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10 of Swords Minor Arcana Card

By Pythia

Certain character traits of people born from 11.06 to 20.06 (which is in fact the third decade of Gemini in the Horoscope) are symbolically represented through the Ten of Swords Tarot card.

Let us explore the meaning of this card. In short, and in most cases, the "Ten of Swords" means contempt, arrogance and downfall. But, things are far from being that simple.

Let us first examine the potential of this card. Being number 10, the potential of this card can be expressed as perseverance, stubbornness and conservativeness. These qualities are very often negative, but, depending on the other character traits of a person, they can also be positive.

The frequency of the "Ten of Swords" Minor Arcana Card is the frequency of the Sun, meaning constant pursuit of success and accomplishment, ambition, and pride.

Minor Arcana Ten of Swords, depicting a pierced figure with swords

Ten of Swords from the "Pamela A deck"

Finally, the element of "10 of Swords Tarot Card", is air, as we can trivially determine from its belonging to the tarot suit of swords. Air, on the other hand, is a symbol of rationality, and reason. So, if you have friends or family members born in this period of the year, they will most likely be very rational individuals. Although quite attractive and capable of generating wealth, they will generally lack deeper feelings of any kind. If the negative aspect, they will be extremely stubborn and determined to carry through with their intent no matter what. The Sun frequency will, however, step down these negative traits, especially their obduracy and toughness.

Turning our attention to the symbols visible on the "10 of Swords card", we are faced with a figure lying flat on the ground, pierced by all the ten swords of this card. While looking at this scene for a while (do not concentrate on it for too long, though, you might get depressed!), we cannot but get the strange feeling that although the person is dead (obviously after being stabbed so many times), he is yet somehow not defeated. Even in the ultimate defeat, it seems as if the person depicted in this Minor Arcana would not concede. Note that apart from the pierced figure, there are no other living beings depicted on this card. In the background, the prostrated person is being met by the four elements of nature: Earth, Water (the sea), Fire (the sunny sky) and Air. Is it in these final moments that our pierced figure has been given the chance to realize the Divine order of elemental powers? Is this realization for the good, or for the bad of that person?

In divination, this card will often indicate contempt and arrogance due to exaggerating one's own worth, ego, and purpose. Think about it. What does it take for a person to be pierced so many times? What kind of character deserves that? In the reversed, the Ten of Swords is a sign of wealth, favor, and success, often impermanent, but nevertheless deserved.

People that embody the qualities of this Tarot Card will make strong friends, and equally strong enemies. To balance the negative aspects associated with the "10 of Swords", they would need to maintain constant activity in cultivating virtues, such as compassion, grace, and tolerance. They need to take a strong effort to repress their bigotry, and develop their adaptability and graciousness. Only then will their natural attractiveness come to the fore. In combination with their gift of making money, they might turn out to be quite desirable companions after all.

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