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The magical world of crystals book by Olga Rezo

CRYSTAL HEALING: Working with the Chakras

Crystal Chakra Layouts:

I. General Layout - incorporates the use on any kind of crystals or stones. Stones are placed upon the chakra centers that are imbalanced. At least one stone corresponding to each chakra is placed upon the chakra with other stones surrounding it. However, there may be times when only one chakra needs to be worked with. After the stones are placed, a quartz crystal is passed above the body to direct the flow of energy.

The type of result the client is trying to achieve will determine the stones that will be used

over specific chakras. It is important to attune to the client and to guide the client to direct his/her

breath and energy into the area that needs balancing. Encourage the client to verbally express and

share what he/she is experiencing.

II. Chakra Balance Layout - can be done with any seven stones that correspond to the colors of the chakras (refer to chart below). Any number of stones can be used. Stones should be placed on each chakra and in a direct line with one another. A quartz crystal is then passed two to six inches above the stones to balance and align the chakras. Other stones can be placed around the main chakra stones to accentuate the healing force.

Group Exercises:

I. Crystal and Stone Ritual - place a quartz crystal, stones for the chakras, and a candle in the center of a circle. Have the group members sit around the stones and the candle. Burn sage and pass it over the stones, then pass the sage to each group member to cleanse him/herself. Leave the sage in the center of the circle. Have each group member state his/her desire for healing and ask the stones to help him/her heal. After each group member has spoken, have everyone join hands and shut their eyes. Visualize the stones healing each member. Ask the group members to open their eyes and describe what they experienced.

II. Crystal Meditation - place a selection of crystals and stones in the center of a circle. Light a candle and burn sage next to the stones. Ask each group member to choose a stone. Direct the group members to focus all of their attention on their stones, observing the size, shape, color, and texture. Play music for the group, and ask the members to move to the music as they connect with their stones. Direct the members to dance, allowing their stones to guide their movements. Turn off the music and ask the group members to sit in a circle. Have each member describe his/her experience and what he/she learned from his/her stone. Gently place the stones back in the center of the circle and thank them for their help.





Healing Use

Earth - Below feet

Connection with the Earth.



Black Tourmaline

Understanding reincarnation.

Protects and grounds the aura.

Grounding - Feet

Connection to the physical.


Smoky Quartz


Acceptance of the body.

Grounds & stabilizes.

Movement - Knees

Progress on life path.

Forest Green


Fosters courage in moving forward on one’s life path.

Perineum - Thighs

Transcending the physical.


Red Tiger Eye

Aids drawing Earth energy into the body.

Root - Pelvis

Survival, core identity.

Red or Black



Warms, grounds, and directs energy into the root.

Connects life force with life purpose.

Hara - b/t pelvis & belly

Life purpose.

Orange brown


Promotes the certainty of one’s path.


Sexuality, creativity.



Stimulates, balances, & heals women’s reproductive system; aids creativity.

Solar plexus - between belly & heart

Perceptual feeling.

Gold, yellow


Tiger Eye

Cleanses & detoxifies; stimulates intellect & mental activity.

Clears negative energy.





Healing Use

Diaphragm - between solar plexus and heart

Cleansing and change.

Lime Green


Green Tourmaline


Detoxifies negativity; heals; stabilizes & soothes.

Clears the emotional body of trauma; protects during detoxification.

Balances emotional release & healing.


Compassion, connectedness.

Pink, green

Rose Quartz



Promotes positive self-love, self-esteem, and self-image.

Calms, balances, and brings peace; increases ability to trust and love.

Soothes heartache & loneliness; fosters emotional balance.

Thymus - between heart and throat

Immunity and protection.




Heals, comforts and protects; aids communication and promotes awareness.

Women’s all-healing; supports letting go; aids healing.





Healing Use


Speaking, Truth.

Deep aqua blue


Opens, clears, and heals blocks; enhances communication and creativity.

Casual Body - Base of Skull



Star Ruby

Deep Pink Tourmaline (Rubellite)

Brings information into conscious awareness; aids in fatigue.

Brings life purpose into all chakras; balances energy flow; removes blockages; opens & heals the emotional body.

Brow/Third Eye - between the eyes

Vision, intuition.

Deep blue



Opens and expands psychic abilities; enhances curiosity & achievement.

Balances the pituitary gland; encourages psychic vision; soothes & heals the CNS.

Crown - top of head

Beyond physical identity, spirituality.



Promotes spiritual awareness; increases sense of self-worth & spiritual peace; aids in meditation.





Healing Use

Crown - top of head

Beyond physical identity, spirituality.



Opens, clears & balances the chakras; aids living in the present; heals the body via the mind; releases & heals despair.

Transpersonal Point - beyond the crown

Connection with God, the Universe.


Quartz Crystal

Herkimer Diamond

Clears negativity; fills the aura & chakras with light; promotes enlightenment; aids emotional stability.

Stimulates transformation; brings harmony within and with others; expands awareness & positivity; aids meditation & dreaming; fosters healing.


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