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Empty Astrological Houses and Their Practical Significance

By TarotC

Empty astrological house is a somewhat puzzling term, especially if you have just started exploring astrology. In essence, you get an empty house if any house in your birth chart is not occupied by a planet. If you take a closer look at a number of horoscopes, you will see that most of them have at least one, if not several empty houses. So the question that naturally occurs is how these empty spaces should be treated. Let us first quickly go through the 12 houses, so that we can see what they represent:

  1. First house: ruled by Aries - "I Am". Our identity, self-awareness, vitality. Our personality and attitude. How other people see us.
  2. Second house: ruled by Taurus - "I possess". Our material and immaterial possessions, our resources. Money and talents.
  3. Third house: ruled by Gemini - "I think". Our immediate surroundings. Our way of communication and intellectual abilities.
  4. Fourth house: ruled by Cancer - "I feel". Our private life, family and home. Where we feel safe and secure.
  5. Fifth house: ruled by Leo - "I command". Our creativity and self expression. Leisure, sensual life, procreation.
  6. Sixth house: ruled by Virgo - "I analyze". Our daily life, work and skills. Colleagues and health.

  7. Seventh house: ruled by Libra - "I balance". Our partnerships in private and business life. Associations and contracts.
  8. Eight house: ruled by Scorpio - "I desire". Our assistance that we get from others. Our passions. Regeneration, sexuality and transformation.
  9. Ninth house: ruled by Sagittarius - "I perceive". Our higher life and education, both spiritual and mundane. Abstract concepts, religion.
  10. Tenth house: ruled by Capricorn - "I utilize". Our public life and career, our status in the society. Professional destiny.
  11. Eleventh house: ruled by Aquarius - "I know". Our group relations and activities, our cooperative projects. Dreams and humanitarian work.
  12. Twelfth house: ruled by Pisces - "I believe". Our endings, enemies and difficulties. Self destructive powers and secrets.

To get the deeper, more spiritual meaning of the astrological houses you may check this post. Now considering first the houses that DO have planets in them, what these planets actually mean? They simply mean that, during this lifetime, the areas of your life represented by these houses require more of the energy of the planets present there.

And what does the LACK of planets in one of these 12 houses mean? It certainly does not mean the house itself and its responsibilities are not important in our life.

These empty sectors simply mean that none of the major planetary energies are affecting the matters of that vacant sector. Instead their energies are focused elsewhere. In principle, there are two ways to treat when something is missing in the astrological birth chart. First, you can ignore it. It has no influence over you.

In line with this interpretation, empty houses may suggest lack of heavyweight karmic responsibilities. That usually means that we don't need to be overly engaged at the present time.

For example, an empty second house could mean that you don't have the burden of possessions on your shoulders. Similarly, an empty seventh house could indicate that your business relationships can be dealt with a sense of ease.

Second, you can try to think out of the box and find some peripheral trails in order to get the required answers. For example, try to think about the house that lies on the cusp of the empty house. Similarly, you can try to look at the Zodiac signs and planets related to the empty house to get some hints about the possible compensation mechanisms.

Whatever interpretation you choose, never assume that nothing is bound to happen in the areas of your life that those empty houses govern. If the seventh house is empty, it does not mean that you will never get married. Look if there are compensations elsewhere. Where the ruler of that house is positioned? How strong are the correlated planets? Only the general picture can give you an accurate prediction.

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Thilini says:

i lost my mom and dad. i want to know is it on my horoscope. it was not told by anyone who observe my horoscope. everyone say something but happens something else

arvind singh says:

Dear sir
Can you kindly see whether I can be a successful businessman or not.. I am doing footwear business. Not getting profit. Should I wait for profit or change my business . if i can do a successful business than which is the best area? Or can I do cosmetics wholesale business. Or should I go for job. I am confused. Please guide me.I will be highly obliged
Arvind singh

sunnyray says:

Hi arvind
I'm sorry but we don't perform astrological readings or divination. That said, I feel your confusion and dilemmas. Every one of us has had similar dilemmas, at one or another point in one's life. I believe, we also have the power to make the right decision, all we need is just to have faith in our own capabilities. Whatever you decide, never lose faith. There's always light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for sharing. God bless!

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