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The Fool — Major Arcana Card

By Pythia

The Fool is called "the spirit of the Ether". The Ether element is one of the five basic elements in nature, in addition to  earth, water, air, and fire. In the following we discuss the spiritual, symbolic and metaphysical meaning of this card.

To comprehend the meaning of the Fool, we should always consult  the Tree of Life in Kabbalah and try to determine what path on the Tree corresponds to this tarot card. It actually   connects two very important Sephirah, Chokhmah and Keter. "The Fool" corresponds to the Hebrew letter aleph. The Fool also represents our intellect, and, in particular, our will that has to be engaged to support a certain idea of the intellect.

This card is a symbol of our phallic energy — notice how we have here a hermaphrodite who sees himself as one whole. With this concept we can relate the concept of the number zero. The Kabbalistic zero is the first and final balance of all opposites — the fundamental equality between the male and the female energy.

This card also depicts a state of consciousness which is above all poles and above all divisions. Given that each thought is an act of separation, the Fool teaches us that we should unite our thoughts with their opposite meanings in order to reconcile the separation and restore our harmony. The Fool is able to experience the impermanence of all conclusions, of all solid proofs and rational theories.

This is the proper way in which we are able to observe the Truth. Thus, the Fool stands on the magical boundary where he is able to approve of everything. He can approve the most distant thoughts as well as their opposites. He can approve every single thing that exists in the world.

The Fool is also a symbol of the spiritual state of the child. There is always peace above the turbulent affairs of the world. He teaches us how to become befriended with our own consciousness.  He is not touched by anything from outside. He remains pure.

Divination and prognosis

  • Spiritual and positive aspects Idea, thought, spirituality that works on ascending the material and physical, sudden original subtle impulses.
  • Negative physical aspects Eccentricity, mania, madness
  • Other negative aspects deceit, robbery, mimic, pose

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