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The 6 of Wands Tarot Card

By Pythia

The most prominent figure of the VI of Wands Card is a crowned horseman. In his right hand, he holds a staff with a laurel attached near the top. There are 6 visible staffs altogether, some of them in the hands of several footmen barely visible at his side.

Meanings and Symbolism

Here is a list of keywords potentially important for the individuals that this card embodies.

Potential number 6, indicating Ambition.

Force type and main keyword — Victory.

The main phrase — I will give every atom of my strength to win.

Frequency of planet Jupiter, meaning stability.

Persons born from 2nd to 11th of August (astrological sign of Leo) are usually considered to possess the main characteristics symbolized by this Tarot Card. Their main features are:

  • Dignity
  • Wholeheartedness
  • Idealism, and
  • Impregnable will

The main element of Six of Wands is fire. Fire means dynamic energy.

In Divination, apart from the aforementioned victor triumphing, this Tarot Card signifies several additional things. It can indicate good news, hope, great expectations, and positive outcome.

The Six of Wands also could indicate that you have to work on the fame and reputation aspects of your personality. Not only does building reputation help you stabilize your success, but it also helps others by inspiring them to follow their own individual paths of success.

The Six of Wands reversed means suspicion, apprehension, fear, treason, disillusionment, and delay.

Psychological Aspects

Six of Wands - a triumphant figure riding a horse The conflict contained within this card (on the psychological level) is based on the desire for absolute equity. The positive aspects are strength, self-confidence, pride, vitality, and methodical thinking. Persons under the influence of the energies symbolized by this card are attached to the customary laws and tradition, but they are not very practical. However, they are usually able to compensate this lack of practical sense with their endurance and forcefulness. The negative aspects are intolerance, egocentricity, and willingness to sacrifice everything (including their most dear ones) to satisfy their personal ambition. Other negative traits include vanity, oversensitivity to criticism, narrow world view, hypocrisy and avarice.

Persons of the Six of Wands Tarot Card will be very pleasant, despite their occasional arrogance and fear of loss.

In fact, this is the Tarot Card of born leaders. They often simultaneously draw love and hatred, sympathy and antipathy.

Where can a person born under the influence of this card find his/her balance and harmonious perspective? The answer lies in the attributes of compassion. They should learn to develop strong compassion. Compassion, tolerance, sincerity, and gentleness – all these positive characteristics will mitigate their need for exactness and equity.

Other important aspects include: love for beautiful things and harmonious surroundings, while, at the same time, they have a strong dislike of disarray and ugliness. It is not so easy to work or live with them, despite the fact that they bear within themselves a germ of greatness. In war, they are great leaders. Jupiter have given them superb stability and a great logical mind, but they lack sharpness, subtlety, and insight.

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