Note: Crystals cannot be an alternative for medical attention nor can they be a substitute.

Aquamarine used to be a crystal of those brave people of the past who usually needed to travel far and long and confront their enemies. It was believed to promote courage and survival instincts. Strangely but true, at the same time it was valued by those who cared for peace and tranquility. Its name has obvious connotations. Aqua-marine, (water-sea on Latin), denotes sea water. Therefore, since ancient times, it has been a protective talisman of the sea travelers and sailors keeping them safe from the "sea monsters" as well as sea sickness.

Composition and Other Physical Properties of Aquamarine

This light blue stone that sometimes can have slight greenish nuances belongs to the vast family of beautiful beryl gems. We have already seen how emerald is another member of the beryl family, actually representing the green variation. Morganite is the pink/peach version, whereas hidenite is the golden variation. There is also a stone called goshenite - essentially colorless beryl. All these stones cannot be avoided when talking about healing and gem therapy as they bring specific and unique vibrations. They are cyclosilicates, meaning that they form interesting cyclic rings on a microscopic scale. Aquamarine essentially contains beryllium, aluminum and silica. Notable occurrences are to be found in Sri Lanka, Namibia, India, Madagascar and Nigeria. You can find more about the physical properties of aquamarine here.

Aquamarine as a Jewel

In gemstone-quality Aquamarine, the color is usually very intense and ranges from moderately green to dark blue. In general, the bluer and more intense the color, the greater the value. Unfortunately, most of the Aquamarines out there are light in color, and come as mostly greenish-blue. To change this, some jewelry makers heat treat such stones to give them more intense color. But then, these treated gemstones are not natural in the fullest sense of the word.

Aquamarine has to be clean in order to be of qem quality. If there are imperfections visible to the naked eye, such stones are used for beads and cabochons. The stones of perfect clarity are used for making faceted gems. The size of the stones is also important, because, usually, the larger the stone the more intense color it has. Gems under 5 carats are often paler in appearance as compared to the larger specimens.

Spiritual Properties of Aquamarine

Aquamarine stones Possessing the same color of the life giving essential water element, this crystal's connection to the ocean is apparent. Its color is very gentle, much more delicate than the color of blue lace agate, for example. If you want to make contact with the natural spirits of the ocean - the water spirits or water nymphs Undines, there is no better stone than aquamarine. It will fight the forces of negativity and attract the blessings of the spirits of Light. According to some legends, this stone was originally found in the treasure chests of the mermaids.

Placed on the throat chakra Vishuddha it will help develop noble thoughts, sharpen our intuition and enable clear sight. Aquamarine will enhance intellectual reasoning, help in the process of acquiring knowledge, deepen our ability to love and balance our relationships with others. In general, it is a meditative crystal that can help in elevating our awareness to the higher levels of consciousness.

In long marriages, exchanging aquamarines can deepen the love that partners feel for each other, or in some cases, just sweep away the dust from it, reminding them as to how much they still care for one another. This gentle stone is also known as an aura cleansing crystal. It is trusted as a strength giving gem, capable of dealing with troublesome situations.

Healing with Aquamarine

In self-healing crystal therapy, this gemstone will be very beneficial for the throat, lungs, bronchial tube, and in dealing with swollen glands. It will help calm the nerves, lymphatic system, prevent the arterial clots and mental infirmity due to old age. Aquamarine is also known to successfully aid when there are eye problems, respiratory diseases, allergies and skin problems. However, in all these cases the mere possessing this crystal might not be enough if there is no knowledge about crystal cleansing, charging and programming as well as how to properly channel pranic energy through it.

Aquamarine crystals are also excellent choice for fighting depression as they can help in increasing self awareness and self esteem. Its vibrations are quiet but very effective, helping us reduce our everyday levels of stress and tranquilize our always active mind. Not only will it aid in clearing our perceptive powers, this stone will help us remove much of our mental confusion and anxiety.


Jardzy says:

I love aquamarine. I have some in my bathrooms where they both fall in the blue, Career, Water part of the houses according ro feng shui.

Lucy Corpuz says:

Since I got to know aquamarine crystals, I am always happy to wear. Aquamarine is a great companion to travel it will keep you relaxed at times and peaceful. I never leave without it.

sunnyray says:

That's so true, Lucy. Aquamarine is such a great stone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

goddess says:

Aquamarine has helped me relieved from over stress and headache,where i had sleepless night. Use it when you feel hopeless and need optimism, it really smooth your mood and make you to keep trying and going further. It's like pushing you to make something done positively.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the nice comment on Aquamarine’s benefits.

mish says:


I want to know where I can get the real aquamarine stone. I love this stone and it's also my birth stone so I'm looking for this stone, but I have no idea where I can get this


sunnyray says:

Aquamarine is not a difficult stone to get, unless you are purchasing a gem-quality Aquamarine in which case some extra caution is advised. By far the best place to get this stone is your local crystals and minerals store.

Vy Hoong says:

I also have question how can I bring this quartz along with me if it doesn't make a necklace or ring.

Dixie says:

A good friend sent me a aquamarine and earring set. They're set in copper.beautiful contrast. Looks like fairy jewelry. Makes me feel wonderful. Thanks for your website..

sunnyray says:

Thanks Dixie. Enjoy in your jewelry!

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