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The Principles of Chakra Cleansing

Earlier we have seen how the energy center - chakras emit powerful vital forces that are being transmitted at a latter stage throughout our physical body by means of our endocrine system. In this article we will see what the best ways of performing chakra cleansing are. This is a process that could be done whenever we feel that our energetic or auric field is disturbed or our chakras closed. After this process of purification we should be able to see and feel many beneficial effects manifested on our mental, emotional and physical levels.

Our 7 chakras are usually described as whirls, vortices, or wheels if you like, and this is due to the fact that they spin around with certain speed. Depending on the spiritual development of an individual, the speed of rotation of our chakras can higher or lower, or even astonishing. During this rotation we can see them shine with the colors of the full spectrum of the Sun. Their size is also important, but this parameter is also depends on the degree of personal growth and development.

The original design of these chakras was of such that they were of convex shape. Their design was that of great wisdom and intelligence, with the ultimate intention of shining out all the spiritual qualities of the seven rays of spiritual light. Due to the degradation of human spiritual life, our chakras have reversed their original blueprint and became concave extensions of our etheric body, filled with all the different destructive human vibrations. This is exactly why we need a continual purification of our energy centers, so that they do not become centers of negative energies and disharmonious vibrations.

Our chakras follow in their movement the clockwise rotation. The greater their speed, the less sensitive they are to negative influences from the environment (yes our chakras can pick up negative influences from the environment, from the other people around us, for example ).

main chakras and their colors Our seven chakras are conduits of important powers of our personality - mental and emotional energies - and they can put us in action, be it positive, negative or neutral. When they are blocked, our energy is also blocked in which case our general physical and psychic wellbeing is affected. Since the chakras are subtle centers, they are not necessarily affected only by visible harsh energies. Our thoughts, subtle emotional states, our belief system, our materialistic desires, all that can impact them and made them impure. Cleansing our chakra's should therefore be a way of purifying our emotional and mental world, and vice versa, our clear mind and feelings should bring a touch of fresh air in our auric field and help our energy centers stay clean. Almost all illnesses are firstly expressed on the mental and emotional levels. If you wonder how it's possible, let us examine an example from our everyday life. We experience stress firstly on our mental level, as a type of mental pressure, a sort of overwhelming tension, which, if not dealt with, can move to the emotional spheres and finally on the etheric levels, where energy blockages are being created. Later on, those same obstructs descend to our physical body, manifesting as health conditions.

There are many ways of chakra purification, let us list some of them:

  • Breathing techniques.

    Many pranayamas can be effectively used to clear our energy centers. With some of them, you do not even need to visualize your chakras. The accumulated prana after your regular practice of some pranic energy breathing exercise will be redistributed internally and it will help breaking some of the energy obstruction as well as heal some the wounds in your auric energetic field.
  • Visualization techniques

    Performed on their own, or very often in combination with breathing, these methods are also very powerful cleansing tools. After relaxation, you should be able to focus your attention on the energy centers going from the lowest root chakra, via the second sacral chakra, third solar plexus chakra, fourth hearth center, fifth throat chakra, sixth third eye chakra, up to the seventh crown energy center. While focusing your attention in a sequential manner from the bottom to the top of your body, you should visualize the shape, color and other symbols of each of the chakras. You should see your energy centers shine in their respective color rays, brilliantly raying their qualities, bringing warmth, light, and love in the corresponding parts of your body.

    For example, your throat chakra Vishuddha, which is by the way responsible for all your communicational skills, should be visualized as a ball of clear almost transparent bluish light, glowing from within cleansing the space around your thyroid cartilage area.
  • Purification with Sound

    tibetan singing bowl Sound vibrations can also be very effective in chakra cleansing. Sound healing and cleansing, for example by using Tibetan singing bowls can be very useful tools for the energy centers' balancing and blockade removal. Alternatively, you can use Aura chimes, Tibetan bells, or Tibetan tingsha bells. In addition to reducing the stress, creating deep sense of calm, and bringing you into alpha state of consciousness, they all will help in synchronizing your internal vibrations and balancing your chakras.
  • Crystal cleansing

    Crystals as metaphysical tools, besides all the other applications in balancing, activating, and healing our subtle energy body, can be used to purify our chakras. They can be associated with each of the chakras by color, but there are also more sophisticated schemes of association that we will not go into here. However, there is one general rule: when using crystals points (terminations). If you want to clear the negative energy from your chakras, place the corresponding crystal with its point directed from the body. Direct the termination to the corresponding area of the chakra when you want to fill it with new vitalizing energy. At large, we can use the following crystals:

    • Red crystals - first, root chakra
    • Orange crystals - second, root chakra
    • Yellow crystals - third, solar plexus chakra
    • Pink and green crystals - fourth, heart chakra
    • Light blue crystals - fifth, throat chakra
    • Dark blue and some purple crystals - sixth third eye chakra
    • White clear, golden and some purple crystals - seventh, crown chakra

Our subtle energy body is a link that connect our physical body with the even higher levels of manifestation, with our emotions, with our mind and spirit. When our chakras are cleansed on a regular basis, all spheres of our life will be in harmony with each other and the Divine energy will flow in both directions without any obstacles. We will feel more balanced, healthier and with constant, never ceasing influx of creative ideas and increased productivity.


rb says:

nice site. but speed of rotation of chakras is what im looking for. perhaps also in relation to earth pulse which is approx once every eight seconds i think

Michael says:

The Tibetan bells when rung by an experienced spiritual master does wonders for purification.

sunnyray says:

Hi Michael,
While I have Tibetan bells, I haven't used them for crystal purification purposes yet. Nice advice though. And you are right - it takes an experienced master in order to produce the right vibration!

Pam says:

There is a really nice CD for very little on amazon titled 33 Tibetan Singing Bowls that was put in out in 2009 and it is wonderful. I have been using it for meditation and cleansing.

sunnyray says:

Hi Pam,
Thanks for the tip. I see that it has the best reviews possible. Here is the link to the CD in case someone would like to try it:

33 Bowls Tibetan Singing Bowls

Gita says:

Would like to thank you Sunnyray for all the info you giving to us, it's all new for me and soooo interesting , loads to learn , the best site for me so far .

sunnyray says:

Thanks for reading, Gita.

Eddy says:

I also came to this site looking 4 speed of chakra rotation. First time i became aware of the existence of chakras .. my early days of metaphysics .. i felt one of my chakras rotating at such tremendous speeds. my guess is perhaps more than the speed of light :). It feels so fast u think that its not moving. Since these energies are not bound to z physical like light .. i assume that gives them higher speeds.

Just for comparison, read http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/03/11/the-gift-of-porlana-c-part-13/

where a highend energy called porlana c which is being sent to earth currently is described to circle around earth greater than the speed of light. Here is the extract.

"Galea: The Porlana C is moving in a clockwise, circular motion, faster than the speed of light really, completely around, creating what you can think of as a vortex, as a whirlwind " a tornado! " of energy surrounding your planet continually."

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the comment Eddy

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