Note: Crystals cannot be an alternative for medical attention nor can they be a substitute.

Love is the greatest gift and blessing we can possibly have in our life. Especially and above everything else, Divine love. Pure and selfless love should be the focus of our lives and there are some stones and crystals that can help us awaken it.

Besides spiritual love, there are also different aspects of love that are expressed at different levels of our existence. Historically, different stones have been associated with these different types of love. In the following, we will give a list of stones that can be associated with unconditional love, love towards one's own being, passionate love, marital love, idealistic, or romantic love.

If I had to choose only one stone that would represent the emotion of love, above all the others it would be Rose quartz. Here is the list:

    rose quartz tumbled stones
  • Universal love stone: rose quartz.
  • Positive self love: amazonite, diamond, herkimer diamond, chrysoprase, calcite, lepidolite, magnesite, rose quartz, and variscite.
  • Love in general: agate, aquamarine, pearls, amber, diamond, diopside, phenakite, garnet, hematite, hiddenite, chrysoprase, calcite, kunzite, larimar, lepidolite, magnetite, magnesite, moonstone, fire opal, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, rose quartz, pink amethyst, rutile, sardonyx, serpentine, shiva lingam, turquoise, topaz, thulite, indicolite, rubellite, and jade.
  • Love on all levels: ruby, ruby in zoisite.
  • Marital love: ametrine, aquamarine, aventurine, onyx, peridot, rutile, and sardonyx.
  • Adoration and devotional love: shiva lingam.
  • Attraction of soul mate: prasem, rhodochrosite, and rose quartz.
  • lepidolite
  • Renewal of love: lepidolite, morganite, porphyrite, and shattuckite.
  • Celebration of love and life joy: apophyllite, amber, diopside, dolomite, fire opal, and porphyrite.
  • Acceptance of love: agate, lepidolite, and magnesite.
  • Pure universal love and Divine love: amazonite, kunzite, morganite, rainbow obsidian, rhodochrosite, ruby, and shiva lingam.
  • Unconditional love: clinochlore, pyroxmangite, pietersite, prehnite, rhodonite, and emerald.

What is your favorite stone of love? Please share your experiences in the comment section below?

Based on the book "The Magical World of Crystals" by Olga Rezo.


cheryl says:

Hello, thanks for your really informative articles. My question is this. I had a Vedic Astrology Reading and was advised to wear Yellow Topaz as my Talisman stone, which I do. I was told that I am a vedic Scorpio, with Moon in Cancer. My Sidreal Sign is Sag, with Leo Moon, Leo rising, I always wear a Ruby, and a Yellow Sapphire as I was advised by a Vedic Gemologist from NY. What are your thoughts on this. Just Curious. thanks CK

sunny says:

Hi cheryl
Thanks for the interesting question. Vedic astrology is an ancient system, one of the best when in comes to using crystals as birthstones. Based on a proven spiritual practice, it is certainly one of the most solid interpretations. This website, however, follows the system of "Mystical Birthstones", as presented in Olga Rezo's book. At the end of the day, I would say, it is a matter of personal preference what interpretation you choose to follow.

Your Comment:

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