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Formula: XY3Z6(T6O18)(BO3)3V3W
Hardness: 7-7.5

Tourmaline is the crystal of the New Age. A lot of people who work with crystals on a daily basis believe that these wondrous gifts of Nature are here to help us on our path toward the new dimensions of existence. This is especially true in the case of the Tourmaline family. Tourmaline helps overcome our limited way of thinking and realize the more sublime concepts of reality.

Tourmaline is one of the stones that remind us that we are in our essence light beings, only currently in a physical form. We can transcend our physical limitations and establish contact with the spiritual worlds around us. If we manage to see ourselves in that way, we can get a clear sense of our purpose of existence.

Tourmaline comes in many colors. The Tourmalines rich in iron are black, dark-bluish or dark-brown. The ones rich in magnesium are brown or yellow. If there is excess lithium, we get blue, green, red, yellow or pink Tourmalines. Only in exceptional cases can we encounter clear Tourmalines. However, bi-color or multi-color specimens are quite common.

Varieties of Tourmaline

The several varieties of Tourmaline have their separate names:

Dravite is dark yellow or brown.

Schorl is black, bluish black or brownish black.

Rubellite is pink.

Indicolite is blue.

Brazilian sapphire is the light blue variety of Tourmaline.

Verdelite or Brazilian emerald is the green variety.

Achroite is clear.

Today Tourmaline is mainly mined in Brazil, Madagascar, Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and in the USA. In Brazil we can find all varieties of Torumaline.

Tourmalines are chemically among the most complicated groups of silicate minerals. Their composition largely varies due to the many possible isomorphous replacements. In their general formula, X can be Ca - calcium, Na - sodium or K - potassium. Y can be Li - lithium, Mg - magnesium, Fe - iron, Mn - manganese, Zn - zinc, Al - aluminum, Cr - chromium, V - vanadium, or Ti - titanium. Z can be Mn - manganese, Al - aluminum, Cr - chromium or B - boron, V can stand for O - oxygen or H - hydrogen, whereas W can be O - oxygen or F - fluorine.

What is specific about Tourmalines in general is their elongated prismatic crystals, whose cross section is usually triangular in shape. No other known crystal possesses a three sided prism. The edges of this prism are usually somewhat rounded.

Another remarkable characteristic of Tourmaline is their piezoelectricity. Piezoelectricity means production of electric potential as a result of external mechanical force. So a Torumaline will develop positive and negative charged areas at both its ends if compressed. And the other way around. If some electric potential is applied, the crystal will vibrate. These unusual physical properties speak about their extensive metaphysical properties. Tourmalines are also pyroelectric, which means that they get electrically charged as a result of external heat, too.

Tourmaline crystals are hemimorphic materials. That means their crystal form has different top and bottom terminations.

It is thought that the first specimens were brought to Europe by the Dutch merchants in the 18th century. They give this crystal the name Aschentrekker, meaning ash puller. The name refers to the ability of this fantastic stone to attract and repel ashes from burning coal by means of applying heat only.

Tourmaline as Birthstone

Together with Opal, Tourmaline is an October Birthstone. The traditional and modern chart both agree with respect to this stone. According to the Mystical birthstones chart, Tourmaline is the spiritual birthstone of Libra, which again positions this beautiful stone in the month of October.

Specifically, it is said that Pink Tourmaline, is the main stone of October. If you are Libra or Scorpio, you may consider Pink Tourmaline as the chief crystal of your crystal collection.

Metaphysical Properties and Healing

Because of these unusual properties, Tourmaline was popular as early as the beginning of 18th century, when large quantities of this crystal was shipped to Europe from Sri Lanka.

Considering that Tourmaline comes in almost all of the colors of the spectrum, it has been related to each of the seven chakras. Tourmaline opens, cleanses, energizes, balances and aligns the energy centers - chakras.

Tourmaline cleanses and charges the electromagnetic system of the human body. To that aim, it is recommended to hold a piece of Tourmaline in your hand during the day, while during the night you can keep it under the pillow.

Tourmaline shows typical striations that run along the long axis of the crystal. Their energy can be rather strong. It can help neutralize the energy blockages caused by stress and confusion and bring peace and clarity. It can be very efficient if you observe Tourmaline's parallel lines in meditation or if you stroke them ten to fifteen minutes a day.

Tourmaline is believed to be beneficial to the nervous system, which in turn, is tremendously important for the health of the whole human organism because along with the nerve signals the organs, tissues and glands are also supplied with subtle, vital energy. Tourmaline is also good for the heart, circulatory system and for the skin.

The various Tourmaline types bring in their specific additional features:


black torumaline

Black Tourmaline – Schorl is a stone of protection. It deflects negative energy, regardless of whether it is external energy or internal negative emotions, such as rage, resentment, envy or jealousy. Moreover, it is thought to transform negative into positive energy, and is capable of providing help to deal with different stress conditions.

