With its extraordinary pink color, Serandite is one of the crystals of the heart. Having a gentle and soothing energy, it promotes balance, tolerance, and harmony.

This crystal can help you define your goal, attain physical and emotional balance and manifest higher spiritual aspiration in your life.

Serandite is extremely rare. It occurs in bulky crystals, with one of its most famous location, Mt. St. Hilaire in Quebec, Canada.

Last time I checked, it could be purchased from Amazon.com. And the price wasn't too high for a specimen like the one shown in the photo below.

serandite crystal

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The crystals of serandite are attractive, primarily because of the nice pink color. Serandite is a very unique crystal, and a lot of minerals are its pseudomorphs (meaning that they replace the substance of serandite but keep its original form). As a result, crystals and minerals collectors treasure this stone.

The chemical composition of this stone is Na(Mn,Ca)2Si3O8(OH). It means that Serandite is a silicate of sodium, manganese, and calcium.

Besides pink, it occurs in brown, red, and orange color. When exposed to air, it can oxidize which turns its color to brown or black.

The pink color of this crystal is pretty unique. Only a handful of other minerals have the same color, which is mainly due to the manganese atoms. The most expensive are the transparent and translucent specimens.

The hardness of this mineral on the Mohs scale of hardness is somewhere around 5.5, which is not that hard compared to the other more popular gems and crystals.

Serandite can be used in all sorts of metaphysical practice, when there is the need to provide harmoneous and loving energies. You can put it in your home in the areas where you want to instill gentle, soothing energy.

Based on its color, Serandite corresponds to the second Sacral chakra. It can be used to deal with problems associated with the second energy center, like sexual issues, vital energy, gut feelings, irrational fear, self-esteem, social issues, and general balance in life. A well balanced sacral chakra brings joy, flexibility, and physical and emotional balance.

Just like Rose quartz stones, specimens of intense pink or rose color can be related to the Hearth chakra.

In crystal healing of the physical body, serandite is believed to help the metabolism of magnesium and calcium.

In crystal healing of the emotional body, serandite is believed to reduce envy, discontent, jealousy, and similar emotional issues. Use Serandite to improve your relationships and release negative emotion of this kind.

Pink is a very dynamic color. It can promote action and determination, but also love and romance. If you need to develop your sensuality, choose Serandite of intense pink color.

Serandite of orange color promotes joy, light, vitality, and strength. Great to have one by your side if you just want to enjoy your life with friends and family.

You can use Serandite in either individual or group meditation to promote peace and understanding.

Even though Serandite is not on any of the birthstone charts (neither traditional, modern, nor mystical), you can use it as your personal birthstone in case you feel attracted to it.

Serandite can be used in Feng shui, where it corresponds to the fire element. The fire element in feng shui is responsible for acquiring wealth and affluence, and can also be used in the fame and reputation quadrant. As too much fire is never a good thing, you need to balance the energy of this stone to avoid over stimulation.

In conclusion, Serandite can be a stone of attaining success by helping you deal with negative feelings and depression, and by promoting realistic goals.


caren says:

thanks for all the interesting and useful information about so many subjects- I appreciate it and it will aid in my study and practice.

sunnyray says:

Thanks Caren. Glad we can be of help. Wishing you a lot of success in your practice!

Charles David Scott says:

I have a Serandite crystal Artifac from the Taino tribe temple In Luperon DR if you would like to tell me how much it is worth and should I put it on EBA 2056911022

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