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Crystals » Phenakite

Phenakite magic

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Note: Crystals cannot be an alternative for medical attention nor can they be a substitute.

Phenakite is said to be a carrier of extremely high vibrations, most likely higher than any other known crystal. It is a powerful tool for activating the upper energy centers - chakras, especially those that are located above the crown chakra. This stone is correlated with our subtle light body, and there phenakite acts as an activator. At the same time it brings the light body closer to the higher dimensions of existence. Thus, its action can be understood as directed toward establishing contact with the Masters of Light and Angelic Beings.

The colors of phenakite range from colorless via white and pink to yellow and brown. It can be found in the form of a laminar structure with terraces, resembling closely strange shapes known to us from some SF movies. It feels sort of waxy at touch.

phenakite crystal Notable occurrences can be found in Russia in the Ural Mountains, Zimbabwe, Colorado, Madagascar and Brazil.

Phenakite is quite a rare beryllium mineral - in essence it is a silicate material with trigonal crystal symmetry. Crystalline phenakite occurs rarely, and when it does it has a flat rhombohedric form and tabular appearance. Phenakites stemming from different regions of the world tend to have different and very distinctive energy vibrations. Its name comes from the Greek word phenakos meaning to deceive. This name is derived on account of phenakite's apparent similarity to herkimer quartz, or to diamond when faceted.

Phenakite helps in activating the sixt energy center - the ajna chakra. It amplifies and synchronizes the neurological circuits that are in charge for seeing. It helps in releasing the eye pressure. Furthermore it can increase the sensitivity to the light coming in the body and mind from above through the crown chakra. Phenakite is said to activate the non-physical chakras and help tune with the Higher Self. It enables deep meditation, promotes inner knowledge and brings love by encouraging our heavenly being into manifestation. Apart from the above, phenakite also purifies and activates the soul and the chakras, as well as all body structures and pathways. It increases wisdom, calm, patience, forgiving and love.

phenakite cluster Phenakite is connected with those energies and vibrations that enable realization of our desires. Yellow phenakite is powerful in manifestation of the higher extraterrestrial energies.

Phenakite is a powerful loving stone applicable to various issues in the area of general spirituality. It can be used for opening the channels of light and awakening the higher energy centers. It helps on the road toward our inner dimensions, astral projections and travel. It energizes the meridian channels and amplifies the energy of the other crystals and stones. Phenakite helps in bringing the energy of love on the main stage of our life. This higher phenakite energy is available for all those individuals whose energy and vibrations are already at elevated level.

Phenakite needs no cleaning.


Eva Darefors says:

Hej, question, do you sell phenakitekristalls? How much is it for a small size? Please mail me on the subjekt. I will be greatful for some discripsion of size, form, colour and so on! I´m from Sweden. Thanks Eva D.

sunny says:

Hi Eva,
No, we do not sell phenakite crystals. I do not know anybody in Sweden, but if you plan on visiting Germany any time soon, I can give you a couple of hints. However, you can always purchase online, for example Martin from spectrumwellbeing sells various minerals online. I think he had some nice phenakite crystals a couple of years ago and we were satisfied with our purchase.

Priscilla Smith says:

Looking for a crystal.
I see that you don’t have any phenakite for sale. I live in the U.S. (Akron, Ohio). Do you know where I can buy some in the U.S. (The site you referred to above is in the U.K.). Thank you.

sunnyray says:

Hi Priscilla,
If you can’t find them in your local mineral and crystal stores, you can always try this link to check whether some are available online (Amazon is our favorite online seller). Whenever you can, though, try to purchase crystals and minerals in person.

sunnyray says:

Hi all,

If you are interested in phenakite , please contact me on phenakiteforyou[at] These crystals are not easy to obtain . I've waited for 4 months for my first Nigerian phenakite .... Namaste!

Your Comment:

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