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Sri Chinmoy's Philosophy for the Inner Life

By Floyd

As a spiritual teacher, Sri Chinmoy had meditation centers running in different parts of the world. He believes that anyone who wants to know the truth spiritually is a beginner, and those who strive to progress continually in this bid are eternal beginners. For him, the beginner could be described as that person that is interested in understanding the deeper metaphysical realm in the bid to find fulfillment and enlightenment. You are classified as an eternal beginner when you have the urge to make consistent progress and be better than what you were yesterday by going into the transcending level.

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The results of the revelation will always include the fact that quality and quantity are same and that the physical and the transcendental are also the same. He believes that life and eternity are the same because it is not possible that life simply means the number of years we live on earth.

For him, the things that will help you as an absolute beginner include some spiritual books that will inspire you. They include books from spiritual masters that you trust. Some of the masters have achieved the highest level of consciousness, and their books will therefore inspire you. However, any beginner should do well to avoid books written by people that have not arrived, whether they are aspirants, scholars, or professors. This is because the truth could only be transmitted by those that have found it.

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The next course of action is to get closer to those that have been involved in constant meditations. From them, you will gain the inspiration to push on, even if you fail to learn directly from them. There is a belief that even the physical waves from them can help. So, you may even derive the motivation to meditate, by mere seating besides them when they do. This cannot be classified as test, as only the inner being is enhanced even when you do not know it externally.

For Sri Chinmoy, the best way to start is to remove meditation from your mind entirely. Start by making sure you take at least 5 minutes apart to enjoy a serene and quiet ambience, dedicating it to your internal being only. Do this regularly at a given time, and you will experience wonders.

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Amongst the documents left by Sri Chinmoy is a short film. In it, he was doing Jharna-Kala painting records. It was in the film that he revealed his work the first time. The canvas he created was very long. As the film progresses, he appears in his home carrying out the Samadhi meditation. The later chapter revealed where he was driving himself to the UN, and there, he take part in 2 meditations each week. On another scene, he eats his breakfast and revealed how he values cucumbers.

Recommended Book – 'Beyond Within: A Philosophy for the Inner Life'

There are several meanings to this heading in Sri Chinmoy's Philosophy. The first thing is that almost every human being experiences the 'beyond'. Here, we get to know that we do not have limitations, and we are extensive. Therefore, we move ahead of the tiny cubicle of self-knowledge that is part of our physical life. The meaning of beyond when it is applied as a preposition is that what we harbor inside could be expressed when we go 'beyond' and jettison the within.

Many people will look at this title get some ideas. Some tends to think that there is a very huge difference between our acceptance that there is a 'beyond' in us and how we reach to this knowledge physically. So, while inhaling and exhaling could be described as two different words, however, they are all involved in the act of breathing. So, the entire conclusion is that there is no known difference between reading this inside you, and manifesting the awareness externally. So, when we discover who we are internally, it will manifest itself in all our dealings with people in the world. That is what the book is about.

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