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Ajna chakra - fundamental facts

Ajna, the sixth chakra, one of the basic seven centers, is known under the following names: forehead chakra, chakra of the teachers, mind chakra, third eye chakra and others. It is situated on the forehead between the eyebrows. It is a center of the power of conception, but it also has the potential of developing Divine sight, sensitivity and clairvoyance. Within the two pastel petals of this chakra, one can get access to the many elevated planes of super-consciousness and wondrous inner worlds. Its meaning is command, while its color tends toward purple shades. The vehicle of the sixth chakra Ajna is the swan and the characteristic metal is silver. The associated planet is Uranus and its higher sight is intuition. The formula of the Ajna chakra is AUM.

Within the negative aspects of the Ajna chakra one can distinguish pride and intellectual arrogance. It is the place or gate, where one can allow or deny, doubts and suspicion to enter one's mind.

Its positive aspects, already discerned in the early mythology, are The all seeing eye of God, and the power of concentration. The power of concentration liberates the consciousness from the Ego. Thereby, the consciousness can become aware of its unity with the universe.

Elohim Vista, known as Cyclopea, the Elohim of the Fifth Green Light Ray is in charge of this center. His message is that no life stream can really consecrate itself to anything constructive unless the mind and heart together make this effort. The awakened Ajna brings knowledge about the nature of all things.

Crystals and Ajna

This psychic center is the seat of intuition, sensitivity and open-mindedness. Therefore, dark blue crystals are best suited for the Ajna center: azurite, which helps in conscious facing the programmed beliefs, falcons eye, which gives us bird view over all events in our lives, kianite, which reminds us that everything happens for a reason, and that we are in process of constant change, lapis lasuli, which dissolves hidden beliefs and brings them to the surface, sugilite, which releases bitterness and feeling of quilt, and indigolite, which reveals the illusion and brings the truth back to the owner of this stone.

Rare stones:Serandite | Pink Amethyst | Nuummite | Shungite | Sugilite | Ametrine | Boji stones

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