The very fact that hematite stones are magnetic amongst the huge variety of metaphysical crystals that are non-magnetic, indicates that we have here a mineral with some pretty amazing properties. Another important feature of hematite that cannot be neglected is the fact that it is an iron based stone. Surely, a huge number of crystals and semi precious stones have iron atoms within their structure, but in hematite stones iron is the dominant constituent. In general, we can say that hematite is a stone of healing, grounding, fortune telling, meditation, stabilization and protection. Hematite is a great stone to have, either as loose stone (see the photo below) or as a gem in some form of jewelry. If you want to purchase hematite gemstones online, you can check our suggestions here.

Color and notable occurrences of hematite

If you have ever seen hematite you already know how unforgettable it is. Its color - metallic when polished, and with its somewhat similar appearance as steel - this is quite unique stone. It can be found in Brazil, USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy.

History and metaphysical meaning of hematite

We can say that hematite is a rather strange stone, heavy, compact, quite unlike the other metaphysical crystals. Its very name is a mystery. In ancient times it has been called blood stone, which at first sight, after looking at a piece of tumbled hematite, is quite mysterious. However, when this stone is deliberately scratched, scraped or polished it sort of bleeds and forms stains that appear like blood.

hematite loose stones What are the metaphysical properties of hematite? Hematite stones are known to create a protective environment, a sort of reflective shield around the person who wears them. This makes these stones convenient for meditation. The created shield enables reflecting negative energies, thoughts and feelings back to their source. This feature calls for caution, since likewise your negative thoughts can be reflected back to you. In meditation hematite nicely combines with rock crystals as well as with herkimer diamonds. It is only necessary to put hematite on one side and rock crystals on the other side of the body. In this sense, hematite is used to ground down the energies and information, that come from the seventh crown chakra, that is, from the higher spiritual and Divine spheres into the physical world.

Hematite can also be used for divination purposes. People say that one of the possible methods of foretelling is to put a hematite stone is such position as to reflect the flame of a nearby lit candle. One should relentlessly stare at the reflection of the flame and think about the question one would like to get answered.

Hematite is a male stone. This is obvious from the excess of iron in its structure, as iron is a typical male element. It is a stone of male love which promotes creating a relationship of love, balance and peace. Some say this stone brings mental clarity, better focus and concentration, clear thoughts and develops photographic memory.

Crystal theraphy with hematite

On the physical level and in crystal therapy, hematite heals and recuperates, as well as regroup the forces within our organism after difficult times and procedures, such as anesthesia, invasive searches, stress and devastating moments of one's ego. It helps in regeneration of the skin. Hematite is a powerful stone to extract negative energies from the body. While holding this stone in your hands, visualize the desired healing process and then put hematite on on top of the affected area or tissue.

But what really puts hematite over all the other stones is the blood related problems. This is perfect stone for blood circulation problems, anemia, and bleeding. Likewise, it is very good for healing wounds and cuts.

Hematite cleansing and charging

There are some basic measures of precaution related to hematite, but above all avoid contact with water. Hematite can be charged and cleansed at the same time if put on top of rock crystals. Hematite stone itself can cleanse a number of other crystals and semi precious stones.

An elixir made from hematite is not recommended. Better is to put several hematite stones in direct contact with your skin. Due to its strength, combine it with some other crystals, such as for instance, rose quartz, herkimer diamond, rock crystal or others.


hema says:

very good name crystal and i wanted to know the properties and all about it.thank you

docilebynature says:

Thank you so much for this article, it has a wealth of information. I have been designing jewelry for a few years and hematite is one of the few unisex stones. I love its appearance and the benefits. Thank you once again for the information of hematite ! May your days be prosperous

Ana says:

Thank you I recently purchased a hematite ring and dint know how to clean it.. great information....

Pat says:

When cleaning and charging hematite, why should we avoid water? Will it harm the stone or the wearer?
Thank You

sunny says:

No, not the wearer, it could afect the stone. As an iron based stone, it's better to avoid contact with water. Mineralologically, when put in contact with water, hematite forms a sort of interface - a very thin water layer at its surface. So, it won't really harm the stone, but probably it is not a good idea to clean it with water too often.

foster says:

where can I learn the weight in ounces of a hematite stone that measures 1"x3/4"x1/8" ?

sunny says:
If I am not mistaken, the weight of that stone should be around 0.3 ounces.

Upsided0wnducks says:

Just so you know, true Hematite is not really that magnetic. If you searched for information about it at all you'd know this. "Magnetic Hematite" is a synthetic material that's actually called Hematine, Hemalyke, Hemalike etc. Any "Hematite" that that is magnetic is fake. True Hematite will barely ever react to other hematite or a magnet.


sunny says:

Well, unfortunately, the things are not that simple. Indeed, Hematite is one of the mineral with pronounced magnetic properties. You can see that easily by checking, for example, the hitchhikers guide to magnetism - that is, their chapter on magnetic minerals. Because we are now entering the field of complicated physics, I will only say without further elaboration that hematite is a canted antiferromagnet.

You must have been perplexed by the fact that hematite does not show any apparent magnetic features, like magnetite or some ferromagnetic materials would. But, I repeat, this does not mean that Hematite is not a magnetic material. Only its magnetism is more complex, and not that easily discernible by a non-expert.

Don Wilson says:

I find all kinds of bulk magnetic hematite, that is in one place called hematine, and mentions that most magnetic hematite is really synthetic. What is the truth.

sunny says:

This is not untrue what you say about hematine Don. If you by the term magnetic consider only the behavior of strong bulky magnets, then yes, you are right. But hematite is also a magnetic material, exhibiting very interesting magnetic properties, such as for example anti-ferromagnetism. It does not mean that a piece of hematite will visibly attract an iron bar - no it won’t. Nevertheless, hematite belongs to the class of magnetic minerals.

Julie says:

Why is it that I can't wear hematite? My daughter gave me a necklace made of hematite and rose quartz. I wore it for two days when I began to notice that at the base of my skull was starting to get sore and swell the longer I wore it the more painful it became. After four days I decided to take it off to see if it was the reason for the pain as soon as I took it off the pain began to recede. Can you tell me why this would happen? Anything you could tell me would be appreciated. Thank you.

sunny says:

Hi Julie,
Hematite is really a specific, heavy stone. I usually wear it for a couple of hours a day only. It can be great for relieving stress and anxiety. However, the fact that it is an iron based stone, along with its weak magnetism, can pose a problem with some people and in some cases. I don’t think we actually understand the full impact of magnetism (magnetic fields) on our physical body (as well as on our subtle, auric bodies). So, there is no rule here, you have to try each separate stone and crystal and see how they affect your body, mind and feelings. Usually, nothing bad happens, but there are always stones of incompatible energy, or at least temporary incompatible.

Jocelan Martell says:

Yes, it is an interesting stone but my question was not answered. I wear my hematite ring all the time, even washing dishes and now it is dull. How can it be shiny again?

sunny says:

Zam Polish is one option. It gives excellent final touch on most moderately hard stones. We’ve tried it on silver, gold and turquoise with good results.

