Wulfenite is related to the higher chakras, the ones located above the seventh, crown chakra Sahasrara. This feature alone makes Wulfenite a very spiritual crystal. Wulfenite is capable of enhancing and leading the individual spiritual development beyond the earthly problems and limitations.

Wulfenite is often encountered in a form of tiny tabular crystals whose color ranges from light red to yellow orange, and occasionally even brown. Its yellow variety is sometimes called “the yellow ore of lead”.

Wulfenite is translucent or transparent crystal; it can have exceptional natural facets and an almost diamond-like shine. It crystallizes in the tetragonal system, but there is contradictory information in the literature regarding its symmetry properties.

The beautiful colors of this crystal, along with its pleasant brilliance and unique crystal properties, contribute to its increasing popularity among the mineral collectors.

WULFENITE Physical Properties

Formula: PbMoO4

Hardness: 2.75–3


In composition, Wulfenite is lead molybdenite. It is very brittle and delicate. The origin of its name can be traced down to the Austrian geologist, Franz Xaver von Wulfen.

Notable occurrences are in the regions that contain lead deposits like Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Morocco, Namibia, Mexico, Arizona, the USA, and Australia.

Wulfenite is a gem that promotes spiritual truth and wisdom of the higher planes. It brings clearer perspective on life and higher leadership. Wulfenite harmonizes the entire human energy field and helps the integration of the crown chakra, Sahasrara, with the even higher spiritual areas.

Our causal body contains the essence of the past wisdom collected by the soul, including the ability to exercise free choice and to cultivate feelings of morality, faith, and connection with the Spirit. Wulfenite will support your intentions to make spiritual changes in your life. Wulfenite instills Divine balance and promotes easier expression of spirituality without neglecting the other aspects of everyday life.


Wherever there is too much or too little morality, Wulfenite will help establish a balance to be able to walk the middle path. Extremism or fanaticism in any area of life shows that there is no real communication between our lower self and the Spirit. The essence of this stone helps reestablish this communication.

The struggle between good and evil is an endless human activity. Here, Wulfenite can help us open the door to greater wisdom. Establishing a better contact with the Higher Self doesn’t mean that we will make no mistakes in the future — it simply means that we will have constant support and leadership on our way.

In crystal therapy, Wulfenite is known to help with depression and fears. It can be used to treat the digestive tract; it helps with bloating, poisoning, gastric disorders, goiter, and promotes detoxification. It is believed to protect against atherosclerosis and improve blood flow. Wulfenite can be readily combined with other crystals and stones.

If not used too often, Wulfenite should be cleansed once a month with water. The best way to charge it is by using the morning sun.


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