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Protection Stones

One of the most important function of crystals and stones is their protective function. For centuries, people have used the crystal’s metaphysical energy for protection. For example, Amber and Jet have been used to absorb the negative energy coming to the wearer from external sources. A lot of magical items used for protection are either made of stones entirely or incorporate stones and crystal in some way. If programmed, virtually any stone can be used as a protective amulet. However, not all of them are equally suited to perform this function at a maximum level.

In the following we have included a list of protective stones divided into categories. The list is made from our personal experience and from other available sources. This list, of course, does not exhaust all possible stones and uses.

General protection: agate, turritella agate, amethyst, amber, smoky quartz, jet, fluorite, fuchsite, rock crystal, howlite, heliotrope, hematite, hiddenite, chrysoberyl, jasper, carnelian, kunzite, labradorite, moonstone, mookaite, opal, obsidian, golden obsidian, peridot, petalite, sapphire, tiger’s eye, tiger’s iron, turquoise, and topaz.

Psychic self-protection: jet, lapis lazuli, rhodonite, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, angelite, and petalite.

Psychic shielding:amber. amber necklace

Protection of the mother and child:malachite, red coral, agate, mother of pearl, and ruby.

Protection from cancers and tumors: fluorite of all colors, especially green, and rock crystal.

Protection by grounding: smoky quartz, onyx, agate, cerussite, jet, epidote, flint, fluorite, heliotrope, hematite, jasper, kabamba jasper, kunzite, magnetite, magnesite, obsidian, pyrite, tiger’s eye, turquoise, and dragon’s eye.

Protection from harmful radiation: herkimer diamond, amber, malachite, rose quartz, falcon’s eye, and turquoise.

Protection from electromagnetic pollution: amazonite, fluorite, heliotrope, and malachite.

obsidian Protection from geopathic radiation: agate, amazonite, heliotrope, and obsidian.

Protection from psychic attacks: ametrine, lapis lazuli, apache tears, petalite, ruby, rutilated quartz, sunstone, sulfur, shattuckite.

Protection from energy vampirism: aventurine and ruby.

Protection from snake bites: serpentine.

Protection from the evil eye: chrysoprase, carnelian, lapis lazuli, prasem, cat’s eye, iron, fossil, falcon’s eye, and turquoise.

Protection from witchcraft, evil powers, and magic: andradite, amethyst, zircon, red coral, jet, heliotrope, chrysoberyl, kambaba jasper, chalcedony, carnelian, lapis lazuli, peridot, petalite, prasem, rutilated quartz, sardonyx, serpentine, sulfur, and topaz.

Dispelling negative energy: citrine, smoky quartz, jet, heliotrope, calcite, labradorite, malachite, and sulfur.

Protection of travelers: jasper, garnet, tiger’s eye and rhodonite.

Protection of travelers on water: aquamarine, amethyst and mother of pearls.

Protection in astral travel: tektite, kyanite, yellow jasper, rainbow obsidian, petalite, brecciated jasper, and prehnite.

peridot olivine Aura protection: peridot, selenite, amber, amethyst fire agate, and black tourmaline.

Protection on spiritual journeys: jet and jasper.

Universal spiritual protection: amethyst and seraphinite.

Shamanic protection: mogui stones and tiger's iron.

Emotional protection: rose quartz, kunzite, and celestite.

At the end, keep in mind that crystals and stones are just auxiliary tools in any type of metaphysical work, including protection. A word of caution: don’t be carried away into thinking that just by possessing a powerful protection stone or crystal you are totally and absolutely safe. The main source of protective energy should be your own Divine self, Christ in you. If you break the Divine laws of the Universe, there is no protection strong enough that can shield you against the karmic wheel set in motion by your wrongful action. Therefore, learn how to connect to that part of your microcosm representing pure energy, light, wisdom, and love. The awakened Divine love in your heart is by far the best protection you can get.

What is your favorite protection stone? Can you share some details about the protective action of your crystals and stone?


mukesh says:

very nice information.....

sunnyray says:

Hi muesh,
Glad you like it. Thanks for the comment.

Gloria says:

Hi Sunnyray,
can you tell me with Haematite being a magnetic protective stone dose the same applies to the none magnetic type. Thank you for your time.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the comment Gloria. Although magnetic (of anti-ferro magnetic type), Hematite doesn't react to a magnetic field of normal strength, so it actually behaves in a non magnet fashion. That is, from what you and I can tell without sophisticated equipment, Hematite reacts as a non magnetic material. You can read more about the properties of Hematite here.

Kumar Iyer VS says:

Turquoise helps in arthritis, swelling and pain related. Wear as ring in middle finger right hand.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the info, Kumar. Really appreciate it.

billy says:

Many crystals can help to create a nice, secure space in your home and eliminate negative energies. But, I don't see here for example Shungite. It is a great stone for protection from geopathic irradiation. Hematite is rightfully in the list because it cleanses and guards the aura. Don't forget to smudge you house from time to time and prepare some crystal grids for protection. And keep negative people far far away from your private space. Nothing can ruin it as quickly as negative people.

sunnyray says:

Great tips, billy, indeed. Thanks for sharing.

B.Kumar says:

Keeping negative people and envious people away is a major step in energy clearing. Just a simple phone call from a jealous person can set things to go south.

sunnyray says:

So true, Kumar, so true. Thanks a lot for sharing your insight.

arima says:

Hi I love your web site I hope you can add me and many blessings.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for reading arima. We have added you to our mailing list now. Many blessings!

Ian says:

Hi. is it okay to wear crystals while attending a funeral?

sunnyray says:

I don't see why not.

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