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How To Charge Your Tarot Deck

By Liliya Po

When you purchase a new tarot deck it is a good idea to charge the deck before you perform your first tarot reading. By charging your deck, you state to the universe what you intend to use the deck for. This helps you charge the deck with your energy for the purpose that you intend to use it for. The deck can be used for your own emotional growth, daily meditations and or course, tarot readings for others. It allows you to make the deck more personal thanks to the link that you form with it. It will speak to you clearly after you have charged it and you will be able to look upon the deck as a friend.

Charging your tarot deck — as well as any other tools that you may use — also helps dispel any negative energy that may be on the object or the deck. You don’t know who may have handled the item before you got it or while you weren’t around. Negative energy can affect how the tarot deck or tools work, especially if the negative energy isn’t from you. Before you charge your deck, make sure you cleanse it so that all of the negative energy is gone before you charge the deck.

There are numerous ways to charge a tarot deck. You can start by holding a cleansed deck in your hands or by holding your hands over it in order to imbue it with your energy. This is a good way to start a tarot reading. This helps ensure that the deck has your energy in it. If you want to add deeper energy to the deck, carry it with you or consider sleeping with it under your pillow. This helps you get closer to the new deck and to build a rapport with it.

If you want to direct a specific amount of energy into the deck or focus your intent using a certain wavelength, you can easily charge the deck using Reiki energy, Reiki symbols, or with personal symbols that have some form of meaning to you. Another way to charge the deck is to use a crystal to focus the energy you want to put into it. Natural stones with specific properties you want to add to the deck can be placed on top of the deck for you to focus your energy through. If you plan to use the deck to help increase your chi,you can set a pyramid or an organ grid on top of the deck.

It is a good idea to set your tarot deck in the sunlight or the moonlight in order to cleanse and charge the deck at the same time. Incense can be used to smudge the deck if you plan to use the deck for a specific purpose other than general tarot reading.

Before you use your tarot deck, always make sure you cleanse and charge it. Many people have handled the deck before it got to you. You want to make sure their residual energy is gone.

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hi5 says:

You should charge your Tarot deck if you give psychic reading to people. Just so that you will form a special kind of bond with it. I can charge some tarot decks more easily than others. Sometimes I can't do good readings with a tarot deck even after charging, so I look for another one. Sometimes I have a feeling that the cards better speak to me after the charging. Sometimes I charge the entire deck if the client has touched some card. You have to do the same.

Starlet Bowles says:

I'm getting my first deck within next couple days,i've read palms for about 17yrs and am excited to receive my new deck of tarot cards,i definitely will put it in the sun and sleep w it under my pillow,thank you for all the advice!!!

sunnyray says:

Hi Starlet, and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Good luck!

Angie Moonstone says:

I bought the Rider-Waite deck and was able to charge and use my cards instantly! Then I bough the Golden Universal deck and I am having such a difficult time with charging them and using them. I wrapped them in a golden string with an intention note. I placed them in a box with a clear quartz and used my energy clearing incense on them. I am hoping that after 2 hours or so that they will be ready for use.

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