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Five of Pentacles Tarot Card and its Meaning

By Pythia

In this article we will discuss the meaning of the 5 of Pentacles (or 5 of Disks) Tarot Card. This card belongs to the Minor Arcana subset. This subset consists of 40 cards. There are 10 tarot cards in each of the FOUR main suits: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles, which makes a total of 40 cards.

Obviously, “Five of Pentacles” belongs to the Disks suit. This information alone indicates that this card is related to the Earth element.  So, what does the earth element bring?

The earth element means above all stability, common sense, practical application, great material achievements, and diligent work.  In this particular case, however, we can also see some of the drawbacks of the earth element. Just look at the card, it is hard to see any positive connotations, isn't it?

The Five of Coins Tarot Card in the Rider Waite Suite

The card depicts a winter landscape on a cold, dark night. There is a large colorful window with 5 yellow stars in the background and two poor people walking with bare footed through the snow. One, obviously male, is using crutches, and possesses a small bell around his neck. The other, could be a female, has a cloth on her head. All in all, not so cheerful scenery, and that’s why this card is usually believed to represent a bad omen.

Furthermore, when considering the general meaning of Five of Pentacles, the following straightforward meanings come to mind:

  • worries
  • poverty
  • material troubles

5 of Pentacles and the Horoscope

People born in the Astrological sign of Taurus, and in particular those born from 21.04 to 30.04. have this tarot card as a possible description of their character.

They can hardly stand to observe all the suffering, pain, and poverty that exists around them, and have a strong urge to remove it.

The potential of this card is number 5. This potential brings activity and power of resistance, as well as male energy.

The frequency of this card is that of Mercury. This symbolizes sharpness, quick and cunning  thinking, but also very often short-sightedness.

People of the Five of Pentacles card are courageous, full of energy, diligent and strong. There is a conflict in their own being, though. This conflict manifests in their desire to take actions on one side, as opposed to their caution, reason, and slyness.  Both cannot go together.

Positive aspects of 5 of Pentacles:

  • mental strength and high spirit
  • endurance
  • they understand human needs and desires
  • they change and try to improve life
  • they are fearless and capable of moving forward
  • reformers

Negative aspects of 5 of Pentacles:

  • the spirit of rebellion
  • destruction
  • rage and slyness
  • conviction that it is necessary to restrain other people in order to get some personal gain

The balance needed for the persons of this tarot card is in the self discipline, idealism, strict honesty, as well as in the highest norms of conduct and high ethics.

They can be very happy and prosperous if in the trade business. When a person is born in the 5 of Pentacles card, he or she carries great responsibility to maintain the just and well balanced course of action in their life.

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