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The Spiritual Path of Light

Gloria A Adams

When we are lost and lonely, when we are tired and afraid, we need to feel the support of the Universe and those around us to make it through. When we set foot on the Spiritual path we find a new set of challenges to encounter along with a hope and joy we’ve never known before.

Choosing our spiritual path over our physical is not a simple task. One first must be ready to surrender fully to the fact that they are soul and spirit first, human second. We each have come in with contracts we made with our soul about our journey of life before we arrived. We each receive our soul memories of feelings imparted to us through our DNA while in the womb and throughout our life. We carry these memories with us into our home life and receive the implementation of our immediate environment as new experiences as we grow and develop. Rarely are these experiences extremely loving or pleasant.

Discovering the World as an Adult

As adults we are thrown out into the world to make our way in survival. We discover early on in life that happiness and freedom are about money and wealth. When a spiritual being is placed into circumstances such as these they often feel displaced. The expression "Stranger in a Strange Land" is all too common for sensitives. Try as they might they find little solace in the so-called" real world".

The damage of their current life experience is fresh and like a wounded animal they pretend to fit in and make it. With no true knowledge of where they were before this life, or their inner spiritual self, they become bitter and despondent.

Undo the Beliefs and Realities

To enter the path of light they must first find a way to undo the beliefs and realities they have formerly accepted as truth. This seems to many, to be an arduous task. The reality of hope and purpose are all that is needed to help lighten the load.

"To be or not to be, that is the question." (William Shakespeare wrote) and with spirituality I find it to be the answer. If I am to be who I am, I must first discover and let go of who I am not. Too often we play at this, taking little time to really evaluate who we truly are to ourselves. Life cannot always be about others. Though they are the only first hand experience we know, in the end your life will be about you.

The Spiritual Path of Light

It is a dignified journey that allows the individual to see and understand self fully. It allows each of us to find the light of life within and rekindle it’s flame, direction, and meaning. Here we discover that we are eternal beings with many incarnations of experience to relate to. We discover that all life is one and that we are an emanation of the True Light of Love that we are. This awareness cannot be attained through money, but by experience and awareness of all dimensions of self.

Self-Realization and Self-Actualization

They are the two main components of one's spiritual path. As we realize that nearly all we have been taught about life and spirit has been wrong, we discover another reality that lies within our heart calling us to come home. As we step foot on the path of seeking the meaning of what home is, we discover that it is far from this earthly planet. We know that it is a place not of form but of formlessness and that we will not be satisfied until we remember and attain the action of being home once again.

This is our feeling self now guiding us and though we’ve been taught to de-value our feeling self we suddenly realize that is the only valid part to relate to. We begin seeking the answers to the questions that have lain dormant within us and need to be exposed and answered. Our quest takes us to unusual places. Places of study we never thought we would explore. Suddenly things like dreams, the unconscious mind, and the subconscious all become important aspects of learning and study for us.

Science and Quantum Physics vs Theology and Theosophy

Some will be drawn to Science and Quantum Physics while others to Theology and Theosophy. Still others will find themselves drawn to the Arts of Divination and the Supernatural as well as Rituals and Sacred Ceremonies. Books and information begin to show up out of nowhere as if our own need has reached out in front of us to show us where to find the information we need.

We discover new worlds of energy and light that we never even imagined existed before. We discover that the imagination is a good and valuable asset and that exploration is key to learning. We open ourselves to learn with new methods, and trust in our newfound path of light in ways we never thought possible. We begin to realize that we are soul beings and that the voices in our head that we thought made us crazy were actually trying to tell us to look in unknown places for the answers to everyday things.

Open Yourself up to the Worlds of Consciousness

The changes that can take place in an individual's life just by seeking to know their soul path is awesome. Once the trust process begins the tools for understanding who you are as spirit begin unfolding. You learn to meditate and do your inner journeywork. You learn how you have accepted programming that you need to change, and how to open yourself up to the worlds of consciousness that lie within you. You begin to understand that you are not alone and that you have been part of a spiritual family in other dimensions for millenniums of time. You awaken to the soul and spirit essence within that you are. What a gift. Finally you realize that home is not a place to go but an experience to remember and live. You begin to relate the words in books you read long ago that speak about bringing heaven on earth. You begin to realize that you are part of a larger plan that has been unfolding since time immemorial and that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Your perspective of life and self-changes as does your immediate environment.

Realize that Life Is Sacred and Has Purpose

You realize that you are not in charge of everything therefore required to know everything. You realize that experience does not equate to right and wrong but truth and lies. You wonder what your role in this grand scheme of the big picture is and then you quest to fulfill that role.

You surrender your personality to your Spirit self and lead a life of example and love to help heal and give hope to others. You release your needs and accept the flow of Divine light and Love in life and you exchange with that energy on a daily basis. You become whole in ways you never even imagined you could be and you stop creating negative karma for yourself. You develop your sensitivities and realize that they are your gifts not your punishment. All this by simply getting tired of what isn’t there and seeking for the truth.

The Illusion that We Are Subjected to Daily, and Call Life

It is a major distraction from the truth and light that our journey is meant to be about. The more we feed the illusion the more it encompasses us and steals our energy. Like a battery that needs fuel we become the fuel. When we stop feeding the illusions in life, they go elsewhere to feed, and we are free to exchange our energy willingly wherever we choose. If the path of love and light, peace and harmony, became everyone’s reality then the negative energies would no longer be able to feed and would either die or go to other galaxies to feed.

When we feed ourselves with the pure energy of love and spirit we discover that we become more and more immune to the outside reality as holding our truth. We discover that we do not need to believe in the lies perpetuated that keep us needy and afraid, lonely and obsessed.

Wrapping It All Up

The spiritual path is an amazing journey of enlightenment that changes the world, one person at a time. People stumbling around in the dark and espousing what they have found to be truth perpetuate many realities. Interestingly enough when one discovers how to turn on the light, they find that there is only one truth and it lies within each and every one of us.

At first we want to go out into the world and scream it out so that others too can find it. Later down the path we realize that we need only to experience reality and show others that they too can try.

Unhappiness, sadness and misery along with resentment and bitterness have become a way of life for way too long. The spiritual path holds none of these but can certainly show you where you hold them within yourself, and help you to overcome your needs to feed into them.

Each of us is a key element this lifetime to the true expression of freedom and peace as well as love and harmony within and without. Life can truly be a magical and miraculous experience.

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