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How to Improve Our Creativity? - A Spiritual Perspective

By Marcos

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.” - Antoine De Saint Exupery

We are born as creative beings. Indeed, we are all creative. Creativity is a great force that has been given to us as a gift to be used in a positive and constructive way. The very fact that we are alive means that we are creative. We don't have to prove this statement, as life energy in its essence is creative energy.

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The Energy Reservoir

The energy potential we possess is limitless. The problem is that we use only a fraction of this energy potential. This is true, collectively, for the whole mankind. Why is it that we are unable to fully use this potential? There are several facets to this story, but one important point is that of misuse. Too much energy pointed in a wrong direction can lead to damage and destruction. The door to the energy reservoir is only partly open as an act of mercy, to prevent us from misusing energy on larger scales.

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The Difference Between a Creative and Competitive Mind

So, the energy reservoir we can draw energy from is limitless, provided that we use that energy in a constructive - that is - creative way. Creativity means production of something starting from our own imagination and original ideas, as opposed to copying something or competing with someone over something that already exists. Imagination is also naturally coupled with visualization.

Energy Centers and Creativity

We need not talk in detail about the energy centers, the so-called chakras chakras, but some understanding is necessary in order to be able to understand the flow of energy within our body. The reader unfamiliar with this concept is referred to the more detailed explanation about the chakras here.

Our energy levels, today, at this particular point of our development as civilization, gravitate around the sacral area - the so called sacral chakra - the area where our reproductive organs are placed. Indeed, the process of reproduction can be seen as a creative process.

Creativity and Sexual Energy

Our sexual energy is creative energy. If we want to be more creative as individuals, the key is to start from our sexual energy and transform it into various forms of creative work. Obviously, using it in excessive sexual activities will not be a creative way - the result will be a mere waste of energy.

The opposite way is also not a solution. Suppressing the sexual will only lead to lack of energy and will cement our progress.

There is only one solution. The energy from the sacral area should be transformed and refined. This happens naturally, and without our conscious intervention, as small amounts of sacral energy goes up on a daily basis. But a conscious effort from our side will increase and intensify the flow. This is not an easy process, though. Once you have decided to increase your levels of creative energy, you should concentrate on rising energy from the sacral area via the solar plexus area to the throat chakra.

Lifelong Process

Easier said than done, this process of transferring energy toward the throat area is a lifelong practice. Our throat area is the center where creativity lives. This is not surprising. This is the place where our creative thoughts are being shaped into powerful words, or beautiful singing, for example. By lifting up our sexual energy, it is automatically being refined and purified and stands there at our disposal to be used in achieving whatever creative ideas we might have. The more we are able to refine our basic, sexual energy and level it up with the throat chakra, the more creative we are going to be. It is as simple as that.

As easy as this process might seem, it takes time and determination to be able to accomplish it. Along the way, occasionally you will have to address and go through different energy blockages, emotional hurts, basic instincts, mental prejudices, and every other obstacle that prevents your energy from rising up.

emotional pain

By addressing these various problems we will become more clean and pure as human beings. The likelihood of misusing the increased energy will also diminish. We will gradually gain access to more and more energy.

A creative being is a free being. Free and purified from those various obstacles. At the end we will have a free flow of energy from your sacral center, to the throat center.

As an added bonus, the throat center is the place where love transformed into joy resides. Not only will we be creative, but also filled with constant joy. True creativity and delight go hand in hand. The very deed of creation brings pleasure by definition.


We have seen some of the basic principles that can help us increase our creativity. We cannot do that partially. There are no shortcuts, no easy hints and tricks for increasing creativity. We have to do that in an integral process of our spiritual growth and personal development. It works only that way. A creative person is a successful person. They know that success comes only when they are capable of providing free flow of energy toward the higher energy centers, especially the throat center, so that they can be truly creative. They also know that they have to have a high level of concentration, and an impeccable conduct and record in their public relations and with respect to their environment.

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terry says:

This is an inspiring post. Thanks for sharing. Can meditation be one of the ways to increase one's creativity level?

sunnyray says:

Hi terry,
Yes, definitely, meditation is one of the ways.

Dan says:

So, please can you tell me how I go about doing this practically? E.g. perform 30 min. Reiki on sacral & throat chakras every other night. thanks :)

sunnyray says:

Hi Dan,
Thanks for your question. Rather than working on the chakras directly, I would recommend regular practice of meditation. The chakras can be tricky to work with, especially if there is no qualified instructor to help you along the way. Virtually, any type of meditative exercise, if performed regularly, can improve our creative potential.

Emmanuel Adabie says:

Pls, how can I develop my creativity mind? Thanks.

sunnyray says:

Hi Emmanuel. Thanks for the comment. As I said above, meditation is one of the best ways that work wonders when it comes to developing our creative mind.

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