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Ace of Cups

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The Ace of Cups Tarot card symbolizes love, harmony, patience, compassion, joy and acceptance. The Cup depicted on this card in some Tarot representations is thought to represent the cup of the Holy Grail. The Suit of Cups, in general, represent love and emotional balance. This card too represents the love and emotions that sustain our daily life.

This Card depicts a hand holding a cup coming out from the clouds. Beneath the cup there is a body of water with water-lilies. From the cup we can see five water streams pouring on the ground. A dove is bearing a Host with the mark of the cross and tries to place it in the cup. Although there are other illustrations (see the corresponding card from Marseille deck below), this depiction from the Ride Waite Deck of Cards is one of the most common ones.

ace of cups tarot card illustration from the Rider Waite deck

The symbols of Ace of Cups are easily identified: water, the dove, and water-lilies. Water is a universal symbol of emotions and of the subconscious mind. It has great cleansing and purifying powers. It also symbolizes rebirth in various religious ceremonies and has other strong Christian connotations.

The dove indicates purity, hope, spiritual aspiration, and ultimate spiritual ascension. It is also a commonly used symbol of the Holy Spirit, especially related to Divine peace.

The water-lilies also symbolize love and can be used to celebrate life, and are used in many religious ceremonies.

In Divination, this card means joy, abundance, nourishment, and fertility.

Ace of Cups symbolizes our ability to show love in almost every situation in our lives. However, love does not necessary mean romance between a guy and woman. The love that this card represents is more spiritual. It is about peace, mercy, compassion, forgiveness and showing your real deep feelings and emotions.

In love readings, this Tarot card could give an answer to the Querent about the kind of love that they need. It could also mean awakening of intuition or other psychic abilities. Whenever this card is shown the Querent should be prepared to come across a sea of emotions (positive or negative).

On the other hand, this is one of the Tarot cards which may symbolize a beginning of a relationship. When this card appears, there's a high potential that the relationship in question may lead to true happiness and love.

Having said that, this card almost never represents the final outcome of the relationship, just the potential it may have.

Whether your love relationship started out well or not, it is both yours and your partner's responsibility to keep your relationship going, improve it and maintain it. However, there's only a limit to what we humans can do and commit. We should always ask for God's help to keep our love alive and vibrant.

The Ace of Cups card does not guarantee you happiness, but there's high possibility that you can gain happiness if you are honest and persistent.

ace of cups tarot card illustration from the Marseille deck

Other meanings of the Ace of Cups Tarot include generosity and blessings. The blessings may be for your body, emotions, thoughts, actions, and so on. If you believe you have deserved them, these blessing could be an endless flow of good things in your life.

However, if you have been offered a big cup, you ought to reach out to drink it. This cup not only represents fulfillment on the emotional part of your being, but also on the spiritual part. If you are thirsty and really have a strong need to be refreshed and replenished, you will have to reach out for it and drink its content.

Don't forget that giving is receiving. If you don't give, you won't be able to receive. So, this is the time where you give more than you take. You have to experience giving and receiving of unconditional love for yourself. So remember the important Tarot card meanings for Ace of cups, open your heart before emotions can move you, and good things will come.

The reversed meanings of this card are mutation, instability, false heart, and revolution.

To sum it up, Aces represent the beginning of each suit. So, Ace of cups introduces the entire suit of cups, which deals with emotions, love, and psychic awareness. It serves as a representative card of these aspects in our lives.

When you work with your Tarot cards, when your perform Divination, or whenever Ace of Cups comes as a result of some action, keep the following keywords in mind: emotional focus, emotional potential, love energy, love opportunity, beginnings of some emotional action, and psychic initiation. That way you will be able to interpret the meaning of the message being sent to you instantly.

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