Julie says:

Thank you for getting back to me about this. I will try it for only a couple of hours and see how it works. The necklace also has rose quartz on it. I will let you know how it goes.

jane says:

what can I do if my hematite gets wet, why is water to be avoided?

sunny says:

Nothing special, Jane. It does not matter if it gets wet, but I would not let my hematite stones stay submerged in water for too long. It is an iron compound, and we all know what effect water can have on iron.

stringal says:

it seams that holding hematite on the hand , because it rases it temperature , it can only them , became with weak magnetic prorieties : that is why it is so useful !

Cindy says:

My question about hematite is a bizarre one and everyone looks at me strange when I explain this. Any time I wear anything hematite, the hematite actually pushes itself away from me. I have tried numerous bracelets and necklaces and have witnesses of them "flying" off my wrist. Can anyone explain why this is happening?

sunny says:

Cindy, I can only say - thanks for sharing your somewhat strange but interesting experience. I am afraid that I cannot really comment on why this is happening to you. The first thought I had when I read your comment was an unusually strong bodily magnetism. Hopefully someone will know the answer. I can only ask if you have had similar experiences with other iron-based stones, like magnetite or pyrite? Both minerals are iron oxides, like hematite, but with different internal structures.

Colleen says:

I was recently at an exhibition, there was a booth featuring hematite. The exhibitor told me of the healing properties of hematite and said the shower was the best way to clean the stone, yet the above article said not to use water on the stone. I am confused.

sunny says:

No need to be confused, Colleen. Using water is something most people would do to cleanse hematite, anyway. There will be no apparent consequences to that cleansing technique, but still I would prefer using some of the other methods, if possible.

riz anne says:

Thank you for the information. Someone gave me a hematite necklace some years ago. I didn't appreciate it at first because of lack of knowledge on gemstones and crystals. It's only today that I've worn it. Well, i believe, it has good effects on me. I feel so light today despite the workloads and stressful situations.

renee says:

I was told that hematite was good for fear of flying, my son has to travel and has a real fear of air travel, is this true and would this stone be good for him, I have one with gold I thought about giving him.

sunny says:

Hi Renee,

It is true that hematite, in general, reduces stress and relieves anxiety. In your particular case, I would say it is worth trying - it certainly cannot do any harm.

Samantha says:

I have read that hematite is good for aiding in legal cases... How would I go about cleansing and charging the stone for my husbands upcoming legal case. Is there a specific place he should wear/carry it and does the size of the stone matter?

sunny says:

Hi Samantha,
You can cleanse your hematite stone either by using incense smoke, or by burying it in the ground (dry soil) for at least 24 hours. You can charge it by holding the stone in your hands and employing your power of visualization. Then, you should carry it always with you. The size does not matter much, just make sure you have a real tumbled hematite, not some synthetic stone, such as hematine for example.

Sue says:

Whenever I wear hematite, I get a very energized feeling right away. At first I feel jittery, but then it is just a constant feeling of energy flowing through my body, especially in my chest area, and it can feel overwhelming at times. I can only wear hematite for short periods of time. When I take the hematite off, the energized feeling lingers for quite some time too. I haven't worn hematite in quite some time, but today I made a hematite and bloodstone necklace for the Root Chakra, and sure enough, the energized feeling was overwhelming. It's amazing. It's like the hematite immediately opens up my energy you think this is what is happening?

sunny says:

Hi Sue,
It is difficult to describe the precise mechanism by which Hematite effects our energy field, but your are right. It has to do with the energy centers - chakras. Hematite possesses excellent grounding properties, meaning that it sort of cleanses the energy channels within our etheric body. As a result, the chakras begin to open, effectively contributing to the energized feeling you describe.

Nelly says:

Hi, I bought two Hematite's and they are the magnetic one's. I am wondering if you can tell me what healing properties they have and how I can use them. They are small enough to put in the palm of your hands. Thank you.

sunny says:

Hi Nelly,
If you by magnetic Hematite mean Hematine, then the healing properties are not so great. All man made stones are considered relatively weak metaphysical stones.

celta says:


I have rainbow hematite cluster. I dont know where to place it since some say it can give -ve impact sometimes. So I put it inside a cupboard. I also have pyrite, quartz cluster and huge amethyst geode. Pls, pls advice. Oh & our home is a very small apartment. Tqq.

sunny says:

For example, you can place your hematite cluster in or close to a flowerpot, and then use it whenever you need to ground yourself or utilize its metaphysical powers.

Danny Swiatek says:

After I started wearing my hematite stone I've noticed more positive energy in my life!

Aralya says:

I just bought some hematite stones and they've been soaking in salt water for 24 hours, thinking I was doing the right think to clean them. Should I get some new ones and not use these since you say they shouldn't be put in water? Does it modify or take their qualities and healing properties in any way?

sunny says:

Hi Aralya
It is not a big deal, but I would suggest not to use water in the future. Since loose hematite stones are generally inexpensive, you might also consider replacing the stones you already have with a new set (in case you intend to do something important with them).

Amir jackson says:

Hi, my name is Amir, I have a book about all the stones in the world, and it talks about them and their effects on the chakra system. I read in one of the earlier comments that someone was able to feel their energy better. I wanted to know if there was a way I could improve/work on the ability to feel the chackra better by wearing my hematite, and what’s your opinion on out of body experiences?

sunny says:

Hi Amir,

Thanks for your comment. Working with stones, in a way, can certainly help to improve the ability to feel the energy of the chakras. This kind of sensitivity comes with years of practice, but what’s even more important is to get involved in meditation and other forms of spiritual activities. This will ensure that your attention is turned inwards instead of outwards, thus increasing your sensitivity to the subtle energy flow that constantly goes on at the level of the etheric body.

esmeralda says:

What happens if my hematite bracelet used to be wet with water always as I'm wearing it all the time....

sunnyray says:

I don’t think wearing a hematite bracelet all the time is such a good idea. You can do that but it is much more effective if you wear it only occasionally, when you feel the need to ground yourself or in order to release the possible accumulated negative energy.

yvonne says:

Hello Sunny,
Great website that you have here! I have a question about a hematite divining pendulum that I bought from Brasil. Some say that the horizontal swing is a "yes" and a vertical swing is a "no." I have even asked the pendulum which one it means and I am really confused because it sometimes swings in circles! Is hematite reliable?

sunnyray says:

Hi Yvonne,
The hematite divining pendulum, just like the other types of pendulum, represents a way to connect with your subconscious mind. You can and should ask your subconscious mind what direction represents "yes" and what direction represents "no" in your particular case. As far as I can tell, though, and in most of the cases, it is the clockwise rotation which means "yes", whereas the counter clockwise rotation is "no". The horizontal or vertical swings give a sort of undefined reply.

christopher says:

Can you explain more on the caution with having your own negative thoughts/energy reflected back to yourself? I am looking for a good grounding stone as I am up in the air most of the time, and have alot of negativity internally as well as in my environment. Guilt, fear, depression, lack of energy to name a few. Ty in advance.

sunnyray says:

The point is that you should first work on the purification of your negative energies/thoughts/emotions. This is a sort of prerequisite for any type of serious spiritual work, including working with crystals and stones. It is not an easy task, and it takes a lot of time, but it is a necessity. And the crystals are just tools capable of amplifying our own energy. If we send them negative energy they might amplify it and reflect it back on us. For a start, make sure you are in a good mood whenever you approach your crystals, work with them or perform your metaphysical crystal practice.

