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4 Dynamite Tips for your Practice of Keeping a Mindful Journal By Alana D. Frazier

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A mindful perspective is key not because it automatically improves our quality of life, but because it permits us to project and apply useful meanings onto our outcomes in life. Since we have the ability to decide what things mean, we can continually re-tool our associations so that they keep us in a perpetual state of improvement. When we improve our ability to create useful meanings, we improve our perceived quality of life. When we improve our perceived quality of life, we naturally feel more empowered and hence feel more able to take bigger and better actions...Read more

How to Set Up Ritual Triggers and Enjoy More Awesomeness By Nicholas H. Parker

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Here are six awesome, easy-to-implement steps to inject more mindfulness into your life through "Ritual Triggers," that is, powerful rituals that are triggered by a certain stimulus. By setting these up, you are conditioning your body to recognize unproductive states and to snap right back into shape. Haven't you had the experience where you felt lost and in a haze, but you didn't even KNOW you were in a haze until something SHOCKED you back into yourself?..Read more

A Way Out of Loneliness: How to Feel Less Isolated and Alone By Isabell Gaylord

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Loneliness is a state we all experience at least once in our lifetime. Loneliness does not necessarily mean isolation, but it is rather a feeling. While the perception of the time spent alone is different from human to human, most people perceive loneliness as a negative feeling that makes them feel less loved and appreciated. When people start to feel isolated and alone, their inner critic voice is slowly gaining control over their minds....Read more

How Meditation Can Change Your Life For Better By Ryan

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It seems like everybody has caught on the trend of mindfulness and meditation. Today, you can see many celebrities who share their experience with meditation. Oprah is one of the most active proponents of mindful meditation, having shared her tradition of reading a mantra and doing transcendental meditation for several minutes every morning...Read more

How to Use Cooking as a Form of Self-Care By Megan Darmody

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One of the goals of meditation is to achieve a state of mindfulness, where we are able to shed our minds of negative emotions and focus on the present. This allows a calm acknowledgement of emotions and thoughts to occur. Mindfulness can reduce stress and anxiety, help people to face and overcome fears, reduce impulses to react emotionally and help bolster our cognitive functions...Read more

Sri Chinmoy's Philosophy for the Inner Life By Floyd

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As a spiritual teacher, Sri Chinmoy had meditation centers running in different parts of the world. He believes that anyone who wants to know the truth spiritually is a beginner, and those who strive to progress continually in this bid are eternal beginners. For him, the beginner could be described as that person that is interested in understanding the deeper metaphysical realm in the bid to find fulfillment and enlightenment...Read more

Study Finds Transcendental Meditation Can Help Children Suffering From ADHD By sunny breeze

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Most people accept the fact that meditation can offer a plethora of rewards — serenity, health and more — to those who practice it. However, did you know that meditation could also be useful for children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)? There are different types of meditation for children, but in this article we are talking about transcendental meditation (TM)...Read more

5 Steps Towards True Meditation By Elaine

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As a yogi, meditation has come up quite a bit in my practice over the years. My teacher has advocated for at least 1 hour of meditation time in a day, where in that hour I learn to still my mind, chant mantras and quiet the world outside so that the inner self will emerge...Read more

How to Meditate While Running By sunny breeze

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Running can be a very relaxing and meaningful experience for many people. That's why people love to go running. It is a great way to lose the daily stress and to stay centered, to be present in the here and now. Running is recommend to almost everyone. It is especially beneficial if you want to increase focus in your life and find peace. But, don't be alarmed at the thought of running...Read more

24 Powerful Inspirational Quotes You Can Use to Support Your Meditation Habit By sunny breeze

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You have tried meditation and given up? You are not alone. Many have done that. Maintaining meditation habit is tough. It takes a lot of strength, persistence, and iron will. You have to use every resource you can find to help yourself. Because, the reality is ... no one will help you in your practice if you don't help yourself. Our society is materialistic. People are pursuing materialistic goals. Everything works that way, and, more often than not, you have to swim against the stream...Read more

