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What is the Meaning of Rainbow Cloud in the Sky

Question: (by anonymous)

Has it happened to you to be looking at the sky, and all of a sudden there are rainbow colors to be seen in the open air above? That's what happened to me a several times. The last time while going on a short walk. I saw a huge cloud stretching across half the sky. The sun was behind a portion of the cloud, however, the entire cloud was irradiating beautiful light in the colors of the rainbow. It was a beautiful sight, quite unlike anything that I've seen before.

Do you think this has a deeper meaning? I'm not so much interested in a physical explanation of the phenomenon, as much I would like to know what you think. Is it a sign? What's the meaning of it?


Science believes that the rainbow effect is a result of refraction of the sun rays over the water particles in the sky. As it most often comes after a storm or a rain-pour, we can already associate it with relief, peace, and come.

The Biblical meaning of the rainbow has to do with the appointment to be a witness of the Divine faithfulness. In Genesis 9:12-17, the rainbow was a witness of the Divine faithfulness. It is a sign of the covenant of God and.

Regardless of the cause, no one can deny the magical look and beautiful feelings this phenomenon causes in our hearts; a symbol of hope, renewal, and promise.

Other interpretations connect it with spirit guides, angels, and higher spiritual beings. Some even give them a symbolic meaning of being messages from their loved ones no longer in a physical incarnation. Usually a message that they are in a good place.

The Greek goddess Iris was the goddess of the rainbow. She was also the messenger of the gods from the mountain Olympia, which speaks in favor of the rainbow "messenger interpretation". For the ancient Greeks, the ark of the rainbow was seen spanning the cloud and sea, hence they believed that it replenished the clouds with water from the sea.

In any case, the rainbow has to be a positive sign. However, signs often carry different meanings with different people.

If you happen to see something similar - enjoy. Soak the beauty of the rainbow, its amazing lovely energy and try to find what sign it has for you. If you are not sure what it means, no problem, don't push it, it has to come to you on its own.

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