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7 Simple Ways to Improve your Day in 7 Minutes or Less

By Flower Muse

1. Smile - Always smile. Smiling can improve your mood. When you smile, you are telling the rest of you that you are happy and in a good mood, even though you may not currently be. Your mood will get the idea that it’s time to change to a more upbeat and positive vibration.

2. Bless your food - The simple act of blessing your food is a way of honoring what you are about to put in your temple. Blessed food tastes better because that love and respect you have for what you are about to eat goes into your meal.

3. Express gratitude - Always be thankful. Even if you feel like everything in your life is going poorly, you should be able to find at least one positive thing to be thankful for. By expressing gratitude, you are putting your personal energy into positive things and this is an investment that will pay off.

4. Wave at the bathroom mirror - This fast act of self-love is a way of acknowledging you love and respect yourself. You are a being that deserves large amounts of love, especially from yourself. Other variations of this tip include blowing kisses at yourself to saying an affirmation about how much you love yourself.

5. Have a mantra - A mantra can be a prayer, quote, affirmation that you find to be helpful. By repeating your mantra, you can take time to reflect on what needs to change in your life.

6. Deep breathing - Getting more oxygen into the body can be healing and can improve your mood. When people are stressed or not feeling well, they often forget to breathe. Take a moment whenever you need to for just deep breathing and you will find that it calms your nerves.

7. Look at a picture of paradise - Your picture of paradise might be a family photo or a stunning postcard from a tropical location. This picture is important in reinforcing the idea that there is heaven on earth. This picture will make it easier to achieve the first step, which is to smile.

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