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6 Ways to Easily Incorporate Meditation Into Your Life

By Louis Robidoux

With the stresses we have in everyday life, there is no wonder why so many people overeat, drink alcohol or just get down and depressed. But there is no need to worry anymore. Meditation can help everyone, it will calm your nerves and you will realize that your worries are not worth stressing over. Meditation has been around since the dawn of time and there is a good reason for that, it is effective.

6 Ways To Start Meditating Without Much Effort

Here are six easy ways to incorporate meditation into your daily life.

#1 Discover a Passion to Meditation

When you are doing something you enjoy, such as walking, running, painting. Whatever it may be, this can be your meditation. Meditation is not necessarily when you are sitting cross-legged in a temple. Meditation takes many different forms. So when you are enjoying something you are doing, you become laser-focused. 

This creates a single-pointed mind which becomes more silent and calm. So you will realize that while you are running, for example, you are completely in the moment and your mind is not dragging you elsewhere. This is a very good way to meditate and most of us are already doing this, we just do not realize.

meditation by the lake

#2 Start with the Trusted Traditional Way of Meditation

The most traditional way of meditating had to find its way into this list. It is not just the Indian mystics that can sit and meditate, we can all do this practice. It is simple and great for a calm, peaceful mind. We just need to find a quiet place whether inside the home or outside. Make sure we will not be disturbed, so phones must be switched off. Find a comfortable position to sit or lie, then close your eyes.

At this point, the monkey mind wants to take us on all kinds of adventures, such as, what will I eat later, or will I complete that essay on time. All that you need to do is watch all this play out in your mind. Allow the thoughts to come and go and you will realize that it really does not matter. You will feel great after about ten to fifteen minutes of this practice. It will soon become apparent to you that there is no excuse not to meditate. 

#3 Try Meditating Outside

This is an old and trusted way to become more calm and aware of your thoughts, and that is a being around nature. Anytime we are close to nature, the power of mother Gia heals us and calms our monkey mind. Nature is an amazing way to bring us back to our true selves and find our being once again. Just by walking in the forest, we will find that our heartbeat will gradually start beating with mother nature. We will begin to feel more relaxed and at peace.

Nature always helps us remember who and what we are. It stops us from being stressed and helps take away our fear.

#4 Try Meditating in the Bath or Shower

This is one of the most comfortable ways to meditate and we get the opportunity more often than we realize. Take the opportunity to meditate while you are taking a bath. This is an excellent time to sit or lie in a comfortable position and just be. How often do we get this opportunity? We are all rushing to get in and out of the bath as we have something else to do. This is a great chance to take some time for yourself and unwind with meditation.

Do not worry if you do not take baths, you can even do this while you are taking a shower. Just stand and enjoy the sensation of the water on your body and become aware of your breathing. This will slow everything down in your mind and you will feel the stress leave you. With this way of meditating there can be no excuse, no more I do not have time. This can be done every day for five to ten minutes and you will feel the results.

#5 Unwind with Meditation Before Sleep

Another easy way to incorporate meditation into your daily life is to do it just before sleeping. This is a fantastic way to give yourself some quality time just before you enter the dream world. All that is needed is that you either sit or lie down in your bed, close your eyes and become aware of your thoughts. Just witness them come and go and you can do this for about ten minutes.

You will find that you will sleep better and you will feel more energized throughout the day. Because this is done just before you go to sleep, it is a great way to unwind and clear your mind from the day's stress. Like meditating in the bath or shower this can be done by everyone, every day. All you need is ten minutes at the end of your day to relax and allow yourself some valuable time to unwind.

#6 Meditate During Meal Preparation

Why not take time when you are cooking to meditate. This is a brilliant time to just slow yourself down and calm all your nerves before watching your breath. We all need to eat, so why not incorporate meditation into our cooking time. When we have had a hard, long day at the office, what better way to relax than through meditation. All that you will need to do is cook your meal as normal but just do it slower. 

This will make you focus on everything you are doing and calm the monkey mind. By doing this practice a few times per week you will feel and see the benefits. You should take life with a more relaxed, calm attitude. With taking ten minutes out of your day while you are preparing your dinner you will be amazed at how many advantages you will get.


One of the most common reasons people say they can not meditate is that they do not have enough time, they are so busy. Well with these six easy ways to bring meditation into your life, that excuse does not work anymore. These six practical ways to incorporate meditation into your life will make you feel better, think clearer and eliminate stress in your life. If you can meditate one of these ways every day you will feel the results.

Everyone around you will notice the difference and you will begin to flow with such positive calm energy. Meditating really makes a difference in people’s lives. With such easy practices, you will be able to deal with everyday life with less worry and less negative thoughts. Instead, they will be replaced with a new-found confidence in calm with positive thoughts. Meditating is not just for the monks in Thailand. It is available for everyone at any time. Just find ten minutes out of your day and you can join the monks in Thailand and meditate. 

It is that easy and simple. There is definitely no excuse anymore for not being able to meditate, because of a lack of time.

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