Rutile quartz, which is also often referred to as Rutilated quartz is a fantastic combination of both quartz (i.e. rock crystal quartz) and rutile. Both substances are actually oxides, silicon oxide and titanium oxide, with chemical formula SiO2 and TiO2.

Rutilated quartz is considered to be the crystal of truth. As such, it can promote self-realization, since self-discovery means finding the inner truth about our own being, purpose and destiny. Rutile quart promotes better understanding of ourselves, as well as of others, since learning about us means learning about others too. It protects from lies, evil forces, and encourages spiritual self growth. It also offers protection from psychic attacks, and is thought to be able to neutralize the unhealthy influences even from one's former lives.

Visually, this form of quartz is very attractive. Usually, throughout the quartz matrix we observe tiny straight threads or needles of rutile, colored in gold, red or brownish. These wondrous inclusions of hair-like structures is what makes this stone so special. This combination can give this hybrid mineral an extraordinary look. The most notably occurrences are in Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, Norway, Pakistan, and in the USA.

As a semi precious gemstone rutile quartz has been used for centuries. It has been called various different names: Angelic hair, Cupid's arrows, arrows of love, etc. Otherwise, the name quartz and rutile come from the Saxon word “querklufterz”, which means ore, and Latin word "rutilus" meaning red. The less common name of this quartz variation is sagenite. Today we can obtain rutilated quartz in a laboratory, by mixing silica and rutile, and exposing the compound mixture to high temperature and pressures. As the mixture is gradually cooled down, and the pressure decreases the two phases start to separate, leading to tiny rutile portions being confined within the quartz matrix. There is a vast variety of minerals capable of forming inclusions in quartz, but rutilated quartz is one of the most famous examples. There can be several variations of this mineral:

  • Rutilated rock quartz crystal

  • Rutilated smoky quartz crystal, and

  • Rutilated milky quartz.

In nature, this crystal is formed in the quartz deposits, where natural radiation from the surrounding radioactive elements can contribute in changing the color of the stone towards brown or gray nuances, in which case we speak of rutile smoky quartz.

Metaphysical properties and healing of rutilated quartz

The inclusions of rutile are thought to enhance the metaphysical properties of the host rock crystal, or the host smoky quartz. Since quartz is already a very strong and versatile metaphysical stone, this combination really gives a powerful tool for spiritual and self healing purposes. It is considered to increase understanding in difficult situations, providing for timely and appropriate response and resolution. This crystal can ease depression and loneness, giving us new directions in life, and amplifying creativity.

Rutilated quartz slows down the processes that lead to aging, and straightens the immune system. It is a strong healing stone, that can help, it is believed, even to heal radiation exposure. Rutilated quartz brings personal strength, originality helps with insomnia, cures depression, eliminates fears, phobias, anxiety, and releases self directed anger. It promotes forgiveness, opens the aura and enables the process of self healing. This stone is very useful in aura cleansing practices, since it is able to absorb many negativities. It is believed to be able to regenerate tissues on cellular level. It can be put on the solar plexus chakra for energy accumulation, on the throat chakra for the thyroid gland, and on the thymus - heart chakra for obtaining spiritual impulses and energy.

If you are surrounded by dark feelings and bad moods, this might be the right choice for you. It can emphasize the energy of other crystals, so you can use it in combination with other stones in special crystal patterns and grids.

The rutile quartz of golden color is able to integrate energy on all the levels of existence. It is an extraordinary healing stone, it enlightens the soul and by filtering out the negative energy can remove most of the barriers in spiritual life.


tommy jones says:

i love my smoky rutilated quartz that my neighbor got for me. it is so beautiful and useful for my depression and anxiety. i made a necklace of it so as to focus its power more.
have a nice thanksgiving!

sunnyray says:

Nice tanksgiving to you too tommy!
Yes, the rutilated quartz is such a wondrous crystal, isn't it. One of my favorites too, whether as a standalone piece, or embeded in jewelry, it doesn't really matter. Greetings, Olga

ahmad says:

need to know which arm suitable to wear rutilated quartz bracelet /

sunnyray says:

Hi Ahmad,
I don't think it matters so much. Both arms should be OK as the healing and spiritual impact of the rutilated quartz bracelet will be greatest on the level of our inner subtle bodies. Still if you want to make a distinction, this would be the way to do it. Our left arm is connected to the right brain hemisphere - responsible for artistic expression and creativity. Our right arm is linked to the left hemisphere of the brain - therefore responsible for intellectual work and logical thinking. Depending on your intention, you can choose either the left or the right arm to enhance the corresponding activities. Greetings!

ahmad says:

Do rutilated quartz required cleansing from negatif energy?

sunnyray says:

Yes, it does. You should cleanse rutilated quartz at least once a month, or more often if you perform healing with it. You can use, for instance, running (tap) water and keep it there for several minutes (with its point directed down the flow), while visualizing how all the accumulated negative energy, impurities and vibrational imperfections are leaving its otherwise perfect structure. Or you can use any other method of crystals cleansing.