Signs of Progress in Meditation By sunny breeze


In the following, I will talk about some of the most important signs that I believe are indicative of making progress in meditation. Since I started using the Sunnyray method of meditation, I noticed several improvements which I thought were important in my case. Hopefully, you will find them important in your case too. Please let me know what you think in the comments below. I would very much appreciate your input...Read more

How to Meditate Buddhist Loving-Kindness Meditation By sunny breeze

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Meditation is a practice that can bring a lot of peace and calm in your life. Just by meditating a couple of minutes every day, you can change the way you look at yourself, how you interact with other people and the way you look at life in general. Meditation can bring a lot of positive energy into your life. In the following we will describe the basics of the Buddhist "Loving Kindness meditation", a simple, yet powerful technique for giving and receiving positive energy...Read more

Three Different Types of Meditation Explained and Their Corresponding Brain Waves By Fred Travis

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When we say meditation, every one of us has their own notion about what meditation is. There are also many different schools of meditation. What do you mean when you say meditation within the context of neuroscience? -It is really a critical question. People are recognizing that they have to expand and explore their inner resources. And this is what meditation do...Read more

Neuroplasticity of the Brain, Stress and Meditation By Fred Travis

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Let us start by asking the question of how you are seeing me right now? Light is coming through your eyes, it goes through the brain and creates a ringing over the brain. It is that ringing over your brain, the communication among hundreds of billions of neurons that lets you create a picture of me...Read more

The Meaning of World's Most Popular Mantras By sunny breeze

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During my meditation practice I have used many mantras. For many of them I didn't even know their meaning. The point is, you can use a mantra that has originated in any spiritual tradition without even knowing its meaning. It will work. The vibrations of the mantra will be beneficial even if you have no clue what you are repeating. But, it is always good to know the symbolism and meaning of the mantras you are using in your meditation...Read more

The Ancient Art of Tai Chi By Laura Ginn

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The ancient art of Tai Chi has its origins in China, where it has been observed for hundreds of years as a form of exercise and as a method of improving the physical body’s internal energy paths.  The individual movements of Tai Chi emphasise correct form and feeling.  The deliberately slow and gentle style of Tai Chi further accentuates this point...Read more

How to Change Meditation Drudgery Into Joy By Richard

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This is the question every one of my meditation students asks me.

Then they wait apprehensively for me to impose the dreaded sentence. Ten minutes a day and they’re relieved, or even happy. Twenty minutes is acceptable. An hour is like a life sentence. Telling them to meditate twice a day is completely unacceptable. Excuses start pouring out.

Is meditation really that bad?

Yes, it is...Read more

Extreme Relaxation - Good Sense or a Step Too Far? By OliverM

Sensory Deprivation chamber

Relaxation techniques and practises have been around for centuries. Today, in the rush for the most extreme forms of relaxation and rejuvenation, there may be some startling side effects. Read more

Can you achieve a painless childbirth through meditation? By Olivia


Many women – both those who have given birth and those who haven’t – think of “childbirth” as being synonymous with "excruciating pain”. Both those who sign up for pain relief at the earliest opportunity and those who want to do without expect labor and birth to hurt. Is it possible to achieve a painless birth through meditation alone, without additional pain relief techniques? Read more

Transcendental Meditation - Relieving Stress? By mikefifield

Meditation is one of the planet's most purely natural techniques for alleviating stress in our lives. Transcendental Meditation techniques are centered on the age-old Vedic custom of enlightenment in India. This expertise has long been passed down by Vedic masters from generation to generation for thousands and thousands of years. Around 50 years ago, Maharishi, the Vedic master in our age of the tradition, presented Transcendental Meditation to our world, reestablishing the awareness and practical knowledge of elevated states of consciousness at this crucial time in the history of the planet... Read more

Sleep is the Best Meditation By sunnypopali

"Sleep is the best meditation", as said or we are all aware. So it is essential for us all to have a high-quality sleep. If you are maintaining a normal routine and having enough sleep, then your body will wake up obviously on time... Read more