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How to Evolve Spiritually By Vaishali

Spiritual ascension is a manifestation of a world free from unreal thoughts and beliefs. It permeates mind and soul to make you aware of your existence and its true significance. Every human has an innate spirit that is pure and blissful but hidden under the layers of greed, hatred, and ego. To evolve spiritually, it is essential to let the wrongful emotions go away from you. It is a subtle process that develops from your inner self and traverses the bodily impediments... Read more

Instincts, Intellect, Intution and the Other Levels of the Mind By Yogi Me

Reasoning is not necessarily a fully conscious process. It is more often than not that huge portions of our rational and intellectual processes are happening above or below the normal levels of consciousness. In this text, we give a short description of the planes of mental manifestation that lie outside of our normal awareness. We follow the examples given in the excellent book "Raja Yoga", by William Walker Atkinson. Atkinson was using the pseudonym "Yogi Ramacharaka" when he first presented this work, wherein he gives a detailed account on the Mental planes of manifestation... Read more

7 Simple Ways to Improve your Day in 7 Minutes or Less By Flower Muse

Smile - Always smile. Smiling can improve your mood. When you smile, you are telling the rest of you that you are happy and in a good mood, even though you may not currently be. Your mood will get the idea that it's time to change to a more upbeat and positive vibration... Read more

Spirituality And Learning To Accept The World By Kathy Moore

One of the most inspiring and empowering prayers is the Serenity Prayer. It is all about taking life for what it is and accepting the things that are out of our control. While this is a lot easier said than done, over time you can re-train your thinking in order to have a much more fulfilling life. Remember, it's okay to strive for the best versions of ourselves but we must also accept that we all carry faults and make mistakes... Read more

Plants For The Soul - How to Make Gardening a Part of Daily Life By Carol

With the recent birth of my first child I felt a strange need to embrace a more soulful lifestyle and way of existence. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am now caring for two people and not just one but either way I had a strong sense that I wanted to get some positive balance back into my life. I felt strangely like I needed to make some changes that would be enhance the more soulful side of things. I’m not talking about some kind of religious conversion but more just making some changes in recognition that we each need some balance in our lives against the daily onslaught of (meaningless?) information and stimulus that is all-too-readily available these days... Read more

Top 5 Spirtual Books By Jane

Spirituality helps a person discover the essence of his being. The following five books have been instrumental in helping thousands of people discover the meaning of this life. Each title has inspired thousands to face everyday challenges with dignity and confidence. Start your own spiritual journey by reading these texts... Read more

How to Improve Our Creativity? - A Spiritual Perspective By Marcos

We are born as creative beings. Indeed, we are all creative. Creativity is a great force that has been given to us as a gift to be used in a positive and constructive way. The very fact that we are alive means that we are creative. We don't have to prove this statement, as life energy in its essence is creative energy... Read more

Personal Spiritual Growth and Development By l.m.

Spiritual growth is not an easy task. Our society of today is ruled by money, materialistic aspirations and brute power. If you try to make a step out of the circle of physical desires and consumer's logic, you may find yourself walking the path which is less common. Personal development means finding the right balance between our material needs on one hand and our deeper spiritual needs on the other. Read more