Because of these features, Black Tourmaline has several important health benefits. It can help you get rid of stress. Chronic stress is a huge problem for many people. Because of its grounding properties, carrying a piece of Black Tourmaline with you can help you with stress-related adrenal fatigue.

The other important, and somewhat controversial use of this stone is in protection from the harmful radiation of cell phones and other electrical gadgets. There is no doubt that cell phones disrupt our body's biological energy system. Again, due to its grounding and centering properties, Schorl is recommended for regulating and balancing the bio-electrical field of the body.


green tourmaline

Green Tourmaline - Verdelite is a lovely, transparent gemstone whose color is similar to Emerald's color. It is a great all-around healer capable of cleansing and strengthening the nervous system. It promotes free circulation of the subtle, vital energy. Verdelite is great if you need to remove chronic fatigue. It promotes, creativity, abundance and manifestation of your goals.


pink tourmaline

The color of pink Tourmaline - Rubellite is from deep red to pale pink. This stone, together with Rose quart and Kunzite is a member of the triad of the heart.

Watermelon tourmaline

watermelon tourmaline

Watermelon tourmaline is a mix between green Verdelite and pink Rubellite, combining the properties of both stones. It heals the heart and helps heal emotional wounds, thereby restoring the flow of love and positive energy. As it combines the opposite ends of the spectrum, this Tourmaline variety is excellent for resolving emotional conflicts. It is great stone to deal with stress. It promotes recuperation of the nervous system.



Indicolite is a rare gemstone variety of Tourmaline, usually called Elbaite. This crystal opens the third eye, improves the visualization and enhanced the psychic powers.


Achroite is a rare variety of clear Tourmaline. All Tourmalines together make up one big, spectacular family, which is important in the crystal therapy of the body and the soul.

Tourmalated quartz

Tourmilated quartz is basically Quartz with Tourmaline inclusions. It is believed to merge the emotional and intellectual spheres.

If not used too often, Tourmaline should be discharged two times a month under running lukewarm water. It should be charged with Rock crystal or Hematite.


Daniel Alexander says:

Hello Sunnyray,

I owned black tourmaline as well as tigers eye and I must say that these helps me a lot in my daily working life in terms of spirituality, emotional balance, clear mind and focus. With regards to black tourmaline, I would like to get opinion from you whether a Libran (September) like myself really suitable to wear or have it? I found out it is a birthstone for Capricon instead of Libra (though some Internet sites mentioned both are birthstone of black tourmaline). So far (personally), I do not have problem with black tourmaline with exception, I can't sleep with black tourmaline under my pillow since it disrupt my sleep.

sunnyray says:

Dear Daniel
Thanks for your input. Tourmalines in general are amongst the best spiritual stones, as it was also pointed out by one of the greatest mystics and esotericist of the past Rufolf Steiner. I would also say that Tourmalines suit Librans especially well because, according to Olga Rezo's book Mystical birthstones, they are spiritual birthstones of Libra. That being said, we are all different. We have different auric fields, the quality of our inner bodies is different, and therefore we should adjust this general information to our own needs. Like you mentioned that your black tourmaline disrupts your sleep, which is not too surprising because one of its function is grounding. I hope this helps. Thanks and God bless.

Erja Daley says:

Hi Im getting a dark purple tourmaline ring for our wedding anniversary..and Im a libra too..sooo excited as I just love it and can't wait to wear it..

sunnyray says:

Hi Erja
Purple Tourmaline is such a great stone. We are excited for you too. Congratulations!

Pubalen says:

Tourmaline stones have unique properties called pyro-piezoelectric, which means the crystal can generate and store an electric charge when subjected to mechanical stress, pressure, or extreme temperature fluctuations, thus got the nickname "Electric Stone".
Tourmaline stone when rubbed, the friction can cause static electricity and when brought closer to dust or ash, can attract particles, because that's why it is sometimes also referred to as "Ceylonese (Sri Lankan) Magnet". because it has a magnetic force, if placed under the pillow when you sleep, it can cause headaches and insomnia.


josh s. says:

I love tourmaline in all ways! I've have had all varieties of colors and cherished its gifts greatly. They have influenced my life in ways more than i can count. By far one of many go toos i choose in my sessions. Oddly enough comPared to the other comment prior when black is pLaced under my pillow i sleep so sound without it i have difficulties finding rest. I'm on the cusp of Capri and Aquarius, and across my chart its similar. Is there anyone else you know of either sign that feels so connected to this like me? There's many factors of course that make individual needs but I'm curious if similar astrological aspects correlate with mine. Thanks blessed be

sunnyray says:

Thanks josh for your comment, I enjoyed reading it. Tourmaline is one of my favorite crystals too, although I'm Sagittarius. Thanks again and God bless!

charlene says:

Your picture of black tourmaline looks like Shungite

sunnyray says:

Hi charlene
Thanks for the comment. I can assure you that it is black tourmaline (tumbled). Although, I agree it has some visual similarities with Shungite.

