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The Basics of Astrology: An Attempt to Consolidate

By Smart Rajesh

What exactly is astrology? Is it genuine? How predictions are done? When it comes to astrology, often these thoughts occur in our mind. Many people rule out the possibility of planets influencing our lives. However, there is no dearth of ardent followers too. In fact, recent researches have pointed an increase in usage of this ancient science.

Amidst these supportive and anti supportive views, one thing is undeniable, that is the existence and prominent use of astrology since ancient times for various purposes.

So, what is astrology? It is an ancient science based on the belief that the nine planets are responsible for all the happenings in our life. If one or some of these planets are badly placed, it would result in negative happenings in our life. At the same time, when placed positively, they make our life easy and prosperous. Based on the specific conditions and planets, the results vary a lot.

Before proceeding further, let’s look at some of the types of astrology. These include numerology, which is based on numbers, then nadi astrology, compiled by ancient sages, sports astrology, child astrology, marriage astrology, career astrology, love astrology, financial astrology etc to name a few.

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Vedic astrology, followed in India is based on your Moon sign, whereas the Western astrology is dependent on Sun sign. Western astrology features such as tarot reading and psychic reading are popular worldwide.

The basic use of astrology is for horoscope matching before marriage and checking the most auspicious time for important activities in life. There are many people who are obsessed with the daily or monthly predictions appearing in newspapers, weekly or monthly magazines and on television.

Now, let’s consider few facts about the practicability of astrology.

  • Moon, affects the ocean tides, this is a scientifically proven fact. Then, why can’t He influence us?
  • Certain days are easy for you, whereas other days are difficult to deal with. Similarly, certain years will be favorable and others stressful or a specific period could be tough.
  • Many people have realized that they had some of the major setbacks of life under the influence of Saturn.
  • Twins born in a gap of few minutes are found to exhibit extreme different behavior.
  • There have been instances when astrology could predict certain things which even science failed to do.
  • Many studies have pointed at children born in summer becoming dyslexic.

These are just some of the features that support credibility of astrology. There are several such points. Therefore, it would be apt to say that with correct or most accurate birth details, your predictions are not likely to go wrong. Also, you need is to find a skilled as well as an experienced astrologer. In fact, compared to older days, more and more people are willing to seek astrologer’s help, and the kind of queries put forward are also different in comparison. Earlier, people mostly were concerned about vital things in life such as career, health, diseases etc, but of late, questions have become more specific such as what day I will get my soul partner? What is the reason for certain traits? Will I find a treasure etc.? The best thing is that astrology is so vast that it can answer all these questions.

To simply put, astrology can help us in each and every aspect of our life and bring in drastic changes with perfect remedies.

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