Al says:

Thanks for your excellent web-site. The hematite bracelets I bought from amazon are like magnets and any iron object sticks to them. Based on your description, these bracelets sound like hematine not hematite.

Where can I find a true hematite bracelet? Thanks in advance

sunnyray says:

Hi Al

I am sorry to hear about all this. Obviously, the only way to make sure that you are going to get a genuine hematite bracelet is purchasing it off-line. Try to find a reputable crystal store, and bring some iron pieces with you.

Kei says:

Hi, what I thought I was wearing hematite is not hematite, however it relives my pain in the body like shoulder pain! Thank you for your information.

ray says:

I have wiccans in my family dating to the druids and when I was in job corps it seemed everyone came to me to charge their hematite and to cleanse it with my own energy. Could you explain why? I am not a practicing wiccan.

Gatis says:

Hi, Sunnyray. I bought a hematite ring yesterday and i have been feeling better and better, it even helped me get rid of a rather unpleasant feeling in my foot.(but only if i am wearing it) The weird thing happened today. I was wearing the ring, but put on a silver cross with a silver chain on my neck. All day i have been feeling slightly more tired than usually, i even had a loss of balance for a while. I was out the whole day, went to an underground lake sightseeing place, if that has any influence. And now, when i got home it was slightly harder to breath. Until i removed the silver cross and chain. Why is that? Does hematite not like silver or is it the other way around? Why could this happen? Any advice or even ideas would be nice. Thank You in advance.

sunnyray says:

Hi Gatis,
Thanks for sharing your experiences of working with and wearing hematite with us. As far as we can tell, the subject of mutual compatibility of various stones and metals is of very subjective nature, meaning that different individuals often react differently. This may even change from one point in time to the next. This is no surprise, as our auric fields are living, breathing systems, affected by everything that surrounds us, including different crystals, stones and metals. I hope this helps to a certain extent. All the best.

Alioth says:

I've seen in some books & places that hematite is recommended to be used only for short periods of time, why is this?

sunnyray says:

Hematite can be a peculiar stone, especially for certain people overly sensitive to its energies. Even in general we do not recommend extended use of hematite. If you want to use it a prolonged period of time, taking a break from time to time might be a good idea.

drjill says:

I heard that hematite can ground/neutralize/protect against EMFs from cell phones/computers etc. How true is this? How would i utilize it for this purpose?

sunnyray says:

The general idea is to have hematite stones nearby while working with EMF sources. Try to monitor (feel) your own electromagnetic field (i.e. auric field), and see it for yourself if your aura feels more compact and less affected by these harmful external influences.

Jim Yawane says:

Currently in possession of a hematitate stone, perfectly round and weighs almost 2 kg. Trying to sell but do not where and how much will it cost. Help and find me someone that maybe interested.

sunnyray says:

Hi Jim
I really wouldn’t know, but maybe someone reading this page could have an idea about the price of your hematite sphere.

Trevina D says:

Thank you so much for this wealth of info on your site. I have had carpal tunnel for years and I wear my hematite bracelet and feel no pain in my hand when I'm wearing it. Your site makes me want to delve deeper into the healing properties of other stones. Thanks again

sunnyray says:

Thanks Trevina for dropping by and sharing with us your experience about the healing properties of hematite. I am glad to hear that your hematite bracelet is able to help you eliminate the pain.

Jennifer says:

Hello, Something curious happened to me today and I am still wondering about it. I went to a stone shop to look for hematite beads. The lady showed me a hematite necklace and as she put it in my hand ,the string broke, spreading all the beads around... we were both astonished as I just held it and did not even have time to manipulate the necklace. She immediately said this is meant to be yours , may it bring you all the luck you need. I'll sell you the number of beads you need.(We checked the string it was sort of nylon, something strong)... But then I remembered that this is not the 1st time that an hematite jewelry broke like this. I had a bracelet that I was wearing broke the same way about 20 yrs ago.I would please like to know if this is relevant ? Thank you

sunnyray says:

Hi Jennifer,
I believe that everything that happens in our lives is relevant and nothing happens just by chance. It is, however, up to you to find out what exactly this means - whether it means that hematite is the right stone for you, that you should not wear hematite at all, or something else.

Barbara Fields says:

Where is the closest place to buy a hematite bracelet with rose quartz on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland?

sunnyray says:

Hi Barbara
Maybe some of the visitors of this website will know the answer to your question. However, you can always try to find what you are looking for online. Here is a nice rose quartz plus hematite bracelet you can purchase online via

Sonja Hughes says:

Thank you for a great site nice to read what others have to say about this wonderful stone. I was so naive about stones and crystals until recently. I have been given a Hematite bracelet by a friend because I have been draining the life out of watch batteries for years so have not owned one. She said it would ground me so I do not do this any more. After a few days my lower back was aching (usually have to have injections to alleviate this on going problem) But decided to put the bracelet on my back to see what would happen. My surprise no pain after just half an hour resting with it. Now use it when pain is unbearable great for shoulder and neck pain as well. Also I leave bracelet on a sunny window sill.

sunnyray says:

Hi Sonja
Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts on Hematite. I am sure your personal experiences with regards to Hematite grounding and pain relief can be very useful also to the other visitors of All the best.

Amanda says:

Do you find that hematite can hold more energy/charge than other types of stones? I have observed this, and I also wonder, what makes this so?

sunnyray says:

Hi Amanda,
Thanks for the interesting question. I would say that the energy of hematite is of such quality that it is more apparent to us (or we can interact with it more readily), whereas the energy that can be stored in some of the other stones is of more subtle quality, even if equally potent.

Susan says:

Great website! I bought a hematite ring 2 days ago and knew nothing about the unique properties of this beautiful stone. A bit of background info, I have been recovering from severe anxiety and depression for months now. Well, shortly after I put the ring on, I started to feel calmer, more confident, optimistic and somehow "protected." (The word "protected" came into my mind while I was wearing it.) Now, reading your website, I understand why. Thanks for the thorough information, Sunnyray!

sunnyray says:

Thanks Susan for sharing your insight with us.

Kelly says:

This stone is super effective. I used it for a part of my body that's aching. Not even a minute after and the pain's gone. I can't believe it myself. Truly amazing!

sunnyray says:

That's fantastic Kelly. Thanks for sharing.

jim says:

I have found a large and heavy hermatite, it is dark gray with heavy silver glitter. It is about 4 lbs and 3x3x2 inches. I would like to know what the value might be ,if any. It is very specular.

