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Positive Thinking Exercises

John M. Caviness

Positive thinking exercises are to rid your life of thoughts like: "My life sucks", "Things will never get better", "I'll never be able to pay for these expenses", "I'm no good" - Do they sound familiar?

These are the thoughts of negative thinkers. These thoughts that may be with you now or were a part of your life some time ago. But now it is time for a change! The idea is not to stay away from them. Rather, replace them with positive thoughts.

Positive Thinking Exercises

Fill Your Mind with Positive Thoughts

Positive thinking exercises are just like any form of exercise. Repetition on a daily basis leads to us getting fitter and healthier. The same applies to our minds.

Actively seek out positive thoughts whether it be about you or someone else or something else. This is not a self esteem building exercise as such. It is a practice that makes for a worthy long term habit of a healthy mind.

positive thinking quote

Respect the Power of Your Mind

Your mind is very powerful and is capable of so many things that it would not be possible to write a complete list in a lifetime. The power of your mind can be used to dramatically improve your life. Consider this well-known saying.

As we think, so we become.

Practice Daily

Positive thinking exercises should be practiced daily so that they become truly a part of your life. Set aside some time first thing in the morning, last thing at night or on the commute to work. Pick a time that suits you best and schedule it in.

Set out to do this exercise for a few minutes each day and work up from there. For those precious minutes, seek out the most positive thoughts you can about whatever comes to mind. You might want to consider this list for ideas.

People you can thank for contributing to your life.

A dozen things about your home that pleases you.

The sky, the gardens, the trees, the rain, the sun.

Your partner, husband, wife.


Your job, savings, retirement fund.

Your sporting skills and achievements, and so on.

Like Attracts Like

Keep in mind that we tend to attract things that align with our thinking. So if you keep on thinking that your life sucks, it will most likely turn out that way because you have set your mind on that. If you spend some time each day thinking about how great life is, this will serve as sub-conscience motivation throughout the day to improve the situation that you are in. How great life is will transform into - my life is great!

Be Disciplined

Positive thoughts should prevail in your mind throughout the day after a few weeks of intentional practice. When you feel or realize that a negative thought is trying to gain some ground in your mind, don't give it any room.

Instead, push it out by filling your mind with some of the positive thoughts you have been practicing. You will need to stay focused and disciplined for some time on this one.

Expand Your Horizons

Begin to go beyond the exercise routine and look for positives in everything you do, everyday. Focus on thoughts that help you bring out the best in any circumstances around you.

Optimist: A man who is chased up a tree by a lion
but enjoys the scenery anyway.
Walter Winchell

Aim for the Stars

Having clearly defined life goals will be of tremendous help in the early stages of practicing positive thinking exercises. Your goals in life help you to maintain focus on the direction you are going. They help with decision making and setting priorities.

If you don't have any specific goals in life, then it might help to start with a personal development plan. A plan such as this helps to put a lot of life's loose ends into perspective. It can also help you dump unnecessary baggage that tends to slow you down.

 Celebrate, Always Celebrate

Share your successes with significant people in your life. Find a cause to celebrate and take time out to do just that.

Stay Connected

Get together regularly with like-minded people. This helps keep your motivation levels fully charged. Connect with people who support you and your decision to be more positive in life.

It is a fact of life that you will also have to work or associate with negative people. Don't actively avoid them, rather, share your positivity with them. Well, at least as much as they can cope with at any one time.

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