Hema says:

Can we wear Black tourmaline during shower or have to remove it

sunnyray says:

Yes you can.

Jane says:

Can Gemini wear tourmaline?

sunnyray says:

Yes, in principle, and especially if you are drawn to it. Every Zodiac sign can wear virtually any stone. The way we see it, it's more a question of personal affinity, than it's a question of astrological connotations.

Jitesh patel says:

Which color of tourmaline suitable for me...?

sunnyray says:

Any color, really. This is so great a stone, that possessing a Torumaline of any color would make a great deal of difference. Thanks for the comment and take care.

Ed says:

Can I use black tourmaline to add hydrogen to drinking water

sunnyray says:

Hi Ed. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Is there any indication that turmaline would somehow contribute hydrogen from its surface to the drinking water, or maybe just help separate the water H2O molecules into OH- and hidronium (protonated water) ions? It's not clear to me what the mechanism would be. By the way, I believe the negatively charged particles in water (OH-) are what brings benefits for human health, not the positively charged (hydrogen) ions.

Kim says:

How might I obtain a group of Toumaline that are high grade enough to full fill each of the qualities each possesses? Thank you

sunnyray says:

Hi Kim
There is no better way than to spend some time in your local crystals and minerals shop. Tourmaline is not that rare, so a decent store would have enough of them, and of good quality too, so you can explore their qualities in person. Other than that, you can try purchasing some loose stones online, but you are taking some chances there.

Jona says:

Hi! I am an aries..i just purchased a black tourmaline bracelet with bronzite and clear quartz..i had my bracelet just a week ago and started meditating with it..i even wear it while sleeping (gave me better sleep) and only remove it when going to the shower..just 3-4 days ago i started to felt something like pin pricks and slight electricity from my left feet up to my legs..the next day i felt it on my right feet up to my legs and now its up to my arms, shoulders,back and head..i feel it all through out the day..i really find it cool that i actually feel the black tourmaline's energy..does that mean that the bracelet was really meant for me?

sunnyray says:

Yes, Tourmaline can have that effect and its energy can indeed be felt. If the energy feels pleasant, if you feel reinvigorated than by all means, the bracelet is for you.

Niraj says:

Hi there,
I had some doubts as to, how can we wear Black Tourmaline crystal? Some wear it as necklace, some as bracelets, some as ring on left finger and some on a particular right finger. There are many sites which mention the wearing location differently. Can you please guide on to which side of the body it is to be worn or on which particular finger it is to be worn in case of a ring and which will be more effective & why. Thanks for your time & expert guidance. Rgds.

sunnyray says:

Maybe this post can help.

Cen says:

Can you tell me is green tourmaline a good choice for athletes?

sunnyray says:

Yes I believe it is.

Pie says:

I have a pink tourmaline bracelet with clear quartz. Is it advisable to wear it when sleeping? Hoping you could enlighten me. Thank you!

sunnyray says:

I see no reason why you shouldn't wear it, but the final word should come from you. Are you sleeping better while wearing it? Are your dreams calmer or more lucid? If yes, you have your answer! Take care.

Carol says:

I just got a black tourmaline necklace, and love it. Could you please tell me if it needs to be cleaned, and if so what's the best way? Also, what about putting it on selenite?

sunnyray says:

You can use a lot of methods for cleansing, take a look at the cleansing section in the menu on the left and choose the most appropriate one.

chitra says:

Can I wear black tourmaline in left leg like a payal ?

Pranali says:

HI, MY dob IS 05/10/1994, is Pink Tourmaline good for future and love aligned? Or should I go fro Opal? I would be wearing it in a ring so could you help me with the structure of the stone and size?


Hello admin, can you help me get my birth stones? If yes, what is the process towards achieving this? Thanks

sunnyray says:

Check this page, maybe you can find your answer.

MK says:

I own tourmaline bracelet multi coloured mainly different green shades, watermelon pink, dark greenish black i cant tell what colour it is ,amethyst etc , please advise me the correct hand to wear to obtain the best benefits. I have a selenite charging plate to charge my crystal bracelet. Also can you kindly advised me i have a crystal bracelet of aventurine with tiger eye, malachite and citrine together should i use on left or right hand, what about citrine bracelet on right or left hand. would appreciate if you can reply to my email address directly if possible otherwise. Thank you

sunnyray says:

Please check this for more info on the relation with wearing jewelry.

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