Tanya says:

What incense do you recommend to cleanse magnetic hematite, what is the best way to charge it and how often should this be done please?

sunnyray says:

Any natural incense will do. In order to charge it, you can expose your hematite to sunlight for a couple of hours or if you have a couple of previously charged Rock crystals you can use them to charge your hematite stone. As for the frequency of charging, twice a month should be enough for most purposes.

Jack says:

Thank you for your wonderful wealth of information sunny, it is truly helpful. I am in possession of several pieces of hematite, over trials of experimentation with several different varieties of crystals i find myself drawn quite specifically to hematite, and like to use it during mediation with yellow apatite. what are some other stones that may be well paired with hematite?

sunny says:

Dear Jack,
Hematite is compatible with many crystals. In addition to Apatite, you can use it with Rock crystal, Rose quartz, Amethyst, Herkimer diamond, and Citrine. With love and light,

Kristine says:

Thank you for the information, I was wanting to know how to cleanse and charge it. I just found out that it works on my restless leg syndrome. Worked wonderfully and instantaneously.

sunny says:

That is so great, Kristine
Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It is good to know that Hematite is able help with your RLS.

Sandra says:

I was given a ring three years ago, it was much admired with the stone in it being Hematite and it fell on the wooden floor a couple of days ago and broke into three pieces, I didn't think this would happen ? as I always thought it was very strong. I have a matching piece of jewellry which is a silver chain with the same setting Hematite stone in a silver setting on it.

sunny says:

Dear Sandra
I am sorry to hear that your Hematite stone was damaged. Yes, they look strong, and they are certainly hard, but they are fragile at the same time. One should always be careful, even with the hardest stones. With love and light, sunny.

JAR says:

I bought two "hematite" rings from Lily Dale. They were displayed on a magnetic board so maybe they were the man made type. Anyway, I put them on my thumbs to try them on. Walked around the store for a few minutes and then decided that the one was a bit too big. I went back to find a smaller size, but when I put the ring back on the board the would not "stick" anymore. I tried the other and the same thing had happened. Is it possible that I demagnetized the rings? If so, what does this mean?

Leni says:

Hi, is it okay to wear hematite on the right hand and amethyst on the left, at the same time? Is it also safe to wear citrine and black tourmaline at the same time, one on each hand? Thanks in advance.

Sandy says:

I love hematite however every time I wear a pendant or necklace I get a huge headache! I have a history of a neck injury, can this be the reason?

Rae says:

For record I just want to say that hematite is truly a healing stone if your energies are focused properly,along with the help of meditation and other rituals...I bought it for "dirt cheap" on Venice Beach in L.A.,Ca and the day follow I have slowly but surely been noticing improvement. With the know how's on how to charge etc. I feel like I've stumbled across a hidden jackpot...with help of questions & feedback I say thanks for the insight! Peace & Blessings to all!

sunnyray says:

@Leni, yes, it is quite alright. @Sandy, yes it might be. You are not alone in this respect. Some people, sometimes report adverse effects of wearing Hematite. If that's the case, simply stop wearing it for several days, or until the problem is overcome. @Rae, thanks for for your insight Rae. God bless!

Danielle says:

My hematite never really comes into his own until he's had a quick blast of cold water :)

I wouldn't leave any crystal or stone submerged in water for too long. I find that it tends to dampen their energies as the water turns.

Hematite is very powerful. I would say it was too powerful to wear all day, everyday. It is best employed for a specific purpose.

and keep it away from electronics! A strong hematite will fry electric devices over time. If you carry it will in your bag or pocket, keep it away from your mobile phone!

sunnyray says:

Great tips, thanks Danielle!

Lorri Roden says:

I have been told my necklace needs to be recharged either by Sun or Moon (I use the moon beam), can you tell me how often recharging needs to be done.

sunnyray says:

Every time it feels like your necklace has lost its purity or strength. In that case you just cleanse it and then recharge it.

Joy says:

Where can I buy a "rock crystal" for the purpose of cleaning my hematite bracelet?

sunnyray says:

Usually you can buy rock crystal chips or even larger loose natural rock crystals in your local mineral store. They are relatively inexpensive and can be used just as you indicated — for cleansing other stones.

Lelk says:

I wonder if it would be a good idea to carry hematite with black troumaline. If negative thoughts come from yourself, which sometimes they can, and it's out of our control, the BT can transform that to positive energy or get rid of it? Thanks for the info

sunnyray says:

Dear Lelk,
It makes sense what you suggest, but the best way to know if that will work for you is to try it out! Thanks for the comment.

Julie Pavlichuk says:

Amethyst is my months gem stone for my birthday and I have experienced the same thing with my gems, namely amethyst, falling away from me. Not being able to keep to close to them. I think I know why. I will share this with you all soon.

sunnyray says:

Hi Julie
Thanks for the comment, and let us know why you think that's the case.

Helen says:

I wear a clear quartz crystal pendant. It's the small wand type and I got a hematite bracelet. Is that okay to wear together which I even have a large clear cluster I put my stones on it to charge them. Would it be OK for the hematite bracelet.

sunnyray says:

Hi Helen
Yes, it is perfectly OK. Thanks for the comment.

Leonie says:

I bought a Hermatite bracelet when in Surabaya (East Java) at Christmas time.
It was at a market in the middle of a non touristy mud flats area with other gemstones sold. Cost me about $1.
The stones are small, bead like size and there are 24. it's a pull string bracelet.
Do you think they would be the real thing?
I would like to wear it but not sure if it will help me (or affect me). I know nothing about it.
I do get very stiff joints and fingers. Wondering if it will help. (I have high blood pressure and cholesterol.)
Thank you for any info.

sunnyray says:

Hi Leonie
It is hard to tell anything about the stones without seeing them. Hematite is a strange stone. Some people wear it and find it beneficial, but others can't stand it. What you could do, is try to wear your bracelet for half an hour at first, and see for yourself if you are getting an improvement. If it works, gradually increase the time. Thanks and God bless!

Amy says:

I was given a genuine hematite and in the past was somewhat skeptical about the power of stones, but put it under my pillow to more or less humor the person who gave it to me. That night, I slept like I haven't slept since I was an infant. Was not placebo -- didn't know this was possible and even forgot I'd put it there. However, kind of head-achy and congested the next day. My question: I want to continue to enjoy the sleep, but not the headache. Have you ever know it to be possible for people to "work up" to using hematite? For example, is there a chance I could use it once a week, and then work up to using it nightly? Of course I'll experiment with this on my own, but wondered from your experience, do people remain the same, always, as their initial reaction to hematite?

