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Archangel Raphael, Mother Mary and Their Message


The fifth of the seven Archangels is Archangel Raphael. He rules the afterworld, the realm where the unascended souls abide after death. 13

The Archangel Raphael’s ray of healing is green. He holds the keys to life and death, healing, health, and strength. He shapes the heart of every individual soul that seeks new embodiment on earth. He and Mother Mary rule the Angels of Healing.

The name Archangel Raphael means “Divine Healing” or “God Has Healed”. He is a powerful healer of the sick and comforter of the sad. If you want to speed up your process of healing, call on Archangel Raphael. If a sick person refuses the help of Archangel Raphael, He won’t impose His will. However, often, the mere presence of the Archangel is enough, and can mean a great improvement of one’s health.

I have heard from other people and seen for myself how great the help of Archangel Raphael can be when it comes to the safety of one’s journey.

He can also be of help with various addictions, like overeating. He is keen to help when you need to cast away any negative energy from your living space.

Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary serve on the Holy Ray of Divine Healing. The energy of this ray can be perceived as a moss-like green color.

Mother Mary is being given the name “Queen of Heaven”. It is said that Her twin flame, Archangel Raphael, was watching over her during her last embodiment on Earth.

Mother Mary also serves with Jesus Christ, The Son of God, in the Temple of Resurrection in the etheric realms above Israel. The life of Jesus Christ on Earth has deepened the awareness in every person and enabled achieving God’s enlightenment. This Temple is teeming with the green flame or healing. It is the place where healing streams from different locations in the world are joined together into one huge source of healing vibrations.

Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael teach us how to use our own healing capacity. They teach us about the root cause of all illnesses, and how our individual karma works. When needed, they can promote new methods of healing and also heal our soul.

There is a beneficial visualization exercise in three easy steps that we can practice to achieve physical or spiritual healing:

First, visualize a sphere of subtle white light around the affected area, or around the entire body of the person in need of healing.

Next, visualize a larger sphere of blue light surrounding the white sphere. The blue light is the light of Archangel Michael that will bring protection and strength.

At the end, visualize yet another larger sphere of emerald-green light around the blue sphere. This is the light of the Green ray that helps ground the spiritual energies of perfection into the material body. (In charge of this ray is also Elochim Vista, Cyclopea — the all seeing eye of God.)

Use this technique whenever you are in need of healing of some kind. It is easy to implement and very effective.

Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael teach us how to keep the original image of perfection of someone or something in our mind and soul. The more perfect our imagination, the closer this image gets to becoming reality. This is a very important lesson to understand.

Mother Mary is the Mother of the World. She stands for all children and all youth. She is the defender of the right of the unborn children to exist. She is a Being full of grace, tenderness, compassion, and motherly love. She can help us understand the power of the invocation of the Seven Rays.

Enter your heart, go to the Temple in your heart, and experience her uplifting, magical motherly light.

If your prayer doesn’t bring any noticeable changes, don’t stop trying and believing. Keep loving, adoring, admiring, and thanking God. Trust in His Divine righteousness, in His unconditional Love. That’s the only correct approach. We know so little to be able to judge.

Archangel Raphael is the greatest Angel of consecration, healing, and recuperation. People who devote their life to healing, like physicians, alternative healers, or anyone who voluntarily devotes their power to serving life, stands under Archangel Raphael’s special blessing and protection.

Archangel Raphael represents the power of sight, vision, and truth. He can work with us on developing third eye capabilities, to help us attain inner Divine vision, as well as a power to create by means of that vision. He can improve our concentration, clairvoyance, extrasensory perception, and other psychic powers.

Archangel Raphael is the patron of the blind. He supports all people on their Divine path. If you regularly send your prayers to Him, he will bring you good health, abundance, and a lot of Divine energy. He will help you develop your intuition and inner vision.

Surround yourself with His green light and pray for whatever your heart desires. Sincere, selfless, and pure prayer will always be heard. Therefore, ask for help over and over again.

angel in the sky

Archangel Raphael, Divine Complement Mother Mary, Archangel of the Fifth Ray of Healing and Consecration, says:

“Consecrate yourself every day when your eyes see something imperfect.

You know where your I Am Presence is. Say it in your mind: “Beloved Father, forgive me for my transgression of Your law of Love. Beloved Archangel Raphael, consecrate my eyes, so from now on, I can again see only perfection.”

When you hear something negative, when your tongue and lips say some wrong or harsh words, when your hands are impatient, or when you make a rude gesture, say it in your mind:

Beloved Father, forgive me for the misuse of Your energy.

You should repeat these words often. One cannot become a master of anything in just one day. You are in danger only if you don’t rise each time you fall and if you don’t make another try.

I will enlighten every corner of your microcosm, every hour, 24 times a day, over and over again, when you are in need of assistance and when you ask me to.

I will gladly do that — it is the purpose of my being.”

Every Thursday, you can direct the following prayer to Archangel Raphael:

“Beloved Archangel Raphael, I love you and bless you for everything you have done for me and for all people. Kindle your flame of consecration and perfection in me and in all people who seek your help.

Please help me be aware of God’s perfection. Help me feel, see, speak, and hear God’s perfection. I am, and I declare that I am only perfection, now and forever.14

I thank you so much.”

13 From the Book of Enoch:
Then a Being of Light stood beside me. “I am the Archangel Raphael,” he said. “You are in the world of spirits, the realm of the dead.”
“What is the meaning of this darkness and suffering?” I inquired.
The angel replied, “These are the sons of Perdition, who have sold their souls to darkness. They know the Way of Life; it has been perfectly revealed to them, but they have rejected Light and embraced darkness. Darkness has neither joy nor peace in it. It is horror and despair, anger and vengeance, hatred and fear. These negativities take possession of their souls, so that they must dwell in this horror of darkness, until they find release through Eternal oblivion. Only on these does the second death have any power.”
We moved upward into another realm. Here, too, there was suffering, but not despair. “This is hell,” said my guide. “These are suffering the pains of the errors which they have followed, but their suffering is purifying them, until they will be prepared to dwell in a world of Light. These will come up in the second resurrection, but they will not be lost.”
Again we rose to a higher plane. Here there was no suffering, but much chaos and confusion. “These were good people during their mortal existence,” explained my guide, “who tried to live with honor, but did not find the Way of Life. Here, in the spirit prison, the Way will be preached by messengers from Paradise. If they will accept it at that time, the means will be given for them to enter into Paradise, where they will live in Jehovah’s Rest.”
Once more we rose, entering a place of Light and Peace. “This is Paradise,” said the angel. “Here those who are centered in propriety, who have embraced the Way of Life, live in the Light of the Elohim. These, being redeemed from the Fall, exist in that state which the Aadamah enjoyed in the Garden of Eden. These will inherit Eternal Life, for they will dwell with the Elohim in the celestial worlds.”
Then I asked the angel, “How are these places separated one from another?”
The Angel Raphael replied, “They are separated by water and Light, but when the blood of the Messiah has been shed, he will enter the world of spirits to bridge the chasm, and open Paradise to the penitent. Then they will pass through the water and the Light into the presence of the Elohim.”
As my mind expanded to perceive the Love of the Highest Gods in preparing means for the salvation of all their children who are willing to be saved, I lifted my voice in praise. “Jehovah my Lord, God of Truth and Propriety, who reigns over all things forever, is awesome in the power of his Love!” I exclaimed. This is the way it is. Amen.

14 We can relate this prayer with the Ajna chakra and its crystals of dark blue color.


Based on the book "Angels" by Olga Rezo.


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