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Astrological Houses and their Deeper Meanings

By TarotC

In this article we will describe the houses of the Horoscope as presented to us in the contemporary Western astrology. Special emphasis will be given to their psychological meaning and connotations.

The astrological houses (or sectors), as present in the astrological chart, can be understood as representing various aspects of our life. This is the place where the various planets of our Solar system, as well as the other aspects of the zodiac are expressed. The division of houses in the horoscope is made in such a s way that there is a vertical and horizontal partitioning (see the photo below). The vertical line divides the Horoscope into personal "I" and non-personal "You" sectors, while the horizontal line separates the conscious and unconscious regions. At the ends of these lines we place the four crucial, determining factors of each individual chart: the Ascendant, Descendant, IC and MC points.

Ascendant (AC) - the Eastern Horizon

The Ascendant in the horoscope symbolizes our outward appearance and our language. Here we can find out how we are perceived by our surroundings. This aspect of the chart is, so to speak, a window or a door to our personality. The Ascendant is like a mask that we wear all the time. Very often we feel the need to identify with this mask and it is being accepted by others as part of our persona.

Descendant (DC) - the Western Horizon

Positioned face-to-face with the Ascendant in the astrology chart is the Descendant. While in the ascendant our ego is expressed, here we find all those properties and personal characteristics that we repress in ourselves, or maybe some of those that come alive only when we compare ourselves with others. It can be something we admire in other people, but it can also be a habit or a character feature we find annoying in others.

Immum Coeli (IC) - "Heaven"

The IC (heaven depth) in the horoscope is the place where we are rooted. Here we turn our attention looking for comfort and warmth of the nest. Here we want to feel secure. It is also the point that can provide information on our family relationships and general situation of our childhood. At the IC we see how well we can manage our homes in order to feel warm and comfortable.

Mid Heaven, Midheaven (MC)

the astrology chart divided into houses and four quadrants In contrast to the IC, which is the place of our origin and our home, the MC (Midheaven) has to do with our goals. The MC is here to tell us what our professional and social goals are. This house can tell us what we strive for; what our position in the society is and how we are to realize our individuality in our public affairs. The MC is also about stating what our role models and idols are.

Environmental imprint

The horoscope houses also show how we have been shaped by education and though various influences stemming from our environment. It is in this sense that a division is made, creating motivational and temperament groups. These are - in contrast to the zodiac signs - not inherent, but instilled properties.

1st Horoscope Quadrant

This area of the chart (1-3) is where the ego finds its unconscious expression.

The first house of astrology reflects our individual personality, temperament, and our characteristic style of expression. We demonstrate to our environment that we exist and show them who we are. We face the challenges and look for obstacles we can overcome. Here the ruling planet of the ascendant should be especially considered.

In the second house, we secure our existence by creating possessions as well as values of material or spiritual type. Here we define our own esteem, we establish a territory and treasure our possessions. Here we establish a relationship to our physical body too.

The third house is a place of communication, and our intellectual development. Here we are interested in our local area and meet our siblings, relatives, our friends and neighbors. The position of the planets in this house will tell us how communicate with all of these important people for our life.

2nd Horoscope Quadrant

The area of the second quadrant of the horoscope chart is where the houses 4-6 are located. Here we unconsciously react to other people.

In the fourth house of astrology, we turn inwardly. In this group we feel secure and rooted. This is our home and here we find our home. It has too do with how we've been influenced during our childhood, and what our attitude toward home and family is.

In the fifth house , we enjoy and express ourselves through play and creativity. This is a house of pleasure, fun, and sexuality. It tells us what way we tend to act to impress other people.

In the sixth horoscope house , we take responsibility and develop skills. This is a house of routine and work. We deal with health, strength and life energy and we do our work the best we can. This house is also related to our way of dealing with people that are below us in the chain of command.

3rd Horoscope Quadrant

In this area of the chart (7-9), we confront ourselves consciously with other people and with the society.

In the seventh house, we develop supportive partnerships. This house is oriented toward establishing a relationship with our partners. In addition, we also develop close and friendly contacts, such as for example business partnerships. It is not uncommon for hostility to arise here as well. It may tell us how we tend to select our partners.

In the eighth house, we deal with all the basic human instincts, such as for instance, mortality. Also, all occult and mysterious things find their expression here. Here we are forced to give up the conscious control of our rational mind. Here we are faced with material loss, including the ultimate loss of our physical body.

In the ninth house, we specify our moral and ethical values. This is a house of philosophy and distant travels. Here we deal with religious and spiritual issues. It is here that we gain impulses to learn about other cultures, look for new ideas and develop our own personal point of view.

4th Horoscope Quadrant

In this area of the horoscope (10-12) we confront our conscious ego with our role in the society.

In the tenth astrology house , we see our role models. It is a house of our calling and occupation. We strive to develop our individuality, realize our profession and our social role. Also, it has to do with the mother image as well as with our relationship with our mother.

In the eleventh horoscope house we define our friends, teachers, mentors, and our social networks. Here we look for allies and like minded people with whom we can achieve common goals, learn from, and build a better world.

In the twelfth horoscope house, we close ourselves, reaching inwardly into our super consciousness and collective consciousness to find inner peace and centering. Here is also where our mystical states of consciousness find their expression. This is the house of everything that transcends our personality. It has to do with spiritual temples, monasteries, and spiritual retreats.

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