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the comment, Amy. What you suggested I can only reiterate. Experiment, experiment, experiment. Until you find the right situation that works for you. We are all different in terms of the condition of our energy centers and our overall energy field. What works for one person, doesn't necessarily work for another. And all that changes in time. That said, Hematite is a bit specific stone, but if you can make it work you that's great. I personally prefer using Amethyst at night. You could also give it a try. All the best and God bless!

Laura says:

I found this all-hematite necklace 22 years ago just sitting in plain sight on a rock in the middle of the wilderness. Kinda spooky, like I was meant to find it. Anyway, I wore it in my youth, loving the color and the weight (it's made of about 50 small pearl shaped stones). I have always kept it with me throughout my travels over the years, hardly wearing it, but safe in a jewelry box. I rediscovered it again quite recently. After reading the above, my question is this: are all the small hematite stones too potent to be wearing without some other stone buffer, or can I continue to wear the necklace without adverse negative affects?

sunnyray says:

Hi Laura
Thanks for the comment. To answer your question straight away — it depends. We are all very different. The condition of our subtle energy field is also very different. Some people find it difficult to wear Hematite for too long. Others have no problem to wear it all the time. Try to monitor your body and mind while wearing your Hematite necklace and decide if you need to soften the effect of Hematite or not.

Sue says:

Hi my mum bought a hematite stone surrounded by silver. She has now passed away and left this lovely stone to me. I feel recently that I want to wear this pendant all the time. Would it be OK. I am really unhappy at work and need protection ,as there is a lot of negativity and this is making me unhappy. And I am finding my self esteem is very low and cannot retain information like I used to. Confidence is non existent. I look forward to your response. p.s. I was told moonstone would be good as well thanks.

sunnyray says:

Hi Sue. Thanks for the comment. Hematite is considered a protective stone. However, you would have to see if you can stand wearing hematite all around the clock. Some people cannot wear it for too long. In contrast, Moonstone has more gentle energies, but it is not an overly protective stone.

Bill says:

Just wondering if magnetic (Fake) hematite still has the healing properties and all as the genuine hematite?

sunnyray says:

Hi Bill
Thanks for the comment Bill. I would say, no, not nearly as "good" healing properties. Try to find genuine hematite, it shouldn't be that hard.

Esme says:

Is there a way to tell the difference between black hematite, black tourmaline and black obsidian. They all look the same to me. Thanks.

sunnyray says:

Hi Esme, you can find the answer to your questions here. Thanks for the comment.

MahaDevi says:

I like to drink "Crystal water"every morning. Placing a stone in water with intention over night so it changes the molecular structure of the water to heal the body. I have been sick and not feeling grounded so I thought of seeing hematite and pyrite. But did have some hesitations about if it was safe to drink. How does the water change the hematite?

sunnyray says:

Dear MahaDevi, please check our forum for the reply.

Debbie says:

I was looking up old indian arrowheads and somehow ended up here. You all have blown me away with all of the information. I have been drawn to amethyst but thought it might only be because of it being my birthstone since I'm an aquarian. And a friend gave me this 11 inch long clear crystal made of layers she called it selenite, because I've had a spiritual guide most my life, and was having issues with too many energies left in my house and I asked my guide to take them away for me, he did but there were some bad ones left behind, which is why my friend gave me the selenite, she heard of my problems in the house with the bad spirits and thought it would help. Weird thing was the selenite makes my ears vibrate when held close to my ears. I thought it was odd but kinda funny. And after reading all this information, makes me wonder what other stones can help me when I am feeling over-run by surrounding energies. I am definitely going to get me a hematite stone to see if it will help me with some of my physical pain and health issues, because it sounds like it would help a lot. I don't know much about stones I am a beginner I guess you would say, but I would like to ask if hematite might help with the spirit world too, not just my energy but theirs, since I have so many sometimes around it's hard to think, and if so I wanted to make sure it wouldn't be harmful to my spirit guide that has been connected to me for so many years. I don't talk about my sensitivity to spirits that often, it's kinda been my little secret, but would love any information you might have on it, and any ideas of any other stones that might help me keep myself more focused or if there are any stones I might need to stay away from. Thank you so much for your information on hematite, and any more information you give. You've definitely made me realize I have a lot more to learn.

sunnyray says:

Hi Debbie

Thanks for the comment. I think there should be a balance between our being open toward the spiritual world and our need to be grounded and stable. Hematite will certainly help you protect yourself and ground your energies. Hopefully, after the grounding period you will be able to communicate with your spirit guide more effectively. Many blessings.

Sub says:

Great work answering all these questions and comments. I have one question and I hope a comment that you'd like, Sunny.

For I have no crystal like stones, just a Tiger's eye and a hematite stone, I am not sure how to cleanse and charge the hematite. And I see water isn't much of an option, right? Any idea what else could work for me?

Maybe it's nice to know about the name Hematite, I learned from another source its name came from the two greek words 'heama' (blood) and 'lithos' (stone). That's why it's often called Heamatite. And that is thank to the color of the oxidation of the stone. That's what I had read earlier.

sunnyray says:

Hi Sub, you can use, for example, incense smoke to cleanse your Hematite. Thanks for the info.

Trish says:

Hi, had various aches and pains and was considering buying a Bioflow product, rather expensive. Then I remembered that I had a bracelet of hematite I purchased in Arizona. I put it on and bingo! Aches gone, except one which comes and goes. However on reading the above I realised mine has slight magnetic properties so I was wondering if it is genuine. It appears to have worked anyway, especially as I was pretty sceptical when I first put it on. Today, on going try some stuff I hadn't looked at in years I found a jewellery bag with a hematite necklace and bracelet in it, both made in China, so I was wondering how genuine these would be! How can I tell if they are real? They do not appear to be magnetic at all.

sunnyray says:

Hi Trish. Thanks for sharing with us your experiences regarding Hematite. As for the genuineness, Hematite shouldn't react to weak magnets, like in your case. It should only be picked up by very strong magnetic fields, like those produced by the strong neodymium magnets. Another test is the streak test. It refers to the streak made upon scraping against the bottom (unglazed) side of a ceramic tile. It should produce a red colored streak.

Confused says:

About 5 to 10 minutes after I put on my Hematite necklace I start to get a headache and it kind of burns and gets really hot. I even feel like I am sweeting. When I put on my bracelet my wrest aches sometimes.

My Aunt and friend both have them and it took away there headaches almost immediately and they said there was no burning sensation. I'm still trying to wear them to see if maybe my body just needs it that bad but I am only wearing them a few hours at a time. Any advice?

sunnyray says:

Try to combine your necklace with Rose Quartz to see if it can help ease the strong Hematite action. Otherwise, you have guessed it right. Just wear it for a couple of hours a day, preferably in a form of bracelet, and usually only when you need to ground yourself and your energies.

