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Tarot, Planets and Astrology Signs

By sunny breeze

Even though Tarot and Astrology are seemingly unrelated metaphysical areas, each of the 78 Tarot Cards has a particular astrological significance. By introducing the astrological connotations you are about to read in this post, we can expand the meaning of the Tarot cards and learn how to map Tarot to Astrology and vice versa.

In the following we will establish a link between each of the Major Arcana cards and the corresponding Horoscope Signs and Astrological Planets. Similar links can be established also considering the Minor Arcanas.

  1. The Fool – The Fool is related to planet Neptune. A number of experts, however, claim that this tarot card is somewhat more akin to Uranus. Our firm belief is that Neptune is indeed the planet responsible for the energies that this card represent, that is, different energies related to visions, subconscious urges and oddity.

  2. The Magician is a card of Mercury, planet that brings communication, promotes the intellectual processes, helps knowledge acquisition, and deals with information in general.

  3. The High Priestess is related to the Moon. This means that here we deal with secrecy, intuition, inner strength, and subconscious streams and activities.

  4. The Empress is a tarot card of Venus, related to the primal female energy (anima), fertility, beauty, luxury, and gain.

  5. The Emperor tarot card is related to the astrological sign of Aries. It speaks of strength, male energy, ambition, activity and domination.

  6. The Hierophant is associated to the sign of Taurus. This sign brings stability, wisdom, persistence, and slow but efficient actions.

  7. The Lovers is a card of the zodiac sign of Gemini. It hints toward the need to make a choice when there are two possible options, when there is hesitancy and dilemma.

  8. The Chariot is related to the astrological sign of Cancer. Here we have slow and steady progress, as well as emotional sensibility.

  9. Justice is related to the sign of Libra. Libra indicates just what this tarot cards innately represents: law, order, declarations, contracts, and seeking for the truth.

  10. The Hermit is a tarot card of Virgo. This is a card of wisdom and prudence, reflection, consideration and inaction as opposed to direct action.

  11. Wheel of Fortune is a card of Jupiter. It speaks of beneficial circumstances, favorable changes, and positive outcomes.

  12. Strength is a tarot card of Leo, suggesting strength of will, passion, success and endeavor.

  13. The Hanged Man is a tarot card of Pluto. It can help us learn a thing or two about sacrifice, punishment, suffering and endurance, but simultaneously, also about how to change the current situation for the better.

  14. Death is a card of Scorpio. It will teach us of the termination of some processes, and of the turnovers that bring the possibility of new actions.

  15. Temperance is a Sagittarius card. It points toward the possibility of adjustment, creating balance, and constructive activity.

  16. The Devil is linked to the astrological sign of Capricorn, whose task is dealing with the materialism that leads to temptation, calculation, and interest.

  17. The Tower is a tarot card ofMars – a planet that puts forward the dominant male energy, which often manifests as aggression, hostility, destruction, harmful actions and sudden troubles.

  18. The Star is a tarot card of Aquarius and it speaks of spontaneity, attunement with the higher forces, friendly influences and attainment of our life goals.

  19. The Moon is related to the Pisces, indicating unclear situations, running away from reality, wrong impressions, and hidden motives.

  20. The Sun is a card of our star – our Sun. It indicates a totally clear and positive situation, personal strength, pleasure and success.

  21. Judgment is related to the planet Saturn. It means facing our deeds, bearing responsibility, but also new possibilities after the completion of the previous cycle.

  22. The World is a card of Uranus. It brings opening new horizons, changes in any sense, and new life opportunities.

All of the above cards are from the Raider-Waite tarot deck — one of the most frequently used and, in general, best sets of tarot cards. In addition to the Major Arcana, the Minor Arcana cards also have a definite and important astrological meaning. We will describe them in our next post.

Please note that some of the tarot cards might have slightly changed symbolism and astrological significance as compared to the original design. This is partly due to the new concepts added only recently after the discovery of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

The more you get to know your tarot cards and the more you discover the wondrous world of astrology, the more you realize how the above mapping makes a profound sense and brings important insights into our human nature. We should also add that each of us has all the 12 astrological signs in their chart, and we all pass through the influence of the zodiac signs during the course of the year. Therefore, knowing how astrology relates to the tarot, and what a certain tarot card represents is of great importance. We can use this knowledge in our daily tarot readings and for our self-development. Above all, we can say that, if correctly applied, this knowledge can and should be reflected in a positive manner upon our everyday life, our spiritual growth, and our personal development.


BG says:

Very clear and straight forward. I am interested in how the Minor Arcana cards relate to the zodiac signs! I am also interested in how each planet has sometimes two totally different zodiac personalities in two different months, compared to what personality that same planet has when it is not in one of that planet's zodiac months. Interesting stuff! Thanks! Love, Light Unite, BG

sunny says:

Thanks, BG, for the comment. Really appreciate it. With love and light, sunny.

mo soleil says:

I'm Sagittarius and would like to know about my lucky tarot cards.

sunny says:

Hi mo
As mentioned above, the sign Sagittarius is linked to the Temperance card. Sagittarius is a fire sign, and it ruler is planet Jupiter. Jupiter brings luck and good fortune. Thus, the second card linked to this sign could be the Wheel of Fortune. But fortune is a relative thing and it can quickly change. If a Sagittarius individual manages to develop temperance as a quality of their character, they would better cope with the inevitable ups and downs of their fortune. Thanks for dropping by and take care.

Andraste says:

I'm interested in finding out which tarot cards would be associated with my zodiac sign of Libra..(Both Major& Minor arcana..)... my lucky& deeper meaning tarot cards also.

sunny says:

Hi Andraste,
As Major Arcana, to your zodiac sign Justice Tarot Card would be most appropriate. As for Minor Arcana, I would have to know which decade of Libra you were born in.

Kaitlyn says:

Hi, I love spiritual things and an obsessed with astrology. My birth cards are the sun, the wheel of fortune and the magician. Do you know what this means about my life?

sunny says:

I can only say very spiritual cards indeed.

Ravel says:

Loved the Major Arcana information. Do you have an idea when we could expect the Minor Arcana's equivalent? I know posted that it will come later, just wondering when.

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