Do You Meditate With Your Crystals?

Crystals and stones are not that effective if you just put them on and forget them. They can be much more effective if you use them in your meditation practice.

Here we will present two meditations that involve using crystals in some way. These are two examples taken from the book "The Magical World of Crystals".

Sometimes it could be as simple as holding your favorite stone during meditation. For example I love doing that in this simple 5-minute meditation for beginners. Other times you may actively use them to channel the various energies of your subtle auric bodies. How you are going to use crystals in your meditation is entirely up to you. You are limited only by your imagination.



For this meditation, you will need a colored crystal. After relaxation, breathe rhythmically and naturally for a couple of minutes. Slowly, let your exhaling be slightly longer than the inhaling. As you breathe out, let the breath take out everything that is negative from your body.

Take the selected crystal with your both hands and gently focus your attention on it without thinking about anything else. Notice its color, shape, weight, and other properties. Feel the vibration that passes through your hands into your body. Enter the inside of the crystal with your awareness and merge yourself with it. Explore its inner structure and crystal lattice. Finally, you can gaze steadily at a fixed point of the crystal, a technique called Trataka1. This Trataka meditation will enable a deeper insight into the nature of your crystal. Let it "talk" to you and reveal its secrets.

It may happen, that, in one of these meditations, you meet beings from another dimension, from another planet, or galaxy. These being are usually your spiritual friends who want to make a contact with you. Your crystal can serve as a link between your consciousness and the higher dimensions of reality.

smoky quartz points from a common matrix

Once you have finished the Trataka, ground yourself before going further. If needed, use Smoky Quartz to ground and restore your energy.

You can use this meditation to cleanse your body and harmonize your energy with the energy of the crystal. It should be enough to meditate a couple of days with the chosen colored crystal, and then move to the next. You can start with red crystals and move to orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, transparent, and black ones.

1 ( Trataka is the skill of focused gazing at a fixed point in space. This technique greatly improves concentration, opens the psychic centers, and awakens the kundalini energy.)


For self-healing with this meditation, you would need 3 to 5 Amethyst crystals. This meditation is best performed before going to sleep. Stand in the middle of your bedroom and put your Amethyst crystals in a circle around you. They will help you amplify the Violet flame you are going to invoke in this meditation.

amethyst egg

Call upon the Violet flame of love and freedom to start its transmuting action. Visualize this flame as it blazes high above your head, inside of your body, and all around your body, at least 10 feet around you.

Lift up your hands and ask your True self as well as the beloved Saint Germain to send the cleansing powers of the transmuting Violet Flame of love through your hands. Wait for one minute before carrying on.

Then, starting from your head, move both your hands down toward the feet, covering as much of the body surface as possible. With your left hand, go over the right shoulder, rubbing the entire length of your right arm. With your right hand, go over your left shoulder, arm, and hand.

Visualize the cleansing activity of the Violet Flame and repeat the above procedure three times. From time to time, shake off your hands to clear the accumulated negative energy. Visualize how the discordant substance leaves your hands and disappears into the surrounding Violet Flame.

What is the goal of this meditation, and what is actually happening while you perform it?

The bellowed master Saint Germain says that if we could see with our inner eye what is going on while performing this meditation, it would be like stripping one layer of black astral substance after another with our hands. The second time you go over the surface of the body, you remove substance of grayish color, while the third time, the astral substance is light gray.

If you continue with this exercise night after night, the astral matter of your body becomes lighter and lighter until you have removed all impurities from the astral body. This, in turn, brings complete healing to your physical and other subtle bodies.

Don’t forget to cleanse your Amethyst crystals after this meditation. They serve as catalysts for the working of the Violet fire. Of all crystals and minerals, Amethyst is most intimately connected with the Violet ray of light.

What is your favorite way of using crystals? Do you use them in meditation or other metaphysical practice? You can share your thoughts in the comments below:


Mark says:

I like the second meditation very much. Thanks for sharing.

sunny says:

Thanks for taking the time to comment Mark. Glad you like the post.

keena says:

What's the stone on the first image?

sunny says:

Hi keena. It is Australian Mookaite. Sorry for not mentioning it.

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