Rhapsodie says:

About 2 years ago I bought some stone hematite rings out of China, I've worn one of the rings for those years. I used to find that my electronic alarm clock had 1 year of life max, my present clock has been on my table for over 2 years now. Another thing, 5 days ago a mood ring, hematine was purchased for me and I put that on my right hand while wearing the hematite as normal on my left hand. Last night a small chip appeared in my hematite ring, and this evening I noticed odd marks on my mood ring. Thinking that this could have corresponded to broken bones I didn't consider more, until . . . the hematite ring shattered while I was gesturing in conversation. My thought after reading this information is that the rings actually damaged each other with counterbalanced magnetism. Time will tell what's the reason though. Thanks so much for sharing the information it's great to have.

Rae says:

Hi, I was wondering about the negative effects of Hematite. I have a bracelet of it and wear it for protection of negativity and want to know if it is safe to wear constantly or to pair with another stone so I can be more protected?

sunnyray says:

Hi Rae
People react to Hematite in different ways. Please check the above comments for more info. I, personally, never wear it for more than a couple of hours a day. You might want to pair your Hematite with Rose Quartz, for example, if you want to alleviate the strong effect of this stone.

stephen says:

Can you advise me: I want to wear a tourmaline crystal necklace it has magnetic hematite in it I want to put my very large Moldavite Crystal pendant on it. I get no side affects now the first time on yes but only for an hour it made me feel sleepy so I slept woke up sore patterns in my plane carpets for about an hour then that was it now I wear it all the time.
The reason I wont to put it on a Tourmaline crystal necklace is to save me carrying a Tourmaline crystal in my pocket
Regards: Stephen

sunnyray says:

Hi Stephen
I don't see any problem in putting your Moldavite pendant on a tourmaline necklace. It goes without saying that, at first, you should monitor your inner states, just to make sure the effect of this combination is beneficial for you personally. After all, we are all different and the condition of our auras are also very individual. Thanks for the comment, and best regards.

Orpheus says:

Hey! I have a Tiger's Eye, Onyx and Hematite bracelet. What would be the best way to cleanse ? There are also a couple of moon stones on the same bracelet. ...

sunnyray says:

Hey Orpheus. I wouldn't recommend using water because of the Hematite. Instead, you can use smudging and/or visualization.

Justin says:

Hi ! I have a Tiger's eye and I was wondering if it is good to pair it with hematite.

sunnyray says:

Bi Justin. Nothing wrong with that, as far as I can tell. Still, we are all different, so you should test this combination by monitoring how you feel while wearing it.

Rodney K. Haitana says:

Hi! Amazing reads and comments, thanks.
I am here by just pure fluke and love it.
Two weeks ago I was in a shopping centre and this stones and crystals stall caught my eye, so I had a browse and ended up buying a Moonstone as I am a Cancerian. Just as I was about to leave these rings caught my eye and the label said Hermatite which meant very little to me as I have no knowledge of stones or crystals, but for some reason I had to have one, so I bought one. Went home and had a play with them and left them on my table and thought nothing day I mis placed the ring and thought oh well never mind. I found it 2days later on the floor. Last night I was house cleaning and heard something drop off my table onto the floor, I couldn't find anything so curiosity got to me so I grabbed a torch and bingo hidden away under a cabinet in a corner I see the ring.i thought hmmm that's twice it's gone missing. So I put it on my right index finger for the first time of wearing it and go to bed, all I remember is waking up 5hrs later as if time had just disappeared in 60seconds...I felt so amazing with no back pain, my breathing is so easy, I feel so calm yet spiritually energised, and I have a feeling of completeness.
I'm still a little sceptical but with an open mind.So I go to Google Hermatite and I find you and I am so glad as the comments and your answers have definitely opened my mind and given me an understanding of Hermatite and stones. This also has prompted me to further my knowledge on stones & crystals which I am certainly looking forward to.
Thanks again and to your readers.
cheers from wollongong NSW

sunnyray says:

Hi Rodney. It is truly amazing how we end up being drawn to the stones we need the most in a given situation and/or at a particular time. Thank you for taking the time to share with us your experiences about this wonderful mineral. I really appreciate your comment and I'm sure our readers will find it useful.

Christy says:

Was gifted stone and have been wearing for 3 days straight, even in sleep. Last night woke up with overwhelming claustrophobic urge that I needed to take bracelet with stone off. Why?

sunnyray says:

Hi Christy,
The energy of hematite can be rather strong, and some people are more susceptible to its energy that others. In any case, it is not a good idea to wear it all the time.

Anibal says:

Can you help me? Can i use rolled quartz or amethyst together with hematite for meditation? and how? quartz/amethyst in my head and hematite on my feet? Or should be one on the left side of my body and the other on the right?

sunnyray says:

No, the combination with hematite on your feet and amethyst on your forehead or on top of your head looks quite right. Hematite will help with grounding, whereas Amethyst will connect you to the spirit. Thanks for the comment, and God bless!

Cory says:

thanks for the info. I got a hematite ring and I was wandering what it meant.

Randy says:

Recently i just bought a hematite necklace, but yesterday i accidentally broke it into 2 pieces. Is it safe for me to glue them back together and continue using, will the effectiveness wear off?

sunnyray says:

Hi Randy
There are different views on the effectiveness of such stones. I personally believe it will still be effective, but not quite to the extent the unbroken piece was.

Alyson Petersen says:

I wear a hematite bracelet combined with about 6 tiny Amber beads. The moment I put it on I felt "off". I tried to wear it but it kept falling off. It has magnetic connectors. After wearing it for a while it stopped falling off. I feel that wearing it has changed my vibrational energy feel. Before I knew anything about hematyte I would describe it as "grounding". I wear it everyday on my wrist and I never wear it to bed. I can really tell the difference if I don't wear it. This is the best info I have ever gotten about benefits. Thank you!

Tanu says:

Hi sunny I wanted to know what side I should wear my bracelets. I have two bracelets one bracelet has citrine, jade, and amethyst currently I am wearing this on my left hand side. The other bracelet is hematite, black agate, tigers eye, and black tourmaline. should I also wear this on my left with the other bracelet? Please help = )

also for my mom I got her this Diabetes bracelet that has citrine, black tourmaline, and bloodstone she is wearing it on her right hand side which is the best side for that? thanks =)

sunnyray says:

Here are some guidelines on the left hand, right hand difference.

Earl M says:

Hi there, can you tell where I would be able to order Genuine Hematite in either a Ring, Bracelet or Chain form please ??

sunnyray says:

Check this out.

Rhianne says:

You are amazing, thank you for this site and your beautiful dedication to uplifting and informing the masses of healing, subtle energies, our differences, and with so much Love and caring behind your visibly thoughtful words. Powerful help!

I was drawn here because I just bought a lil hematite stone, my angels were providing insight and clues telling me to go grab a small protection stone from EastWest books, my local seattle stone shop. ** highly recommended for seattle peoples who want authentic stones ** I bought it on a break at work which is very stressful and less fulfilling than previous jobs, side note, and I am also an Aries, side note. I read like 6 words of a description, "For Aries and Aquarius, protection and grounding" and bought it and held it in my pocket the rest of my shift and within minutes began to feel this energized, happy, hopeful, confident, organized energy, and sense of appreciation for my current situation sort of energize all around me that I could tap into and be aware with. Felt just lovely really, even without charging it. After reading your information this all makes so much sense!! So valid.

