am feeling as if the stone is having a negative impact on my life as my life went upside Down. Though I also had some very positive effects. I fail to understand that is it just my thinking that i keep thinking that i should have bought diamonds rather than tr blue sapphire or the affect of the stone. My dob is 31 aug and time is 0855 am. Pls pls guide me I am very tensed. Thank you

sunny says:

Dear Neha,
Yes, your mental attitude matters. I would also suggest cleansing the stone. Mantra meditation is one of the best possible ways to doing that. With love and light, sunny!

Preeti says:

Hi, I would love to wear a 5 carat round cut blue sapphire engagement ring made in platinum. But I am quite scared of it's negative consequences on me. My zodiac sign is scorpion. Is it possible to evade its effect by placing sapphire stone with high mount setting on platinum so that it could not touch my skin and provide any effect???

sunny says:

Hi Preeti,
If you believe that the stone will bring you negative consequences, avoiding skin contact won't help much, because it will still be able to exercise its metaphysical action. However, it is not clear to me why you should expect negative effects in the first place?

Preeti says:

Hi. Thank you so much for replying. I am not sure whether it will or it will not. Whenever I read about blue sapphire effect on scorpion zodiac sign, it is mentioned that in scorpions blue sapphire should be worn only during Saturn phases and in other case it should be avoided. Engagement ring is something that someone wear forever and buys only once in lifetime but if my engagement ring made with sapphire proved fatal to me then it will spoil everything. I have consulted anyone about it. Asking you about it for the first time. Any remedies?? or shall I try a 4-5 carat round cut emerald solitaire or ruby set in platinum??

sunny says:

If you are certain about the adverse effects, then it makes no sense to go for it. Often our firmly held beliefs or opinions are equally as important as anything else, and they shouldn't be disregarded. You alone will have to decide what is best for you. I wish you all the best in your choice.

Raz says:

Hi sunny
I am just wondering is blue star sapphire hold the same healing properties as blue sapphire? How much cart minimum should I wear to get its best healing and other benefit. Is that OK if I wear it on little finger? Thanks.

sunny says:

Hi Raz
Thanks for your comment. If I had to choose, I would choose the blue star sapphire over the blue sapphire. So, yes. The little finger is fine as well.

Raz says:

Hi sunny
Thank you for answering my question. I got a blue star sapphire ring. I love it. But it is tiny, only 2ct. I. am not sure it is too small or not!! Do you think I should get bigger then 2ct?? I have read in some web site saying you need at least 5ct to get its good effect. I am not sure whether it is right or wrong. Can you please advise me regarding this please. And I am wearing on my right hand little finger and some web site saying it should be worn on middle finger to get effect !! I am confused.

sunny says:

While the bigger stones are often more attractive, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are stronger in terms of metaphysical action. So, if you are pleased with your 2ct sapphire star, I see no reason to ask for another bigger stone. God bless!

Divya says:

I have a question. I am wearing a dark blue sapphire (neelam), maybe since one and a half month before. When I WEARED it first time, I felt like "sleeping beautifully". I usually do not see dreams. So I did not see dreams even after wearing it. I have seen some positive personal changes within my attitude. But expecting gain in professional and monetary terms as is said that NEELAM IS FASTEST ACTING STONE. But that kind of gain I haven't observed. My time of birth is 3.15 PM, MUZAFFARNAGAR, U.P. Name DIvya.

Arokia Yesuraj P says:

Dear Sunny, just 2 months before i purchased yellow sapphire & it has a crack in the top middle which is in the back of the yellow sapphire which i can see, i am wearing it, just saw in the web it says many reasons like little crack is harmful not good etc, could u please help me

Anuradha says:

Hi Sunny, love your posts. I have a question. I recently bought a black sapphire ring with diamonds which looks dark blue when held against light and I would like to know if this is normal and also how do I cleanse it prior to wearing it. Also what mantra should I chant prior to wearing it plz? Regards Anuradha

Rebecca says:


I was told by an astrologer during a chart reading that I should be wearing a blue sapphire set in gold. Fortunately when I told my mother about this she told me she had a lovely blue sapphire ring in a gold setting she would happily pass along to me. She said it wasn't inexpensive so to take care of it. It's a deep blue color and oval cut. I noticed that when I held it to the light to see it's clarity that while it is quite translucent, there is also a diagonal striping happening. I am curious what this is? ...rutilation? And does this affect the quality a lot? Also being associated with Saturn, what finger is best to wear it on? Thank you in advance

sunny says:

Hi Rebecca. It could be rutile in sapphire; it is hard to tell without seeing the stone. If that's the case, even though the quality could be somewhat affected, I wouldn't be too disappointed. Rutile brings its own metaphysical qualities to sapphire, or any other gemstone for that matter.

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