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10 Secrets of the Aries Personality You Should Know By Luke Wood

Zodiac signs are a foolproof way of figuring out the personality traits of a person. While a lot of people do not agree with this, in my personal experience, people of a certain zodiac do display characteristics that match the profile of their zodiac sign in general. That being said, it does not mean that people cannot deviate from their zodiac sign’s characteristics. Our personalities are shaped by our genetics, society, beliefs, values & most importantly, our circumstances. Therefore, it would be stupid to expect from a person born under a specific zodiac to display the characteristics of that zodiac. Read more

Which Decade You Belong in According to Your Zodiac Sign By Tasdid Alvi

At a certain point, we all got to thinking we were born in the wrong era. We get a weird feeling like we could have achieved more if only we existed in another time period, like we could have become successful in what now we think we can't. Of course, we're silly to think so and, unfortunately, time travel is not possible (yet). If we think about it for a second, there are many things that went wrong in this world over the years, so it's only logical everyone to experience this sort of not-belonging here and now. Read more

Astrology Planets and Their Effects on Various Parts of Body By Rajat Nayar

The health horoscope of a person is predicted on the basis of the three fundamental steps that are given below. Firstly, we consider the Planetary Lord of the corresponding body part, the astrological house related to that body part and the location and influence of the owner planet on the planetary Lord of the related astrological house... Read more

How Zodiac Signs are Closely Associated with Destiny By Rajat Nayar

Success is not for lifetime. It is based on hardwork, luck, right timing and skills – you must have got a rough picture about the same, right? But sometimes, success also depends on the position on your stars. You simply need to find the right path, and work accordingly to take its maximum benefit. In astrology, your destiny or we can say, your future is also predicted based on your birth chart and birth signs, such as Scorpio, Gemini, Libra etc. Each zodiac sign is categorized under the below given four elements – Earth, Water, Air and Fire – which have their own characteristics and specifications. By highlighting the qualities of your zodiac sign, you can get to know about the success – the destiny... Read more

Empty Astrological Houses and Their Practical Significance By TarotC

Empty astrological house is a somewhat puzzling term, especially if you have just started exploring astrology. In essence, you get an empty house if any house in your birth chart is not occupied by a planet. If you take a closer look at a number of horoscopes, you will see that most of them have at least one, if not several empty houses. So the question that naturally occurs is how these empty spaces should be treated. Let us first quickly go through the 12 houses, so that we can see what they represent... Read more

The Basics of Astrology: An Attempt to Consolidate By Smart Rajesh

What exactly is astrology? Is it genuine? How predictions are done? When it comes to astrology, often these thoughts occur in our mind. Many people rule out the possibility of planets influencing our lives. However, there is no dearth of ardent followers too. In fact, recent researches have pointed an increase in usage of this ancient science... Read more

Zodiac Signs And Gift Ideas For Each By Mickey Upton

If you're buying a gift for someone then thinking about their star sign and the type of things that appeal to them according to their astrological tendencies might well spawn a few ideas. Libra - Refined and elegant. And they like their gifts the same. It's all about interesting shapes, curves and surfaces; beauty is the name of the game. It's worth remembering too that they prefer natural materials, so choose wood over plastic every time... Read more

The Life Order Behind the Celestial Body By Michaela

It seems like man had been born religious and spiritual; not only he needed food and water but he sought to master surroundings as an inborn desire for progress. His first attempts were to unveil the mystery of what he couldn’t control: the nature and celestial bodies. So it is believed that astrology had developed from early times as a way to connect the humans and everything human related with the cosmos... Read more

How the new Zodiac has affected our lives By Lauren

The Minneapolis Star Tribune scored a big hit with its latest front page story, inspiring a storm of Internet posts and countless hours of water cooler conversations. Unless you use a virtual assistant who never sets foot in your home office and never surf the Internet, you've probably already heard about the supposed change in the Zodiac... Read more

How your birthday may have an effect on your earning potential By Courtney

Though zodiac signs are often considered when it comes to love matches, career success is less often correlated with astrology. However, your zodiac sign (as it is indicative of your personality traits and tendencies) could factor into career choice and therefore your earning potential. Read more

Astrological Houses and Their Deeper Meanings By TarotC

In this article we will describe the houses of the Horoscope as presented to us in the contemporary Western astrology. Special emphasis will be given to their psychological meaning and connotations. Read more