Including how im feeling the energy drop today, but I know my lil hematite rocks heh and I think it's cause I haven't stopped wearing it with me as I have felt so great and have had no time to sit n read or meditate since committing to these two jobs. Definitely a great instant pick me up in my experience with this grand lil goddess stone. I know it's maasculine, but mines a girl. Ive worn her for 3 days straight and slept with her, heh, so tonight I'm letting it sit by a huge himilayan rock salt lamp for chill charging so I don't mess up d powas influence on me. It also just feels like its time for me to be in touch with her by letting her rest away, and reuinite, and charge her and have her become my own stone. This lamp is amazing and carved with a star of David and is like 10 inches or taller I'd say..

I mainly just wanted to share my story and validate how true all of this information is for me, but I have a question now:

Is the rock salt lamp being lit all night going to help revive my stone if the hemmy is sitting on the lamp or being near it, and is it a good idea to let it sit for a couple hours, or should I let her rest somewhere else entirely? I go to work in literally 5 hours lol omg. Thank you and goodnight to all

sunnyray says:

Thanks Rhianne so much. Your story is very important to us, and not just to us, but also to the people who visit this website. As for the question, there is nothing that speak against charging your hematite with your rock salt lamp. We've never used that method, but it seems like a good idea. Thanks again,
With love and light

Shannon Mazzei says:

I have a bracelet with multiple stones on it... I honestly wouldn't be able to tell you all of them... From pictures I've seen, there's amethyst, Aventurine, there's a clear one and a brownish/gold that I don't think I Amber.... Anyway, there's about 10 stones and then two small Hematite bears in between each.. Because it's hematite surrounding other stones, would it be ok to wear for an extended period of time?? Like, put it on when I wake up, even if I'm not leaving the house of seeing anyone, then just take it off to shower and/or sleep.

sunnyray says:

Some people have no problem wearing hematite for extended periods of time. Others do have problems with this stone and can only stand it for a couple of hours tops. So, I would say you would have to try and see how you feel with and without your necklace during the day. Thanks for the comment and all the best!

Luke says:

Hi, I would like to order a Genuine Hematite Ring and went to


However when I clicked on the link to 6 mm Hematite Band Ring Size 8, it says that it cannot find that page.

Please kindly assist me.

Thank you

sunnyray says:

Hi Luke,

The ring is obviously out of stock. Sorry for the bad experience, and thanks for letting us know! We have now replaced it with a similar genuine ring.

Aika says:

Just purchased two jet hematite crystals bracelets. Was wondering if wearing them would rise my blood pressure? Thank you!

sunnyray says:

All I can say is that you would have to try and see for yourself. Some people do have different kinds of adverse reactions to hematite.

Llwyn says:

I'm impressed with your dedication to answering questions on your article over the years!

If I may, I'm compelled to ask if you or anyone you know may have had any strong reactions from combining stones together in close proximity?

While in Colorado recently, I acquired a very nice, finely cut clear quartz crystal pendant which I've worn on a necklace while outdoors in beautiful places. Within the week, I was given a very strong and pleasant magnetic hematite necklace from my wife - one which is more grounding and effective than I've ever felt before. Thinking that the effects of the crystal necklace would be tempered and balanced by the hematite, I've worn them both at the same time. Neither seems as powerful as when the two are worn together (especially in sunlight), and the effects are eye-openingly stimulating for awareness, but almost too loud to hardly focus. By the end of our outdoor walk this afternoon, I described my head as feeling like I had just been to a loud concert for a few hours! Regardless, I would like to try it again while sitting in a remote, quiet spot in the trees.

Granted, I feel like I understand each of the properties of the stones, but I was wondering if you have any thoughts as to why the effects would seem almost opposite of balancing? The experience was literally mind-numbing, and I wonder if it was because of the magnetism drawing off the crystal. Just curious and interested in further theories and insight. Thanks!

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the comment, Llwyn, we really appreciate it. We give our best to answer as many of the comments as possible. We have no automated system for doing that, so we format each comment by hand, and it takes a lot of time (therefore the delay), but it is also our way to say thank you to our visitors for their time and support.

Now to your question. Your experiences with hematite are very insightful and unique. We've seen and heard people reacting in so many different way to either hematite or hematite in combination with other crystals. It's not easy to tell exactly why this happens. Your explanation is as good as anybody else's. It also takes into account the magnetic properties of hematite, which seem to the reason behind many of these theories. That said, macroscopic magnetism in hematite is not that strong at all, for example compared to magnetite. On the scale of the individual atoms, however it is quite strong, and somehow our auric field seems to react with it. Quartz crystals should also react to magnetic fields, but again, this is not what one would expect from physical considerations only.

vy says:

Hi sunny,
I have a hematite stone, not a necklace or ring. 1. Does it work if i bring it along without wearing it? I mean for example I wanna reduce stress, 2. How long should I hold it or keep it by side? I also have other stone which are not accessories, can you also plz tell me how to bring them along for example put them in my pocket, bags, etc.

sunnyray says:

Hi vy
Yes it will work. No skin contact is needed. I would suggest carrying the stone in a suitable bag made of some natural material. Hope it helps. Best regards and take care.

jing says:

hi! i have a personalized bracelet made of 8 gemstones that is said to protect me from evil or black magic, do u think its true? those are:
1. tiger eye
2. black onyx
3. lapis lazuli
4. malachite
5. carnelian
6. moss agate
7. crystal quarts
8. hematite
they are 8mm beads tied in read strings. i just want to know if its alright to put them altogether. is it safe to use? i observe i had a headache using this bracelet. but since its just new ,i still want to use it and give it some time for my body to adjust on its energy.i feel happy and protected whenever im wearing it.i just dont like the headache thing.

Andrea says:

I want to use hematite in bracelets for infants and children. Is it safe-lead free, chemical free? What about free/safe trade, dye free? Thank you.

sunnyray says:

Hi Andrea,
It depends on the source, but in general, I wouldn't recommend it. Hematite should be dye-free, but it can indeed contain various (usually unknown) trace elements. I don't think there are any safe trade issues, though.

Eddy says:

Hi, great info here! I suffer a lot from insomnia. I often can't shut down the inner dialogue aka racing thoughts. Do you believe an all hematite necklace is working on that or is a softer necklace more recommended as a rule?

sunnyray says:

Hi Eddy
I would use a softer one, for example, Amethyst. Many blessings!

Shelise says:


This site has had some great information! I have read though almost all the comments of people having different reactions to Hematite, however I didn't find one similar to mine so I thought I would ask.

I had a Hematite ring that I wore constantly until it broke one day. Now after reading these comments I understand I should've cleansed it.

So about a week ago I bought two new ones. One for my boyfriend (who's broke within only hours of wearing it) and one for me.