Char says:

I'd like to know if wearing different stones (one would be rose quartz, etc) together can cause any negative effect.

sunnyray says:

I'm not aware of any negative stone combinations that include rose quartz. What type of stones do you plan to wear alongside it?

ahmad says:

Need some advice-i was told that if u want to dispel or filter negative energy, you should wear your crystal on the right arm. If you want to receive abudance,luck,money, it would be on the left arm. Now, I need advice which arm should I wear rutile because from what I can understand rutile has both? I also can feel the energy, especially the negative energy. Currently I wear it on the right arm because if I wear it on the left I would felt like pain. But if I switch it immediatly to the right arm the pain is gone,so could u please advice me,tq

Bren says:

Recently I have been diagnosed with an irregular electrical heart rythum which can be life threatening. I just put a piece of smokey rutilated quartz on my heart, it heated up for 5 minutes has now cooled and my heart rythum is normal.

myra says:

I have a rutilated bracelet for years; it is a wonderful gemstone. Recently I drop by at the crystal outlet. I met the owner who also happens to be specialized in crystal healing. She told me that the rutilated bracelet which I am wearing and has helped me a lot is now very low in energy. It needs to rest (do not wear it) for a certain period of time (maybe weeks) to regain back high energy. So I need your advice, is it true what the outlet owner says regard the low energy & need to rest it? What should I do then to keep the energy high always?

sunnyray says:

Hi Myra

It can happen, every now and then, that a crystal looses its energy capacity. All you should do is recharge it by using one of the methods listed on our web page dedicated to charging crystals and stones.

Jessd says:

Hi, I'm new to all this but I recently got a rutilated quartz and I'm not sure how to program the crystal and if I should be carrying it around with me.. Hope someone can help.

sunnyray says:

Hi Jessd,
Please take a look at this page for more information on programming crystals.

lotus93 says:

Can rutilated smokey quartz come alongside citrine in the same specimen. I recently bought a smokey quartz with rutile in it... and was told by the retail staff of the business that there was a "citrine phantom inside". I can see the golden color (citrine), but just wanted more information if you have it, on having both smokey quartz, rutile, citrine together. In addition those, my piece has dolomite attached to it. It's so beautiful

sunnyray says:

Smokey quartz and rutile go hand in hand. I see no reason why citrine, in form of a phantom or otherwise, shouldn't accompany rutilated smokey quartz. Have a lot of fun with it!

Mark says:

Hi, can you please tell me the best way to charge rose quartz stone. I understand it is with running water, want to know if its river water or sea water.

sunnyray says:

Hi Mark
If you want to use the water element, both types would be just perfect.

Julie says:

Hi, I am now wearing a rutilated quartz and the quartz is rather cloudy. However after wearing it for a few weeks I found that the quartz is slowly turning clear. Is there a explanation for this?

sunnyray says:

Hi Julie
Usually, it is the other way around. The crystals get cloudy as you wear them. The belief is that they accumulate some metaphysical dust from the environment, and after a while they should be cleansed and recharged to restore their original purity. So, your experience with your quartz getting clearer is really interesting, but I have no explanation.

Bullfinchie says:

I saw a blue needle rabbit hair crystal wand healing point....would this have been lab created?

sunnyray says:

Hard to tell without seeing it. I don't think they can be lab created, maybe just lab enhanced, if anything.

Melissa says:

I have a rutilated quartz bracelet. What other gemstone bracelet could i wear along side the rutilated quartz. Thanks

sunnyray says:

Hi Melissa. Thanks for the comment. There is a huge array of stones you could combine rutilated quartz with. Try to see what other stones you are drawn to, that's by far the best approach to selecting crystals and gemstones.

Michelle says:

Hey so I got a nice large polished point of smoky quartz today and in one bit of it there are small shards of rutile in it but not through the majority of it, would the rutiles in my crystal still amplify the power of it ?

sunnyray says:

Hi Michelle
Yeah it will! Don't worry about it. Just enjoy the energy of your stone. Greetings.


What are the different effects of red rutile, golden and green for wearing it?

sunnyray says:

They are all very similar. However, they will affect more certain parts of the body. The green will affect the heart chakra, the golden the solar plexus, and the red the root chakra.

Amy E Pasqualini says:

I am unsure if I should carry or wear a newly acquired golden rutilated crystan cabochon. I feel its presence, already. It's quite large Thank you. Blessings.

sunnyray says:

Hi Amy, and thanks for reading and commenting. You can do whatever is more convenient for you. Either way it will work just fine.

Sylvia Lim says:

Hi, i have accidentally gotten flour inside my rutile crystal bracelets while baking. I tried many times to clean out the flour but to no avail. The crystals are now cloudy with flour instead of their pure clear transparent selves previously. Kindly advise how to clean out the flour impurity? Feel like crying

Rina says:

Hi. What or crystal pendant can go with rutilated quartz

sunnyray says:

Any quartz variety, colored or not, can go nicely with rutilated quartz.

Atika says:

Hi.can i mixed my golden rutiled pendant with green n white jade pendant?

sunnyray says:

Hi Atika. I see no problem with your combination. Best regards.

jia says:

can i combine golden rutilated quarts + black tourmaline + moldavite

Is it safe combination?

sunnyray says:

In principle yes, but try it and see how it affects you.

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