After a long hike up to a natural waterfall, I noticed my finger was swelling dramatically. Feeling confined, I was barely able to pry off the ring. Since I took it off there has been a red ring around my finger that looks like it was burned by acid. Its been almost a week since it happened and its still there, very dry and scaly.

I put it on another smaller finger and there has been no such reaction.

Any ideas as to what may have caused this?


sunnyray says:

Hi Shelise
Thanks a lot for sharing your very interesting experience. I'm afraid, though, I have no real explanation for it. As you noted in your comment, Hematite seems to be one of stones that provoke all sorts of different reactions in people. Good to know in any case. Thanks again and God bless!

Oceanna says:

Thank you so much for the info. Hematite is very very powerful. Myself and my son can't hold it or use it. We were drained of energy and enthusiasm for a week even after trying several ground not sure why still to this day I consider myself pretty intuitive however my music teacher used it for Piano students and they are #1 in the Nation. Interesting!

sunnyray says:

Hi Oceanna. Yes, you are right. People react differently to Hematite. It is hard to say why, but that's what I can tell from hearing so many different stories. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Dorothy says:

I hav a hematite small piece of can I use it for the fortune?

Sally says:

When I wear hematite my watch battery quits? Why?

sunnyray says:

I suspect it has to do not with Hematite but with a Hematite simulant. These man made stones have strong magnetic properties. The battery can be influenced by the strong magnetic field.

Monique says:

I've seen some information that says hematite helps with inflammation and some that says "it should not be used where inflammation is present". I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and don't want to exacerbate my symptoms. Your thoughts?
(Otherwise this stone's properties seem perfect for a mala for mediation for me)

sunnyray says:

Thanks for commenting. If you use it as a meditation mala, I don't think it will affect your condition in a negative way. In general, my thoughts on hematite is that no one should be using it 24 hours a day. Its energy is to intense for that. A few hours a day, tops.

Sheila Baltimore says:

Is it safe to wear a hematite necklace while breastfeeding? Please send reply to email as well so I can easily spot it. Thank you

sunnyray says:

I wouldn't recommend it. Just to be 100 percent sure.

Don Betz says:

Another note: hematite well bleeds when drilled. Drilling stones you use water to cool and flush away the material the dust makes the water turn blood red.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the info, Don.

Jaime says:

Every time I try to wear hematite the stone cracks. I was wondering if you might be able to help me figure out why.

Three rings, a bracelet, and one pendant have all either broken (two beads cracked in half on the bracelet whilst sitting and reading,three rings have broken perfectly in half, and the pendant cracked into four pieces).

I'm not getting them wet or being rough with them and I don't wear any other jewelry at the same time on the same hand/wrist etc. I'm at a loss and nobody else seems to have the answer. I'm hoping you might because it's unnerving me. Thank you and I hope you have a fantastic day.

sunnyray says:

First thing to make sure is you have genuine hematite. There are hematite simulants being sold out there. If you are sure you have genuine hematite, it could be that the reason for cracking is metaphysical. The stone could be taking the hit of some adverse energy instead of your energy body.

Shaz says:

Can people on blood thinners wear haematite bracelets?

Kerry says:

Hi Sunny,

Every time I wear my hematite bracelet at least a few times during the day I feel my wrist vibrating. It feels just like an Apple Watch is vibrating. Originally I just thought it was a fluke but it happens at least once a day. Do you think the bracelet is causing this I can't imagine what else it could be it's just in the wrist that I wear the bracelet on. Have you ever heard of it happening to anybody else? Thank you in advance.

sunnyray says:

Yes I have heard about many similar accounts involving Hematite specifically. So, I'm not surprized at all. What you can do, if it feels uncomfortable, is to stop wearing the bracelet for a certain period of time, or whenever you have similar sensations or discomfort. Thanks for the comment, and take care.

Rachael says:

Hi Sunny, hoping you can help... I bought 2 hematite palm stones to hold in each hand same time for grounding and pulling negativity out from recent stress... tonight my son asked to have a crystal to take away negativity so I immediately thought of these... 3 hrs later I heard him go down the hall and back and not say a word... he said he was going to shout let's go... he doesn't remember getting up or anything and once he goes to sleep he stays asleep not ever getting up at night... so does the hematite maybe attract negative energy or entity? I took the stones from him and gave him a black tourmaline instead... I am just thinking if they attract negativity being magnetic is that what happened maybe? This just happened an hour ago at 12:30am too. Oh and I asked my pendulum and it said yes it was pulling it in but I wanted to ask you too.

Natalia Piper says:

I want to try drinking hematite water anyway even if it's not recommended because I had a lots of bleeding issues and very severe iron deficiency. Hematite I got from Amazon gives a lots of sparkles in the water so far. Anybody tried drinking hematite water?

sunnyray says:

I don't think that's the right way to go. Better avoid hematite water altogether and try some alternative solutions. Or you can leave your hematite on the outside of the water container. The water will be charged, but there will be no direct contact with the stone.

Sue says:

Hi can you please tell me which hand and finger to wear my hematite band in for high blood pressure thank you

mayannam says:

Have you heard about our new product?

Macie says:

So tell me, I've always heard that of you have a hematite stone shatter it's because it can no longer hold any negative energy directed toward you .I can't remember exactly how it was that said, I think it just means that someone was directing too much negative energy to you and the stone shatters because of it. Also was told that you cannot Charge it and it can only be cleared a few times, or that it can never be cleared I can't remember but do you know anything about the shadowing at the Stone? Oh, And then when you are done with the stone and you feel that it no longer works, it must be buried in the earth. I think I'm off on a little bit of this, I can't really remember it's been a while. I carry two hematite stones every day. I love playing with it so heavy and shiny.

sunnyray says:

There might be some truth in that, but how can you tell for sure? The best way would be to listen to what your intuition is saying and do accordingly. In any case, it makes sense all that you bury the stone if it has taken some energetic blow possibly directed at you and instead of you, so that the earth energy can cleanse the negativity. If that happens, just replacing the stone with a new one may be a good way to go.

natureb says:

I have hematite with rose-gold plating over it. Would the rose-gold plating affect the hematite's general energies?

sunnyray says:

No, I don't think gold plating should affect the energies of hematite to a high degree, or at least not in any negative way.

Tina says:

Can you please explain to me why when I wear hematite jewelry I swell up? I have tried to where the bracelet around my left wrist or on my ankle and I swell up everytime...

sunnyray says:

Some people are very sensitive to hematite and/or its composition. In fact, even those who can stand wearing it, usually don't wear it for a long period of time.

levimega says:

i just purchased some hematite to cool the blood. some people really ask loaded questions here

Sandie says:

Hello i just got a piece and it seems to like my magnet, I take it this is a problem?
I spoke with the guy that I got it from as I asked him if my crystals and stones I was buying were genuine, he said they were.
Should I take it back.

sunnyray says:

In any case, genuine hematite should not behave like a magnet.

Ryan Dunlavy says:

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arton crafts says:


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